Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - The Nome Kings Belt - full transcript

After escaping from the Nome Kingdom, Roquat journeys to Emerald City with a warning: Guph is coming for the Nome King's Belt, a powerful magical artifact that will allow him to take ...

Previously on Lost In Oz.

We'll find another way to save your mom.

- West.
- Mom!

- You did it.
- No Dorothy, we all did it.

Emerald City and the Nome
Kingdom used to be friends?

Yeah, until the Wicked
Wizard stole my dad's belt.

Whoever wears the belt
controls the Nome Kingdom.

I need the belt.

Emerald City is in danger.

Guph is coming for the Nome King's belt.

Guph is coming for the belt.

You need to stay calm.

I think you need to freak out.

Watch it dude.

Roquat, you're talking
to Glinda the Good.

The Nome King's belt is
the most powerful magic

in all of Oz.

If we don't find it first,

Guph will use it to take
Emerald City for the Nomes.

What about a locator spell?

Whoa West, you finally
learned a locator spell?

Well, almost.

- Glinda's been teaching me.
- Oh great.

Everyone can relax.

She almost knows a spell.

You're gonna throw attitude at me?

I invented attitude.

So then Glinda can cast a locator spell

and we'll find the belt before
Guph does.

That won't be necessary.

But Glinda, what if Roquat's right?

What if Guph finds it first?

He'll never find the belt

because it no longer exists.

What? That's impossible.

I'll show you, follow me.

Dorothy, we need to focus
on getting home to our lives.

I know we have to go back to Kansas

but Emerald City is our home too

and this home needs us now.

She's been down there a long time.

You should try searching through

all of recorded history.

Here it is.

Noctober 37th, the year of dark matter.

Hey, maybe I'll be in this one too.

Now, let's see some history.

Whoa, this never gets old.

New to me every time.

What's the treasury of Oz?

I don't know, but this
place looks familiar.

Who is that?

The treasury of Oz was destroyed?

Glinda, who was that person?

Yeah, who would want to destroy

something so important.

The Wizard of Oz.

You see?

I told you about the Wicked Wizard.

I told you he stole my dad's belt.

That is unfortunately true.

And when I ordered the Wizard
to return it

he destroyed the treasury
and everything in it.

Including the belt.

What if Guph comes for it anyway?

We'll fortify Emerald City.

If Guph does come for the belt,

we'll be ready for him.

I know that the belt's here.

Glinda just showed us dude. It's gone.

I only saw your Wicked
Wizard destroy the treasury.

I didn't see what happened to the belt.

What makes you so sure it survived?

It's hard to explain.

Maybe because the belt was carved

from the sacred orb like I was.

I've never heard you
sound so sincere before.

Hold up.

You're gonna believe
this Nome over Glinda?

I'm just saying,

maybe we should check it out.

Where should we look?

The treasury of Oz.

Good call.

Oh wait, we just saw that was destroyed.

True, but we also saw where it was.

Uh, we did?

This place look familiar to anyone?

Uh, yeah. We've only been to

the Munchkin Farm like a million times.

Come on guys.

Look a little closer.

Whoa, the Munchkin
Farm is the old treasury.

Good eye Ojo.

Even if the belt's not
here maybe we can find

a clue that leads us to it.

Look everywhere.

Quit playing around West.

We've got a belt to find.

Ugh, who is this kid?

Have Dorothy and Roquat found the belt?

No King Guph, they're still looking.

Well, make them look faster.

Sir, you told me to stay on them.

Stay out of sight and let
them lead me to the belt.

Those were your instructions King.

Ah, yes, well.

Who am I to question myself?

Wait, your self you or your self me?

I'll leave you two to figure this out.

I've got a belt to find.

Victory is so close I could taste it.

What does it taste like?

Rich and satisfying.

We've searched the kelp
farm, the caploey lily grove,

the poppy fields.

The salt flats, the
starfish constellations.

The pea pods, the kelp farm.

Dorothy just said the kelp farm.

Oh, did she find anything there?

Maybe Glinda was right.

Maybe the belt is long gone.

I know it's here.


Do you guys see that?

Dorothy did you see this?

Roquat, are you doing that?

Not on purpose.



It's beautiful.

It's magical.


What is it?

It looks like the Nome King's belt.

A path.

Maybe it's showing us the way.

Roquat I think you're
lighting the way to the belt.

I am?

Of course I am.

I told you I knew it was here.


Dorothy, think you can warn us

before doing that again?

No promises.

We're getting closer, I can feel it.

A dead end.

Not exactly.

Remember Toto?

Which way do we go now?

I don't know.

Well, Guph's not gonna wait
for you to figure it out.

I'm trying the locator spell.

Go for it West.

Nice one, West.

Put a sock in it, Roquat.

Make me.

You don't want to mess with Nome magic.

Nome magic turned my
mom into an ornament.

You try that one on me and
I'll turn you inside out.

Just because a Nome that
wasn't me hurt your mom

doesn't mean that I
would do the same thing.

Someone's here.

Look at that.

I think it's from West's spell.


Are you guys seeing this?

I don't think that's how
walls are supposed to work.

You think the belt's on the other side?

Only one way to find out.



The old treasures are still here.

Your locator spell did work West.

If we find the Nome King's belt.

Secure the perimeter.

Station agents atop lookout tower

and anchor the castle to the ground.

Reigh, monitor the airwaves.

Report any Nome
transmissions you intercept.

Patchwork, get the word out on
the street.

We need the whole city
to be on the lookout.

You can count on us Glinda.

If Guph tries to take Emerald City,

he is going to regret it.

Dorothy and West are growing
into such wonderful girls.

I just wish they could grow up in peace.

Without all this turmoil.

I hate to say it,

but it proves we were right.

The best way to keep our families safe

is to keep them apart.

After all this is over
I'll take Dorothy and Toto

back to Kansas.

For good.

Guys, I think this is Ozma's
chandelier of eternal light.

I wonder what these do.

Did you find something?

This book.

I've never seen anything quite like it.

There's an inscription.

Maybe it's a clue.

Can you read it?

It looks like the language
of the Hippogiraffes.

The language of what?

I took hippoglyphics when
I was a little munchkin.

I think it says.

Yeah, but what does it mean?

Only a true sorcerer will
find the Nome King's belt.

A false sorcerer will find
certain donut.

That doesn't sound so bad.

Oh wait, it's doom.

Yeah, it's doom.

A false sorcerer will find certain doom.

Oh yeah, I always confuse
those two, my bad.

Hope you know what you're doing signed,

the Wizard of Oz.

The Wizard?

The wicked Wizard.

It's some kind of magical element.

I've never seen it before.

West, can you use it to find the belt?

Certain doom sounds good to you?

You're no false sorcerer West.

You're the real thing.

Am I the only one who
remembers what happened

the last time she tried a spell?

Like, five minutes ago?

When she almost knocked my gems off.

Next time I won't miss.

Okay, that's enough.

Everybody take a deep breath.

We have to stop fighting each other.

We're on the same team here.

You don't know that.
In fact, we don't know

the first thing about Roquat.

How can we trust him?

Because Dorothy trusts him.

And she's been right about all of us.

If Dorothy trusts Roquat then
that's good enough for me.

It should be good enough for everyone.

When can we exhale?

What? Oh, sorry.

Now's fine.

You really helped my friends
escape the Nome Kingdom?

You really brought back your
mom from being an ornament?

Go for it West.

Whoa, it's ancient locator magic.

Whoa, hey, I thought
we were on the same team.


Follow that Nome.


I told you it was wicked magic.


For a second there I thought
I was going over the edge.

Hold on Roquat.

We're coming.

Do something.

We'll save you.

Any ideas how to save him?

I'm trying to stop the spell.

You can't stop it now.

You have to control it.


Roquat, can you grab the elevator?

Almost there.


West, this is not building my confidence

in our new friendship.


What's happening to him?

He's pointing to the sculpture.


The Nome King's belt.

West, the locator spell worked.

You are a true sorcerer.

I knew we'd find it.

We just had to work together.

Guph is coming.

Let's get this belt to Glinda.

Impressive work.

Thanks for the belt.


Don't let him get away with the belt.


You're not going
anywhere without a shadow.

High noon.


Hero of magic,
you're not going anywhere.

Looks like you're out of shadows.

Oh no.

Many thanks Roquat and Dorothy.

Without you, I never would have
found the Nome King's belt.

I claim Emerald City for all Nome kind

and especially for me personally.

And I banish all Emeraldos
to the Nome Kingdon.





We've been transported
across the deadly desert.

To the Nome Kingdom.

But the belt, it was destroyed.

No, it wasn't Glinda.

It was there all along.

Even though we couldn't see it.