Little Princess Sara (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Shinsetsu no ojousama - full transcript

Within a corner of my heart blossoms

A little flower that has no name

In sad times, if you put a single red flower petal...

in the corner of your eye...

...the tears would surly disappear

Whenever I think about crying

Just making a sound makes me cry

As long as there is this flower in my heart

My strength will spring forth with a thought

Very good. Keep your chin up

Use the balls of your feet to walk


Ermengarde, please straighten your posture

If you do not do so, you are not showing proper etiquette for a proper lady!

Oh my... if you pay too much attention to the book, it is more likely to fall

Why, look at Sara

As long as you use the correct posture while walking...

..and if you forget there is a book on your head, it will stay up

Oh my, Sara. Be careful

Are you okay, Sara?


I saw it!

Lavinia stuck her feet in front of you!

It is alright, Lottie

Our dance session is next! Please come back down here after you have changed!

Yes, ma'am!



Uhh... if I get caught talking to the young misses, I'll get scolded!

Say, Mariette...


The girl, Becky, that comes to clean the classrooms...

Are you talking about that girl?

Is it true that she is not permitted to speak with me?

Yes. It's a rule of this seminary


In addition, that child... tends to make a lot of mistakes

The headmistress ordered that she can't appear in front of the young ladies

Poor girl...

There is nothing I can do

When I was starting out as a maid, I didn't get to meet the master for half a year

Is Becky from a far away place?

Yes. She is from a small village that is very far from London

Her father passed away

For the sake of her younger brother and sister, she had to go find gainful employment

What kind of work does she do?

It's hard work that you can't begin to imagine, Mistress

In the morning, she has to fetch the water in the dark to clean the front door

She then helps in getting breakfast ready for the young ladies and does the cleanup

She then cleans all the hearths

She then does the laundry and the ironing of the students’ clothing...

..and then she polishes their shoes

And after she finishes helping with the young ladies' dinner and the cleanup up of said dinner

..she can then go up to her room up in the attic alone

I think she doesn't usually get to do that until around 12 at night

I see

I have been noticing her as well

I... have not finished yet


It is useless no matter how much you stare at the mirror


Ermengarde, are you happy that Sara has taken the class representative position from me

H-How could that be? You are mistaken!

I know exactly what you are thinking

Let me tell you something

She became class representative so Headmistress Minchin can show her off

Yes! Yes!

Lavinia is right!

H-How can you say that?


What is it? Have the courtesy to knock on the doer!

I-I'm sorry!

I've brought the laundry here

What? You call these ironed? They are still wrinkled!

H-How could that be?

You did not polish my shoes properly!

Polish them again!

I'm very sorry!

"I'm very sorry!"


Se, how is this dress?

Mamma had it sent to me from America

It is currently the most fashionable dress in New York!


Ah, Sara!


Oh my...

Wow! What a beautiful gown!

You're like a princess!

She even brought such a beautiful gown!

It must be made in Paris!

Hmmph! It matters not if she has a perfect gown if she cannot dance!

Let us go

Hey, Becky!

What's wrong?

Did you get yelled at again?


But, you're crying

I-I'm not erying

I'm peeling onions and it irritates my eyes

So... today, we shall practice the waltz


Yes, ma'am!

You are the best at dancing

Please dance a small part as a demonstration for everyone




What in the blazes are you doing?

I-I'm sorry!

Hmmph! You need to hurry and clean the headmistress’ room

Damn. Be sure to clean the hearth!

Y-Yes, ma'am! I'll get right to it!


You know how to dance the waltz, correct?

I only know a bit, but Papa taught me while I was in India

Then, please dance for us

Yes, ma'am!

Ah, Becky!

The headmistress has asked me to step out to run an errand for her

Can you clean the room of my mistress

The room of the mistress?

Yes. I have already informed James and Molly

Se, I'm counting on you!

Y-Yes, ma'am

Sara! Sara! Sara!

Sara! Sara!

Wow! What a pretty room!

Wow! How soft!


Wow! What an adorable doll!

You danced really well

Yeah! You danced better than Lavinia!

Say, can you teach me?

Yes! Of course, Lottie


Oh my...

Sara! Sara!

Sara! Sara!

Bonaparte, can you be a bit quieter?

She must be really tired

Let her sleep for a bit, let us not wake her up

That is geed, Bonaparte


I-I'm so sorry! I fell asleep all of a sudden sitting here!

I'm so sorry!


I'm so sorry!

Ah! Wait, Becky!

Becky, you do not have to leave in such a hurry!

Please stay a bit longer

Y-You must be joking...

Have you finished your work?


Go ahead and stay for a bit

Please have a seat


You really de not need to worry about anything, Becky

It is rare that I get visitors here

Please have some sweets

Oh my... may I really sit down?

Of course! Go ahead, Becky!

Uhh... are you really not angry with me?

Of course not!

I am very happy to have visitors!

What about the headmistress?

There is nothing to worry about. I will not tell anyone

Please go ahead and have some!


Ah! This is uuumph...

I-I gulped them down

If you like them, go ahead and have some more!

Would you like to have some bonbons?

Wow! How pretty!

Uhh... your dress is really pretty

Oh, are you talking about this?

Papa helped me choose this

It is my favorite dress

I saw a princess pass through my hometown before

When I saw you, Miss, you were just like a princess

Oh my...

I never thought of myself as a princess


That is because I am a girl, just like you

Right new, I am Sara, and you are Becky

It is merely a coincidence that we were born around the same time

A coincidence?

Yes. What if I were born as you and you were born as me?

How could that be, Miss?

However, I wish I could turn into someone else and see for myself

For example... I wonder what would be like to be Cinderella

You did hear me tell the tale of Cinderella, correct?

Yes, Miss

At that time, I felt that I really was someone covered in ash

Afterwards, I cried alone

Oh my

However, Becky...

Afterwards, Cinderella became really happy

Really? I never heard such a fairy tale

How about I tell you what happened next


Cinderella worked hard in the kitchen every day...

Oh no! I have to return to the kitchen, or I'll get scolded again!

Oh my... and you finally were able to come here...

How about this?

When you are dene with your work everyday, feel free to come here!


I can continue to tell you the rest of the fairy tale

Okay! It'll be a pleasure!

Oh, wail!

Here are some sweets for you

A-Are you sure I can have this much?

®f course, Becky! Go ahead!

Thank you very much

I'll be okay

I don't care how heavy the coal-boxes are for me

I don't care how much I get yelled at in the kitchen

I can take it new. That is because I have such a nice mistress with me


Se, I'll go ahead and take this

Beeky is se unfortunate..

However, I never thought that she would become so happy

My heart feels se warm when I talked with Becky

I received news from Papa, who is overseas in India

Then, the contents of the letter gave me quite a surprise

Next time on "A Little Princess Sara!

"The Letter from India"

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As I go down the distant road, a song is sung close by

I pick the flowers by the side of the road

To where does the road lead? No one knows

As I move forward, I refuse to look behind me

Being scared originates in my garden

The sunflowers are laughing

It does not matter when I am going to see the sun

Ah it’s Mothers voice...

Ah it’s Fathers voice...

Ah, it’s talking in my ear again...

I'm am not going to be defeated!