Life (2007–2009): Season 2, Episode 4 - Not for Nothing - full transcript

Crews and Reese investigate the murder of a university student who was killed during a social science experiment. In the sociology study, 20 students are divided into two groups, prison guards and prisoners and they are to play their roles for 5 days. In the closed environment of the simulated prison, it is evident that the killer is one of the students. What they learn however is that the professor in charge of the study hasn't quite followed the protocol for this type of experiment. Charlie also learns that the professor has been looking into his own background as well. As for his own investigation, Charlie focuses on a close-knit group of five police officers.

CREWS: Previously on Life.

I'd like your permission
to sleep with Jennifer.

You wanna sleep
with my wife?

No, I wanna sleep
with my wife. Ex-wife.

You asked
my husband permission
to have sex with me?

MAN: They want me
to tell you, Jack.
You go back a long way,

but not for nothing...

MAN: They want me
to tell you, Jack.
You go back a long way,

but not for nothing,

there was six,
there is five,

there could just
as easily be four.

That sounds
like a...

Wire tap.

A legal wire tap?

A not legal wire tap.

A not legal
wire tap on...

Oh, a not legal
wire tap on
Jack Reese.

They want me to
tell you, Jack.
You go back...

That's not Jack
Reese's voice,
though. Who is that?

...not for nothing...

You don't know. Okay.

...back a long way,
but not for nothing,

there was six,
there is five,

there could just
as easily be four.

It was six, it is five,
but it could just
as easily be four.

What does that mean?

You're trying to
figure that out.

Okay, I'm just gonna
listen now. Just...
I'm just listening.

MAN: They want me
to tell you, Jack.

You go back a long way,

but not for nothing...
Oh, it's your phone.

...there was six...
It's your phone,

...there is five...
You gonna get that?

...there could just
as easily be four.
You want me to get it?

I'm gonna
get it.

They want me
to tell you, Jack.

You go back a long way,

but not for nothing...

...there was six,
there is five...

...there could just
as easily be four.

That was your partner.
She says there's
a dead guy.

She wants to know
if you'd like to
catch who killed him.

All the prisoners
and guards are
accounted for.

No one is missing.

So the killer
is still here.

Can we just
go home?

Kind of freaky-deaky,
huh, Charlie?


Oh, yeah.
Kind of freaky-deaky.

Hey, you know what
this reminds me of?

Would that
be a prison?

No, but... Yeah.
'Cause of the cells
and everything.

But what it really
reminds me of

is a horror movie,
you know?

You know, like maybe
that one with the
haunted spaceship?

(LAUGHING) Where that
freaking gooey head pops
right out of her...


Yeah, Charlie?

Murder weapon?
Havert found it yet.

I'm back looking
for it.

gooey head"?

He was just asking
if I was okay.

And I am.

It's a crime scene.

And we are

Then let us detect.


You have to let
me in. You don't

You have to
let me in!

Warders here.

Is Ryan really dead?


I saw him,
but I thought
it can't be true.

How did you
see him?

From my home computer.
I was on a break.

I saw Ryan.
Even on the computer,

I could see all the blood.

His throat had
been slashed.

With what?

We haven't
found the
murder weapon.

No sharp objects
were allowed.

Nothing that could be
used as a weapon.

I was very careful.

This has never
happened before.

You've done
this before?
A few times, yes.

Others do it,
as well. There's a
standard protocol.



The prison

You've read about it.

Something like that.

I recruited
20 students.

I didn't know them.
They didn't know
each other.

I randomly assigned them
roles of inmates and guards.

Ryan Sagel
was a guard.

You said you
were observing?

How did you not
see the murder?

There were built-in blackouts.
No more than 60 seconds.

After a blackout,
the lights came on.


And I saw Ryan
holding his throat.

But something was
different this time,
wasrt it, Professor?

Something happened
down there

in that blackout
to those kids.

Someone died,

I'd like to go down
there now, to see it.

Would that be okay?

Sure. We'll take
you down there.

You know what this
reminds me of?

CREWS: Let's get
some sunlight in here.

Anything on the
murder weapon?

Well, see,
we're a little
light today.

And there's
only four of us

and two gotta stay
in the hall with
the kids here.

Which only leaves
two to perform
the search.

Well, we don't
have that
much time.

Well, we could put
the kids in a cell.

Or not.
Detectives' choice.

What is this?

BOBBY: It's a
piano crate.

We searched it,
no weapon.
Also, no piano.

They didn't need
the piano, Bobby,
just the crate it came in.

They must've used
it for solitary.

Yeah, I guess.
Modern education
and all,

but when I was at
community college,

we made due
with beer bongs.

Where's Halliday?

Step away from
that computer, Professor.

Something happened
down here.

I have to find
out what it was.

This is not an
experiment anymore,

This is a crime
scene now.

And everything
on that computer,

that's part of the
crime scene, too.

There were eight
cameras. Thousands
of hours of footage.

I can be a help
going over it.

All right, I'm gonna
call the station,

and get the geeks
out here.

Sit down, please.

Why don't you quit
acting stupid, man?

Put it on your head.
All right, sure.

PRISONER: It's the real
prison experience, right?

Ladies and gentlemen,
we're gonna try

to get you out of here
as soon as possible.

But, for the meantime,

we do have an
to conduct.

So you're all
just gonna have
to stay put.

Is that the law?

Yeah, it's the law.

Hell, yes!
Very well said, milady.
Excellent speech.

PERRY: Who wants to
go home, anyway?

You ready?
Ready, ready.

Had a little chat
with the dean.

They're all lawyered up.

In two hours,
this thing's over.

It was a locked basement,

so whoever killed
Ryan Sagel is still here.

You got two hours
with those kids.

After that, they get
legal representation
and counseling,

killer or no.
Make sure it's not no.

To wit, find
the murder weapon.

It's a locked basement.
It's gotta be there.

We could use some more
uniforms to help out
with the search.

And a few bodies from
tech support, too.

We got three, count them,
three parades today.

Little Ethiopia,
Armenia, and Osaka.
I got no one.

And how's your day going,
Captain Tidwell?

TIDWELL: Well, thanks for
asking, Detective.

As we speak, I got an off-duty
North Hollywood detective

being brought in for
discharging his weapon

in a bar down the block.

And here's the kicker.
I think he's crying.

Abby. I need Abby!

Is that his pistole?
Secure it.
Call his partner.

on the way.

Just want my Abby.

Who's Abby?

My wife.
Leaving me.

That's the first time
I've said it out loud.

Wife number?

One. And only.

I just want her back.

I got this, guys.

Yeah, the first one's
the toughest.

That's the one that
usually leaves you.

I'll show you something.






Number three usually
has a name like that.

Amber, Jasmine,
Jade. You'll see.

Point is,
all magnificent women.

Insane, soul-crushing,
magnificent women.

I just want my Abby.
I just want her back.

Of course you do.
But she's your
first wife.

First wives are
like chicken pox.

You gotta go through them
when you're young.

If you wait till
you're older,
you wind up sterile.

Excuse me.

Are you Weepy's

Yeah, I'm
the partner.

Do I know you?

You don't.

Can we talk?



I just got someone
to come down
about the video.

Tidwell said
he had no one.

No, I know a guy.

You know a guy?

A guy who knows
computers and prisons.

What are the odds?

Oh, that felon that lives
in your garage.

Ted is on parole,
and he lives in a room
above the garage.

And if he comes down here,
don't bring that stuff up.

He's very sensitive
about it.

Well, I do pretty darn well
with the ladies.

In Liberty City.

Grand Theft Auto?

I'm a chem major.

Been a big
five days.

It seems longer.

Chem major?

Yes, sir.

Then how come
you signed up for
a psych experiment?

Money. $83 a day.

What were your dealings
with Ryan Sagel?

You mean with Destro?

That's what we
called him, "Destro."

Okay, well,
what were
your dealings

with Correctional
Officer Destro?

He did his thing,
and I did mine.

He was a CO.
You were an inmate.

And if you called him
Destro, then
he must've been...

Must've been,
what? Brutal?

Like I said,
he did his thing.

How do you feel about
him being murdered, Will?

To be honest,
I have no feelings about it
one way or the other.


Man, it's pretty
messed up, huh?

There's not gonna
be a test, right?

It's just hanging out
down there for five days,
no books?

Hey, I'm still getting credit
for this, though, right?

I'm a poetry major.

When I fill in the
occupation line on forms,
I write "poet."

But, I don't know.

I feel like other
people should say

whether I'm a poet
or not, you know?

Not me.

You were a guard
down here?

A Correctional

But you were
a poetry major
up there, Tate.

Destro kick you around
because you were a poet?

What, are you kidding, dude?

Destro was my brother.

I'd like you to
take it easy, there.

Well, you know
what, sweetie?

I would like you to
show my boy, Destro,

the respect he deserves
and find his killer.

Exactly what
kind of poetry

are you majoring
in there, Tate?

You in the same
frat as Destro?

I was a pledge.

And it's "fraternity."
Whole word.

You wouldn't call
your country...

Halliday said
that subjects

didn't know each
other before
the experiment.

You lied to me,
didn't you?

You corrupted this?
You did this?

Did you do
this, Tate?

Let me make it
simple for you.

You're cops, we're
correctional officers. Us.

One of those pieces
of garbage out there
killed my boy, D.

Them. There's us
and there's them.

You did this!
It was you!

Okay, you need
to both lower
your voices, now...

There's us
and there is them!

Lower your
voice. Now.

There's us
and there is them!

REESE: Crews!



This is how it starts.
How what starts?

STUDENTS: Halliday!
Halliday! Halliday!
Halliday! Halliday!

Step away from the
door, Professor.

Don't open the door.

I'm not asking you
again, Professor.


Got him?
Yeah, I got him.

BOBBY: Calm down!

Stay calm. Back up!
Calm down! Calm down!

Prison break?

Yeah, I think
we lost one.

These kids sure do
learn fast.

BOBBY: Now, go.

Get. Move.
Move it.

Get in there. Get.
I'm not telling you twice.

No fun being
the warden,
huh, Warden?

It's Professor.


They just threw
this at me.

I don't even know
what it is, but they
threw it at me.


Oh, please don't...

Do that.



engineered to
have no flavor.

Prison system uses it
to punish people

who had everything else
taken away from them.

Deprives them
of flavor.

Get these kids some pizza.
And some fruit.

You want me to
go and get it?

I'm on it, Charlie.

Maybe we should get
some buffalo wings
too, huh? Spicy?

You have one escapee.
Janis, an inmate.

All right, contact
campus security.

Get text alerts
with her description

sent out to
the student body.

Wherever she's going,
she's not going far with
everyone looking for her.

We have the killer
right here. Tate.

He lied. He's got
serious issues.

Something must've happened
between him and Ryan.

I'd like to
question him.

Oh, that's not gonna happen.

Bobby, keep an eye on Tate.
You're the warden now.

With a murder weapon,
prisoners are good
at hiding things.

Yeah, well, some of them
are guards, Charlie.

No, they aren't.

I believe in can'toons,
French fries,

kissing my boyfriend,

random acts of
kindness, kittens,

and the films of
Mr. Adam Sandler.

And you haven't
seen Janis?

Not for five
glorious days.

What did she do?
Are you here to, like,
give her an award?

Yeah, something
like that.

She likes the moose.

She is the moose.

Does all the games.

I forgot to put
"no collegiate
costume mascots"

on my roommate
info sheet.

So now I live with
Mitchtopher Moose.

"B.W." New boyfriend?

I don't pay attention.

It's kind of like Hello Kitty
ate the Disney Channel

and threw it up onto
that side of the room.

Janis use e-mail?

No, she rocks the telegraph,
There Will Be Blood style.

Um, don't you need
a warrant for that?

Oops. Bad balance.
Inner ear thing.

Ben Wise. Ben Wise.

Do you know where
Ben Wise lives?

Off-campus with his parents.

How did she make
it across campus
without being seen?


In his parents' bedroom!
Where we used to go!

Where he used
to take me!

You made my worst
nightmare come true!
REESE: Hey, what's
going on?

My worst nightmare!

All right, cool it.

My worst nightmare.

You're not gonna
charge him?

You want me
to charge
your partner?

I want you to
uphold the law.

Look, the job does
a number on your life.

Once in a while,
your life gets to do
a number on the job.

But it's always
something with Henry.

Yeah, like what?


Like that.

Can you handle
the setup?

or emotionally?

Charlie wanted you
to see what happened
the day before the murder.

Any blow-ups,

These kids really
killed someone, huh?

Yeah, one of
them surely did.

State Penitentiary

I shot a man
who was mean to me

He wouldn't let me
drink my tea

And took away my cookies

TATE: I'll tell you, sir.

All this has really
shown me how important
the police are.

Thinking about law
enforcement, myself.

And what are you
looking to get into?

LAPD. Straight up, sir.

Is that so?


Janis escapes just
so she can yell
at a cheerleader?

Hard to believe
she slit anybody's

My money's
on the frat boy.
Our poet, Tate.


Tate did lie
to us about
knowing Destro.

Tate had a
severe reaction

when we mentioned
Destro's name.

I think we should find
out more about those
two frat brothers.

Let's go
to the frat.

Let's go
to the frat.


We need to ask
you some questions
about a frat pledge.

His name is...
No, no. No names.

Pledges have
no names.

Yo, pledge.
What's your
name, pledge?

We took his name.

And if he's lucky,
we'll give it
back to him.

Pledge, show these
officers out.

So, you're not
gonna help us?

Oh, kind of like
how you helped us

get our charter

Hell, no.
There's us...

ALL: And there is them!

I think you might
want to help us.

And why's that?

You want the
short answer or
the long answer?


Okay, the long.

Because I am about
three seconds
from deciding

that I just do
not like you.


Look, how may I
help you, Officers?

You can tell us
about Tate McNeal.

Tate who?

He's a pledge here.

I don't know anybody
by that name.

I know you have no
pledge named Tate

because the pledges
have their names
taken away.

But when the pledges
get their names back,

will any of those names
be the name Tate?

Yo, Officer Riddler,
there's all our pledges.

And your boy, Tate,
ain't one of them.


If Tate's not a pledge,
then who is he?

Not us and not them.

PRISONER: Pizza man!
Pizza man! Pizza man!

ALL: Pizza man! Pizza man!
Pizza man! Pizza man!

You're a lifesaver,
pizza man.

PRISONERS: Pizza man!
Pizza man! Pizza man!


Hey, hold on a minute.

PRISONERS: Pizza man!
Pizza man! Pizza man!

You still there?

Charlie, where are you?

(STAMMERING) I'm in...
On the job.
Look, Jen,

I understand
about your husband.

I shouldn't
have done that.

I shouldn't have
gone to him like that.

You know, sometimes
I do things, you know?

I know.
Yeah, well,
he punched me,

then you slapped me.
Maybe we're even?

Maybe. Look, Charlie,

I got a call from a reporter
about an hour ago.

Said he was doing
a story on you.

He wanted to ask
you questions?

Just one question, Charlie.

About your time in prison.

What was the question, Jen?

He wanted to know is it true

that when that lawyer
came to visit you in prison,

and she told you she wanted
to prove your innocence

that you sent her away
and went back to your cell.

Is that true, Charlie?
You didn't want to be free?

What did you say?

I told him to go to hell.

Officer Stark says
you're thinking about
a future in the LAPD.

Yeah, thinking
about it.

Since when?

Ever since Officer Stark
got given the keys
to those cells.

You a Tau Sig, Tate?

Well, there's us
and there's them.

Turns out
you're neither.

What was that for?

You know what to do
with that towel, Tate.

REESE: Destro was strong.
You said you were
a frat brother.

Officer Stark holds
the keys and suddenly
you want to be a cop?

That's how the
weak survive.

Destro's dead.

You know what to do
with that towel, Tate.

Destro really was
a Tau Sig.

What did he do
when he saw what
you drew on your leg?

Did he laugh at you?

Never showed it to him.

I knew he'd make
me take it off.

I drew it for me.
Like you said,
I'm weak.


There's something
you two need to see.

I'm gonna find
out who brang
this crap in.

A few days in,
a bag of contraband
shows up.

Candy bars,
energy drinks,
kettle corn.

Destro says
that Perry did it,

and he's gonna put
Perry in the hole
for two days.

Perry denies
the charges.

No, Destro,
I didn't do it!

Oh, you
didn't do it?


Right before they put
Perry in the hole,
Will steps forward.

And Will goes
into the hole.

WILL: Don't!

What did you say?

It was me.
I planted that bag.
It was me.

That's you?

But if no one was
going in and out
of here,

neither Will
nor Perry could've
planted that bag.

So where did
it come from?

Must've come from you.

It was placed to
heighten the dynamic.

Part of the protocol?


But there was nothing in it
that could kill a man.


And Will goes in the hole
for something he didn't do.

TIDWELL: Pal, hey,
let's not get crazy here.

She is your first wife.

Put my gun back
in the drawer.

I love her.
Always loved her.

Henry, the desk
you're sitting at,
it used to be mine.

That's how
I know you.

This extremely professional
and sensitive individual

who equates women
with viral infections

took a job I worked
my entire life
for. That hurt.

Probably about as much
as you're hurting now.

You have no idea
how much I hurt.

I do. I've been there.

Standing on the
Brooklyn Bridge,

wondering what
it's all about.

After coming home and
finding most of your life
has left for Jersey.

I know that pain.

But I also know
something that dulls it.

Tullamore Dew,
the Afghan Whigs,

and many, many,
many strippers.

You shut the hell up!


We're taking a sidebar, Henry.

His wife is a stripper.

He went with a stripper
for his first wife?

She is the best
thing that ever
happened to me!

REESE: You took
the heat for Perry.

You went in the
hole for something
that you didn't do.

Why do you think?

People go in the
hole for protection.
To get safe.

Because they think
it's better to be alone
than to live in constant fear.

I went because
it wasrt fair.

I went because
Perry didn't do it.

But why you, Will?

Why not me?

You think this is all
part of the experiment.

Come on.
You're too hot
to be a cop.

You're in the theater
department, right?
You were in Pippin.

Man, this is so
truly and utterly

Was it part of
the experiment

when they dragged you
toward the hole?

It was just a snag.

I have a little
problem with
small spaces.

Did the guards know
you have a problem
with small spaces?

No. Why would I
tell them that?

Destro had his frat
friends take Ben out,

and hooked him up
with that cheerleader.

I saw photos.

Destro showed it
to me on his phone.

Did you ever tell Destro
or the other guards

about your boyfriend?


I kept that safe.
Inside me.

Seeing those photos,
it was my worst nightmare.

Her worst nightmare.

And it came true.

Perry's, too.

On that haunted spaceship,
is this the part

where people's
come true?

No. That's a
different part.

You smell that?

I can smell
a lot of things.


Burning plastic.

What is that?

It's the murder weapon.

REESE: Let's send this
out for prints.

It's a shank.

Melted plastic,
scraped to a point.

How would they
melt it? We didn't
find any matches.

Yellow fingertips.

You've been smoking
during the experiment?

Show us where.

You snuck up
here to smoke.


We werert
supposed to, though.

Michelle, that
lighter makes
you a suspect.

You understand that?

I'm in jail,
so I must've
done something?

I didn't kill Ryan.

REESE: Anybody
see you smoking?

Now I'm supposed to
give up somebody else.

Eight-one-nine-five saw me.
Will. He didn't tell on me.

I don't get it.

What don't you get?

We were awful to him.


All of us guards.

What did you do?

Terrible things.
Horrible things.

Will begged us to stop,
and we just...

We just laughed.

Why would I do that?

Why would you
do that, Michelle?

Why would you
do that to Will?

Destro told us
Halliday wanted Will broken.

Destro said
Halliday said to do
whatever it took.

Destro said
if we broke Will, then...

Then you've won?

(SOFTLY) Yeah.

You did it during
the blackouts, didn't you?

Waited until it was dark?

You think you hurt
worse than Davis does?

Worse than me?
I know I do.

You don't understand.

Well, I know when
my first wife split,
I wanted to die.

When they busted
me down,

the thought
crossed my mind.

So why don't
you just do it?

Captain Tidwell...

Fine. I'm gonna.

Hey, hey, hey...

You think
I won't do
it, huh?

This is the last time
that I am gonna let life
kick me in the teeth.

I saw this in
a movie once.

That's a whole lot
of talk, Henry.

Why aren't you
doing yourself, man?
'Cause I got stuff to do.

So either pull the
trigger and let me get
a cleaning crew in here,

or get the hell
out of my office.

(SOFTLY) It's all right.


She was the best thing
that ever happened to me.

No, she wasrt.
She was the first.

No bullets.

I don't leave
loaded guns
lying around.

Then why did we just...
Because sometimes a
guy's just gotta talk.

And I didn't
take your job.

I took a job.

I was just saying that
for dramatic effect.

I found this
under one of my
desk drawers.

You got a
nice-Iooking family.

Now I know you.

Now you do.

You sure?
As a matter
of fact, I am.

I can tell for sure
where several of
the students were

when the lights
went off.

Will was locked in the hole.
He could not have done it.

WILL: It was me.
I planted that bag.
It was me.

All right, you're
going in the box.
Get on inside.


MICHELLE: Oh, my God!
TATE: Whoa!

TATE: Whoa,
hey, hey, hey!


TATE: Is he dead?

Thanks for taking
your time, Warden.

It's Professor.

You've been holding back
on us. About Will.

What about Will?
About what you asked
Destro to do to Will.

Whatever it took?

Is that what
you told Destro,
Professor Warden?

I never said that.

You told Destro
that if he broke Will,
then he'd won.

Whatever it took.

REESE: Is that
the protocol?

To tell one of
your guards to
break a student?

I didn't do that.
I would never do that.

The guards took
some initiative, yes.

But I was just
an observer. I would
never get involved.

I would never let
it get personal.

Because that's the protocol?


And that's not
what you do.

Please hold.

CREWS: Hey, Jen.
It's me again.

That reporter that called
with that question.

He leave his number?

Blocked, huh?

I thought so.

Hey, I had that
number traced.

I texted it
over to you.

Yeah, yeah,
I'm a cop.
I can do that.

Hey, Jen. Listen,
do me a favor.

After I hang up,
go ahead and give
that guy a call.

Just tell him
I said, "Hi."

You know who
I am, don't you?

Knew it from
the first time
you saw me.

What with you being
a social psychologist
and all.

And me, well, me being me.


You called my ex-wife?

You called to talk
to her about me?

About my time in prison?


Arert you
gonna get that?

I thought you
were an observer.

I thought you didn't
get involved.

Are you trying
to break me?

Is that it?
My worst nightmare.

Keeping me from
doing my job.

What were you trying
to stop me from doing?

Professor Warden,
you keep trying to
get to that computer.

Maybe you want to
tell us what it is
you're looking for.

I don't know
what you're
talking about.

You wanna
rethink that?

I think I'd like
to have someone
from the university

come down here
now, please.

Detective Reese,
would you mind

stepping out
and dealing with that?

What is this?

I guess you'd call
it an education.

You studied
Charlie's case.

So you must know
what happened
to that guard

when he was
in there.

You must also know
that they never found
out who did it.

Sometimes, in prison,
people get hurt.

No one knows
how it happened.

Like I said.

It's an education.

Maybe you want
to show us

what you don't
want us to see
on there.


What did you think
would happen

when you gave
me their
personal files?

DESTRO: What did you
want to happen?

Take their fears
and use it
against them?

That's what you said!
Ryan, Ryan, calm down.

Take their weaknesses
and use it against them!
Ryan! Calm down!

DESTRO: That's what
you said!


Congratulations, Doc.
Your experiment,
it's a success.

'Cause now,
you're afraid, too.

Whatever it takes.
And now, you're weak!

And now you, Doc,
are getting out
of my prison.

Get out of
my prison!

I like the part where
he says you gave him
their personal files.

Destro took over your
prison and you didn't
call for help?

That was part of
the experiment.

I also like
the part where
he says you said

"Whatever it takes."

You made Destro,
and then you left
those kids alone with him.

You're not a killer.
You're a coward.

I never said they
couldn't leave.

And the door to this prison
was always unlocked.

They couldn't walk
out because they
accepted the idea

they were supposed
to be in here.

I never locked

You don't need locks
for a prison.

Just prisoners.

Officer Stark!

Hey, what's up,

Why don't you go ahead
and cuff Professor
Warden Halliday, here.

What? What is this?

I would imagine
it's incitement to
gross bodily harm.

Seven years for
each count. I count
20 students.

That's 140 years.

Maybe, if you're
well-behaved, you'll
get out after 120.

Look, Detectives.
I'm no detective,
but I got to ask.

Who, exactly,
is the killer?

If none of it was locked,
then we don't know

if Will really
stayed in here
during the blackout.

But where did he
get the weapon?

You said it was
melted plastic.

Where'd he get
the plastic?

TED: Halliday's
full of crap.
The kid's a hero.

He was trying to
show them that
they couldn't break him.

No. Will wanted to
be in that hole
again for a reason.

CREWS: Okay, there.

CREWS: Right there.
See the plastic
bag there?

TED: Yeah
REESE: Mmm-hmm.

Fast forward.


The bag's gone.

Keep going. could
take it off.

All right.
So why don't you
put it back on?

PERRY: Thank you. God.

GIRL: Guys. Guys.
WILL: What? What?

WILL: Sorry.
GIRL: Yeah.

Will could've left
the hole during one
of the blackouts,

and no one
would've known
that he was gone.

And he knew
Michelle was
smoking upstairs.

So he snuck out,
made the shank out of
the plastic bag.

He accepted that
he was a convict.

I guess I'm a convict, too.

Yeah, why is that?

Ted still thinks
Will is a hero.

(SOFTLY) The first
three years will be
the hardest.

But just because
you're in there,

you don't have
to be there.

You can go
somewhere else.

MAN: They want me
to tell you, Jack.

You go back a long way,

but not for nothing,
there was six, there is five,

there could just
as easily be four.

You go back a long way.

Go back a long way.

They want me
to tell you, Jack.

You go back a long way.
Go back a long way.

They go back a long way.

There are five officers
in this photo, Ted.

It is five.

At the funeral of
a slain officer.

It was six.

But it could just
as easily be four.

That's a threat, Charlie,
against Jack Reese.

That's a threat, Ted.

Who are these guys?