Little Princess Sara (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Hajimete no jugyou - full transcript


Did you sleep well last night?

It is just the two of us from now on

I am a bit worried, but I will do my best

Wow! Look, Emily!

It's pretty to see the scenery covered in snow


It is time to wake up!

I am so sleepy..

I am as well..

Of course you are sleepy!

That is what you get for talking late into the night about the new student!



So what? She is just a bit prettier than normal and her father is wealthy

You are making a fuss about nothing! Hmmph

Ermengarde! Wake up!

If you are late to breakfast, Miss Minchin will scold me!

Wake up!

Y-Yes, Headmistress!


Yes? Please come in

Good morning, Mistress

Good morning, Mariette

Did you sleep well last night?

Yes, I guess I did

I have brought a pan of hot water for you to wash your face

Then, I will help you change

Thank you, Mariette

Wow! What a incredible room!

There you go. You look quite pretty in these clothes

Thank you, Mariette

Sara! Sara!

Good morning, Bonaparte

Emily would like to say "good morning” to you as well

Mistress, your hair is still in a mess

Let me brush it for you

I think we played too much

One must be dressed neatly, Emily

I am sorry to keep you waiting, Mistress

It must be hard to brush my hair. I believe it is quite tangled

Oh no, Mistress. I envy your shiny hair

She is really pretty. She is almost like a princess!

She even has a maid changing her clothing!

Even though she may be from a rich family, this is too much!

Stop it. I do not want to hear another word about her

You are late, Ermengarde!

That includes you too, Lottie!

I-I've been scolded again!

If you two keep dilly-dallying, Lavinia is going to get scolded!

How detestable! You keep causing me trouble

The two of you are a handful


Is everyone present?

Yes, Headmistress

So, Lavinia, please lead us in the morning prayer

Yes ma’am

Dear Lord in heaven, we thank You for blessing this meal

Pear Lord in heaven, we thank You for blessing this meal

Out of Your benevolence, please bless this food to the nourishment..

...of our bodies and our bodies to Your service

Please give us your blessing


Here you go

Thank you, Mariette


The spoon shall not be used to make noise

Y-Yes, Headmistress

The headmistress just scolded me earlier

She wanted you to have your meal with the other students

She said it was a rule of this seminary

Oh my. I thought everyone took their meals in their own rooms

Well, I asked the headmistress if I could personally..

..bring breakfast up to your room just for today

I felt that it would be cruel if you had to eat down with the others on your first day

Mariette, thank you for your concern

However, I will be fine

These are the rules, after all

I believe I can acclimate easily to it

If you say so, I feel a lot easier

Oh, yes. When you are done, the headmistress would like to see you in her office

I understand, Mariette

Good morning, Jump!

Good boy... the snow last night must have been cold, right?

Here, eat this!

Well, we are blessed that we are retained by such a mistress!

Therefore, we must work hard!

Listen, Emily. I am going down for my first day of study soon

So, read the book and quietly stay there

Oh my, Mistress. You talk with your doll


To tell you the truth, Emily understands what we are saying

However, I do not want everyone else to know


Sara! Sara!

See? Even the parrot speaks, correct?

If you say so, Mistress

Bonaparte, please behave and stay in the room!

So, Mariette, I am off to class

Yes! Do your best, Mistress!

She is so interesting. However, she is so pretty!

U-Umm... I am going to where the headmistress is located

P-Please, could we get along?

Please come in

What are you doing there? Please come in

Y-Yes, ma'am!

Good morning, Headmistress

Good morning. Sara. Please have a seat on the sofa while you wait

Yes, ma'am

Congratulations on your admission here

Starting from today, you will be a student at this seminary

In addition to your studies, you will also learn how to become a perfect lady

You will become accustomed to proper personal appearance and etiquette

Yes, Headmistress

Good. You must respond as clearly as you have done

Yes, Headmistress

You do not have to stand. Please have a seat

Yes, ma'am



It was your father's wish that you become a perfect lady before you return to India

Please be mindful that you observe our seminary's rules and traditions

Yes, Headmistress

You must use proper manners

Yes, Headmistress

You must obtain permission from me before leaving the seminary

Yes, Headmistress

You must not run in the hallways

Yes, Headmistress

You must not show displeasure with your food

Yes, Headmistress

This is the book that you will be using for the French class today

Please have a seat in the classroom and review it before class begins

Yes, Headmistress

Hey, is that her?

Hey, Gertrude... look at her feet

Her feet are so dainty that they are almost like the feet on a doll!

They are so not like my large legs that you like to talk about!

It is because of her shoes

A skilled shoemaker can make a shoe that makes large feet look small

That is what Mamma told me

Her hair is so beautiful! It's so straight, but it seems so soft!

You are right! My hair curls naturally, and it is a pain to do my hair every morning

That is because she has a personal maid that helps her brush her hair

Her hair is too dark

If you looked at it closer, it is not even that pretty

Ahh! Get going!

Sara, please come to the front

Yes, ma'am

Everyone, let me introduce a new friend to you

This is Sara Crewe

My name is Sara. It is a pleasure to meet you


Yes, ma'am!

Please point out the location of Bombay, India

Yes, ma'am!

Excellent. Please be seated

In order for her to get an excellent education here at this seminary..

..she took a boat all the way around the Cape of Good Hope to arrive in London

..She took a boat all the way around the Cape of Good Hope to arrive in London

Is that so, Sara?

Uhh... umm..

What is it, Sara?

Please speak clearly

Umm... I actually went through the Suez Canal and the Mediterranean Sea to get here

Well... that is irrelevant right now

I hope that everyone becomes good classmates with Sara

Yes, ma'am!

Sara, please be seated

Ah, Sara... have you perused the book for French class?

Very good. This seminary prides itself on its French curriculum

Your father was very pleased with our course of study

What is it, Sara? Do you wish to say something?

Well... umm... I never really had formal instruction in the French language

Oh my... I wondered what was wrong. You were merely worrying about that

You do not need to worry about that

In general, it is normal for a girl your age to be in that situation

In addition, you grew up overseas, so your education was different

But... uhh..

Well, you do not need to worry!

Just study hard when Master Dufarge arrives

I am confident that you would be proficient with French in a month

The most important secret for fluency in foreign languages is to practice every day

Do you understand, Sara?

Now, let me summon Master Dufarge

Please continue studying quietly

Well, there is someone here who cannot learn anything no matter how hard she tries!

Sara, let me introduce you to the dunce of our seminary

This is Ermengarde, who vexes Miss Minchin to no end with her incompetence at French

Ermengarde, it is nice to meet you

Ah... it is nice to meet you too

Now, let us all introduce ourselves!

Ah... well, I am Jessie! I am probably three years older than you are

I am Gertrude. I am also three years older than you are

It is nice to meet you

Lavina Herbert, She is The head of the class

Her Father has oil fields in America!

It is nice to meet you

Let me introduce the rest of the students

Dolcilla. Her father is a director of a coal mine

Linda. Her father is the chief engineer of a railway company

Crystal. She is from Manchester

Diana. She likes dressing up

Jennifer. She is a mischievous girl

Next is the younger children

Penelope. Her father is a physician

Jane. Her father is a manager for a factory

Susan. Her father is a soldier


Lettie, the seminary's biggest crybaby

Waah! I'm being made fun of!

Lottie, how old are you?

I’m four

Sara, when you and your father first came to this seminary, what did Miss Minchin say?


"Oh my, what a beautiful young lady”

"She appears to be very well-spoken!"


She said that to me too

She says that to every parent that she first meets

She especially says that to rich parents

Therefore, whatever she says about you being beautiful

...or well-spoken should be taken with a grain of salt

That is all I am trying to say

Everyone, take your seats!

"Bonjour, mesdemoiselles." (Hello, ladies.)

"Bonjour, monsieur." (Hello, sir.)

Ah, so who is this child?

Is she my new student for French?

Yes, Master Dufarge

However, she grew up in India, and appears to have a dislike to French

It troubles me

Ah, that is a pity, mademoiselle

You are mistaken! I do not dislike the French language

How am I mistaken?

In addition, you must stand when you address an instructor

In addition, you must stand when you address am instructor

In addition, you must stand when you address an instructor

"Professeur Dufarge..." (Professor Dufarge...)

"Ma mére est francais." (My mother is a Frenchwoman.)

"Ma langue maternelle est le francais." (French is my mother tongue.)

"Je conte vous chose livre est trop facile." (I can tell you this book is easy.)

"Me je ne l'ai pas lu.’ (I have not read it myself.)

"Ooo... oui, oui, oui, mademoiselle! (Oh... yes, yes, yes, Miss!)

Miss Minchin, you heard her just now

Miss Minchin, you heard her just now.

Miss Minchin, you heard her just now

This is what she said

"My mother is a Frenchwoman."

"I grew up learning French.’

"Therefore, the book is too easy for me."

"All the words that are in there I already know”

Oh my!

There is nothing that I can teach this student

Her pronunciation is superb

She is French

W-Why? Why did you hide this from me

I did not mean to hide this from you

I did not know the most suitable means to tell you

Hey, Gertrude! Did you see the look on Miss Minchin's face?

Silence! Silence, everyone!

S-Sara, I cannot forgive you for this!

You... have fooled me all this time!

This is a grave insult to me!

Sara! Sara!

You really did show her, did you?

Miss Minchin does not know how to speak French!

I only understood part of what you said in French!

But, I did not mean to insult the headmistress.

It is too late


She is the type of person who holds a grudge for a lifetime

She is very vindictive

Sara? Sara?

Please return to your seat

Y-Yes, sir

Now let us conduct our French class, which is Sara's "worst subject’

Sister, what is wrong?

Nothing is wrong

But the expression on your face..

Ah... are you having another headache? L-Let me get some medicine..

I said that nothing is wrong!

We need to be careful around that child!


I am talking about Sara Crewe!

She has been spoiled by her father and her servants

She is so nonchalant after hurting someone

But, I believe that Sara is a good child

Besides, Sister, you said that Sara is an important student of this seminary

I know that!

However, I swear I will break that child into humility! I will personally see to it!



Did I really insult Miss Minchin?

I wanted her to understand, so I replied in French

In my new classroom, I am studying together with a lot of students..

It is very difficult to find someone honest with their feelings

Then, all of a sudden..

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"Ermengarde the Good Friend”

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As I go down the distant road, a song is sung close by

I pick the flowers by the side of the road

To where does the road lead? No one knows

As I move forward, I refuse to look behind me

Being scared originates in my garden

The sunflowers are laughing

It does not matter when I am going to see the sun

Ah it’s Mothers voice...

Ah it’s Fathers voice...

Ah, it’s talking in my ear again...

I am not going to be defeated!