Little Princess Sara (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Futatsu no purezento - full transcript

Within a corner of my heart blossoms

A little flower that has no name

In sad times, if you put a single red flower petal...

in the corner of your eye...

...the tears would surly disappear

Whenever I think about crying

Just making a sound makes me cry

As long as there is this flower in my heart

My strength will spring forth with a thought

Say... Sara, your papa is in India, right

Yes! That is correct!

Then... where is the diamond mountain

Oh my... are you talking about the diamonds again?

But... I want to hear about them!

We want to hear about them as well

In Papa's letter, he said that to get to them, we start out in Bombay...

..then go into the interior of the continent near a city called Hyderabad...

That region is called the Golconda region, and there is an old palace there

The diamonds are in that palace?

Of course not! Papa's diamond mines are nearby in that area

Wow! So... the entire mountain is full of diamonds, right?

Lottie... that surely cannot be the case

Could you please stop?

Why are you saying random things to your little friend?

Lottie, if that mountain is full of diamonds, everyone would become rich, correct?

However, I think that Sara is merely imagining that she is a rich girl

I was merely telling her what was in Papa's letter

Yeah! Sara's papa owns the diamond mountain!

You don't even know what diamonds are, Lavinia!

Of course I knew what diamonds are! My mamma has them back home!

They are the kind that common people would have to spend a year's salary to get them

She has several diamond rings!


However, all these diamonds are mined in Africa

The story of India having diamonds to mine

I have simply not heard of such a thing

I am not going to argue with that

However, Papa does not lie

In the letter, he writes that the mines that he has taken possession of shows promise

I believe that India does have diamonds to mine

Then, may I ask how many diamonds has he mined out of the mine?

Well... Papa did not write in the letter how many diamonds he mined

Then, your papa is just imagining to be a diamond king himself!

It is the same as you pretending to be a princess

So, you can be anyone you want... right, everyone?

So, Ermengarde... go ahead and try imagining yourself to be a princess!

Eh? Me? But, I cannot. That is because I weigh too much

Jessie! Gertrude! Did you hear that?

Ermengarde understands herself!

However, Sara has no idea who she really is

First, she is too scrawny to be a princess


What is it?

What we imagine ourselves to be is something that we hold in our hearts

It has nothing to de with our outward appearance

It is enough to be able to imagine that you are something else

That is a typical response from our class representative!

I will leave you to imagine yourself as the daughter to a diamond king

If that suits you well, then fine!

I see!

We will call you "The Diamond Princess" from here on out

Is that fine with everyone?

She is the princess of the seminary!

This seminary definitely has people here who become famous

So, "Diamond Princess", I hope that when you become a queen... will not forget us, the peasants!

Now, if you will excuse me

If you will excuse me..

Hey! Wait, Lavinia!

What is it?

Do you really hate Sara?

How could I hate her?

She only thinks that she is the daughter of a diamond king

I just cannot believe that!

Ah... is everyone here sharing secret gossip?

Yes! We are, Miss Amelia


So... Miss Amelia, we have decided to call Sara "The Diamond Princess"

Ah... "The Diamond Princess"...

I feel that calling her that would suit her as the class representative of this seminary

Ah... what a wonderful nickname!

The headmistress would definitely be most pleased with it!

Sister, did you hear?

The students have started calling Sara "The Diamond Princess"!

It is quite wonderful!

It is so wonderful that a princess is studying at our seminary!


It is fine that the students do this, but is it appropriate for you to do it as well?

B-But, Sister...

Amelia, the reason why we sisters have gotten to this point today... because we do not forget to teach them morals

We must be prudent in all our affairs

I feel that the story about the diamond mines needs to be verified to our satisfaction

Uhh... where are you going?

I am taking a trip to Solicitor Barrow's office

He is representing Ralph Crewe here in London

He would koew any news of the diamond mines

Y-Yes... Sister

So, I shall leave the rest to you

Thank you

Oh my, Miss Minchin!

I would have never thought that you would make a personal trip to my office

Is it true that Sara's father is in possession of diamond mines in India?

Oh ho! Apparently Captain Crewe has written to his daughter

Ah, yes

It is no mistake, Miss Minchin

Her father is one of the world's most preeminent owners of diamond mines

One of the world's most prominent owners

Are you telling the truth?

Of course it is

I have even invested in the Crewe diamond mines myself

Oh my...

Miss Minchin, I believe that you have doubts about diamonds coming from India

Ah, yes

Before investing, I did my own I research on diamonds

Please look at this

Oh my...

This was mined in the Golconda region of India

This diamond, called "Koh-i-Noor", is 106 carats

It is currently in possession of the British royal family

This diamond, called the "Florentine Diamond", is also from India and is 139 carats

It was purchased by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, in Italy

This one here was given to Catherine the Great of Russia

This diamond is called the "Orlov Diamond" and is 194 carats

Legends say that whoever holds this diamond is doomed to bad luck...

..and yet it is given the name of "Hope"

So, India has a reputation for famous diamonds from the Golconda region

Miss Minchin? Miss Minchin?

Is something wrong, Miss Minchin?

O-Oh no

So, this means that the young lady's father is the owner of a diamond mine?

Yes, Miss Minchin

Since you and I are associated with her, Lady Luck is smiling on us

Oh... by the way, Miss Minchin...

The young lady's birthday is fast approaching


To tell you the truth, Captain Crewe has asked me to procure a present for her

Of course, I was thinking about getting her an expensive present

Miss Minchin, could you help arrange for a grand party for her?

Yes! Of course, Mr. Barrow!

My seminary would do its best to hold a grand party for Sara

Yes! You can count on us!

Ah, thank you

Sister... how did it go?

Is the story about the diamonds true?

It is definitely true!

Oh! How wonderful!

We need to control ourselves!

But, Sister...

We can most certainly beast that besides this seminary...

..where else would a diamond princess be?


I would like to make an announcement

Sara's birthday is coming up soon

Therefore, we will have a grand birthday party in honer of The Diamond Princess

Wow! A birthday party!

So, we should all figure out what would be a good birthday present to give to Sara

Of course, as the headmistress, I will give Sara something that she wants

Sara, I would like to discuss this with you. Please come with me

Y-Yes, Headmistress


I have decided to give you a wonderful dress for a birthday present

Oh my... that is...

Oh no! You do not have to be polite about it

By the way, Sara... do you know of a good dressmaker?

Oh no. I do not know of that many stores in London...

Ah... I got it, Sister!

There is an exclusive dressmaker that I walked by...


I was not asking you. I was asking Sara


Well, there is this store that Papa and I went into once...

I see. Then we shall go there, Sara

So... let us take your carriage and we shall pay a visit

Y-Yes, Headmistress

Take this... Becky

Thank you, Grandma

Peter, do you remember the store from before where Papa and I found Emily?

Yes, I remember

Please take us there!

Yes, Mistress!


So, it is this establishment. It is quite nice

Let us go in

Ah, welcome

Ah... you are...

You came in with your father that time

Yes, sir!

Hmm... and what was the name again?

Ahh... it is Emily! The doll that used to be in our shop... how is she?

Yes, she is doing quite alright, sir!

Oh my. Emily is from this establishment

However, I feel that these greetings can be postponed for a bit

Ah... yes, Headmistress

Master, today I would like to buy her a dress for her birthday

Oh, I see

Could you pick out a good dress that would suit her?

How about this dress?

That will not do. It needs to be more splendid and expensive


Then, how about this dress?

Master, this child is the only daughter to a diamond king!

Everyone at the seminary calls her "The Diamond Princess"

Do you have something that is better suited for her?

I beg your pardon, Headmistress...

The best dress for a girl is a dress that she feels most comfortable

If you are wanting a dress that is more expensive... would have to be a dress with diamonds sewed in

Oh my!

The young lady will be wearing this dress

I believe it would be best if she chose the dress herself

So, Sara... I feel that you should choose what you like

We also need to go to a shoemaker to buy shoes

Yes, Headmistress


Damn that girl! We're so busy, so where in the blazes is she?



Oh my! What in the blazes are you doing here?

No... uhh...

Hmmph! You made me go searching all ever the place for you

You must be hiding the fact that you're slacking off on your work!

No... How could I...

There's nothing more you can say!

Now, hurry and go tidy things up!

Y-Yes, ma'am. I'm on my way

Well, Sara

I hope that you enjoyed shopping with me today

Yes, I did. Thank you very much, Headmistress

That is good

I shall wait until your birthday to give the dress and shoes to you

Yes, ma'am

Just remember to tell about this in your letters back to your father!

Will you do so?

Yes, Headmistress

Sara! Sara!

Who could have dropped this off?

Oh my! This pincushion is so adorable!

Becky... because you slacked off, everything is running behind!

I'm very sorry

Once you're done with that, scrub these pots clean!

Yes, ma'am. I'll get right to it


Becky, did you make this for me?

Yes, Miss

I knew it!

I knew instantly that it was you!

Thank you

You really didn't have to thank me!

I wanted to give you something for your birthday, Miss

Do you like it?

Of course, Becky!

Did you make this yourself?

I'm ashamed to say this, but I cut the material off of my own shawl

Eh? You cut the material off of your own shawl?

Oh no... don't worry about that!

The weather should become warmer soon

Besides, I can hide the part I cut out so you can't see it


Thank you

Thank you, Becky


I was so happy from Becky's feelings, I ended up crying

Yes... even though I was happy that Miss Minchin bought me the dress and the shoes

In comparison, Becky's present made me many times happier

The headmistress is holding a birthday party for me

However, the happiness was short-lived

Some terrible news that made me feel really sad

Next time on "A Little Princess Sara"!

"The Birthday of the Princess"

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As I go down the distant road, a song is sung close by

I pick the flowers by the side of the road

To where does the road lead? No one knows

As I move forward, I refuse to look behind me

Being scared originates in my garden

The sunflowers are laughing

It does not matter when I am going to see the sun

Ah it’s Mothers voice...

Ah it’s Fathers voice...

Ah, it’s talking in my ear again...

I'm am not going to be defeated!