Life (2007–2009): Season 2, Episode 5 - Crushed - full transcript

Charlie and Danny investigate the murder of a tow truck operator who was found crushed to death in a wrecking yard. They trace his e-mails to a pretty college co-ed who recently returned to live at home after having had an affair with one of her professors. She denies having anything to do with the man's death so they look into the possibility that a co-worker is the culprit. As for the investigation into his own wrongful conviction, Charlie learns something new about Jack Reese and identifies another member of group of 5 police officers that may have been behind framing him. Ted Early starts his new teaching position.

CREWS: Previously on Life.

Yeah, I have the interview
with the dean from
the business school.

For a teaching position?

You asked my husband
permission to have
sex with me?

He punched me,
then you slapped me.
Maybe we're even?

It's just that
she won't speak.

It's not physical.
She could speak
if she wanted to.

MAN: There was six,
there is five.

CREWS: There
are five officers
in this photo, Ted.

MAN: There could just
as easily be four.
Be four.

That's a threat,
Charlie, against
Jack Reese.

Who are you
afraid of, Jack?

There was six, there is five,

there could just
as easily be four.

There was six,
there is five,

there could just
as easily be four.

TED: James Francis Dunn.

Went through
the academy
with Jack Reese,

committed suicide, 1988.

That's what
the newspaper said.

You don't
believe them?

Newspaper said
I was guilty.

Yeah. Said I was guilty, too.

Ted, you were guilty.

I know, but it still hurt
to see it there like that
in print.


Where are you
gonna start?

With the woman.

CREWS: Thanks for
seeing me, Mrs. Dunn.

Of course. You said
you were looking
into Jimmy's death?

The police report said
his gun discharged
when he was cleaning it?

Well, that was
because of the pension.

If it had said the other,
there would have been
no pension.

I understand.

But everybody knew
what it meant.

At the funeral,
all the cops knew...

The force went over
this years ago.

Why come around
and ask this now?

Do you remember
these men?

No. I don't.

I'm afraid I don't remember
much about that day.

Maybe I can help you.

That man, there,
his name is
Jack Reese.


That wedding ring
you wear?

It's the one Jimmy gave me.

Oh, it's not real.

It's wax. It's not real.


Lots of
feeling here.

All these cars were
once brand-new.

CREWS: A lot of these
cars were someone's
very first car.

You remember
your first car?

Yeah, it cost
$300 and smelled
of cat piss.

Did you have a cat?

I remember my first car.
God, I loved that car.

Maybe a little
too much.

Now, that's a
really flat car.

What have
we got?

REESE: Is that a...


REESE: What about
that stuff up there?

I think
that's him, too.

And the stuff
up there?

Him, too.

We're going to
open it up now.


If he was lucky, he was dead
when he went in there.

Yeah, if he was lucky.

You knew the
victim, Mike?

Mike Brody.

He's one of
our drivers.

College kid.
He lucked into
a union card.

What was he doing in there?

We're curious about
that ourselves.

(STAMMERING) Hey, I stopped
the crusher as soon as
I saw what was in there.

I called the cops.

Look, I just take
the cars off the line
and I crush them up.

Who puts the cars
in the line?

I do.

And you are?

I'm Rob Dow.

I'm the
dispatcher here.

I put that
car in line.

You check the
cars are empty?

Oh, yeah,
when they come in.

All right, we're going
to need statements
from all of you.

And I'm going to need
an address for Mike Brody.
Can you get me that?

Sure. I think he
just moved in with
his girlfriend, Rosa.


Ma'am, do you
know a Mike Brody?

Why, has something

May we come in?

I don't want
to hear it.

I don't want to hear
what you have to say.

this is happening.

It's happening whether
you close this door
on us or not.

You had just
moved in

A few
months ago.

Mike and I
were engaged.


Was he having trouble
with anyone?

You think someone
murdered Mike?

We're looking
into everything.

What about the
people at work?

Everyone liked him.


What is it?

Probably nothing.

Probably nothing, but,
you know, tell us anyway.

Just to be sure.

In this last month,
at night,

when Mike thought
I was asleep,

he'd go to the garage,
lock the door,
almost every night.

Did you ever ask
him about this?

No. I thought he was nervous
because of the wedding.

I thought men
need their space.
I never asked.

I thought men
need their space.

Who is that?

Who the hell is that?

Mike Brody.

squashed guy.

Crushed guy.

Been in the
car for about
a day, dead.

Before the
crusher got him.

We got a positive ID
off dental records.

So, crushed guy,
weeks before
his wedding,

decides to go
into the garage,

and do a little
online thing with...

According to these
IMs he saved,

a girl who calls
herself Bethany.

They met
in a chat room.

"Strangers Seeking Strangers."

What's with the
nudie pics?

They were playing
a game. She sent him
a piece of herself

each time he did
something for her.

Like what,


Why in heavers name
would you want to
do this by yourself?

I'm not saying
you would want to
do this at all,

but if you were
to do this,

why would you do
it by yourself,
am I right?

He didn't think
he was by himself.

He thought he
was with her.

Well, let me tell
you something,
there is no her.

And there is no
Bethany, okay?

There's a 13-year-old
member of the marching band

with an online account
and a social disorder.

Hmm, you played the...

Trombone. And I was good.

Let's look for a
suspect in the real
world, shall we?

What about the girl?
Did she know what
Mikey was up to?

Didrt look
like it.

Engaged for about a month.

She was spending the night
at her sister's.

"Why would you want to be
with that fat cowboy?"

Fat cowboy?

"If that's what he told you
he looks like, it's not true.

"He's not slim,
he's not athletic,

"he doesn't
have blue eyes
or blonde hair,

"he's lying to you, Bethany."

I think we need to go back
to the wrecking yard.

"You want to know
what he really
looks like?

"He must weigh 300 pounds,
mud brown eyes.

TIDWELL: "He's balding
under that hat.

"He's not tall and he's ugly.

"Why would you want
to be with that, Bethany?

"Why would you want
to be with someone like..."


Why don't you
stand away from
the desk for us?

Hey, Rob.
If that's Bethany,

tell her I say hello, okay?


REESE: He's heavy! Oh!

Crews, get him off!

Get him off of me!

He's on me!

How about you get
off my partner?


Okay. First day,
no problem.

Nobody shows up,
I deal with it.

Every rejection
is a step forward,
just to get to yes.


Oh, wow.
This is quite the turnout.

This is the right classroom?

A practical introduction to
effective business practices?


Uh, good morning.

STUDENTS: Good morning.

My name is, uh,
Ted Earley.

As in the early bird,

but with an "E" between


The "L" and the "Y."

Okay, we've got
a long way to go,

so let's start with
a simple question.

What is business?

Uh, yes, miss.

Is this class
going to be graded
or passlfail?

Oh, uh, graded.


What is...

What is business?
The answer is everything.

Everything is business.

Every historical event,
every war,

every decision made
by every government,

any book stocked or sold.

From the moment
that Eve first decided
to accept delivery

of that apple
from that snake,

we have been engaged in


I don't like getting sat on,

She doesn't.

You know, you did
a good job trashing
your computer.

But we got guys
in the basement,

all they do
is pull stuff
off computers.

Pulled some
pretty good stuff
off of yours.

You know,
you'd probably like
a job like that,

down there in
the dark, just
you and a computer.

Want to talk
about Bethany?

Please don't
say her name.

Why not?
It's a pretty name.

It's not for you
to speak it.

What about Mike?
Could he speak it?

CREWS: We got
Mike's computer.

Mike and Bethany
were going at it
pretty hard.

Stuff that made
my partner blush.

Stuff I've never
even heard of.

You and Bethany, though,
from what we read,

didn't really
get into that.

Seems like you and
Bethany were just friends,
though, right, Rob?

I've got guys
in my life like that,
"just friends" kind of guys.

(SOFTLY) It's a little sad.

She sent you stuff
like, "If you saw me,
you would know me.

"I look for you
wherever I go."

It's nice, I guess.
Not like the stuff
she sent Mike.

Bethany never
sent you anything like this,
did she?

It's okay, Rob.
You can look.

Hey, Rob.

I know you've got a secret,
won't you share it with me?

The secret you
and Bethany were IMing
when we walked in.

I'll read your part, Rob.

"You don't have to worry
about what happened."

What happened, Rob?
CREWS: "It's your
secret, Bethany,

"now it's mine.
No one else will know."

Are you covering
for Bethany?

Because that's what
we call being an
accomplice to murder.

"Just tell me one thing,
tell me that you love me."

My partner will
read this part.

You shut up.

You do not say those words.
That is not for you to say.

Bethany was sending
Mike pictures like this,
not you, never you,

and still you're gonna
defend her?

REESE: Strangers
Seeking Strangers?

You met her there
first, then what?

You bragged to Mike,
Mike goes online,
then takes her away?

Mike Brody got up in her head.

He confused her.

He could do that,
but she figured it out.

She figured him
out completely.

What happened that night, Rob?

I can't tell you.

(WHISPERING) It's a secret.


TIDWELL: You find who was
on the other end
of these IMs,

you find
this Bethany.

Then you go through
the looking glass,

and you bring
them back here.

We already talked
to the geeks
in Sex Crimes.

They said it would
take a few days,
low priority.

Well, hold him
until you get
that trace.

On what charge?

On the charge
of freaking me
the hell out.

We have everything
we need to find
Bethany right here.

If we need to figure out
where Bethany is,

we need to figure out
who Bethany is,

and who Bethany is
is in here.

Well, Bethany is not
going to be that.

CREWS: No, maybe not,
but Bethany is in there.

We just got to find her.

And what are we
looking for?

Anything that
seems real.

Anything that's
mentioned more
than once.


REESE: Got it.
TIDWELL: Got it.

"Ocean breezes"?

Got it.
Wait, wait.
Uh, no. No.

"Ocean breezes."

"Junior in college"?


You got this?

No, I'm pretty
sure I don't.


Is it funny every time?

I think it might be.

"...went to school in LA."

REESE: "...wanted to
stay close to home."

TIDWELL: "...was on campus,
but living at home now."

CREWS: "...played two years
for my school."

REESE: "...played two years
until I had to stop."

" at home now."

TIDWELL: "...played two years
until I had to stop."

"...until I had to stop."

"...until I had to stop."

TIDWELL: She's from LA,
went to schools in LA.

Check the tennis squads
of all the local colleges.

CREWS: Go back a few years.

REESE: Got a listing
for a Bethany.

TIDWELL: Got a home address.

Hi. Can I help you?

We're looking
for Bethany.

You found her.

Through the looking glass.

your job?

I am just a humble
public servant.

Oh, you're the police.

We need to ask you
some questions.

the police are here!

You want some

the police are here!

She'll be
right down.

I told them about
all the coke and hookers

in the pool house.


I'm so sorry
about that.

Hi, I'm Detective Crews.
This is Detective Reese.

Are you here...

Is this about
my daughter?

Yes, we'd like to
talk to you about...

I'm sorry. Here.

My husband,
he handles
these things.

Put the phone anywhere
when you're done.

What just

I was just about to
ask you the same thing.


I hear music.

Gray Scale Music, please hold.

Gray Scale Music.

This is a new CD
we have coming out
next week.

It's nice, isn't it?

So, now, Detectives,
maybe you can tell me

why you were
at my house?

Mr. Gray, we have
reason to believe
your daughter Bethany

might have
been involved
in a murder.


exactly how?

There was
an online

Two online
in fact.

Online. So you don't
know who it is, do you?

We know it ended
up like this.

Not exactly the kind
of picture you're
used to, Mr. Gray.

You have no idea what
I'm used to, Detective.

REESE: There's
another man
involved, Rob Dow,

both were
tow-truck drivers.

(LAUGHING) They're
tow-truck drivers?

My Bethany would
never be involved
with tow-truck drivers.

(SOFTLY) Mr. Gray,
when we showed up
at your house,

your wife wanted to
know if it might be
about your daughter.

Has Bethany been
in trouble before?

She's not in trouble now.

My Bethany is
a good girl.
She lives at home.

Sounds to me like you're
looking for a bad girl.

You know, I know bad girls.

In my business...

Oh, I know a lot of bad girls.

My Bethany isn't one of them.

"I know bad girls."

Yeah, I'll bet
he knows bad girls.

Do men have to
be disgusting?

I mean, isn't there
like an operation
you guys can get?

I think they're
working on a pill.

What did those transcripts say
about where Bethany lived?

Uh, "...was on campus,
living at home now."

And what about the tennis?

"Played two years
and then I had to leave"?

Let's go see why
Bethany left school.

Maybe she's not
such a good girl.

Bethany's name
is listed on the lease here,

but she lives
at home?

We split the rent here before

her dad pulled her
out of school.

Do you know her
dad knows Bono?

Why did
her dad pull her
out of school?

Because of what happened
with her professor.

His wife
kind of walked in,

and they were kind of
on his desk.


She's got problems.

What kind of problems?

Her dad.

He's always telling her
stuff he shouldn't.

What kind of stuff?

Like, what a tough guy he is,
the groupies he used to bang.

And what happened
to the professor?


He walks
with a cane now.

Nathan Gray,
born Nathan

CREWS: A few
possessions convictions,
some assault beefs.

Now he runs
Gray Scale Music.
Now he's all clean.

His daughter,
Bethany, has got
a little jacket, too.

Uh, DUIs,
driver's license suspended,

and then last year,
she goes off

and has an affair
with her humanities professor.

What kind of an affair?

CREWS: Online and in bed.

When Nathan reads the
e-mails between his daughter
and her teacher,

he takes Bethany's
computer away,

and takes a bat to
the teacher's knees.

Paid him to drop
the charges.

If Bethany's back online
and her father finds out...

there really is a Bethany.

I've got to rethink
a lot of things.

Press Nathan.

Excuse me.
Excuse me!

Oh... Oh, Detectives.
You know, I thought
you might come back.

What, you took a
look at my jacket
and thought

you'd like another
poke at Nathan?

Well, if you want
to talk to me,
you go through them.



He does that.

Studying for
your orals?

When was this taken?

Last year.
She was so messed up.

An athlete blasted
all the time.

It was all
over the web.

Her dad based
a CD cover on it.

Yeah, messed up.
Even if he does
know Bono.

Could have just
sent the key.

Not everything
in there is yours.

What, you don't
trust me?

I didn't know what
to do with this,

so I just kept it.


Hard to believe
everything we had fit
into this tiny space.

Well, not everything.

Hey, there's my
drunken clown.

There they are.

I've been looking
for these.

Got a new case today.

Some record-producer guy.

Got me thinking
about my old albums.

Got me thinking
about a lot of things.

Yeah, I remember that.


You used to
talk to me about the job
when you came home.


It's okay.

And not all of
these albums
are yours.

This one was mine.
And this one.

And that one
was yours.

It's not mine.
I would never
listen to that.

Not only did you
listen to it,

but you listened to it over
and over again.

That's our bed.

Yes, it is.

But we're not gonna
think about that.


We're not gonna
think about that.

We're not going to
think about me
kissing you.


We're not going to
think about you
kissing me.

(SOFTLY) We're not
going to think about
me touching you.

(SOFTLY) No, we're not
going to think about
you touching me.

I'm not thinking
about it.

Neither am I.

Lock up
when you're done.


Yeah. Yeah, I know.


One, that's inappropriate.


Because you're
my boss. And two,

if you read my file,
you'd see that I was
in the program.

Why would I
read your file?

Because you're
my boss.

I don't like files.
Too wordy.

Come on, so we'll
get a fake beer, huh?

And maybe we'll get
fake drunk and end up
having fake, drunk sex.

What do you say?

I'd say that idea
is repulsive.

Those are the very first words
each of my three wives
spoke to me.

And they all changed
their minds.

TIDWELL: It's twisted.

He gets some model to play
his daughter on an
album cover. It's...

It'll make me buy it,
but it's well
and truly twisted.

We've been looking
for someone obsessive
and violent.

You want to go
see Nathan.

all lawyered-up.

Then let's go see
Nathars girls.

Okay, so, Maya,
why are you
in this class?

I'm taking
every class.

You're taking every class
in the business school?

By the time
I graduate, I'll have
done exactly that.

Yes, sir.

Wow. Okay.

What about you,
uh, Vairam?

I have a top secret
business plan.

Are you going to be working
on it in the class?


Great, well,
why don't we discuss...

I will not discuss
my business.

It is a secret business.
Move on.

Um, well that just
leaves you, Ed.

I'd like to learn
how to do that thing

where if somebody tells you
it's in the Constitution

that you don't
have to pay taxes,

then you don't
have to pay taxes.

That's not in
the Constitution.

Wesley Snipes did it.



Kind of on my way out.

Nice car.

Bethany, you ever see what
happens when a car goes
through the crusher?

You ever see what
happens when a man goes
through the crusher?

Kind of looks like
strawberry jelly
or lasagna.

Or strawberry jelly
and lasagna.

Is that supposed
to shock me?

I've seen it before.
Plenty of times.

It's not you. But it's you.

Like I said,
I'm on my way out.

I'll go with you.

Yeah, okay,

Come on.


You used to be
a singer?
I looked you up.

You know, you had
that one album out
and then nothing.

It's how you
and your husband met,
though, right?

In the recording

Hey, how come
you stopped singing
after you got married?

Nathan didn't
like it?

I stopped singing
because I wanted to,
to raise my daughter.

Ah, Bethany.
Yeah, lovely girl.
Strong swing.

Bethany, did you
go online to get away
from your father?

I wasrt online.
It wasrt me.

I stopped drinking.
I stopped doing that.

I'm in the
real world now.

Well, if it wasrt you online,
then the person we're
looking for is not you.

Any idea who's
not you, Bethany?

That could be anyone.

Well, the things
they knew about you.
I think it's closer to home.


Maybe you want to
ease up a little.


You spend a lot of time
with these kids?

Yes. They need me.

Nothing wrong
with being needed,
is there?

What about
computers, Lynn?

Can you think of
anybody who would
need one of those?

You're saying someone
out there is pretending
to be me, someone I know.

And because of that,


Someone is dead.

You know,
I tried to be good.
I came home.

I left that world.

I'm in the real world now.

I am. I am.

Truck. Beth, Beth... Swerve!


You know, your husband is
prone to violence,

and his relationship
with your daughter...

I mean, if he
thought Bethany
was online again...

Nathan was with me,
our club dance.

Um, I really have to
get back to work.

You miss it?

I never even
think about it.

Someone close to me,
someone who knows me,

out there,
pretending to be me.
Someone like...


Bethany, slow down.

Maybe you can drive now.


Reese, how'd it go?

My guess,

both of Nathars girls
are gonna to take a hard look
at Daddy.

Why do you need a ride?

Did you lose another car?




DOCTOR: Detective Crews,
she's speaking.

Excuse me?

DOCTOR: Rachel,
she is speaking.


Hello, Jack.

How come every time
you come around

somebody ends up
getting hurt?

What are you
doing here, Jack?

He came
to say goodbye.

So, now you're
the one not talking?

You take care
of yourself, kid.

CREWS: Jack.

You know where she is,
but you didn't tell them?

How come you didn't
tell them where
she is, Jack?

You've been protecting
her from them.

I've always been
protecting her.

You've gotten in too deep,
haven't you, Jack?

Maybe I can help
you get out.

Not for nothing, Jack.

"It was six, it is five,

"but it could just
as easily be four."

Who set me up, Jack?

Yeah, okay.

I'm a lot of things,
Detective Crews,
but I'm no rat.

Who are they, Jack?

I do want to thank you
for finding the man

that killed
that girl's family,
for putting him away.

But ever since
you got out of jail, Crews,

all I've been doing
is cleaning up your mess.

But it's your mess,
so you can clean it up.




Since you talked to my mother,
she hasn't stopped crying.

Why is she crying, Bethany?

Because there were
two hours at that party

where my mother couldn't
find my father.

She's so scared.

Nathan has no alibi.

Let's go pick him up.

Did my father
kill that man?

I just Googled you.

You were in jail.
You looted
pension funds.

I wouldn't put it
like that.

How would you
put it?



I did things
I'm not proud of,
and I did my time.

But before all of that,
I was a good businessman,

and I made a lot of money
for a lot of people.

So, you're saying
what you did was okay?


No, Ed.

What I'm saying

is that business is a system,
and I know how it works.

And if any of you
would like to learn
how it works,

then you will pick up
your pencils right now,

or get the hell out
of my classroom.

We have computers,
not pencils.

There was no mention
of pencils.

Will we be
needing pencils?

Will you give
me a minute?

Mrs. Dunn,
you want to see me?

He wasrt
cleaning his gun,
Detective Crews.

But it wasrt the other,
was it?

Jimmy swore he would
never leave me.

I don't see how
it could have been.

His name is
Mickey Rayborne.

I don't know
these other men,
but this one,

that's Mickey Rayborne.

You got
a temper, Nate.

Yeah. Yeah, I do.
It makes me
real good at my job.

Real good in
other places, too.

Don't talk to me like
I'm one of the groupies
you used to bang.


You used to.
Not anymore.

You're a family man now,
right, Nate? Got a wife
and a daughter.

Are you out there online
pretending you're something
you're not, Nathan?

Is that how you
get off now, Nathan?

No. I don't need
to do that.

You don't?

No. If need that thing,
I need to taste it,

I need to touch it,
you know. I need
to feel the skin, the flesh.

I don't need to pretend
to be somebody, sweetheart.

When you're with Nathan,
you're with Nathan.

May I see my
lawyers now, please?

Where's your

She said something
about going to
take a shower

to wash Nathan off.

He's got no alibi,
but we got no witness,
no weapon, no confession.

Rob Dow still has a secret,

and now it's time
for him to tell us.

Yeah. How are you
going to do that?

Freak show actually seems
to enjoy lockup.

Yeah, he does seem to
enjoy it, doesn't he?

The question is why.
Look at him.

It's like he's going
to be rewarded for
keeping that secret.


Rob Dow isn't sharing
his secret with us,

but he's waiting
for someone to
share it with.

If we want Rob Dow
to share the secret...

Are you thinking about
what I'm thinking about?

About Reese in the shower? No.

How come no one
out here treats me like
a commanding officer?

We do.

And, as my commanding officer,
I'm thinking I need you

to let me sign
someone out of lockup.

This is it, Rob.
She's here.

CREWS: Here in the
same room as you,

breathing the same air as you.

It's real.

Anything you want to say,
now's your chance.

You said
you wanted
to talk to me?

I don't want you
to worry.

I'm going to take care of
everything, okay?

Stop talking.

Bethany, is there
anything that you want
to say to me now?

What would I want
to say to you?

What you wrote to me
all those times.

I don't know you.

But I saw you.

That wasrt me.

I was here.
Tuesday night.
Mike's phone rang.

I heard him say
your name, Bethany.

He went outside,
and then I saw you.
I stood at the window.

I couldn't
even breathe.

I saw you hit him
with the racket.

You hit him so hard
that it broke.

I tried to clean it all up
out there, in the dark.

I thought that I could
help you with this.

All you have to do
is just say that
you love me,

and I will take
it all back.

If you saw me,
would you know me?

I look for you
wherever I go.

Bethany, when we go
back to your house,

will we find a broken
tennis racket?

If you saw me

Would you know me?

I look for you

That was in
the e-mails off
Rob's computer.

Wherever I go

Bethany sent it to Rob.

If I saw you,
I would know you


Bethany wasrt born
when this picture was taken.
I've always been here

It's always been so

You're that boy standing
out in the rain

I'm that girl
on the cross-town train

You looked a lot
like your daughter
back then.

Probably still do
in the right light.

A party at
your club?

You and Nathan
took separate cars.

He was coming
from work.

Mrs. Gray,
is that a new
tennis racket?

There are uniforms
searching your house
right now.

They're going to
find your old racket,
aren't they?

The one you hit
Mike Brody with.

When we brought Bethany
back from school,

after all her troubles,

I was the one to close
her computer accounts.

I took one look.

I wanted to see what
she'd been doing.

I just took one look.

What did you see?

I saw a whole world in there.

There's a whole world
out here.


Not for me.

See, I used to be Bethany.

But I'm not
Bethany anymore.

And in there,
I was Bethany again.

Mike loved me.
Online, on the phone.

I went to see him
dressed just like this.

I thought that's
what he wanted.

But when he saw me,

he just laughed.

I didn't mean to kill him.
It's just that he laughed.

He said I wasrt Bethany.

Don't ever grow old.

You're not old.

Yeah, I am.