Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - 11:11 - full transcript

When Langwidere imprisons Dorothy and Toto inside a magical painting, our heroes find a secret portal that leads to an unexpected ally. Together, they must escape their painted prison before Langwidere takes over Emerald City, and makes Dorothy's return home an impossibility.

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Previously on "Lost In Oz"...

We're going after the magic.

And when you get it, bring it to me.

You were going to betray us.

What does it matter if
Glinda or Langwidere,

or even I become the ruling
witch of Emerald City?

I thought you were just
trying to get home.

I wish, I will, I'll do.

And that's how wishes come true.

We did it, guys.

We found where the gnomes are
storing the missing magic.

We're bringing
it back to Glinda.

- We did it!
- I remember.

Dorothy's in danger.

You're not Glinda the Good.

Fling, it's a trap.

Go tell the others.

On second thought...

Monkey, take them to the gallery.

Fling, what are you doing?

We're friends. Put us down.

You don't have to obey her.

It's just how the pendant works.

Even for a special
little girl from Kansas,

the rules of our world still apply.

What about for a two-faced witch

who lies to her own family?

Don't you dare talk to me about family.

Why? Does it make you feel guilty

about all the things you've done?

I don't have one because
of what your family did.

What are you talking about?
We didn't do anything to you.

All you Gales are the same.

"Land my little house on a witch?
Who, me?"

"Oh, never."

Who said that? I didn't land on anyone.

I really hope the irony
of this masterpiece

isn't lost on you.

I thought long and
hard about its design.

Is that my house?

No way.

A little Kansas house caused my family

generations of pain.

Glad I could return the favor.

Langwidere, please.

You're talking about stuff I
don't know anything about.

- Stuff?
- Uhh! Uhh!

I'm sorry that my family hurt you.

If I could change the past, I would.

That's the thing about the past.

You can't change it.

Fortunately, I can.

Please, don't leave us here.

Please, Langwidere.

Try and enjoy your new home.

You're gonna be in there forever.

Let's go, monkey.


Please don't leave us in here.

Langwidere! Come back!

Wait! Langwidere!

Excuse me. Comin' through.

Look out. Move over.

Oh, I really hope Dorothy's okay.

If only I'd remembered that Langwidere's

an evil shape-shifting
meany sooner, I...

Hey, quit bein' a bunch of sad sacks.

You think Dorothy would act that way?

No. She'd be out there
lookin' for Dorothy.

Can you believe the bricks on this guy?

Hmph. Showin' his face around here.


I got this.

Evening, Agent Wamego. Deputies.

Well, if it isn't Mr. "My intern
was a most wanted criminal"

"and I didn't even realize it."

Uh, clearly, Fitz was more
clever than I thought.

What do you want, Pugmill?

What's the status inside the castle?

That's classified.

And you've lost your clearance.

I thought Pugmill was hardcore,

but this Wamego is a boss.

If only I knew a wrecking ball spell.

Come on, Me, it's me! Pugs.

Hey, who sandblasted you
when you got graffiti'd?

Huh? I did.

You're not gettin' through.

Oh, come on!

- Ojo, I'm goin' in.
- What? How?

Look, everyone. It's Glinda's
chief advisor Scarecrow.

It must be a sign of the
good witch's return.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Agents! Hold the perimeter.

Ooh. Watch my toes! I'm overwhelmed.

I'd better not find out
you're behind this.

Behind what? I, uh...

How could I be behind it

when I'm standing right in front of you?


Now, look here, Wamego.

I've got reason to believe

there's a lost tourist
trapped in that castle,

and I will be granted
access to investigate.

Whoever painted this
got it all so wrong.

This painting looks
nothing like our home.

It makes me feel nothing.


I feel bad.

Hi, Mom.

Toto, I don't know.

Is this what it feels like to give up?



Okay, where could she be?



I wish I'd just listened to you.

I wish I'd never fixed
my stupid machine.

Left the water running.
Found that journal.

And ruined our lives.

Huh. That's weird.

Probably just an echo.

Okay. Okay.

No matter where, no matter what,

I wish...

♪ I wish


♪ I wish

Toto, it's her.

Where is that coming from?

♪ I wish

♪ I will

I don't know how, but it is.

It's gotta be. Mom!

♪ I'll do

It's coming from the signature?

There's gotta be a way through.

Yes, Toto! It's a portal.

What the... Where did we...

- ♪ And that's
- Wait!

♪ How wishes

I'm coming!

♪ Come true


For someone who seems so
confident in her own skin,

sure looks like you
enjoy wearing Glinda's.

It's all but a means to an end.

What did you do to them?

Dorothy and Glinda?
I moved them out of our way.

No. Actually, I want you
to answer the question.

Hm, feeling confident tonight, I see.

No more dancing around the truth.

Very well, then.

Glinda I've imprisoned where
she'll never ever be found.

And Dorothy, I sent her home,

just like I said I would.

Prove it.

With pleasure.



Oh, no.

Where's Dorothy?



Toto, there's a tent down there.

What painting are we in now?

See? Her house is gone.


I'm really quite amazed

how connected you feel
to that Gale girl.

Guess you don't care that
her family's responsible

for literally all of
your biggest problems.

What does that even mean?

It means that the Gales
ripped apart our family,

and taught us to be
ashamed of who we are.

It's why I sent Dorothy home
the first chance I could.

So that you could have a chance to be

who you really want to be.

I'd like to go home now.

Yes, of course.

But first, Glinda needs
to show you something.

Look at that city, West.

It's just like you.

You're both full of potential,
but lost in crisis.

I can show you the way.

As Glinda or as yourself?

Kind of hard to keep track

with your ongoing identity crisis.

When my work is done,

Glinda will be wiped from the
city's collective memory.

Right now, you and I need her
influence more than ever.

We do?

Dive, monkeys!

Huh? Hey.

Hello, wonderful citizens
of Emerald city.

It is I, Glinda,

back to blow your minds with goodness.


It's happening!

I can totally feel it.

This kitten is broken.
Why won't it duplicate?

We need more magic.

Come on, let's try again.

Go on. Blow their minds.

Whoa. Really?

You're ready for it.

Multiplonium. Always does the trick.

Was that West?

With Glinda the Good?

They loved you.

They loved us.

It was almost like you
were actually Glinda.

Show people what they want to see,

and they'll believe anything.

Go, go, go.

Oh, look. She used to snoop
around in my room, too.

Guess she doesn't trust you, either.

Still want to go home?

Let's get out of here.

You've reached West.
Don't leave a message.

If you have something to say,
say it to my face.

Uh... Glinda?

It's you, isn't it?

Wow! The real Glinda the Good.

Oh, we've been looking
everywhere for you.

How did you get in here?


She imprisoned us in a painting.

She put me in here, too.

What are your names?

I'm Dorothy. This is Toto.

I knew a Dorothy and Toto once.


They were the best of friends.

Toto, it's happening again.

Where is that sound coming from?

I think it's my mom's watch.

Come with me, Glinda.
We have to find her.

But Dorothy. There is nowhere to go.

Who is this girl?

♪ I wish

♪ I will


♪ I'll do

Don't stop, Toto.
We can't lose her this time.

♪ And that's

Mom is on the other side, Toto.

She is. I just know it.

Come on. We'll jump together.

From here to there in no time at all.


♪ How wishes

♪ Come true

And that's how wishes come true.

Now, where was I?


- Mom!
- Dorothy?

- Dorothy.
- Can you hear me?

- Dorothy.
- Mom, are you there?

Mom! It's me!

It's Dorothy.

Dorothy. Dorothy, is it...

Is that really you?


What are you doing in my painting?

Are you okay? Is Toto okay?

Oh, I've been so worried about you.

Yeah, yeah, we're okay.

How is this even happening?

I just... I followed your voice.

Our wish at 11:11. It came true.

Mom, is this real?
I can't take it if it's not.

It's real, Dorothy.

Come closer.

We need to find a way to get you out.

How did you get in there?


She said it was punishment
for what our family did.

She said I landed our house on a witch.

Did I do that, Mom?
I don't even know anymore.

No, Dorothy. Not you.

It was her.

She's your great grandmother.

I named you after her.

Her house landed on a witch.

So, Langwidere's telling the truth.


Well, wait. How come you
never told me about her?

How come you never told
me about any of this?

I wanted to. I planned to.

I'm 12 years old, Mom.

I should know where
our family comes from.

You grew up so fast.

It all felt so far away.

I'm sorry, Dorothy.

I'm so sorry you're being punished

for things that aren't your fault.

It's my fault.



For generations, I've tried to bring

the Gales and the witches together.

With you and Cyra,
I thought the feud would end.

I thought we could help
each other and be friends.

That picture of you three.

In my journal.

I had no idea it was so meaningful.

Dorothy's clever, Evelyn.

Without even realizing,

I think she's found a
way for us to escape.

I did?

Tell me how to get you out of there.

Can I cut the canvas?

I wish it was that easy.

But you're all just so close.

Dorothy figured out how to
move between the paintings.

Smith, that old trickster,

he hid a portal in each
of his signatures.

And if he can paint a
portal between paintings,

maybe he can paint us
a portal out of here?

Hm. She's just like you.

We're both just like her.

Send my daughter back to me, Glinda.

Evelyn, on my word.

But I think we both know

she probably won't need the help.

Reigh, why aren't you
answering your smart ball?

We still don't know where Dorothy is.

Well, we know where West is.


She's been all over town with Glinda,

who we both know isn't Glinda.

Glinda! Glinda! Glinda!

Are you ready to be one of
the most powerful witches

Oz has ever known?

Ladies and gentlemen,

may I present my greatest
invention to date:

the memory changing machine.

By controlling the weather,

my most impressive machine will erase...

That's enough, Tinker.
Thank you. You can go.

- But my big unveiling...
- Winged monkeys,

take the machine to the oblivion pumps,

engage on my command.

Hmm. I'm startin' to get
a bad feeling about this.

You didn't answer my question.

How do I know this isn't just
another one of your tricks?

West, I want us to have
a real relationship.

I want to reconnect with my sister.

I want you to have the
mother you've always wanted.

But to have that future,
I need to create a world

where the Gales and
Glinda never existed.

I need to create a world

where we've always been in power.

Do you want to live in
that world with me, West?

Yes, Aunt Langwidere, I do.


I knew you were a smart girl.

Langwidere is going to erase us

from the history of Oz.

How quickly do you think we
can find this Smith guy?