Little Princess Sara (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Minchin joshi gakuin - full transcript

Miss Minchin...

This young lady grew up in India and is accustomed to living like a princess

Please take especially good care of her

Please do not worry, Solicitor Barrow

Up to now, my seminary has educated many young ladies of high social standing

Their parents have always written letters thanking us

This seminary was highly recommended. I am relieved to leave her in your care

In addition to all the previous requests so far

...there is another request that I would like to discuss

If it is within our power to do it, we can do it

Can you accommodate a personal carriage for this young lady?

Ah... A personal carriage?

Yes. She would need her own personal carriage

I have heard of wealthy people in India

However, this is the first time I have heard of a father...

..providing their children with their own carriage

Of course, we can accommodate the carriage

I will then proceed in procuring one

May I go up and see the young lady's room

We had it ready for your inspection today

Ah, I see

Amelia, is the bedroom ready?

Yes, Sister

May I go in?

This is her personal maid

Very good. This maid appears to be quite proper

Ah, that is unacceptable

What if the painting falls on the young lady's head while she is sleeping?

It will need to be moved. Paintings of flowers would be better suited for the young lady


Yes, Sister. I will immediately replace them

This bed...

It appears to be a bit too coarse for the young lady to sleep in

Yes, I will have it replaced...

Amelia! Yes, I will have it replaced...

Oh, do not worry. I will handle the expenses and the hired help

The father of this “princess” is a wealthy person in India

He only wants the best for his only daughter

May I ask where is the young lady and her father?

They arrived from India by ship three days ago

They are currently staying in the royal suite at the Savoy

The Savoy?

Sister, many members of royalty have stayed in that hotel!

Every day, Johann Strauss is conducting the orchestra there!

It's currently one of London's famous...

I know that!

Sara... you were out here

The weather outside is rather chilly. Be careful not to catch a cold!

Now, let us get ready

How warm!

It would be perfect if you were used to the cold

Yes, Papa

Sara! Sara!

That would be Big Ben, the clock tower

How nice!

I read about it in a book. It sounds exactly how I imagined it!

That would be Westminster Abbey, correct

Sara, you know London very well from your books

I'm very sorry! If there's anything you need, please call on me, Headmistress!

Where is James?

James! James!

Now you're here!

Ah! so... Headmistress, what do you want?

We have a new student arriving today

She is of special importance!

The two of you need to be especially careful

You will need to treat her better than the other parlor boarders

If she does not react well to your food, you will be dismissed, James!

Ah, yes

Well, we are here, Sara

"La mére..." (The mother...)

"Chez soi..." (His house...)

"Bonjour..." (Hello...)

Papa, is it okay for me to knock on the door?

That is a good idea

This will be your seminary. Go ahead

You are Captain Crewe's daughter, correct?

We have been expecting you

Come on in

Come this way

Let me introduce myself. I am Amelia, the headmistress’ younger sister

I teach here at this seminary

It is nice to meet you

I will now summon the headmistress. Please wait a moment

Sara, that teacher seems kind, does she?

Yes, Papa

Well... what kind of a person do you think is the headmistress?

I do not know. We will know when we meet her

She must wear glasses!


In addition, she is tall, but she seems a bit scary

Ah. Why do you think so?

That is because Lady Meredith said so

I think every perfect teacher would be like that

Now, Sara... remember your manners when you greet her

Yes, of course!

I apologize for keeping you waiting

I am Miss Minchin, the headmistress of this seminary

It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Ralph Crewe

Hello, Headmistress. I am Sara Crewe

It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance

What a beautiful young lady!

It appears she is very well-spoken

It would be a great privilege to have her study here

I apologize for making so many unreasonable requests

I would like to thank you from the better of my heart

That is quite alright

As I understand it, it was hard for you since you had to do so due to circumstances

Ah... well, her mother passed away when she was four years old

Yes. I believe I know that already

I feel I am going to make her feel lonely again

However, I believe she would be happier studying in London...

...with good teachers instead of being in India

Yes, that is true. Parents always seek out for the happiness of their children

We have parents send students to this seminary from as far away as America

We are confident that we have a good course of study here

That is great, Sara

Ah... yes, Papa

Let me now show you the classroom and the living quarters. Please follow me

"Le pére..." (The father...)

"La fille..." (The girl...)

"Trés bien." (Very good.)

"Encore une fois.” (Repeat one more time.)

"Le pére..." (The father...)

"La fille..." (The girl...)

"Oui?" (Yes?)

"Men frére..." (My brother...)

In our seminary, we pride ourselves on our French curriculum

I see

If you will excuse me

Come with me

"Le pére..." (The father...)

"Men frére..." (My brother...)

"La fille..." (The girl...)

These are the students’ rooms

However, her room will be on the third floor. It has been specially prepared

Come this way

This room is my personal room

The room across from mine will be her room

That way, I can watch her better if I'm closer to her

I see

This is your room, Sara

Come in. It is this room

Oh my!

The two rooms are connected. The bedroom is over there

Please come this way

This is your personal maid, Mariette

I'm Mariette. I'm pleased to make your acquaintance

It is certainly an honor


It is a pleasure to meet you

Mariette, is the room ready?

Yes, Headmistress!

Ah, very good

This room seems to be neat and orderly

I am happy that you are satisfied with our arrangements

However, as a girl's bedroom, I think it is missing something

Oh, pardon my rudeness

I merely feel that the furniture here is insufficient

Oh my... does she have that many possessions and clothing?

Since India has a hot climate, she is not acclimated to the colder climate here

I will be purchasing more clothing here in London

Is it possible to have maybe two or three more wardrobes in here?

Yes, that is quite possible

In addition, she would need a large bookcase

If you are talking about books, we do have a library here

Well, it is like this. She loves reading books, so we brought a let of books with us

She is a veritable bookworm

Since she was little, every time a now books is available, she has to read it

In addition, the books she reads are what adults read, such as history books and poetry

However, Headmistress... if she becomes too engrossed in her books...

..please encourage her to take her pony out to Hyde Park

You could also take her out to purchase a doll as well

I believe that a girl her age would be better playing with dolls more


Hmm? What is it, Sara?

I just want Emily! You know that, right

Oh... who is Emily?

To tell you the truth, we are searching for a doll that we are going to purchase

Ah! She already chose a name for the doll

Yes. She has been thinking about having such a friend for some time now

It seems that she has a fertile imagination

I know. I often cannot even keep up with her fertile imagination

May I ask about the pony and the carriage

Ah... I believe it should be almost here

Solicitor Barrew said he looked all over London to find a cute pony

Thank you

Sara, have you chosen a name for your pony

Yes, Papa. His name will be “Jump”!

Ah. “Jump” it is

I see now

Ah... oh my...

Sister, the pony and the carriage have arrived

I see. Let us now go and take a look


What is it, Amelia?

The carriage driver we requested could not come all of a sudden

A child has come in his place

W-What did you say?

It's Jump!

Papa, Jump is here!

What is going on here?

Why is your father not here?

Well, my father is injured and unable to move

Therefore... if it is possible, I would like to do this in my father's place

What are you talking about?

My father... would like to request that

How could that be possible?

The important young lady's personal pony and carriage is to be driven by a child?

Your father must be irresponsible!

I'm sorry

However, if I don't get this work, my father... and my mother is ill...

Please think about it. What would happen if the young lady had an incident?

Now, return home. I will find someone to replace you



It will definitely be fine!

My Jump is so cute and well-behaved!

Captain Crewe, we cannot have a child be the carriage driver

Miss Minchin, thank you for your concern for my daughter

However, may I speak with the young man for a moment?

Yes, go ahead

Please try to talk some sense into the young man

so, what is your name?

Uhh... my name is Peter

Peter, is it? What a wonderful name

However, Peter... you are aware that Miss Minchin's concerns are legitimate

Do you understand that?

Do you take care of this pony by yourself

how are you as a carriage driver?

My father taught me, and I am constantly practicing

Papa, this definitely will work!

He was able to ride the carriage over here

Yes! I can match up with the best carriage drivers!

Miss Minchin!

Based on my daughter's feelings, I would like to utilize this young man

Well... your daughter certainly has a generous soul

Thank you, Papa!

Miss Minchin, I am happy that you could accommodate all my requests

I will be able to return to India without any worries

Thank you very much

Yay! We'll get to work together!

Here we go!

So, how was it, Sara?

do you like the seminary?

I will study hard!

When I return to India, I will be able to take Mama's place at your side.. your evening parties and become the perfect companion for you!

Thank you, Sara

I am happy to hear that from you

Sara, you are a strong child

You will definitely do your best

Yes, Papa!

For the sake of not allowing Papa to worry about me when I am far away from India

...I have to suppress my own feelings of loneliness

Papa and I will only be together up until tomorrow

We are looking for my friend, Emily

During the time before he departs, my father and I went all over chilly London

The time that we meet is fast approaching

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“Emily the Doll”