Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Bogspeed, Little Shanks! - full transcript

As the team zeroes in on the location of the missing magic, and Dorothy's ticket home, they're forced to enlist the help of the Growleywogs to defeat the Nomes.

Previously on "Lost In Oz"...

Please help me get home to Kansas.

I wish I could help you, Dorothy,

but the gnomes have all my magic.

We are going to follow
the old Yellow Brick Line.

Scarecrow, run! Go get help!

I messed up, didn't I?

Langwidere told you to
bring all the magic to her.

- Didn't she?
- She's my mentor.

Langwidere told me the same thing.

You were going to betray us.

Never let a
growlywog capture you.

Good job, Toto.

Go, go, go!

Who leaked the information

about the munchkin farm operation. Hmm?

Who do you work for?

Well, I'm between jobs at the moment.

- Uh-uh!
- Hmm.

My mother made this cross stitch for me

when I was a little gnome.

Can you read what it says?

"Power is Power."

Hm. That's an odd saying.

I always thought knowledge was power.


Power is the only thing that matters.

You may have the knowledge that I want,

but you should never forget
who calls the shots.

Oh, I will most likely forget that.


With the games.

It's urgent, sir.

Intel from the growlywogs.

They've escaped!

Seal the tunnels.

If they're still down there,
they can rot.

Ahh! Sanitizer!

Well, it seems your associates
are planning something.

What's your next target? Hmm?

My associates?

Hmm. The only folks I've been
associating with are the kids.

I think they have school tomorrow.

Oh, do you think they
have school tomorrow?

You will tell me and I will stop them.

I can be very persuasive.

Do you copy? Oh, forget it.

Uh, Dorothy, I didn't quite
catch the last thing you said.

Something, something captured?

Like, we are being captured?
Or something else?

Please let it be something else.

I told you,
no smart phone and no computer

'til you learn how to hack
without breaking the law.

No way around it, Reigh.

You need to go rescue your friends.

Yup. Yup.

On second thought, a rescue
mission seems wildly unsafe.

Who do I think I am,

some kind of professional rescuer?

That's it.

This just in.

Prime suspects in magic smuggling ring

smuggle themselves out of jail.

Disgraced bureau chief still hiding
in his office like a little baby.

Agent Pugmill, there's a situation.

I really need your help.

I'm sorry, kid. It's my last day,

and I've got a lot of paper work to do.

Sweet, sweet paper work.

Wh... What?

Your last day?

My suspects escaped,

and my own intern was
the crooked magician.

My career is over.

I'm gonna resign.


I really need your help.

Toto, Dorothy, West,
and Ojo are missing.

I haven't heard from them since
they left on a "secret-ish" mission

to go get back the city's stolen magic.

- What?
- They found the maps.

The gnomes were keeping
the heisted magic

in the Yellow Brick Line tunnels.

We were going to heist it...

You kids should have alerted me,

and let the bureau handle
something this dangerous.

As I'm saying it now, I realize
the plan was a little half-baked.

I knew those shady gnomes
were behind all this,

but what can I do?

- It's my last day.
- It's your last day.

Do you want to be
remembered as a disgrace,

or a hero?

You're right. I'm gone tomorrow.

Who cares if I break protocol.

We could go after those gnomes,
rescue your friends,

and save Emerald City!

Uh, we?

I deputizing you, Reigh. Come on.

The feed from every security camera

in the streets of Emerald City.

Ah, pretty.

Now, let's find those gnomes.

I have to re-evaluate my life plan,

you know, now that I'm
out of the bad guy game.

Maybe I should go back to school.

No, m-maybe I'll travel.

I hear Mount Fantastico is
glorious this time of year.

What do you guys think?

If you're really out
of the bad guy game,

you can start doing good.

Doing good. What does that even mean?

Like doing acts of selflessness.

Helping people.

I don't buy that anyone
is truly selfless.

Nobody's perfect, but I believe
there's good in the world,

and I try to do as much of it as I can.

So, are you down here in the
tunnels looking for magic

because you're so selfless?

I thought you were just
trying to get home.


Hey, Dorothy.

You should try it out, Fitz.

If a real shady dude like you

started a mifkit sanctuary or something,

I might start believing in pure good.

Hey, Dorothy. Wait up.


An exit.

Of course.

The emergency escape shaft.

How many more of
these do we have to seal off?

We're not even sure those
kids are still down there.

- It's the gnomes.
- Shh.

Just do like
the boss gnome says.

Glad I'm not a growlywog.

Ah! Who cares
about those barbarians?

They get trapped, not our problem. Okay?

We just gotta make sure those kids

stay out of the picture tonight.

What's going on tonight?
It sounds suspicious.

Forget that.

The gnomes are sealing all
of the tunnels to trap us.

We have to get to the next exit

before we get stuck down here.

Come on, Dorothy, let's go.

What about the growlywogs?


The growlywogs are gonna
get trapped because of us.

That doesn't seem right. I think.

If I'm really gonna change,
I need to start now.

I want to do what's right.

I want to go warn the growlywogs.

The ones that imprisoned us?

That's insane!

Fitz is right, guys.

The growlywogs don't deserve
to be trapped under the city.

We have to go back.

Oh, man. I'll do it but
I don't have to like it.

Ojo! Am I the only rational one here?

The surface dwellers.

Growlywogs, we come in peace.


Relax, dear. It's only a game.

Two out of three?

Chief and Chieftainess.

Tell them what you told me.

The gnomes are sealing off the tunnels.

They're trying to trap us down here.

The gnomes are our partners.

My boss had a deal with them, too,

but then they stole everything.

Please believe us.
Your people are in danger.

We had a deal!

Those slimy puddle brains
promised us a cut of the cargo

to let them lug it through our domain.

Blow the whistle,

and head off for the
Northwest Branch Line!

Where should I put the stew
meat, your growlyness,

with the provisions or in the prison?

Find someplace,

then pull your socks
up and roll the carts.

- What?
- I knew it.


You came back to warn us

even though we tried to eat you.


Your hearts are bigger and probably
more delicious than we imagined.

How can we thank you?

Oh, just your humble thanks is enough.

Maybe don't eat us?

Where did the gnomes take the magic?

We'll show you.

That's their tunnel.

It goes to the airport.

They keep the magic there.

Thank you, Jingo.

Bogspeed, little shanks.

Bogspeed to you, too.

Now, we can perform a
location specific search

that includes a surrounding radius.

That's great.

Do that for the night of the
raid at the munchkin farm.

Nothing strange here.

Wait, wait. Go back. Go back.

Uh, I know all of my agents,
and that was not one of them.

There. Stop. That's a gnome.

- Yes! We have a lead.
- Bingo!

The cart... is from...

Emerald City
Inter-dimensional Airport!

Fitz, pull the break!

I got it!

Why would the gnomes build
tracks that just end?


Please tell me they didn't
seal this one off, too.

Where do we go from here?

I will never see sunlight again!


How are we supposed to get up there?

Going up.


We did it, guys.

We found where the gnomes are
storing the missing magic.

Ojo, West, take a picture.

When we show it to
Glinda and the bureau,

oh, they'll blow this thing
wide open and bring it back.

- Whoa!
- Shh!

Come on, people, let's get moving.

We need all this magic
loaded up by sundown

so we can rob Emerald City
under cover of darkness.

Chop chop.

By the time we get back here
with Glinda or the bureau,

it'll be too late.

I'm sorry, Dorothy.

Better just grab as much as you can
fit in your pockets, and get out.

Or wait. It's wrong to steal.

But what if you're stealing from
thieves who stole from thieves?

What's the rule in this scenario?

This is really confusing.

Once that Zeppelin takes off, it's over.

We need to do something.

What are we gonna do,
steal that Zeppelin?

I like where your head's at.
Keep spitballing.

You can't be serious!

Gnomes! You may put us in a tunnel,

but a growly abides no track!

Little shanks. Growly kind is here

to serve you in your hour of need.

I'm taking my chance.

It's secured there and there.

Pull the levers when you
see me in the cockpit.

You can't go alone.

The Zeppelin needs to be in the air

before the gnomes notice.

I need all of you to pull the levers

when I give you the signal.

You don't know if you
can even fly that thing.

I dragged you into this mess.
I owe it to you guys to try.


Let's do this!

After I take off,
meet me at Glinda's castle.

Come on, Toto.

♪ If you listen closely

Woo. Oh, yeah.

Woo... Wh...


Even the most annoying song in the world

has no affect on you.

Your training is impeccable.

I liked it. Good hook.

Bup, bup, bup, bup! No singing.

I'm sorry I can't remember
what you want me to,

but I'm glad we're able to
get to know each other.

Um, Goof, is it?

It's Guph. General Guph.

Ooh, sorry.

What is wrong with you?

I have a memory problem.

Oh, well. It just so happens

that I have the cure for
your little problem.

Extract of awakening.

I developed it exactly
for scenarios like this.

General Guph, sir.

We're under attack by the growlywogs.

What? I gave orders to neutralize them!

I can remember!

Oh! I can remember.

Ooh. No.



Secure the Zeppelin!


- You ready?
- Hm!

I really don't like confrontation.

You look great, kid. Let's do this.

This is bigger than I thought.

You can't make me go in there.

Radio dispatch for back up.

With what? Was I supposed to bring one?

Sorry. I don't know what I'm doing!

No matter. Ground control
will have a panic button.

Oh. Ooh!

- Scarecrow.
- What the...

Oh! I remember. Dorothy is in danger!

Hey! This looks like

the control panel in Glinda's castle.

I can fly this thing.

Uh. Pull the levers!


- Yes!
- We did it!

- Go get Glinda, Dorothy!
- Yes!

Futz! What are you doing here?

No, no, no, it's okay. I've changed.

Oh, no! We're too late.

No, it's okay. She's bringing
the magic to Glinda.

We have to get there now.
Dorothy is in danger.


No! My Zeppelin!

My magic!

You all have just made a new enemy.

Fling, I need a favor.

Thank you, Fling.

Dorothy, I have no words.

Thank you for your
service to Emerald City.

Thank you for believing in me.

I know you can make Emerald
City magical again.

Oh, I will, dear.

You're not telling the truth.

You're not Glinda the Good.

You're such a smart little girl.

You're Langwidere!