Little Princess Sara (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Indo kara no tegami - full transcript

Within a corner of my heart blossoms

A little flower that has no name

In sad times, if you put a single red flower petal...

in the corner of your eye...

...the tears would surly disappear

Whenever I think about crying

Just making a sound makes me cry

As long as there is this flower in my heart

My strength with spring forth with a thought

The prince of the sea fell in love...

..with the princess of the sea in the glowing palace by the sea

They lived happily ever after

Sara's stories are so wonderful

It's almost like I was the princess!

I am the same way. When I read the story from the book...

I would imagine myself as the main character

It is our ability to imagine things that makes story books so wonderful

Yeah! Yeah!

It is true. I hope that I can enjoy reading books more

Of course you can, Ermengarde!

You did like the book, right?

You all are annoying I have had enough

This is a stupid way to play

Mamma said that telling stories like that is a bad habit

Lottie, do not cry

You think you are pretty and wonderful

You even fancy yourself a princess to boot!

That is only in your imagination!

I never said that I thought of myself as a princess

Yeah! Sara is just my mamma!

You are annoying! Be quiet, crybaby!

I'm not a crybaby!

I've got Sara-mamma!

You said "Sara-mamma". What a joke

Even if she becomes your mamma, your real mamma is not coming back!

That is cruel!

Lottie has gone through a lot!

Lavinia, why are you saying such cruel things to someone this young?

Hmmph! You dare lecture someone older than you because you are the class representative?

I did not mean that

Lavinia is being mean!

Are you okay, Lottie?

What are you doing?

I would like to express my displeasure with you right now

Ha! Are you going to strike me?

Yes. I would like to strike you really hard

I would like to see you try

I have just done so... in my heart

It is fine... for now

You do not have to cry any more, Lottie

Don't cry, Lottie!

They're gone

Lavinia was being mean!

Maybe this is my fault

Sara, why did you not hit her?

Yeah! It would have been nice if you hit her

I did, in my heart, and then I forgave her


If I could really be like a real princess, that would be nice


So, in times like this, I can talk to her like how a princess would do so

Wow! Incredible, Sara!

So, everyone... do you all want to throw a party?


It will be a party so I can become friends with everyone here at the seminary

Of course, I shall invite Lavinia and the others

Eh? Uhh...

I shall go ask for permission from the headmistress

Oh my... in your room?

You want to held the party in your room?

Yes, ma'am

Therefore, I would like to ask for permission to step out and buy things for the party

That sounds like a good idea. There are some things that I want to talk to you...

I see

Since you are the class representative, I feel that it is...

..not necessarily a bad thing to become friends with everybody

I give you special permission

Thank you very much, Headmistress!


How did it go?

You and I are going shopping

Lottie, you can go ahead and tell everyone else

Wow! Yay!

Hmm... I would like sixteen slices of the chocolate cake covered in walnuts...

Then, I would like one big meat pie over there

Do you only need one meat pie, young lady?

Yes, sir. Package them separately, please

Understood, young lady

So, why? Why do you only want one meat pie?

It is for another good friend


It's cold, you dimwit!


P-Please forgive me!

Why... you fool!

You little...

Becky! How many more mistakes are you going to end up making?

Listen up! You are to have no supper tonight

Hurry and clean this up!

Y-Yes, ma'am!


Thank you, Peter!

Say... it seems like everyone is heading over to Sara's room

The kids in the other rooms are all there! I wonder what is going on?

Well, she is going to exclude three of us

I would like to see what she is going to do

I would like to see her try to do what she is doing!

I am going to let her know who is the real class representative here!

Ah, come in!

Pardon the intrusion for a bit...

I am having a tea party up in my room for everyone

Would all of you like to come?

Se, I will be waiting for you!

She is using this tea party to manipulate people's feelings

She did not exclude us from the party!

Ah yes! Sara does have her good points

Yes! Since she became class representative, she has not acted proud in any way


Uhh... no... I was not talking about you...

You two... like Sara instead of me, do you?

You are mistaken!

That is not the case, Lavinia!

Go to Sara's tea party

It does not matter to me

We will go take a look

We will be back soon

Emily is so cute!


How do you do?

Sara, this is a great tea time!

I am so happy that everyone is here making this place lively!

Say, Sara-mamma... may Emily have some tea

Yes, of course!


Welcome! Please come in!

Please come inside!

Where is Lavinia?

I think she does not want to come

Oh my...

You should know by now that she hates you


Say, Sara... to tell you the truth, we also do not like Lavinia


That is because she is too proud

If you do not do what she says, she will pick on you in particular!

Therefore, we have decided to become friends with you

I really hate Lavinia!

You should not say things like that

I was hoping that with this party, I could be friends with Lavinia as well

Eh? You must be joking!

I do not believe it!

Why, Sara!

Then it is decided! I shall go and personally bring Lavinia here

Eh? That might be hard, Sara!

Wait, Sara!

Welcome, Lavinia. I have been waiting for you

I have saved a seat for you. Please come in

I am not here to attend your party as a guest

I am here to tell you the truth

The truth?

I want to tell you why you became class representative my place

Lavinia, if you want to say that, you do not have to say it now

How about if you told me that later?

No. I want to say it in front of everyone

Do you know?

The reason why you became class representative... not that you are better than I am

The reason is that you are from a rich family!

Therefore, the greedy Headmistress Minchin would...


S-So... how is everyone doing?

Should this be a bit livelier?

Uhh... yes, ma'am


Yes, ma'am...

Your father has sent you a letter from India

Thank you very much, Miss Amelia!

Wow! That's great, Sara! Read it! Please read it to us!

Of course!

That is a good ideal Sara, if you do not mind, can you read it for everyone?

Sara! Emily wants you to read it!

Am I right, Emily?

I understand, Lottie

Oh, my... Papa is...

Say, say... what is it with your Papa, Sara

Well, Papa is engaged in a now business venture with a friend of his

Oh my... what kind of a business venture

According to what is written here, the business venture involves diamond mines

Eh? How incredible!

Wow! Sara, does that mean your father will soon become a diamond king?

Oh my. That surely cannot be the case!

Of course! Of course! Then Sara will become a diamond princess! Wow!

Congratulations, Sara. What an incredible letter

I will go to the headmistress immediately and tell her the good news

Eh? You are telling this to the headmistress

Incredible, Sara! You are going to be a rich girl

You're wrong! She's going to be a princess

Oh, how incredible!

We are leaving!

Jessie! Gertrude!


We are leaving!


What did you say?

Sara's father... I mean, Captain Crewe, he...

Yes, Sister!

The letter said that he was investing in really valuable diamond mines!

You said "diamond mines"?

Yes! In addition, Sara would inherit these mines

It is as you said! This seminary has an incredible backer!

Sister... are you listening?

That girl is going to inherit these diamond mines..


Oh! Does that mean that she will become the richest young lady in the world?

The students are all talking about it

It even feels like a dream to me!

Me too! To drive the carriage for a princess of diamonds would be great!

It is great that you two are her personal servants

We'll have to be even friendlier to her now!

Huh? What are you still doing ever there?

Are you always going to sit there? You're not getting any supper tonight

Hurry up and polish the Students shoes!

Are you slow? Hurry up and go do it!




I was waiting for you to pass my room

Thank you very much, Miss

Please have a seat

Please wait a moment

Here is a meat pie. Please enjoy it it with all your heart!

Please have a bite

Oh my... What is wrong? I thought you would like it

Wow! It's delicious!

I got no dinner as punishment for messing up today

The cake that you gave me last time was so delicious as well

But, it seems to have already I melted in my stomach?

However, I'm happy that I can I keep this in my stomach

I see

I have never experienced hunger like that before

...but I would definitely have trouble enduring it

Why, Miss! I'll make sure that you're never hungry!

Miss, while I was downstairs I heard the story about the diamonds!


Congratulations! You're going to become a princess, Miss!

I'm really happy!

Becky, I am unable to fantasize being happy about it like everyone else


I would be happy if Papa succeeds in his business venture

However I will not change just because of that

No matter what, I will be the same Sara that I always am


Ah... oh no...

If we keep talking like this, you would not be able to get enough sleep

Yes, Miss! In that case, I'll take the rest of this up to my room to enjoy

Of course! Go right ahead!

However, I need to be careful when I eat it

If any crumbs fall to the floor, the rats would show up

Oh my... there are rats in your room?

Yes! There are rats up in the attic

However, I'm used to the sound of rats running around

As long as they don't get close to my pillow, I'll be fine


Oh my. How did you get used to it?

Miss, that's because I was raised in a poor home

You learn to get used to things like that when you're poor

Becky who lives in the attic...

Me, who everyone is talking about because of Papa's diamond mines...

Even though we had different fates when we were born...

I felt a deep sorrow in my heart

When Miss Minchin was told about the diamond mines...

..She was happy to arrange for a birthday party for me

She went out into the city to purchase gifts for me

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"Two Gifts"

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As I go down the distant road, a song is sung close by

I pick the flowers by the side of the road

To where does the road lead? No one knows

As I move forward, I refuse to look behind me

Being scared originates in my garden

The sunflowers are laughing

It does not matter when I am going to see the sun

Ah it’s Mothers voice...

Ah it’s Fathers voice...

Ah, it’s talking in my ear again...

I'm am not going to be defeated!