Lost in Oz (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Down the Yellow Brick Line - full transcript

On their way to find the stolen magic, Dorothy, West, Ojo, and Toto are taken prisoner by Fitz. When they're all captured, the whole team is forced to put aside their differences and work together to defeat a renegade band of Growleywogs.

Previously on "Lost In Oz"...

Fitz is a criminal!

He's behind this farm,
the Yellow Brick Line,

maybe even the whole magic crisis.

The gnome king's not gonna be
happy about losing the farm.

Fitz's train
could be anywhere by now.

It's a map for the Yellow Brick Line.

We're going after the magic.

We're bringing it back to Glinda.

And when you get it, bring it to me.

We are going to follow
the old Yellow Brick Line.

When we find the magic,

what if I lose myself again?

We'll come
looking for you, West.

Did I just dunk my head
in water of oblivion?

I don't remember saying you may sit.


Langwidere, the gnomes have...

My neck hurts from looking up at you.

Uh-ooh, not what I said.


The gnomes have the magic.

What do we do next?

- "We"?
- Well, I'm at your service, Langwidere.

100 percent. You know that.

I'm starting to get
the sneaking suspicion

that you may not.

No. I just...

I'm being paranoid.
Of course you need me.

I don't need you.

What? Why?

I found a better... What's the word?

Assistant. Ooh. Seems so corporate.

- Who?
- Sidekick.

Mm. A little trite.

- Who is it?
- Eh. Let's go with apprentice.

I've found a new apprentice, Fitz.

Who is it?

I could name names, but I don't
think your ego could take it.

Well, you can't just replace me.

I've risked everything, all for you.

You promised me that together we would
usher in a new golden age of magic.

Doesn't sound like something I'd say.

Let me prove to you I'm worthy
enough to be your apprentice.

Let's go with sidekick.

I can prove it to you,
just don't dismiss me yet.

You have nothing to lose.

Either I succeed and get
the magic back for you,

or I fail and you get rid of me.

Like you said, I have nothing to lose.

Mm, what?

They're gone!

One map goes missing, shame on me.

All maps go missing, shame on the thief.

Ugh, it's that yippy dog.

Toto, wait for us!

And that yippy Dorothy.

- Just stay close.
- Hey, watch it.

Well, well, well,
it's the whole yippy gang.

Maybe it's time for a little reunion.

Watch it, munchkin.

It was an accident.
I can barely see in here.

Come on, take it easy, guys.

We're gonna have enough trouble

finding the magic without getting lost.

Getting lost is the
least of your problems.

Here we go again.

Don't think you're safe...

For even one nanosecond.

We got it, Ray. You warned us already.

It bears repeating.

Ray's top ten things to fear
while searching for lost magic

in the Yellow Brick Line tunnels:

Wandering into growlywog territory;

stumbling into time loop anomalies;

wind shills, dragoyles.

That's a dragon-gargoyle mix.

Easy transit authority... Ooh.

And lastly, wind chills in
the time loop anomalies.

That's only six things.

Growlywogs count as one through four.

They're that vicious.

Never let a growlywog capture you.

First they throw spices in your face,

let you marinate while they sleep,

then it's munchkin stew.

What are we laughing at?

This is no laughing matter.

It's hard to take you seriously, Ray.

You think everything's out to eat you.

Growlywogs won't eat me.
I said munchkin stew.

Really? They eat munchkins?

What can I say? We are pretty delicious.

Don't worry, Dorothy.
No one's eating Ojo.

Again, laughing but don't know why?

I detect your mockery,
and to that I say...

Even if you ignore
everything I've told you,

just remember this:

One growlywog grunt is a warning,

three grunts means run.

What about two grunts?

A growlywog never grunts twice.

Two is a bad luck number for them.

The great one! Oh, how's he holding up?

He sounds dehydrated.
Does he need water?

It's very dry down there.

Ray, calm down.

- Toto's fine.
- Let's, uh, look at the map again.

You're close.

if I'm reading this right,

Fitz and the gnomes are
keeping all the magic right...


It's empty.

Looks like this is all that's left.

Doesn't matter.

What do you mean? Of course it matters.

The magic is all gone.

Doesn't matter. That's what it's called.

It makes matter, you know, not matter.

Someone must have cleaned
out all the magic.

Hmm. Well, maybe it was that guy.

Which guy?

This guy!


Scarecrow, run! Go get help.

Okay, bye.

Good luck
remembering your way back.

See ya never.

Let us down, Fitz.

Mmm, ah... no!

♪ F-I-T-Z

♪ Who's the winner gonna be?

♪ Fitz, Fitz

♪ Fitz!

That's me.

Make him stop.

Dorothy, are you okay?

What's going on?

Ray, you have to help.

Fitz captured us.

Scarecrow was able to escape,

but the rest of us are
floating like balloons.

Wait, I... I didn't get that.

The extra batteries.

Oh, no!

Oh! Ah!

Wait to go, oh-no.

You're the one who bumped into me.

Where'd you get that magic?

I, um, got it from school.

She's doing it.

- Shh.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Shh, shh, shh, shh.

I'm trying to read this thing.

You think we should head left or...


No! Yeow!

The map!

He's stronger than I am.

But you have way more control.

This is not good. Not for any of us!

How about you let us down,

and we'll help you find
a way out of here?

I don't need a map.
I've got my gut.

Yeah, my gut will tell me where to go.

I hope Scarecrow finds help.

The fate of our escape
is in the hands of a man

who can't remember his own name.

Excuse me if I don't hold my breath.

I believe in him. He can do it.

Gotta get help. Gotta get help.

Gotta get help.

Oh, oh, oh.


Oh, thank goodness I found you.

Hey. It's the straw man.

I need your help.

I think. Though I'm not sure why.

You don't know us?

No. Should I?

We'll help you.

Yes, the good general would insist that

we help you with...

what you need help with.

Well, let's see.
What did I need help with?

Oh, I wish Dorothy was here.

She remembers everything.

You guys know Dorothy?


You do?

Oh, well, so you know she's the best.

I mean, she's the one
who got us all down here

so we could find the
magic the gnomes stole,

and we're gonna give it back
to Glinda, and... and...

You know, you guys
kinda look like gnomes,

and that kinda looks
like a lot of magic,

and what's this rope for?

Uh-oh. I messed up, didn't I?

Well, silver lining,
I remembered you guys were gnomes.

We've been through this
tunnel seven times.

Fitz, we can't keep
wandering around like this.

I'm hungry. And we'll die in here.

We're not lost!

But if... If! I was lost,

which I'm not,

it would be all your fault.

You're the one who broke the map.

Because she tried to
hijack my floatonium.

What was that?

That's your yippy dog.

No, I distinctly heard grunting.

What is that's a growlywog,

just like Ray warned us?

Nah, I doubt it.

Three grunts.

Fitz, let us down now!
We gotta get outta here.

Those growlywogs are vicious.

- Whee.
- S... Stop.

Oh, no. Go on, go on.


You really
got me that time, Dorothy.

I've gotta hand it to you.

You never give up.

Langwidere will put an end to that.

- Langwidere?
- You know Langwidere?

She's my mentor.

She's your mentor?

Yeah. Why? What have you heard?

It does... It doesn't matter.
It's all lies.

She hasn't replaced me.

You're lying.

Langwidere wouldn't team up
with a crooked magician.

She's working for Glinda.

Oh, she is good.

Langwidere has you believing
that she and Glinda are a team.


Glinda's reign is over.

While she's hiding from the world,

it's changing all around her.

She can no longer rule
on goodness alone.

You're such a liar, Fitz.

He's not lying.

Langwidere told you to
bring all the magic to her.

- Didn't she?
- What do you know about that?

Langwidere told me the same thing.

She asked me to find the magic,
and deliver it to her.

You're my replacement?

And when were you planning
on telling us this?

- I...
- You were going to betray us.

- No. I wasn't gonna...
- Then tell me,

what did Langwidere say
when you refused her?

Fitz out!

You can rot up there.

Get off me. Get off of me!

Um, Fitz,
you might want to... run.


What are you doing?

The right thing.

Something you clearly
know nothing about.

Fitz, I'll toss you the wrist guard.

Put the batteries in it and
activate the cloaking device.

Does it look like I'm in
any position to do anything

other than run for my life?




West, over here!

Hold onto me. I'll use
the cloak on all of us.

Stay close, everyone.

Let's get out of here.

What does infinity grunts mean?

It means you're stew, Ojo.

You think they can see us?

- Watch it!
- Ahh! Chill, West.

It was an accident.

You could still say you're sorry.

Fitz is not the
one who needs to apologize.

Oh, so now you're on Fitz's side.

Why do you care, Dorothy?

What does is matter if
Glinda or Langwidere

or even I become the ruling
witch of Emerald City?

This isn't your home. Remember?

You live in Kansas.

I'm not from here,
so lying to me is okay?

Quiet! You people are
giving me a headache.

Let's just go back to
stewing in silence, please.

Stew? You guys remember what
Ray said about munchkin stew?

He's also the same lion
who swears there's

a secret gillican society
that steals our socks.

Yeah. You're right.

Ray's crazy. We'll be fine.

Look what we scavenged in the tunnels,

your growliness.

He can talk?

Prepare the stew meat.

- Spiced?
- Ohh.

We're not savages.

No, growlywog,

I refuse to let you eat Ojo.

You can't just go around
eating munchkins, you know.

Of course not.


Though he surely will
be the most delicious,

one munchkin will not
feed all growlywogs.

I see where this is going.

We shall eat you all.

And there it is.

Okay, Scarecrow.
We could us that help now.

A seatbelt on a chair.

Huh. What a great idea.
That way you can't fall off.

Though I suppose the whole
chair could tip over,

but small price to pay for
the comfort and security

of knowing you've always
got a place to sit.

Guys, look.

If we're going to get out of here,

we'll have to work together.

I work alone.

How's that workin' for ya?

It has, up until this point.

Maybe there's a reason

why you're a terrible crooked magician.

Maybe it's because you're
meant to be a good magician.

- That's it.
- Wh... Really?

- You bought all that?
- What? No.

What Dorothy said is a load of baloney.

I meant, that's it.

Good job, Toto.

- Toto!
- Don't!


Toto, do it again.

- Success!
- Toto, you did it!

Hurry, Dorothy.

Go, go, go, go, go!

There's an opening.

Come on, move, move!

- A dead end!
- We're trapped!

This is not good.

They're coming this way.

Fitz, if you have any more magic,

we could use it right about now.

I'm fresh out.

- Doesn't matter.
- Of course it matters.

Oh. I see where the
confusion comes from.


Ahh! Uhh!

Hold still, Fitz.

I'm trying.

Step aside.

This is harder than I thought.

You guys, you need to work together.


Keep going!

Go, go, go!

- Yes!
- We made it!

Yeah, we did.


Whoa, let's not get carried away here.

So now what do we do?

- Well, we have no map.
- And no Ray.

Yeah. There's always Scarecrow.

You keep saying that.

You honestly believe he found help?

I have to believe that.


We're doomed.

Wow. That was a long night.

As it turns out,

tied to a chair... Mm,
not the comfort you'd imagine.

General Gumm.

Good morning. Pleased to meet you.

Unless we've met before.

In that case, good to see you again.