Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Dorothy Meets the Lion - full transcript

In her search for magic to get home, Dorothy goes looking for Glinda the Good, the most powerful witch in Emerald City. But when she crosses paths with Reigh, the Cowardly Lion, he steals her magic travel journal forcing Dorothy to track him down to retrieve it.

Previously on "Lost in Oz..."

You are going to Oz.

Get back to me, Dorothy.

Inter-kingdom travel
requires a combination

of every magical element
on the periodic table.

We're in the middle of the worst

magic crime wave in eons.

Don't worry, Toto. I'll get us home.

We're talking about all the
missing magic of Emerald City.

And he is the only one who
knows where to find it.

The Lookout!

Good luck getting home now!

That's Glinda the Good.

If anyone can get you home, she can.


What? You don't have trains in Kansas?

Not like this.

I remember taking this picture
like it was yesterday.

Glinda always insisted
on being in the middle

when we took pictures.

She never wanted your
mom and me to forget

that she brought us together.

Okay. Time out.
Are you seriously telling us

that you're BFFs with Glinda?

No, I'm telling you that I used to be.

What?! Mom, how come I don't know that?

Well, nipkit, because
it was a long time ago,

and it's complicated.

Complicated how? And don't just say

I'll totally get it when I'm older.

Sometimes there are forces
way beyond your control,

and no matter how hard you try...

Uh, you try harder? I mean, come on.

It's Glinda the Good.

Even if you try your hardest,

there are times when nothing you do

can change what happens.

- I think I'm gonna cry.
- I think I'm gonna puke.

So, it's perfect.
Let's use me being stuck here

as an excuse to get back in touch.

You, my mom and Glinda,
we can all get on the smart ball,

and discuss the best
way to send me home.

Oh, honey, this is Glinda the
Good we're talking about.

And, yes, she's very powerful.

And, yes, we were once very close,

but this city's also in the middle of

a very unfortunate magic crisis,

so she doesn't have time to
do favors for old friends.

But maybe if you told her I'm
Evelyn Gale's daughter...

I've tried to get in touch
with her many times before.

It's harder than finding
ozonium these days,

and that, I'm sure the kids
have told you, is impossible.

But of course, who am I kidding?

You're Evelyn Gale's daughter.

I say "impossible," and
you hear "worth a shot."

What else is in this book

that you haven't told me about?

Hey, check it out. That's Dorothy.

Last night when she was...

Helping me study for my
doesn't matter exam, Ojo.

Next stop,
Emerald City Square.

Hey, look! Here's our stop.

See you kids for dinner. Ojo,
you're more than welcome to join us.

No, he's not.

Enjoy the celebration.

It's exactly what this city needs.

Wish I could join you,
but I've got appointments all day,

starting with a very crabby
squid with a joint problem.

He has joints. It's a problem.

See ya!

What is that?

Whoa. How did that get in here?

That picture doesn't even make sense.

Dorothy, if my mom finds out

we were running around with ozonium,

she'll never let me out
of the house again.

Why? What does she have against ozonium?

It's the rarest magic in Oz.

Obviously, she doesn't think
I'm ready for that yet.

You're not.

So, who took the picture?

Maybe the dog did.

Who cares? We need to tear it out.

It's the journal.

Just like it recorded
your mom's experiences,

now it's recording yours.

I mean, obviously, right?
That's how journals work.

It also transported you through
time and space on a tornado.

Don't think about it too much.

- Huh?
- Come on, Toto.

Citizens of Emerald City,

today we celebrate

the return of our watchful protector.

Look Out!
Look Out! Look Out! Look Out!

Now, I might be made of brick,

but I'll take a flesh and blood
look out over a stone statue

any day of the week. Am I right?

The only question left is
who do we have to thank

for bringing the big guy back to life?

Well, big guy, can you show us?

He just saw us. I saw him see us.

Why doesn't he just point us out?

Huh? Eh...



The Look Out is sad,
ladies and gentlemen.

The Look Out is disappointed.

The citizen responsible
for his awakening

is not among us.

- I'm right here!
- Who said that?

Come closer so we can all see you.

No? My, uh, boss, Glinda the Good,

would like to personally
shake your hand.

- It was me!
- It was me!


Oh, come on!

It was me and I can prove it.

You woke the Look Out.

With the help of my friends.

You, Dorothy Gale from Kansas.

Here, let me show you.

If you woke the Look Out,
then you're under arrest.

- For what?
- Well, let's start with

theft of very powerful magic,

trespassing on a public monument,

destruction of civic property,

and, don't forget,
the wasting of my time!

You said Glinda wanted to
personally shake my hand.

Yeah, yours and all the other
crackpots claiming responsibility.

Tell me about it,
everyone and their mother.

- No, it's Fitz.
- Where?

Does he have my concrete?
I'm dying of thirst.

You mean he still works here?

He's the one you should arrest.

Who, Fitz?

Arrest him for what?

Did I say arrest? I meant promote.

Promote Fitz to agent at once!

What are you, nuts?

Yes, I am. Nuts for Fitz.


What are you doing?


- Whoa!
- Hey, cut it out!

That's government property.

I think his talent is bar none.

One of a kind. A genius, genius...

g-g-g-genius in his field. Ooh.

Fitz is the one stealing all the...

Best creamer from the break room,

so your concrete's extra smooth.

What did you
do to the Look Out?


Cease! Desist! Heel!


- Oh! Sorry.
- Okay, that's enough!

Everybody out!

Um, everything okay in here, boss?



That Dorothy. Poor kid.

She's way out of her element.

This city is gonna chew her right up.

Agreed, sir. She's doomed.

Which is why I want you
to keep an eye on her.

Make sure she doesn't
cause any more trouble.

Oh, it would be my absolute
pleasure. Thank you, sir.

And, uh, while you're at it, top me off.

No! Oh!

I am your humble servant.



Your secret lair could use an elevator.

I get enough exercise
livin' a double life.


Come on. Time to go to work.

Ugh. Huh?


The witch, the munchkin,
and the Dorothy and that dog,

they know too much.

Make them forget I exist!

Make them forget everything
they've ever known!

Fitz is more powerful than I thought.

If I can just show Pugmill

the picture of me waking the Look Out,

then he'll believe me.

No, Dorothy, it's too dangerous.

We need to lay low.

Fitz is not gonna let this slide.

He just saw us try to blow his cover.

But it's my only shot at meeting Glinda.

How else am I supposed to get home?

What is up in the sky?

Run! Run!

"Acts of Love" is by far

the Tin Man's best movie.

Disagree. He's a robot.

A romantic lead with no heart.

What were we just arguing about?

No idea.

Water balloons of oblivion?

Those haven't been around in years.

That's why the Look Out
didn't point us out.

He couldn't point us out

because he couldn't remember us.

Fitz is wiping witness memories.

- Ahh!
- Ohh!

West, look out!


My backpack!



Wait! You still have my backpack!

- Whoa!
- Ahh!

Dorothy, stop! He's headed
for the Night Market.

The Night Market?

A kid from class came here once.

We never saw him again.

Oh, poor Tiff.
I heard they found his shoes.

With his socks still inside.

- Stop!
- Let me go!

Dorothy, seriously, off limits.

- Says who?
- My mom!

She forbid me from ever
going anywhere near here.

But Toto's in there,
my journal's in there,

and I'm not going home without them.

Don't look at anything,
don't touch anything.

And remember, all the magic is fake.

Let's find them and get outta here.

Dorothy! Toto!




Toto, where'd you go?

Oh, you looking for Toto?

- Uh, yeah.
- Oh, well, me and Toto go way back.

- Not the same Toto.
- Why, sure it is.

Toto, right? Tall, short, slimy, furry,

old, young, smart, dumb.

Everybody around here knows Toto.

He's one of my bestest customers.

Pretty sure he'd want you to
check out my current inventory.

Bonsai bread tree?

Magic carpet swatch?

Shrinking powder?

Oh, come on, whaddaya say?


Toto, where'd you go?


You think that's funny?
Toto, don't run off like that.

We need to stick together. You okay?

Portable Portals.

"Powered with genuine-ish dark matter"?

"Go from here to there
in no time at all."

Oh, Toto, these portals
can take us anywhere.

Maybe even home.

"Portal travel only works
within Emerald City limits."

Where could they be?

See your future. Will you
be a best witch in Emerald City?

Go back in time.
Meet your ancestors.

Kissing charms.
Buy two, get one free.

No thanks.

No thanks, right?


We're never getting home

if we don't find that journal.

Where could he be?

Anybody seen a lion?

He's about this big, sometimes visible,

- sometimes not.
- Uh-uh.

Stop! Thief!


No, please. I can explain.

Monkeys. Come on, come on!

Please, you don't understand.


Look out!



Comin' through!

Batteries. I need batteries.

- Hey!
- I can see how this looks.


But I promise I'll pay you back!

Give me my pack back!

Backpack back! He knows what I mean.

Our journal's in there, Toto.



Ah! Ahh!

Drop the backpack.

It belongs to me.

There's been a mistake. I'm not a thief.

Technically, you kind of are.

There's a reason for everything.


Dorothy, Dorothy, Dorothy.

For once, you're making my life easier.

I mean, the Night Market? Really?

These are my people.

You know, Dorothy,

in the short time you've been here,

you've gone places you
shouldn't have gone.

And seen things you shouldn't have seen.

Which means you've made memories
you never should have made.

So now, I gotta wipe that memory clean.

If Dorothy loses her memory,
she'll never get home.

And I'll be stuck with
a roommate forever.

You know, Fitz, in the
short time I've been here,

I have made a lot of new memories,

but the only one I
want to forget is you.

It's kind of an all or nothing deal.



Did you hear what I said?

You're not erasing my memories.

Wait, I think she's got this.

More balloons. I need more balloons!


What the...

Don't just... Stand there.

Monkeys. Finish. The job.

It would be an honor to assist you,

oh, great one.

My liege? What do you prefer?




Someone. Please. Make. It. Stop.

No problem.


What are you so afraid of?

Uh, sudden moves, unexpected arrivals,

swinging monkeys, you name it.

But enough about my issues. You're here.

How'd you find me?

Never underestimate the
power of a dog's nose.

Just as I suspected.
Olfactory powers, too.

You really are a great sorcerer.

If that dog's a great sorcerer,

then I'm Glinda the Good.

Sorry, not possible.
Shape shifting's not Glinda's MO.

Come in, honored guest
and cynical friends.

- Whoa.
- Huh. I never meant to run.

Or steal your assistant's backpack.

At first, I was just observing,

looking for a way to make contact.

I don't meet people well,

let alone a savior from
another dimension.

Look, uh...

Ray. Oh... My name's Ray.

Sorry, I... I should
have mentioned that.

And you're Dorothy,
you're Ojo, you're West,

and the great one is Arf.

Am I pronouncing that correctly?

No. His name's Toto.

Toto. Hm. Is that short for something?

Totonimous Awesomus.
Or Totally Virtuoso.

- Toto's a dog.
- Yeah, but, like I'm a lion.

We're animals plus.

Nope. Just a dog.

I would know. He's my best friend.

Oh, yeah... No. Oh, yeah, no, I...
I get it.

I mean, knowing what I know
about the magic crisis,

you can never be too sure
who might be listening in.

Why? What do you know
about the magic crisis?

What do I know?

Only everything.



Glinda looks exactly the same here

as she did in the picture with our moms.

Oh, no! The water of oblivion.

It ruined my journal.

Now I'll never be able to
prove it to Agent Pugmill.

Prove what to Pugmill?

That I woke the Look Out,

so he'll introduce me to Glinda.

He can't introduce you to Glinda.

He doesn't even know where she is.

No one does.

But, Dorothy, look.

He's got Glinda stuff
all over the place.

There's got to be clues here, right?

I mean, it can't all be nonsense.

I heard that.

Making sense of this is
going to be impossible.

Well, it's worth a shot.

Oh, please! I was lying!

You got to believe me.

So you didn't wake the Lookout.

Oh, I wish I had that kind of magic.

Then how do you explain this?

I'd say it puts you at
the Yellow Brick Line

on the same night the Lookout
was brought back to life.

No, no, no. You got it all wrong.

I gave that echo jar to
a couple of tourists:

a girl and her dog.

She's the one you're after.