Life (2007–2009): Season 2, Episode 3 - The Business of Miracles - full transcript

Crews and Reese investigate the apparent murder of Dr. Auerbach, a cancer researcher who is found frozen solid in his laboratory. The immediate focus of their investigation is Betsy, the head of an animal rights group who sent threatening letters to the man. Their suspicion grows when they learn she may have had another reason for wanting the man dead. In the ongoing investigation into his own false conviction, Charlie has Rachel Seybolt safely tucked away in a hospital but she refuses to speak. Dani also accuses her father of sending an innocent man to prison. Charlie agrees to act as a reference for Ted who is line for a teaching position.

Previously on Life...

Oh, God.

I can't. It's my husband's car.

I was Jack Reese's confidential
informant. Worked for him, too.

I killed that family,
but I didn't set you up.

Does everyone have a secret?

You want to know mine?

The one about my father
having something to do with

you going to prison for 12 years?

Reese... Did I say I wanted to know?

I know Crews has that girl.
I need you to tell me what else he has.

Why would I do that?

You don't, I violate your parole.

Don't talk to Ted anymore.

You make him nervous for some reason.

Right in there.

Right that way.

Thank you.


Frozen solid.

He's frozen solid.

What's with the mask?

Dr. Auerbach worked long hours.

He was known to use oxygen
to stay mentally alert.

You are?

James Brenford.

Brenford. Like the name on the lab.

Like the name on the company.

And a small town in Oregon,
but that was Gramps.

He used oxygen to stay alert?

It's not uncommon.

Oxygen known to do this to a man?

No. Someone switched the tanks.

When Auerbach put on that mask,

he was inaling pure liquid nitrogen.

Maybe it preserved him.

Maybe they can bring him back.

Maybe he can tell us what he saw.

LNO2 comes out of that tank
at 77.2 degrees Kelvin.

That's 320 degrees
below zero Fahrenheit.

Wherever he's gone, sadly,
he's not coming back from.

You seem to know a lot about this.

I do own a pharmaceutical
research company.

Any idea who'd want to switch
out Dr. Auerbach's tank?

I imagine the same people
that vandalized my lab, Detective.

Ban Animal Torture.

The animal rights group.

We had trouble with them before,

but never anything like this.

What was Dr. Auerbach working on?

Cancer drugs.
That's what we do here at Brenford Labs.

We're in the business of miracles.

I saw that commercial.

The moth on the cotton ball.

It's a butterfly on a cloud.

Oh, okay.

Now I get it.

Frozen solid.

Do you have to touch everything?

You found the body?

Yes. I saw him and I screamed.

He was so very frozen.

Like a Popsicle.

Yes, he was so very frozen.

Is it true you broke the doctor?

I hardly touched him.
I just, you know...

What did you do after you screamed?

I called for the security people.

Okay. You have keys to the lab?

To all the labs.

I have to wait until the
scientists are done working

before I can clean.

- Hard work.
- Yeah.

A lot of times,
they eat and sleep in their labs.

Like animals.

And where were you last night?

At home, with my wife.

All those pieces of the doctor,

do I have to clean that up?

No, we'll do that.

How about the rats?

I'm afraid the rats are all yours.

Did Auerbach usually work late?

Dr. Auerbach was a machine.

He was finishing a clinical
research study on a new cancer drug.

Finish with the study,
we get FDA approval.

We go to market.
People get better. We make money.

You look very healthy.
Do you mind if I ask what you're taking?

Medications, either
over-the-counter or prescription?

I'm not taking anything.

Really? Nothing?

For diet, sleep, mood?

Attention span, restless leg?

- Mmm-mmm.
- No.

Come on, some doxepin?
No trazodone?

No alprazolam?
No venlafaxine hydrochloride?

- I don't really like drugs.
- Ah.

What's this notation here in
Dr. Auerbach's file from 2002?

A sexual harassment beef against
him filed by a Deborah Leigh.

- Yeah.
- She was?

Deborah Leigh was his first assistant.

None of us knew until it ended,
and it ended badly.

She sabotaged his work,
she destroyed records.

Screaming in the hallways, crying.

It was an unpleasant time.

And what happened to Deborah Leigh?

I had planned to pay her
to stop crying and go away,

but she went away
before I could do that.

- So it all worked out, then.
- Mmm-hmm.

And where were you last night?

At a card game until dawn.

With the deputy mayor,
if you need an alibi.

No pharmaceuticals at all?

And you with such a high-stress job.

I wouldn't mind getting
a sample of your blood.

If you don't like needles, I'd be
happy to get a hold of your urine.

Mr. Brenford, can you just tell me
who Auerbach's current assistant is?

He was a genius, a hero.

He spent his life trying to cure cancer.

Apparently, the animal rights
people didn't like him much.

Those people care more
about animals than humans.

They sent Dr. Auerbach
hate mail, death threats.

Can you imagine threatening
someone like him?

You have copies of those threats?

They're here, somewhere.

Well, whoever killed him
switched those tanks.

That something you know how to do?

Of course.

Anyone with any lab experience
and a label machine could do it.

Where were you last night?

I was home.

We'd been working nonstop for days.
I had to change clothes.

Nonstop for days? You sleep here?

Not every night.

Auerbach sleep here, too?

Did we sleep here together?

Look, I know about
his last research assistant.

Dr. Auerbach and I had
a professional relationship.

He worked hard.
He expected me to, as well.

Well, now that Dr. Auerbach is dead,

I guess the study's all yours.

I don't know that I want it.

Let me have it.
Let me have it right now!

You will give me that remote.

Fine, keep it. I should send
you back where we found you.

You remember where that electrode was?

Front door was open.

It doesn't have a lock.

Noticed that.

Betsy doesn't believe in locks.

- Who's Betsy?
- Who are you?

- We're the police.
- Who's Betsy?

Are you just allowed to walk in?

Door was open.
Didn't have a lock. Who's Betsy?

This time, answer the question.


She's an aggressive female.

We need to talk to you about
your monkey. You have a permit for it?

Bomba is a rescue monkey.

Her soul is her permit,
just as your souls are your permits.

Well, we have these badges, too.

You're Betsy.

Betsy Borns. I run this
chapter of Ban Animal Torture.

They wanna take Bomba away.

They're police detectives, Billy.
They're not here about Bomba. Are you?

No, we're not here about Bomba.

We're here investigating a murder.

A researcher at Brenford Labs.

Good. That place is a death camp.

Billy, be quiet.

Dr. Auerbach was killed in his lab.

The evil one is dead?

Take that back. He was a living soul.
You take that back right now.

Okay, I take it back.

You're here because of our
communications with Brenford Labs?

You mean the death threats?

We never sent any death threats.


"Dr. Auerbach, for what you did to
God's creatures, we find you guilty.

"You will be punished.
Animals are people, too."

By "punished," you mean?

Nothing by our hand.

He punished himself by his own actions.

He diminished himself by what
he did to those poor animals.

If you love animals so much,
why are you wearing leather shoes?

They're Jim shoes.

They're made of Jim, our founder.

When he died,
he willed his body for industrial use

as a way to raise
people's consciousness

about what it means to butcher
animals for food and clothing.

We educate people.
We don't kill them.

The lab had your slogan on the wall.

That'd be pretty stupid of us.
Why don't we just sign our names?

- I don't know, why didn't you?
- Billy, stop talking.

Free speech isn't a crime.

Yeah, but it turns out murder is.
Where were the both of you last night?

Jim also made sure we knew
when to stop talking

without a lawyer present,
and that's where we are now.

You're welcome to stay, but Billy
and I have to go clean the cages.

They're wearing people.

Just dead people.

It's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
It's enough for a warrant.

Well, for a search, maybe,
not for an arrest.

Does it seem weird to you that they'd
leave their slogans on the wall?

They put dead people on their feet.

Putting slogans on the wall seems
pretty normal compared to that.

You broke the murder victim.

I hardly touched him.

Forensics had to
bag each piece separately.

You may want to send them a bottle of
something. It would be a nice gesture.

They did, however, find this.

What's that?

A piece of paper taken
from Auerbach's pocket,

fragmented after Crews broke him.

You like puzzles?

What are you doing?

You have to feel your way through this,
let the pieces speak to you.

You don't feel your way through it,

- you start with the corners.
- Start with the corners.

Who do you like?

For the killing.

Oh. Uh, well, the research assistant,
she had the means.

And the animal rights
group had the motivation.


- The dead guy, was he married?
- No.

Then the assistant is your killer.

Human nature. Men and women working
together always end up banging.

And most people are killed
by the person they're banging.

Well, that's just not true.

Yeah, it is. It's a fact.

Come on, Crews, back me up on this.

Well, you two work together.

When you have sex, who's gonna kill who?

If I have sex with him,
you're gonna kill me immediately.

She's an aggressive female.


That one goes there.

This one here. And we're done.

"I hate you. We have to stop.

"But I can't stop.
I never want to stop."

Is that a love letter or hate mail?

Love and hate, both four-letter words.

It's dated last week, and initialed.

By the assistant,
Jill Abraham, am I right?

Nope, it's initialed "D."

Auerbach's first assistant.
The one he had the affair with.

- Her name was Deborah Leigh."D."
- Hmm.

So what's "D" up to these days?

We can't find her. Went off the
map when she left Brenford Labs.

No phone bills, no driver's license,

no bank accounts,
no traffic tickets, no nothing.

So why does a woman who dropped
off the planet seven years ago

write Auerbach love-hate mail last week?

Okay, so this was
the man inside the house?


- Is he doing her?
- What?


I went to see Kyle Hollis.

You should stop doing that, Charlie.

You should let the DA's
office take care of it, okay?

You caught the killer.

Yeah, I caught the killer,
but not the guys who set me up.

Let it be over, Charlie.

It's not over.
Those same people are still out there.

So you're gonna make them pay?

Hollis said he never even
heard of Jack Reese.

Hollis said he killed those people,
my friends, on his own.

He gave a statement to that, Charlie.

I'm not sure I understand why he would
even say anything about Jack Reese.

Connie, you heard Hollis confess
that he was working for Jack Reese.

Connie, you and me
are the only two people

who heard Hollis confess that
he was working for Jack Reese.

I heard Hollis confess, Charlie.

And he signed a statement to that.

But I never heard him say
he was working for Reese.

I never heard him
mention Jack Reese at all.

Thanks for coming, Jack.

Always a pleasure to see you.

You feeling okay?
You seem a little under the weather.

What do you want?

They, Jack.

They want to see the girl.

That's not the arrangement.

You don't have her anymore, Jack.

The arrangement is it's better for
everybody if only I know where she is.

Well, everybody wants
to change the arrangement.

Everybody wants to take a
look at the Seybolt girl.

That's not gonna happen.

You think if we have the girl,
then we don't need you, Jack?

I have the girl,
and as long as I do, we have Crews.

That's what counts.

Why are you lying, Jack?

They wanna see the girl.

Oh, they want me to tell you, Jack.

You go back a long way,

but not for nothing, there was six,

there is five,

there could just as easily be four.

No, no.

No! No! No!

No! No! No! No!

Fear. Who are you afraid of, Jack?

That one of your Zen tapes?

Yeah, something like that.

We still on for tomorrow?


Yeah, I have the interview with
the dean from the business school.

You forgot, didn't you?


It's for a teaching position.
And I need to be there


Because you are
my reference, Charlie.

You are my reference.

My partner thinks you're
good for the Auerbach thing.

"Thing"? Is that cop talk for killing?

Yeah, that's cop talk.

Because you'd rather not say the word?

I can say the word if you want me to.

My partner thinks you killed him.

And what do you think?

I think it made you sad to hear
that Auerbach had been killed.

People do what you do because of what
they've seen or what they've done.

Which one are you?

What did you do, Betsy?

Deborah Leigh?

The hate mail to the lab,
the love note to Auerbach.

Both written by the same person.

Both written by you.


You married Charlie Crews' ex-wife?

That's right.

And now that Detective Crews is out
of jail, has your life changed at all?

Well, I certainly get pulled
over a lot more than I used to.

What do you want, Crews?

Hmm? You're gonna
arrest me, then do it.

You wanna shoot me,
then get it over with.

Okay. Here it goes.

I'd like your permission
to sleep with Jennifer.

You wanna sleep with my wife?

No, I wanna sleep with my wife. Ex-wife.

It's complicated, Mark.
Can I call you Mark, Mark?


It's okay.
You don't have to give me an answer now.

Think about it. Get back to me.

Is that from when the monkey hit you?

Someone hit you after the monkey?

Do I wanna know?

Glad we could have this talk.

Why'd you change your name?

Because I didn't like who I was.

You someone else now?

I'm a better person now.

Just for the record,
did Auerbach get it on

with Betsy Borns or Deborah Leigh?

I'm not sure that we have
to sit here for this.

I'm not sure we care, Counselor.

Your client withheld information

pertinent to an ongoing
murder investigation.

So just sit down.

You loved him and you hated him?

I'd like that note back, please.

That note is evidence.

I left that lab because of
what he did in his work.

But I couldn't leave him because of what
he did to me, what we did to each other.

And for the record,
I let him call me anything he wanted to.

You like being Betsy Borns?

Yes, very much.

Who I'm supposed to be.

- Do you understand?
- I do.

If the people of Ban Animal Torture
found out about you and Auerbach...

They would have asked me to leave.

Is that why you killed him?

My client admits to the sex.

But that, as far as I know,
is not a crime.

So, now, I'm getting up.
And so is my client.

If Betsy-Deborah were still
having sex with Auerbach,

I know two people that might
not be so happy about it.

Well, let's go talk to them.

But I get the assistant,
and you get monkey boy.


If you have sex with a woman
with two names, does that...

No, it doesn't count as a threesie.

Well, I see you got your remote back.

But I have to watch her shows.

You going somewhere?

I don't believe that.

It's true. They never stopped.

All those years,
all those protests, they kept at it.

Just like a couple of rabbits.

It doesn't bother you that she was
doing that with the man you hated?

She lied. People lie.

Anyway, I'm out of here as soon as she
gets back to take care of the animals.

Do you mind?

They're Bomba's. Ask her.

I don't do this for the money.
We don't get any of it.

My little brother died of cancer.

After watching that, really,
what else could I do?

Why work with Auerbach?

For Auerbach.

Because he was the best.
No one else came close.

I joined a club to impress a girl once.

Man, was I ever young.

I joined Ban Animal Torture

because I believe in the cause,
not to impress Betsy...


I can't even remember the cause.
I remember the girl.

I ended up marrying her.

Aren't you supposed to be
looking for a killer?

That's what I'm doing.

Excuse me for saying this, Jill,
but the way you talk about Auerbach,

it kind of sounds like you loved him.

Me in love with
Auerbach is impossible.

Because you are?

A woman who values her own worth.

He may have been a genius, but he was
also an egotistical, selfish jerk.

Some women go for that.
Devoted assistant types, especially.

Yeah, I've heard that, Detective.

But I don't.

He was cruel to me.

He was cruel to almost everyone
he came into contact with.

Was he cruel to anyone in particular?

You married?

Her mate died in Auerbach's lab.

And still Betsy Borns was having
sex with Auerbach, with that killer.

Animals are people, but I guess
some people are animals, too, right?


Bustamante, the janitor,
Auerbach just loved to pick on him.

Auerbach was having a bad day,
work wasn't going well,

Bustamante caught the heat.

You didn't mention this before because?

I didn't think of it.

Bustamante's around all the time,

but you never see him, you know?

You said anyone who works in the
lab could have switched those tanks.



I didn't let it bother me.
I needed the work.

Besides, a guy like you,
if you wanted to,

you could take care of him
any time you want, right?

And if I did, I would have
used my hands, not those hoses.

The way he used his hands on you?

We heard you broke a beaker,
and he threw his lab book at you.

Slapped you if the lab
wasn't clean enough.

Look, he got what he deserved.

I don't feel bad about it.


But I saw something.

What kind of something?

Someone, that night,
coming out of his lab.

I didn't wanna say nothing before
because I didn't want to get involved.

I saw a woman.

Do you know this woman?

Maybe. I try not to pay
too close attention.

Well, let's see if we can figure
out a way for you to see her again.

We tape people going into the building,
not out. Standard flow control theory.

You think about my offer?

What offer?

You're just being selfish. I mean,
what am I asking for, really?

You're flushing it down
the toilet, anyway.

- There, there. That's her.
- Freeze that.

Can you zoom in there?

Anything for you, Detective.

Holy Hannah. That's Deborah Leigh.

Well, according to the time stamp,

she entered well before the murder.

Come in with a crowd,
less chance of being noticed.

When did you see her leave?

A little after midnight.

Just after the killing.

Billy, you have to understand.

This has nothing to do with you.

So, what, I'm just
like a monkey to you?

Just like Bomba?
Maybe I should live in a cage.

Is that what you'd like,
for me to live in a cage?

Door. Unlocked.

Deborah Leigh, you are under arrest

for the murder of Dan Auerbach.

Billy, tell them I was with you.

We have video of you entering
the lab on the day of the murder.

I was there earlier that day.

To do what?

You know what.

Billy, don't be a child.
Tell them I was with you.

We have a witness who puts you in
the lab when Auerbach was killed.

Well, whoever is saying that is a liar.

You're the liar. Whore!


So I guess it did bother you
that she and Auerbach were...


You tried to be a man
about it when I was last here.

You did a good job.

But you're hurt, kiddo.

So go ahead and call her
all the names you want.

But then, you tell us what you know.


Tell them.

The same hands that tortured
animals touched your body.

Like you wanted to touch her?

Okay, yes!

Like I wanted to, but never...

Billy. I'm so sorry.

No, you're not! Don't say that!

All right, enough.
We're taking her away now.

They're gonna put her in a cage.
She'll get a number,

and they'll treat her like
an animal like she deserves.

You will never
have to see her again.


We were at a prayer vigil.

I shot video of her.

I always shot video of her.

Any reason why you didn't
just tell us all this before?

Jim told us to disobey the police.

Jim? The guy in your shoes?

I'm leaving. Bomba's coming with me.

Maybe in a while you can see her,
but not now.

I guess I was too nice to the animals.

That's why you couldn't love me.

Does your daughter
ever talk about Detective Crews?

No. Why would she?

Because they're partners.

We don't talk about
the job in the house.

Not now, not ever.

Still, you must be very proud of her,
following in your footsteps.

Hey, fellas.
Any of you see who killed Auerbach?

I know nobody likes a rat, but seeing
as you guys are already rats...

You look like a rat I knew inside.

You got family up in Pelican Bay?

Detective Crews.

Your alibi checked out.
We've moved off you as a suspect.

"Moved off." Is that cop talk?

Detective Crews, why are you here?


did you really send
an innocent man to prison?

Get out of my house.

You'd need a pretty big dose
of this to do any real damage.

You just inaled it?


You may experience psychic
disturbances, hallucinations.

Anything like that yet?

Nope, nothing.

Maybe you should drive me home.


No! No!

No! No! No!

This is a really nice car.

It's Italian. From Italy.

I've never been to Italy.
You been to Italy? Would you like to go?

They have souls there. Italian souls.

Extremely tasty souls.

Let's talk about it tomorrow.

I'm sorry your lover is dead.

Me, too.

I wish she'd stop doing that.

Detective Reese?

Is that you?

Hey, Ted. This is Betsy Borns.
She lives with a monkey.

Charlie, this is Hal Orton,

dean of the business school.

Get your hair caught in the car door?

Yeah, that's right.

Oh, I tried that already.

Of course you did.

Oh, I can see your keys
right there on the front seat.

Of course you can. Do you have a knife?

- No. Why?
- So I can cut my hair.

One time, I got something caught in
a car door, but it was not my hair.

Did you cut it off?

No, but I did use these.

So, Mr. Crews, Ted here handles
your considerable settlement?

Why would you wanna know that?

Well, it's a business school, Charlie.

My business, since I got out,
has been growing your wealth.

Ted and I were in jail.

He knows that.

For a very long time.

I've been thinking, we should
have learned to play the harmonica, Ted.

Maybe I should come back.

That's what I've been thinking.

Maybe you should come back.

I really am sorry your lover is dead.

I'm really sorry, too.

And I'm the sorriest of all.

Excuse me.

Oh, sorry.

Listen, Detective, when I was
heading over to my car right now,

I couldn't help
but overhear you saying,

no, screaming, "No, no, no, no,"
and pounding your wheel.

I'm a punch-the-roof guy, myself.

And I know you think
I'm a bit of a clown,

but if you ever really wanna talk,

I've been through some stuff.

I got it. I got it. I got it. See?

Thank you.

Anybody else think this is weird?


If the protest video puts Betsy in
Oxnard at the time of the killing,

then why did Bustamante say he
saw her in the lab that night?


You, um... You don't just
see women who aren't there.

He was lying, Crews.

Why would he lie?

Let's find out.

He was lying because he was stealing.

The janitor.

Around all the time,
but you never really see him.

Well, we see him now.

Who is this?

Industrial espionage.
Bustamante gives her the pills.

And she gives him the money.

I can see him Tuesday, then?

You mind if I take a look in there?


This is?


Our son.

You're his wife?

Ex. I'm his ex-wife.

You'll see him Tuesday? Your son?

That's right. My son.

Got your divorce papers here.

You didn't mention you and your wife
were split when she alibied you.

That's right. I didn't.

Ugly divorce, looks like.

Got no custody, it looks like.

That's right. She got everything.

When did your son get sick?

Two years ago.

Rare form of cancer.

You know, and you,
with access to these pills.

The pills were working.

So what went wrong, Abel?

He caught me stealing them.



Then what did you do?

He wouldn't give the pills to me.

To my son.

I killed him.

Auerbach wouldn't give me the pills,

so I killed him.

What is it you were flushing down
the toilet that Brenford wants?

My urine. Or my blood.

He thinks I'm healthy.
He wants to study it.

No, that's not what he wants.

No? What does he want?

He wants to study you.

That's what I just said.

No, Reese. He wants you.

And his play is asking me
for fluid samples?

Well, he's a scientist.

They're all scientists.

We may have solved a murder, Reese,

but we have not solved the murders.

Murders? Why these rats, Reese?

The rats with the blue and
yellow tags are still alive.

The rats with the red tags are dead.
Why these rats, Reese?

I'll tell you why these rats.

These rats are from the control group.

Which means they are
not chosen at random.

Why would you only kill
rats in a control group?

You kill these rats to cover up the
fact that the drug wasn't working.

Okay, but Bustamante says
it was working on his kid.

That child has a rare form of cancer.

If Brenford wants to cash in on the drug,
it'll have to work much wider than that.

Who would wanna cover that up?

Why these rats, Abel?

I already told you.
They're just rats.

No, they're not just rats.

They were living souls,
and they died for a reason.

Who told you to kill these rats?

No one told me anything.

- Who killed Auerbach?
- I did.

But not with your hands, like a man?

You're going to jail, Abel.

That's okay.

See, that's the part
that makes me curious.

Why is it okay?

You covering up for someone, Abel?

You take the fall, while someone
gives your son those pills,

when you're in jail?

What do you want from me?

You're a smart guy, Abel.
You know you're going away.

If it were me, and I were going,

I'd keep a little protection.

A little something to make
sure those pills don't stop.

That'd be the smart thing.

So how do you make sure your son keeps
getting those pills when you're in jail?

We're shutting down the lab, Abel.

There are no pills for anyone now.

You're going to jail for nothing.

No more pills?

You have to take me to the lab.

This was gonna save your son?

Start with the corners.

You're joking. They're all corners.

Thank you for coming by, Ms. Abraham.

What is she doing here?

Jill Abraham, this is Betsy Borns.

I know who she is.

And I know who you are.

In fact, I used to be you.

Yeah? Who are you now?

Ladies, please. We have
a small science problem.

Since both of you are scientists,

we thought maybe you could
give us some help.

As you know, Abel Bustamante has been
arrested for the murder of Dr. Auerbach.

Now, we found this on him.
We think it's from the lab.

We know it's evidence.
See those little squiggles, there?

That's science stuff, right?

You're going to put this
back together by hand?

We've had some practice.

The variations in the pieces
are too minute to do it by hand.

That's what I told them.

You'll need a laser measure.

I could take it back to my lab.
I have the right equipment there.

That's a great idea. Why don't you?

It's the lunch menu.

That, there, it's the lunch menu.

You were right.
We couldn't do it by hand.

It was all corners.

Now, Ms. Abraham, you're a scientist,

so maybe you can help us out here.

That's science, right?

Yeah, um...
But I don't recognize it.

Are you sure? Because Betsy
thinks she knows what it is.

Since she used to be you,
we thought you might know what it is.

It's a calculation.

Figuring how much liquid nitrogen
it would take to kill a man

who is 71 inches tall,
and weighs 183 pounds.

And that's about Dr. Auerbach's size.

My guess? We find his medical file,

that's exactly Auerbach's size.

My guess? That handwriting there,
it's yours, Jill.

You kill Auerbach. You set up Betsy
first, and when she alibis out,

you had Bustamante there to take the fall.

A backup plan. That's good.

Dr. Auerbach was calling off the study

because the drug
wouldn't work wide enough.

There was no money in it.

That's why she killed those rats.

To make it look like it was working.

Tidwell gets it now.

And, FYI, I had the sexy
assistant pegged from the get-go.

Auerbach was a thief!

He stole seven years of my life.
And then, what?

The study's no good?
The drug is no good?

And you're no good?

You knew he used oxygen to stay alert.

You switched those tanks.

You killed Auerbach.

He was throwing me away!

He was still Auerbach.
And all I was, was a failed study.

My career was over. No one was
calling off that study. No one.

You used to be me?

Well, you can be me again,
because I don't wanna be me anymore.

Auerbach's lab is evidence.

All those pills are evidence.

Sometimes evidence gets misplaced.


So I just wanna say thank you so much

for giving Ted another chance,
dean Orton.

Well, Ted explained
what happened, so...

Yes, you know how
in your line of work,

sometimes you'll find
yourself in a lab,

And you knock something over.

And you inale something that you shouldn't,
and the next thing you know...

Well, it's over and done with.
Let's move on. Okay?

Now, perhaps you can tell me,
Mr. Crews,

the way in which Mr. Earley has
diversified your holdings, huh?


Excuse me for one moment.
Ted, go ahead and start.

Hey, Jen.

You asked my husband
permission to have sex with me?

It was the honest thing to do.

It was the stupid thing to do.

When things like that happen,
you pretend it didn't and you go on.

You don't talk about it
with the husband of the woman

you want to have sex with
in the back of a car.

Do we want to pretend
it never happened?

That would be
the civilized thing to do.

We want to be civilized?

You guys see that? She was here, right?
You saw her hit me?