Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Kansas Magic - full transcript

With Guph and his army marching on Emerald City, Dorothy is more determined than ever to get her friends back to Oz to warn Glinda. When West discovers that she can harness magic from Earth...

Previously on Lost in Oz.

Go forth!

He's conjured another tornado!

Where are we?


You're finally home.

But now all of you are lost.

If there's anyone who
can help, it's my mom.

We can finally put Oz behind us.

We didn't exactly
leave all of Oz behind.

So I thought I'd drop off the
Eye of the Arctic for you.

I thought there
wasn't any magic in Kansas.

You activated magic in this earth stone.

There's magic right here in Kansas!

This is your periodic table of elements.

Carbon, oxygen, aluminum-inum.

What kind of weird elements are those?


This is the Ozian periodic
table of magical elements.

A bit crude, I know.

I can only do some much with
this primitive technology.

The two look totally different.

Ah, but after Reigh
and I took a closer look,

we realized that they're a
lot more alike than they seem.

Oh, wow.

So, check this out.

The elements in your
table actually line up

with the elements in ours.


Ojo, that's incredible!

Yeah, it's incredible,

but how does it help us get home?

Reigh, project the
journal's magic levels.

Projecting now.

Yeah, it's empty.

We know.

Yeah, but thanks to
West's powder of life,

we already have a bunch of
the Ozian elements we need.

You better know
what you're doin', munchkin.

Well, that's a start.

Yes, and we know that
there is magic in Kansas.

Oh, like the Eye of the Arctic?


You think my journal
will take Kansas magic?

Only one way to find out.


So if we can find the right Kansas magic

to substitute for Oz magic,
we can fill my journal.

And hop a tornado back to Oz.

Uh, we have to fill
all those empty spaces?

Where are we gonna find
enough magic to do that?

I think we know a place.



Please, don't touch anything.

Oh, and don't wander off.

We don't want anyone getting lost.

Do you lose a lot of people?

Where do they go?
What do you do with them?

What exactly shouldn't we touch?
What is that?

Easy, Reigh.

She hasn't hurt anyone
in 65 million years.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I couldn't hear you over the
size of those razor sharp teeth!

Everyone can relax.

The T-Rex and everything else
in here is perfectly safe.

Copy that, Dorothy's mom.

But just in case I'll stay terrified.

Ready to find some magic?

I don't even know where to start.

This one looks promising.


I knew this wouldn't work.

They're not all gonna be magic.

That's one.

That's awesome.

Keep going, West.

We should really charge
more for this exhibit.

Quick, collect every
rock and gem you see

reacting to West.




Whoa! Whoa!


This one's full of magic, mate!

Okay, I guess Kansas is pretty magical.

So, how'd we do?


I think we might have it!

Oh, so close.

We're only four elements short.

We've already tried every
mineral and gem in the hall.

Well, we'll just have
to broaden our search

beyond the museum.

What are we gonna do?

Just wander around
Kansas hoping some rock

lights up when I walk past?

Let's split up. We'll cover more ground.

But there's only one West.


Already a step ahead of you.


Right, so I analyzed the samples

that reacted to West and...

Found that they all
have one very interesting

trait in common.

Sorry, go ahead, Axel.

Eh, okay.

They're all super ionized...

With a positive charge.

With a positive charge.

So with a few tweaks to my wrist guard,

I modified it to detect...


You invented a magic detector?

Couldn't you have done that sooner?

We could've used that
a hundred times by now.

Oh, it doesn't detect magic.

Wouldn't that be a game changer?

It detects super ionized,
positively charged elements.

Exactly what you need for
your Ozian magic substitutes.

So, a Kansas magic detector?

Yeah, more or less.


That's perfect!

So we split up, canvas the town,

and find the elements we need.

Eh, you're going into town?

All of you?

Eh, why?

Are the growleywogs in town?

Something worse than growleywogs?

What horrible dangers lurk in town?

There aren't any growleywogs.

But remember, there
aren't any talking lions

or scarecrows, either.

Seems like there's a shocking
lack of diversity in Kansas.

Just be careful.

Don't let anyone see you and
always look out for each other.

We do that, we'll get you home.

Well, Roquat, how
does it feel to be home?

Yes, a bit unsettling, I'd imagine.

You in a cage, me on your throne.

I never liked that throne anyway.

What if I play with your toys?

You stay away from my toys!

Now, are you ready
to tell me the location

of the nome king's belt?


I already told you.

I have no idea where it is.

Very well then.

Away with you, Xandort.

Hey, I haven't eaten my favorite food

since my mid-afternoon snack!

Like 30 minutes ago.

This is cruel and unusual punishment.

Oh, how ironic.

Cruel and unusual is how I
describe your reign as king.

You're right.

I was a lousy, selfish king.

I realize that now.


Listen, you can still do
the right thing, Roquat.

This is your chance to
finally help nome-kind.

What does my dad's belt have to do

with helping nome-kind?

The great fairy lands all
have one thing in common.

They were built on nome magic.

And now the time has
come for nomes to take

a magical home for our own.

The most magical.

Emerald City!

And to do that, I need the belt.

I can't tell you something I don't know.

You expect me to believe
you spent that much time

with the emeraldos and never once asked

where they hid our most
priceless possession?

We were a little busy
trying to escape from you.

Let's make this simple, shall we?

Tell me where the belt is

or spend eternity in the
Gallery of Ornaments.

I'll let you think it over.

Emerald City One, report.

Come in, Dorothy.

How's it goin' at the museum?

Have you found anymore Kansas magic?

We're making progress.

Come on, all this super weird stuff

and none of it's magic?


These frozen potions must be magic.

It wasn't the potion.

It's this!

An old penny.

Maybe it spent some
time in a wishing well.

Huh, great place you got here, Toto.

Reminds me of Bunberry in Septober.

Let's just find as much magic as we can

and get back to the museum.

I don't want to be seen.

Look around you, 'fraidy cat.

We're the only ones out here.


Must be over this way.

Let's grab it and get
back indoors forever.

Tally ho, Toto!

We're getting warmer!

The magic is a four leaf clover?

Oh, in Oz these things are just weeds.

He ran away.

Why'd he do that?

I think he was afraid of you.

Afraid of me?

Oh, quit joking around.

Sure, let's get gelato.

He was afraid of me.

Everybody's afraid of me.

Kansas rules.

Psst, Roquat.

Guph doesn't know I'm here.

Why are you here?

I need to know what happened to Dorothy.

Did she make it back to Emerald City?

I don't know.

Guph sent her away on a tornado.

And trust me, the way
he feels about Dorothy,

it wasn't going anywhere good.

Oh, can't we have a nice king for once?

I'm nice.

I mean, I wasn't all bad, was I?

See that ornament?

The one with the smile?

That's my brother Rockbert.

You put him there.


That was the old Roquat.

I've changed!

I promise!

I'll never hurt another
nome as long as I live.

Any word from Toto,
Patchwork, and Reigh?

They're not answering.

Probably too busy
chasing down Kansas magic.

Well, tell 'em they're too late.

Look what we found.



Actually, I don't get it.

This is just regular stuff.

West, will you do the honors?


I can't believe I've been surrounded

by magic all this time.

You can't believe it?

Let's get it all in the journal.

I hope that does it.


We did it!

We can really go home.

We can save my mom.

Go forth?


Oops, my bad!

Oh, no.

It's sending us back to Oz.

Patchwork and Reigh are
gonna be stuck here without us.

And Toto!

I haven't even packed!


It didn't work.


It didn't work?

I knew it.

I knew Kansas magic
wasn't strong enough.

Dorothy, now how are
we gonna get back to Oz?

Come in, Reigh. What's your status?

Dominant and more confident
than ever, thank you very much.

Good to hear, I think.

Meet us back at the museum.

We're making some
adjustments to the plan.

Let's hurry up and get back.

It'll be late soon.

People will see us.

Oh, there was a time when
that might've frightened me,

but today I say let them look!

Stand back, guys.

I got this.

Tremble before me, puny Kansan.

I am Reigh the Frightening.

Fear me.

So scary.

Think you can give me
gifts to avoid my wrath?


Kneel before my scary-ness!

Mommy, can I stay home
from school today?


Come back, magic bug!

West, I, I don't know what to say.

There is nothing to say, Dorothy.

It was a one-in-a-million shot.

You know, when Tin
Man was down to his last

grain of magic, he still managed to save

an entire munchkin village
from a horde of Fanphasms.

I'm just sayin'.

Maybe there's still a
way to make it work.


Well, how did Tin Man do it?

Well, you see, his
magic was supercharged

by the electromagnetic
power of an eclipse,

but for that to work...

Did someone say eclipse?

Sorry, eclipses are
just kind of my thing.

Eclipses and crop circles.

Axel, didn't you tell me there's

a solar eclipse coming up?


I told everybody there's
a solar eclipse comin' up.

Axel's Totally Awesome
and Super Educational

Solar Eclipse Viewing Party.

Catchy title.


The two eclipses look exactly alike.

So if we activate the Kansas
magic during an eclipse...

It could boost the magic.

And send us back to Oz.


Are you even listening to yourselves?

You're getting a plan
from a Tin Man comic book.

Yeah, but look!

Based on a true story.

It's worth a shot.

Uh, snack?

- Yes!
- Ah, ah, ah.

First things first.

The time has come, Roquat.

Who do you want to be?

An honorable nome or
a decorative ornament?

I've had all night to think about it.

And I know the right thing to do.


The truth is, the nomes
do deserve a better land

and a more magical life,

but they'll never get
that with a selfish

monster like you for a king.


King Guph, I'm so sorry.

I am

going to

ornamentize both of you!

As soon as I clean myself up.

Sanitizer! Sanitizer!

You don't deserve this, Xandort.

When I was free and powerful,
I did everything wrong.

Now I know what's right.

But I'm stuck in a cage.

What are you doing?

Givin' you a chance to do what's right.

Thank you, Xandort.

I will.

Toto, what's wrong?

Reigh's been captured!

What? Who took him?

A wicked witch driving a truck

covered in pictures of
evil puppies and kitties.

That sounds like animal control.

We have to get him out of there.

Axel, how long until the eclipse?

Three hours, 11 minutes.

That doesn't leave much time.

Quick, grab all the magic.

We've gotta go save our friend.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.