Little Princess Sara (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Shinyuu Ermengarde - full transcript

Within a corner of my heart blossoms

A little flower that has no name

In sad times, if you put a single red flower petal...

in the corner of your eye...

...the tears would surly disappear

Whenever I think about crying

Just making a sound makes me cry

As long as there is this flower in my heart

My strength with spring forth with a thought

"Comment allez-vous, tante?" (How are you, Auntie?)

This means, "How are you, Auntie?"

So, who shall repeat it?

Hmm... Ermengarde?

Try reading it

"Co... comen..."

"Co... commentaux... bouss..."

It is "comment allez-vous"...


Please guide her in reading it

Yes sir

Are you ready?

"Comment allez-vous, tante?" (How are you, Auntie?)

"Comment allez-vous, tante?" (How are you, Auntie?)

"Oui, oui." (Yes, yes.)

That is good, Ermengarde

So, that will be all for today

"Au revoir, mesdemoiselles." (Farewell, misses.)

"Au revoir, Monsieur Dufarge." (Farewell, Master Dufarge.)

"Comment allez-vous, Ermengarde?" (How are you, Ermengarde?)

It is in bad taste to laugh at someone's failures

Of course it is easy for you to say that

Your mother was a Frenchwoman

Yeah! You cannot see past the end of your nose!

French is not the only subject that she finds difficult at this seminary

She finds all the other subjects difficult as well

"What is the matter with you?"

"With your inability to learn, you are a shame to this seminary."

Stop laughing!

It is in bad taste for you to laugh at someone who is not clever!

You must have a good heart to protect someone who is an embarrassment

Really! You should also... nicer to us as well!

W-What is it?

If you do not say anything, how do we know what you want to say?

What did you want to say?

Hmmph! We will see how long you can keep up that facade

Let us take our leave


Hurry up and get going!

Wait up! Oops...

Cheer up, Ermengarde!

Thank you... for what just happened

It is quite alright! do not worry about it

It is the first time I met someone like you

Ah? Why is that?

It is because I am the worst student in this seminary

That is why I am the dunce...

You must not decide that for yourself

It would be nice if I could speak French as well as you can

Mama was a Frenchwoman. I was always hearing French since I was born

You could speak it just as well if you heard it as much as I did

No, it would definitely not be the case for me

I will never be able to speak French well

It is because French has really strange words

Say... would you like to come up to my room?

You really want to show me your room?

I want to introduce you to Emily!

Who is Emily?

She is my friend!


What is wrong?

Well, we are prohibited from going up to the third floor without an appropriate reason

That is what Miss Minchin said..

It is quite alright! You are my guest!

You said that I am your guest?

Of course. We have an appropriate reason!


When I am not here, Emily is walking all around the room!

Sometimes she goes to look out the window

However, the moment I enter the room, all of a sudden she does not move any more



Maybe today would be the day that we would catch Emily walking around!

Okay... shall we enter on the count of three?

Uhh... ehh... yes

One... two... three!

My goodness, we failed again!

Emily, you returned to your chair so fast that I did not even notice!

So, Emily is your doll

Yes. She always does this

Emily is as fast as lightning!

Can she really move?

Of course! When I am not in the room, she would definitely speak with the parrot!

Sara! Sara!

Ah! It is for real!

Do you see?


So, may I hold her?

Of course!

You are already her friend!

She moved!

She really moved!

Emily must really like you

When you hold her, she feels content

She is so adorable!

It is almost like she is talking to you right now

So... would you like to come to the bedroom? It will be more relaxing there

Wow... what a pretty room!

Wow... it is really soft!

My own bed is so hard

Is it fine for me to call you "Sara"?

Of course!

I really like your name


Since my name is "Ermengarde St. John", it feels unusual

No, it is a wonderful name. I like it!

Is that your father and mother?

Yes. I always tell Emily about Papa

For example, I tell her about what Papa is doing right now

I promised Papa to talk about Emily

I talk about hew I am handling being lonely

Sara, you love your father, do you?

Yes. I love him more than anyone else in the world

My father has never bought me a doll

Oh my...

My father is a professor at an university

He is proficient in seven or eight foreign languages

He is always in his study reading a book

I think he hates me as the stupid daughter

When I first came to this seminary...

Miss Minchin, she must be made to learn

It matters not whether it is history or French

He said that even when I am at home

There are times when I think you are as stupid as your Aunt Eliza

Oh my... but what about Aunt Eliza?

Oh, she is my father's younger sister

She lives in London, and is quite forgetful

She is just like me in that regard

Ah! Oh no!

I forgot!

What is wrong?

Today is Aunt Eliza's birthday

I promised that I would see her today

What do I do? Oh my...

How about this, Ermengarde? I will take you there in my carriage

That would not work

In order to go out on your own, you need permission from the headmistress beforehand

Ah... what do I do?

I understand. How about if I made the request on your behalf?



This could be troublesome

The headmistress is out at the moment and will not be back until dusk

However, I am asking if you can do anything

If Ermengarde cannot go, she would be really sad!

Then, how about this?

If you can return before the headmistress returns at dusk, that will work

However, if you fail to return, I will be scolded by her

Thank you very much, Miss Amelia

We have received permission, Ermengarde

Ah? Really?


Is it alright, Mistress?

Please hurry, Peter!

Yes, mistress!

Let's go, Jump!

This is an outrage!

We rarely get to go out!

You are right!

It is unfair that they can do whatever they want with the carriage!

Those two girls are about to see what I am capable of doing!

It is almost a dream that I am riding in such a nice carriage

Thank you, Sara

Oh no... it is no trouble at all!

Say... what kind of a person is your Aunt Eliza?

She is really adorable. I love her very much

However, my father says that she is the black sheep in the family

Why is it?

I do not know. She enjoys horticulture


She makes plants into medicine

Ah... Oh no!


I forgot!

Did you forget something again?

I promised to give her a bouquet of flowers for her birthday

What do I do?


Yes, Mistress!

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but could you stop by at a flower shop?

Understood, Mistress

Mistress, this is London's famous marketplace, Covent Garden

However, is there a flower shop here?

Of course there is one!

Not only are there flower shops, there's butcher shops and anything else you want!

Hello, ma'am!

Ah, it's you, Peter! I heard that you have found some really good work

This is the mistress that I'm working for


Oh my! This girl is just like a princess!



She's here as a customer today!

Please hurry up and help her!

Ahh... Does this young lady want flowers

Of course!

The flowers are for someone's birthday

Please, ma’am!

Thank you, Peter

Let me see...

How is this? It's only a penny

Ah? You can't do that, ma'am! Can't you charge a halfpenny?

Peter, you're the same as always

Alright. I'll give you a discount because it's you

Thank you. In addition, I will grab one more...


Oh well. I give up

Oh my...

Ah, my aunt's house is over there

Please be careful getting out of the carriage, Mistress


Be careful, Ermengarde!

Ah! What a cute house!

Oh my! If it is Ermengarde! You took a while to get here! I almost thought that you forgot

Yes! My friend brought me here in her carriage

My name is Sara. It is nice to meet you

Oh my! I am so happy that she made such a good friend!

Please come on in!

I have been expecting you!

Oh... and who is that child?

His name is Peter!

Ah... is that so?


Uhh... did you ask for me?

Of course! You do not have to stay out here

Please come on inside!

But, my shoes are muddy...

It is quite alright if they are muddy!

Yes, ma'am!

Just clear the mud from your shoes here

Yes, ma'am

So, that does make you quite the gentleman

Ah? Were you talking about me?

So, please try this rose tea that I steeped from roses that I cultivated

Please enjoy!

Ahh... it has a nice aroma!

I am so happy!

Here is some lavender that I have preserved in sugar

I shall help myself!

Please, have some!


Oh, I forgot!

This is to celebrate your birthday

Ah, thank you, Ermengarde!

Speak in French!

"C-Comment..." (H-How...)

"Comment allez-vous, tante." (How are you, Auntie?)

Oh my! You suddenly learned to speak French!

It is all because of Sara

Thank you, Sara

I am so happy that Ermengarde has made such a good friend!

Please stay as long as you want today

Yes! Thank you very much

Afterwards, I will show you all the medicine that I made!

Auntie, you are the same as usual

They are running late. If they do not come back soon...

When I am ill, I would make my own medicine and get better

Then, what medicine would you make for Peter's mother?

Oh my... what is her ailment?

She always had heart problems

Then Christmas rose should be the best thing for that. Let me go make the medicine

That is my aunt for you

However, she is a wonderful aunt. Am I right, Peter?

Of course, Mistress!

"What is the meaning of this, Amelia?"

So, Auntie... have a good day!

Come back any time!

The next time, I will have a caraway cake!

Thank you for your generosity

Good bye! Good bye!

It is getting late! Let us hurry!

Leave it to me! Don't worry! I'll take a shortcut!

Hold on tight! I think we are Cinderella right now!

See, we are leaving the castle where the ball was held!

If we do not return by midnight, the magic would expire...

...and the carriage will turn back into a pumpkin!

So we keep going... and we make it just in time!

Come, Ermengarde

Ermengarde, come over here!

What were you thinking when you left the seminary without my permission?

Sister, it was my fault...!

I do not want to hear another word from you!

For a student like this, the only way for her to learn her lessen is through strict discipline


It was me who took Ermengarde out of the seminary

If you want to discipline someone, please discipline me


If you do that and Sara's father...

Sara, since you are defending Ermengarde, I will be lenient about this transgression

However, the next time this occurs, there will no leniency allotted. Understood?

Yes, ma'am

Thank you, Sara

However, you took that for my sake...

It is quite alright, Ermengarde

Sara... after all of this, can I be your friend?

Yes! We have been very good friends already!

I am so happy!

That night, I immediately wrote a letter for Papa in India that talked about Ermengarde

Ermengarde is a really wonderful good friend

Papa, the next time you see her, you would think so as well

Please do not cry, Lottie!

I know! I have an idea!

Shall I be your mother instead?

See? You are no longer sad!

See? You are on longer sad!

Next time on "A Little Princess Sara"!

"Lottie the Crybaby"

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As I go down the distant road, a song is sung close by

I pick the flowers by the side of the road

To where does the road lead? No one knows

As I move forward, I refuse to look behind me

Being scared originates in my garden

The sunflowers are laughing

It does not matter when I am going to see the sun

Ah it’s Mothers voice...

Ah it’s Fathers voice...

Ah, it’s talking in my ear again...

I'm am not going to be defeated!