Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Monkeys Fly - full transcript

After getting key information from Reigh, Dorothy unravels a puzzle to reveal Glinda's mysterious castle and must outsmart Fitz and the Winged Monkeys to get inside.

Previously on "Lost in Oz"...

Who do we have to thank

for bringing the big guy back to life?

Glinda the Good,would like to
personally shake your hand.

If I can just show Pugmill

the picture of me waking the Look Out,

then he'll believe me.

My backpack!

Our journal's in there, Toto.

The water of oblivion.

It ruined my journal.

What do you know about the magic crisis?

Only everything.

He's got Glinda stuff
all over the place.

There's got to be clues here, right?

Wait. You've got Dorothy and Toto

on your insane conspiracy theory wall?

They're kind of like the stars of it.

"Conspiracy theory"

brings up so many negative connotations.

I prefer to call it my Magic
Crisis evidence collage,

which proves everything is
interconnected and out to get us all.


And of course Toto and Dorothy are here.

They're here to save us.

And just like that, poof,

your credibility has disappeared.

Reigh, sweetie pie,
I'm doing a load of light.

How are you on undies?

I've given them up, but thanks, Mom!

Who exactly do you think we are?

Great wizards from another dimension

here to end the Magic Crisis

and usher in a new golden age of Oz.

He's the brains, you're the muscle.

And I am your humble servant.

Heh heh. All hail Dorothy and Toto.

Great sorcerers from Kansas.

But they're not magic.

They can't be sorcerers.

- No offense.
- None taken.

Not magic? Look
at the facts, man.

Dorothy and Toto flew a house

into Emerald City on a magic tornado.

They used ozonium to
wake up the Lookout.

They trapped the Crooked Magician

and the Winged Monkeys

in an infinite portal loop,

inspired the Phanfasms

to lay down their wands
and sign the Growleywog Peace Accord.

Wait. We didn't do that.

Yes, you did.

Phanfasm President First and Foremost

is one of the statues you
brought back to life.

You liberated him,

and he signed the treaty.

And now you're here in my room.

This is, like,
the most magical thing

that's ever happened to me.

Dude, you need to get out more.

Let's not forget that I was
in the train station, too.

I think any notable witchcraft

should be attributed to the
actual witch in this crew.

What is that?


So we're a crew now?

You wish.

Hey, careful with that.

It took me a lot of time to... I mean...

You guys have been telling me

that Glinda is impossible to find.

That sure looks like Glinda to me.

Don't even get me started on Glinda.

Why? What do you know?

Oh, not much.

Only that Glinda is at the heart

of the Magic Crisis

and flying around the
city inside her castle

filled with more magic
than she could use

in her entire lifetime.

You got him started on Glinda.

Glinda flies her castle around the city?

And it's filled with magic?
When's her next appearance?

Where's it gonna be?
We have to get there.

These are all from before,

when Glinda used to make
totally random photo ops,

grace us regular Ozians
with a second of her time,

and now she doesn't bother
showing her face at all.

She's completely fallen off the map.

A map. That's it.

If we can map out where Glinda's been,

maybe we can figure out
where she's going next.

I think you missed the
point of my rant there.

Can someone talk some sense into her?

- Nope.
- Not a chance.

Nothing's totally random.

There's got to be a pattern here.

We need to find the exact
location of each sighting,

plot them on a map,

and they'll show us the pattern.

They'll show us the way to Glinda.

I got one. Right there.

The Fish Face Fountain matches.

Mark it down, Ojo.

On Glandjuary?

On Glandjuary 14,

Glinda was spotted
above New Winkie Town.

That's one down and...


136 to go. See?

We can do this.


Little Utensia.

Glinda was here.

But she's gone now.

If I was behind the Magic Crisis,

I'd hide, too.

You kind of hide as it is.

So once we crack the pattern,

we'll be able to predict
the time and location

of Glinda's next appearance

and get inside her flying castle

before it vanishes again.

And finally expose Glinda

for the elitist, opportunistic

magic thief she really is.

Who's with me?


We're finally getting somewhere.

We got ourselves a plan.


Yeah, that even
looks crazy to me.

That's it. I'm out.

This isn't going anywhere.

Wait a second. If we line up
the New Winkie Town sighting

with the last Dunkatin Grove report...

She's right, Dorothy. It's late.

And we've got school tomorrow.

I have school tomorrow,
too, you know, in Kansas.

We got to Emerald City on our own, Toto.

We'll get home on our own, too.

That's strange.

The Lookout is in different spots

in different pictures.

How did a giant statue
move across the city?

I know there's a pattern here.

We just need some way to
see the bigger picture.

If I had Grandpa's
surveying scope back home,

maybe I could...

Toto, our home is in Kansas,

but our house is at the airport.




- Huh?
- Hmm?

Surveying scope. Surveying scope.

It's got to be here.

Hey, Mom...

I want to go home.

What exactly are you?


Levitational magic?


Uhh... Oh!




Haven't we seen each
other enough for one day?

Look, I'm worried about Dorothy.

I don't feel right about
the way we left things.

You and I are the only
friends she's got here.

We need to... What's that?

Nothing. You were saying

that you're an insensitive friend?

Please, go on. Uh...

You stole that magic from the train!

It was already stolen.

Dorothy needs that more than you do.

She needs magic to get home.

We all need magic for something, Ojo.

Thanks, Toto.


Dorothy! Come outside!

You've got to see this.

Mom, where did the moon go?

It's a lunar eclipse.

As we spin around the sun,

the moon spins around us.

And every once in a while,

the pattern lines up just right.

So the moon is still there,

even if you can't see it.

I don't get it.

Close your eyes.

Now where am I?

I'm right here, too, Dorothy,

even if you can't see me.


All right, Toto!
Let's go, boy!

Hey, you guys found me.

Not many mid-century ranch
houses on the tarmac.

You didn't think I'd let you find
Glinda on your own, did you?

We're sorry we left you.

My magic collection.

I want you to have it.

It's not much, but it's the real thing.

I even have a piece of lardonium.

I mean, you have a piece of lardonium.

That's hypergravitational magic.

Wow. Thanks, Ojo.


anything you'd like to add?

Ehh, strange place you got here.

I'm happy to see you, too, West.

I think I'm on to something,

and I'm gonna need your
help, both of you.

I know the pattern is there,
even if we can't see it.

Check this out.

On this map, Lookout Plaza is here

on 135th and Track, right?

But on the map in my book,

it's over here on Track and 90th.

Reigh, in all your Glinda sighting data,

is the Plaza ever in
the same place twice?

Nope. Different spot each time.

Mm-hmm. That's what I thought.

So the Plaza used to move.

Big deal. I could have told you that.

It's a huge deal.

I think the movement of Glinda's castle

is directly related to the
movement of the Plaza.

Ojo, help me out.

I think it works

just like this drawing kit.

You're the track. I'm the Plaza.

Hold this steady.

It's awesome.

It's beautiful.

It's genius!

You're a magical genius.

It's not magic. It's mechanical,

and I'm pretty good with machines.

One question. The castle
is still invisible.

This tells us where it's going,
but how do we know when it gets there?

Oh, you guys, look.

If we follow Dorothy's pattern,

Glinda's castle shows up every...

six and a third turns. It's predictable.

But it only works when
the Plaza is moving.

So we'll find Glinda

if we can find a stuck
enormous city plaza.


The Plaza is directly above us.

We have to get into those gears

to see how they move.

Uh, oh, no.

- Aah! Don't drop me!
- Gotcha.

I don't like heights.
I don't like tight spaces.

I don't like anything
about this situation!

Looks like these gears
haven't turned in forever.

Not since the Plaza stopped moving.

Nearly a year ago.

We have to find the engine.

What's strong enough to
power these giant gears?

It looks like those big beveled gears

somehow connect way up there.

I want to see what's up at the top.


Aah! Toto, be careful.

No, no, no.

A kiss of encouragement.

Toto believes in me.

You can do this, Reigh.

Mind over matter.

Mind over ridiculously
terrifying matter.


I did it! Did you see that?

I totally overcame my fear of... Aah!


Don't look at me.

It's a free wheel.

It's a fear wheel.

This gear above us drops down

to connect with the free wheel,

and that moves the drive train...

It's like a giant version of the clutch

in my mom's station wagon.

Whatever is directly above us

must be the engine.

The Ferris wheel.

The Ferris wheel is the engine.

Oh, that is so cool.

So if we can start the Ferris wheel,

we move the Plaza.

If we move the Plaza,

we reveal the castle.

If we reveal the castle, we find Glinda.

And I thought the lion was crazy.

It sounds insane, but it makes sense.

The Ferris wheel shot down

the same day the Plaza stopped moving.

That's right, when Glinda
declared mandatory rations

on recreational magic.

It's all connected, man.

Yeah, well, it's not connected yet.

We have to get this wheel to turn.

Guys, this thing runs on magic.

Levitational magic, to be exact.

Pretty hard to come by.

If only someone we knew

had a little feathosphorus
in their possession,

some close friend.

I'm not that close.

I mean, what would be the chances

that someone we know personally

has the very magic we need?

And not even something she worked for.

Just something she had
absolutely no right to take

yet still somehow has on her.

Who, West?

All right! Fine!

Take over my bedroom!
Take over my magic!

Take over my life!

Oh, that's so sweet,

in your Westy kind of way.

Toto, drop it.

West, you sure?


Yes. Take it.

Thank you, seriously.

This better work, Munchkin.

Guys, only magically trained personnel

should operate machinery.


No way. I've never driven
anything like this.

- There's no way.
- None of us have

the same command of magic that you have.

What are you talking about?

You're an encyclopedia of magic.

I'm merely an aficionado.

You're a practitioner.
It's got to be you.

Guys, we're all fantastic.

Now can someone please give it a shot?



No, no. Oh. Oh.



This isn't some little
classroom experiment.

I told you. I can't do this.

You totally can. You got this.

Just ease into it.

That's it. Slow.

You're doing great.

Easy does it.

Yeah! What...

It's working. You got it, West.


Ha! Good with machines.

Dorothy, you are a genius!

Keep going, West!

Oh, my.



We need to get to higher ground fast.

Wait! Safety first!

All right, Toto, we have to jump on.

Stay with me. 1, 2...

Wait. West, slow it down.

I can't! I... I can't stop!

Good. Don't. We can't
risk stalling out again.


Wait. It's moving too fast.

Use the lardonium.

Its gravitational field
will pull you in.

It's only enough
to last a couple minutes.

We only have a couple seconds.

Hurry, Ojo. The castle is coming.

Got it! Go! Go!



Toto, I think we're going to make it!


Ha ha ha! Beautiful night

for a ride of amusement, eh, Dorothy?

Monkeys, fly!

Toto, we're stuck!

The lardonium has our feet glued down.



Monkeys, practice round is over!

This time, we take the tourists out!

The hat controls the monkeys!

Get them back down here!



I admire a fighter who
goes down swinging.

Then you're gonna love us.

Here we go, Toto.

Just like playing catch in the park.

You got this, Toto!

Yes! Nice grab, Toto!

Aah! You missed them!

What's the matter with you monkeys?

Turn around!

Lose something?


Oh, whatever. It's just a hat.

I'm still your boss. Now fly!




Clean yourself up, Futz.

You work for the Bureau,
for crying out loud.

Toto! You moved your paw!

The hypergravitational
field is disappearing!

And so in Glinda's castle!

Whoa! Toto!


Monkeys, fly!

Huh? Ruh.


Go, Dorothy!

Ha! Still think they're not magic? Ha!

The magic's almost gone! Hurry, Dorothy!

Giddyup! Hyah!

This is it, Toto.

All the magic we need
is inside that castle.


- Yes!
- She's in!

Toto, we made it. We're going home.


Hi, there.

It's me. Scarecrow.


Wonderful to see you again!