Little Princess Sara (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Emily ningyou - full transcript

Within a corner of my heart blossoms

A little flower that has no name

In sad times, if you put a single red flower petal

in the corner of your eye...

..the tears would surly disappear

Whenever I think about crying

Just making a sound makes me cry

As long as there is this flower in my heart

My strength will spring forth with a thought

The morning of the day that Papa is to return to India

I asked him to take me to St Paul's Cathedral

The time that I have left with Papa grows short

To prevent myself from being overcome with sadness, I continually talk to Papa

Papa, I pray to Mama up in heaven that we can quickly find Emily!

Oh, so you were asking about your doll, Emily?

I feel that we will definitely find her!

I understand, Sara

Let us go find Emily again

I am so happy!


Yes, Mistress!

Papa and I will be going out for a little stroll Can you hold the carriage here?

Say, Papa


Emily would be indistinguishable from a real girl


When I would talk to her, she would look at me and listen quietly

She would be such a clever child!

Well, look! Normal dolls seem like they are not listening when you speak to them

Emily would not be like that

Let us continue searching

How about here? Maybe we will find Emily here

Well, Papa Emily has shoulder-length hair that is flaxen and soft

She would have flowers adorning her hat It would almost be like looking at a garden!

Her eyes would be grayish-blue

She would always be staring at me in my dreams!

You see, Papa I was sad to leave because I had to say goodbye to my friends in India

Are good friends supposed to be together forever?

Therefore, I would like to be friends with Emily forever

I believe that Emily would make me her best friend

I see

I believe we will be able to find Emily here

Even though all the dolls here are pretty, they are not quite Emily

Sara, look ever there There is a really pretty doll over there

Maybe she is Emily?


Emily's mouth would always be slightly open as if she were talking

That doll is not Emily

Oh my!


Look at this Maybe this is Emily!

Papa, how annoying! Did you hear a word that I was saying?

She is not Emily

However, I thought she looked like Emily

But, Papa her hair is in braids and her eye color is wrong

Hmm I reckon she is not Emily

Jump! Here you go!

This is quite troublesome, Sara

We have searched all ever for Emily, and so far

Papa, I have no doubt that Emily is here in London

That is because she has promised to wait for me here!

She promised?


When when I made the decision in my heart to stay in London for my education

In my heart, Emily and I premised that the two of us would meet here in London

That was the promise that I made with Emily

Therefore therefore

No matter what, we must find Emily!

These poor dolls

Sara, Emily was definitely not in there

If Emily was in there, without a stitch of clothing, I would


What is it?

It is Emily!

I found Emily!

Papa, look! This is Emily!

Emily was here waiting for us all along

When I glanced at her, I knew that it was Emily!

See? Emily recognizes me!

Hmm so this is Emily

Let me inquire about her

Hmm this might be difficult

We are a dressmaker's shop

That doll is used as a means of showing our products

I understand that the doll is not for sale

However, she really wants her no matter what

Please! Money is no object and I will pay any price

I am shocked at this!

Talking about an amount of money is futile Can you not see?

I have no intention of selling it

Please return from whence you came

The doll is not for sale

Please understand



My name is Sara

I am here from India to be a parlor boarder in a seminary

My father will be returning to India today

Therefore, I would like to be together with my friend, Emily


It is that doll ever there

Emily and I will get along quite splendidly

I am going to become her mother!

She has already chosen the doll's name

I understand, young lady

If you like her so much, I have no reason to turn you down

However, I am determined to give the doll to this young lady as a gift

Well, young lady, you have a good eye for these things!

This French Jumeau doll was left behind here It is rare to find one of such craftsmanship

Let me put her into a box

You must not do that!

If you put her in the box, Emily will asphyxiate!

Ah you are correct in that case

Then, let me put Emily in your hands, young lady

Thank you very much, sir

However, Emily will be cold just wearing what she has on

I would like to find a change of clothing for her

You do not have to worry about that

I will make her so much fashionable clothing

I will make her outdoor hats and coats!

I will make her velvet clothing and lace underclothing!

Also, I have handmade shoes!

no matter what you want, we specialize in making them!

Ah! I am glad!

Ah, sir so I shall put you in the care of the clothing?

Of course I would be honored

It is snowing!

Sara, I believe it is the first time you have seen snow, correct?

Yes, Papa!

Look, Emily!

It is snowing! This is snow!

It is the new student from India!



How vulgar! Peeking is not proper conduct for a lady!

Yes, ma'am

The clothing that she has surprised me!

She has a French-made petticoat and Valenciennes lace on her underclothing

She also has Swiss embroidered handkerchiefs and stockings!

She has a dozen of each!

I would have been happy with just one! How does she get to buy them


I would like to inquire of your impression of the girl

Yes! I believe she is a good girl

She is pretty and honest almost like a princess

She has grown up with her father constantly spoiling her

This kind of a spoiled child is the least tractable to instruction

She would likely be expressing her own opinions in a rude way

This kind of socially sheltered girl is not a suitable parlor boarder at our seminary

However, I am happy that this girl is studying at our seminary

With her arrival, the seminary's future and reputation is all but assured

Amelia, we must treat this child especially well

As Solicitor Barrow has mentioned before, the father loves his daughter very much

If her father finds out from her letters that she despises this seminary

...he will undoubtedly place her in another seminary

I will not permit this to happen

Do you understand, Amelia?

Yes, Headmistress

Ah, they appear to have returned

Please receive them

Yes, Headmistress

As you may see, everything is in place

Thank you for all your efforts

All the clothing that we were unable to hang in the wardrobes are in the trunks

Thank you

Headmistress, may I have some time alone with Sara before I depart?

Of course, if that is what you want

Sara, be sure to say all your farewells to your father

If you will excuse me

So, please feel comfortable


Is there anything else you would like to ask of me?

Sara! Sara!

Sara, I have said everything that I wanted to say from my heart

Papa, I will write you a letter every week


Hmm I will write about the seminary, and all the new friends I will make!

Then, of course I will also write about Emily!

Then, of course I will also write about Emily

Then I will write to you twice a week

I will write about what is happening in India and my work

I will also write about when I see you in my dreams, Sara

Sara, please remember me when I am not with you

I will remember you always

Do you remember?

This was when your mother was so happy We were at our villa in Kashmir

Sara, I have to go


I I I will stay here

That is because I do not want to cry in your presence, Papa

I understand

I will also leave quietly

Farewell, Sara

Be happy, and study hard!



Your father is about to leave

The headmistress would like you to see him off

Please take me to the harbor

Y-Yes, sir!



Is something wrong with Sara?

She did not come to see her father off

Mariette said that she kept on calling, but get no answer

She did not even hear her cry!

This is actually good


When someone is spoiled, they always cause a scene by crying and screaming

This certainly has helped


I could not hold my tears in any longer

Only Mama, who is in heaven, and Emily know that

After parting with my father, I woke up the next morning alone

This is my first day or class

There, something happened that caused my fortunes to drastically change

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As I go down the distant road, a song is sung close by

I pick the flowers by the side of the road

To where does the road lead? No one knows

As I move forward, I refuse to look behind me

Being scared originates in my garden

The sunflowers are laughing

It does not matter when I am going to see the sun

Ah it’s Mothers voice

Ah it’s Fathers voice

Ah, it’s talking in my ear again

I am not going to be defeated!