Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Saving Cyra - full transcript

Dorothy and Evelyn travel back to Oz with all their Ozian friends, just in time to save Cyra. But when Glinda finds herself unable to reverse the Nome magic, West goes against her better ...

Previously on Lost in Oz.

Stay away from Langwidere.

But she's family.

Smith, let me out of here.

As soon as you get back to
Oz, Glinda will fix your mom.

Go forth.

Missing, what?

We're missing a magical element.

West's magic is all you need.

But to conjure my magic, I need Dorothy.

I can't lose you again.

West needs me by her side.

Go forth.

We're going home, Mom.

Yes, we did it guys.

We are not in Kansas anymore.



Thank you.

You have no idea how good it feels

to be back in a world
of things I know I'm afraid of.

Oz yeah.

Look at the beautiful city.

I never thought I'd see it again.

We did it Mom.

We got you home.

Now, let's go find Glinda.

Magic investigation log entry 777.

Cyra and West are still missing,

and this miniaturized
refrigerator is the only clue

we have to go on.

It's definitely ornamental magic.

I see traces of shrinkcon, tinadyne.

There's some micronium.

What is that?

We've been cut off from
the Nomes for so long,

their magical advancements

are completely different from ours.

There are magical compounds here

that I've never seen before.


West, you're okay.

Dorothy, you're back in Oz.

We'll explain everything later,

but right now we need your help.

She was protecting me.


You can bring her back...

right, Glinda?

I'll do everything I can.

I'm not going to lie to you West.

The Nome magic used on your
mom is beyond my understanding.

Does that mean the Nomes
are more powerful than you?

Maybe, but nothing's more powerful

than the entire periodic
table of magical elements.

By using every element
in the proper order,

even the most powerful
spells can be broken.

I really hope that's true.

- Are you ready West?
- Beyond ready.

Come back to us Cyra.

Come on old friend.

Please come back to us.


We couldn't reverse the spell.

My mom's gonna be an ornament forever.

West, wait.

We'll find some other way.

Glinda, what happened?

I'll think of something else.

I'll find another way.

There must be magic in
Oz that's powerful enough

to save Cyra.

I'm sure you did everything you could.

That's what frightens me most.

It still wasn't enough.

West, wait.

Run Roquat, abandon the Nomes.

Run to your pathetic
friends in Emerald City.

But before you go, watch.



I need to keep moving.

I need to warn the Emeraldos.

Come in Kaliko.

You're not making it easy
for me to stay in the shadows.

Tell me good news.

Roquat's headed for Emerald City.

He should be there by nightfall.

Perfect. He's going to lead you

right to the Nome King's belt.

Look's like my clever plan
to let him escape is working.

I'm equal part shocked
and impressed sir.

Very nice.

Come on kids.

A little food will do us all some good.

There's got to be another way.

Maybe Glinda just needs more magic.

Dorothy, Glinda used
every magical element

on the periodic table.

There is no more magic.

Nome magic.



No, Roquat.

He's the Nome King or
the former Nome King.

Scarecrow, me, and Toto
are friends with him.

His scepter ornamentized Cyra.

And you still call him a friend?

No, I mean, yes but West he
didn't do this to your mom.

I know.

I was there.

Look, all I'm saying is
it's Nome magic, right?

And he was the Nome King.

Maybe he can help us.

Didn't we watch Roquat get
dragged away by General Guph?


Okay so we need to rescue him.

From General Guph?

The same Nome general
that sent you to Kansas.

I'm not afraid of him.

- Dorothy.
- What, Mom?

If that's what it takes
to stay West's mom,

I think it's worth a shot.

You're not gonna figure
this one out Dorothy.

Listen to your mom.

West, wait.

I know you're trying to help.

I just need some time by myself.

I just want to help.

I know. We all do, and we will.

Hey Toto.

All right, come on.

You know, Dorothy is actually right.

If Glinda can't break the spell,

then the Nomes are my mom's only chance.

But they'll never help us.

They did this to her.

I just wish there was
someone else I could go to.

Someone who understands Nome magic.

Someone who used to work with the Nomes.

No, I could never.

She is my mom's sister.

I bet she'd want to help us.

I need to see Langwidere.

It's okay Toto.

She's trapped in Smith's painting.

She can't hurt me now.

You guys are good friends
to be so concerned for West.

I just never want her
to feel like she's alone.

Makes me feel lonely
just thinking about it.

She needs to know that
we'll do whatever it takes

to save her mom.

Toto, what's wrong?



West, West.


Where could she be going?

You know where, don't you?

If only you could tell us.

Tinker, you sold that
invincible clockwork man

to an evil queen.

How do you know Evolda's evil?

If her name wasn't a dead
giveaway on the invoice

under comments, she wrote mwahahaha.

West, is that you?

Aunt Langwidere,

what do you know about Nome magic?

Ojo, who else does West hang out with?

Does she have any other friends?

Honestly, I don't know.

Before Dorothy got here,
West and I barely even spoke.

Which is crazy because now,
we're pretty much inseparable.

She's still not answering.

Maybe she just needs some space.

It's like you said Dorothy's mom.

No, I know West is in trouble.

I saw a look on her face

that I haven't seen since...


What is it Toto?


West went to see Langwidere.

She's at Smith's studio.

Ojo, call everyone.

We need to show West she's not alone.

On it.

Glinda says this Nome spell is unlike

anything she's seen.

It might even be impossible to reverse.


Maybe for Glinda.

Do you know how to do Nome magic?

If you worked with the
Nomes for as long as I did,

you'd pick up a few
tricks along the way too.

Help me get out of here,
and I'll save Cyra.

See that bottle on the easel.

Mineral spirits.

I've seen Smith do it a dozen times.

It's how he paints
doorways in his paintings.

Paint me a doorway West.

I promise I will reverse
the spell on Cyra.

You've made promises before
and broken all of them.

This was a mistake.


Why is it that when you
need Glinda the most,

she leaves you all alone?

I'm the only one powerful
enough to help you.

I'm your mom's only hope, West.

Let me out of here.

Let me make up for all
the mistakes I've made.

You just need to paint around
the edges of the canvas.

That's it.

West, stop.

No, finish the doorway
now before it dries.

Need to let me out of here.


- Gale.
- Hello Langwidere.

But you were banished from Oz.

Still twisting facts I see.

Nice to know some
things haven't changed.

You better hope I never get out of here.

You won't Langwidere.


West, are you okay?

Langwidere used to work
with the Nomes so...

I just thought...

I know it was wrong, but I
didn't know what else to do.

I feel...

so hopeless.

I just want my mom back.

I know West, and I know
what that feels like.

But we're not gonna give up.

We'll find another way to save your mom.

You're special West.

I love you Mom.

You're gonna change the world.

You're going home Mom.


West, is that you?



Nice to have you back Cyra.


I should say the same to you.

See that West?

You didn't need Glinda
or Langwidere or anyone

to save your mom. You did it.

No Dorothy, there's no way
I could have done it alone.

We all did it.

Did you ever think we
would be back here together?

It was always my hope.

Last time we were
together, we were the kids.



Guph is coming for the Nome King's belt.

Emerald City is in danger.