Little Princess Sara (1985–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Nakimushi Lottie - full transcript

Within a corner of my heart blossoms

A little flower that has no name

In sad times, if you put a single red flower petal

in the corner of your eye...

...the tears would surly disappear

Whenever I think about crying

Just making a sound makes me cry

As long as there is this flower in my heart

My strength with spring forth with a thought

Wow! What a pretty coat!

Let me touch it!

Wow! It is so soft!

Hey, what kind of fur is it?

It seems expensive!

I want one too!

Everyone needs to get in line!

I am going to get scolded if you do not get in line!

I cannot stand this!


What are you doing, Lottie! Hurry up and get in line!

But, I'm still sleepy!

Quit being so sluggish!

Please stop, Lavinia!


Are you alright, Lottie?


Everything is fine. Are you hurt?

It hurts!

Lavinia! It is cruel to pick on a little child like that!

Sara, are you trying to take your anger out en my words?

But, Lottie is only four years old!

It does not matter what I say even she is four years old

She will be five years old next year! She will be six years old the year after that!

Sixteen years later, she will be twenty years old!

Well, your arithmetic is quite good

I am confident that Lottie would become a good girl with proper treatment now

That is not my concern

I would like you to remember something

The headmistress has authorized me to deal with sluggards like her

Yes! Do not forget that Lavinia is the class representative of this seminary!

You dare talk back against her? How cheeky!

Ah! It is the headmistress!

Hurry and line up!

Lavinia, is everyone present?

Yes, Headmistress

Then, let us head out

Yes, Headmistress

So, let us head out, everyone!

Do not dilly-dally! Understood, Lottie?

Would you look at that! They are the students of Miss Minchin's Seminary for Young Ladies!

All of them are so well-bred!

It certainly is representative of a well-known girls’ seminary!

Ah! Look at that young lady!

She is so adorable and dignified!

Really! Maybe she is a princess of some kingdom?

Good morning! May I have a glass of hot water?

Wow! This smells good!

Hey! What is for lunch today?

It's the potatoes that is in front of you!

We're not talking about me! I'm talking about what my mistress, Sara, is eating

Scotch lamb broth and kidney pie

Wow! That seems like wonderful cooking

Since Sara arrived here, we have to be especially careful about our cooking

These were the headmistress’ orders

I see...

Hey? What in the blazes are you doing?

Uhh... well, I'm tasting the meal for my mistress...

Why you little...

Damn you!

Ah! Your cooking is burning!


You little...!

So, everyone... please wash your hands before mealtime

Yay! Let us hurry!

So, let's get moving!

Let us hurry! Let us make haste!


Sit up straight. You should not be hunched over the table while you eat



The knife and fork must not be used as toys!


What do you mean by "but"?

But, I don't want to eat

What did you say?

Oh my. This child is trying to get her way again through crying

Fine. If you do not want to eat, then I can deny you your meal

A useless child like you may leave right now



Nothing but a strict punishment would be suitable here

Now, leave immediately!

I want to go home!


It is probably best that you hear this now

Just now...

What did you say about Lottie?

Yes. She said something about returning home


Ah... yes!

I knew it. Lottie is somewhere outside

Let us split up and search for her

Ah... understood

What are you all doing here?

Go back to where you were!


Allow me to assist you in searching for Lottie

What did you say?

I am worried about Lottie. That is why I want to help search for her

I see. You do have a carriage after all


You may go. However, you must return in an hour

Yes, Headmistress!


Hey, Mistress!

Peter! It is bad! Lottie has gone missing!

What did you say?

Let us take the carriage and look for her

Understood, Mistress


Over there!

Whoa! Whoa there!



Peter, please head to the railway station!

Understood, Mistress

Uhh... have you seen a four-year-old girl come here?

A girl, you say?

Yes, her name is... ehh... uhh..

Her name is Lottie

Well, I have been standing here the whole time

I haven't seen a little girl

A girl that young cannot go far on foot

However, we looked everywhere and we cannot even find her

I am very sorry

I believe that her father is in Portsmouth

Could it be that she boarded a railway train

Ah! It is Sara!


Thank you, Peter



Ah! Mistress!

Watch out!


Come. Everyone is worried about you. Let us return to the seminary

Please, Lottie?

No! I don't want to go back!

I want to go home!

In any case, we need to get you warmed up back in the Seminary

So, you were hiding here all along!

You are so troublesome!



Ah, Lottie... why are you crying like this?

But... but... but...

I haven't got any mamma!

I haven't got any mamma!

I haven't got any mamma!

Lottie, please stop crying! Be a good girl and step crying!

But, I'm not a good girl!

I haven't got any mamma!

Ah... this is disgraceful. How did I get this child?

Amelia, this child merits the ferule

But, Sister...

Is that so? Then, I will leave this child as your responsibility



What are you doing here?

May I... have a word with Lottie?

What did you say?

I... would like to be friends with Lottie

Oh my... I do not understand why you want to make friends with someone...

..who is irritable, sluggish, and a crybaby!

Please grant my request

That is if you can do it...

Well, you are quite intelligent... let us see if you are able to do it

Lottie, please stop crying...

Do not cause me trouble!


So, Lottie... let me...

Stop immediately!

No! The teacher is picking on me!


Please stop this!

Miss Amelia...


Uhh... the headmistress has allowed me to see if I can pacify Lottie

Oh my... can you do it?

I do not knew if I can

However, I must try

I see. This is the first time this has happened...

She might not listen to anything you say

I am counting on you!

It hurts! It hurts!

I haven't got any mamma!

Lottie, I have no Mama either


Do you really not have a mamma, Sara?

Yes. When I was four, Mama went to heaven


Heaven is where Mama is watching ever me

Because of that, she knows what I am doing

And my mamma?

Your mamma is the same way

She is definitely protecting you from heaven

Sara, do you remember your mamma?

Yes, I remember

What kind of mamma was she?

Mama was kind and wonderful

Say, would you like to come to my room? I can shew you what she looks like

Ah! I'm so happy!

Let us go up together


Shhh! They are coming!

So, here we are. Please come in!

Seo, here we are. Please come in!

Wow! It's a great room!

Here. This is my Mama


What is wrong, Lottie?

But... but... I don't remember my mamma

I don't even have a photograph!

How about this, Lottie?

While I am here at this seminary, I shall be your mamma

You're going to be my mamma, Sara?

Yes, I am


Yay! I'm so happy!

Ah! A doll!

She is Emily

I am Emily's mother

Eh? Are you the dolls mamma?

Yes, I am

Therefore, you are a big sister, Lottie

I'm a big sister! Say... may I held her?

Yes, of course! Emily would be happy!

I am Emily! Nice to meet you, Big Sister Lottie

How cute!

Sara! Sara!

Sara! Sara!

So tonight, you will sleep with Mamma

However, starting from tomorrow you will need to sleep en your own

Yeah! I won't cry any more!

I have Sara-mamma

That is correct, Lottie

Lottie is a really honest child

However, Papa would definitely be surprised that I have a four-year-old daughter

Either that, or he would be laughing about it

Another girl, Becky, arrives at Miss Minchin's seminary

However, in my excitement, trouble from another quarter appears

Next time on "A Little Princess Sara!”

"Becky, Covered in Ash"

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As I go down the distant road, a song is sung close by

I pick the flowers by the side of the road

To where does the road lead? No one knows

As I move forward, I refuse to look behind me

Being scared originates in my garden

The sunflowers are laughing

It does not matter when I am going to see the sun

Ah it’s Mothers voice...

Ah it’s Fathers voice...

Ah, it’s talking in my ear again...

I am not going to be defeated!