Life (2007–2009): Season 1, Episode 4 - What They Saw - full transcript

A man is found murdered in his bed, with multiple witnesses telling different stories of who shot him.

Previously on "Life"

Every day I spend above ground

is a reason to celebrate

The money and the badge
are the settlement

Ames is retired LAPD

You go near his house or him,
and he'll shoot you

Here's what's left of Tom Seybolt

Dead couple had 2 kids

- I want to know where she is
- She's gone

Her family died
and she got a new one

Don't try to find her

Hello? Charlie?

The door was open.

- Cupcakes?
- You want one?

You should lock your door.

I called twice.

Phone, pool.
Tina, Gina...

I did what you asked.

Children's Service records
on Rachel Seybolt.

You had them unsealed?

- What do you want with her?
- She used to call me "Uncle".

That was a long time ago.

I think seeing
what she went through...

she may need some help.
I might be in a position to do that.

I had her records unsealed.

The file was gone.

The jacket was empty.

It's not a big conspiracy.
It's social services.

I'm sure the records
fell behind a cabinet.


You think they're not
good for me?

I don't think
you should be living on them.

I don't think I'd be living at all.

I know, Charlie. I know.

- Detective Crews is here.
- Then I called security.

By the time the guard came,
it was too late.

Stephanie, this is the police,
not the security company.

Don't edit me, Drew.
Just back off.

Clear those people out front.
We don't need a mob.

I want their statements ASAP.

Detective Crews called.
Said he's already here.

- Find him.
- Okay.

What've we got?

Victim, male, master bedroom.
Can't find a gun.

Signs of a break-in.
Back door is busted.

Yeah. So the alarm went off.

Do you know how many
false alarms I get?

- Check his gun.
- It isn't real.

Company's afraid I'll get sued
if I shoot anybody...

not that I ever get to.

Alright. Where are we?
Anyone see Detective Crews?

You got a problem
with gay marriage, Officer?

I embrace our city's
rich diversity.

Like the department policy
says I should.

You find his ring?

LAPD! Show me your hands!

Do you not see the gun?

What have you got there?

Cut it out and get down here
or I'm coming up after you.

Oh, please.
I just bought this suit.

This is Len Sand's partner,
James "Muthupalaniawikma" something.

Hi, James. Let me help you.
I'm Detective Reese.

How could anyone kill Lenny?
Everyone loved Lenny.

Did Mr. Sand wear
a wedding ring?

We both did, always.
We had them made special.

We found your partner.

Get up!

You don't throw things
at the LAPD.

You're lucky I'm enlightened.

I'm not as enlightened
as my partner!

He was hiding down here.

I identified myself.
He threw a toaster at me!

Throwing toasters
at the LAPD is bad.

It makes you look like
you're guilty of something.

Got anything in your pockets
that will stick me?

Look. You've got a dead man's
wedding ring in your pocket.

You're under arrest
for the murder of Len Sand.

Take him away.

- You called me your partner.
- When?

- Just now.
- No, I didn't.

- Yes, you did.
- No. I never said that.

You heard her, didn't you?

You meant to rob,
not hurt anybody, right?

It was an accident.
Where's the gun by the way?

You been drinking?

Smells like it.

So you were drunk and
didn't know what you were doing.

Look, I'm trying to help you.

Anyone dies during a
burglary it's first degree murder.

- Special circumstances

you're looking at the gurney.
- Baby powder!

For the poison ivy you got.

You ran through it on the hill.
You must not have seen it.

I'd like to get out of here.
I don't like it inside much.

- Can't breathe in here?
- Yeah. How'd you know?

- Why are you shouting?
- Am I?

It's been so long since
I've talked to anyone. My voice...

- Sounds weird?
- Yeah, that's right.

Like someone else
whispering in your ear?

How'd you know?

- What's your name?
- Holt Easley and I'm 61.

- Ever been arrested?
- Not for murder.

I don't think
I've ever picked up a felony...

Alright. Why were you
in the backyard?

I live there.
It's better than shelters.

But I've never been
in the house.

Why do you have the victim's
wedding ring in your pocket?

I found it.

I did. I swear to God.

Why were you trying to get away?

- If I say, can I go?
- No.

- Can I get a drink?
- No. But if you confess...

we won't charge you
with murder one...

or for assaulting
Detective Crews.

Or for stealing
Detective Reese's pen.

I saw that guy who lives
with Sands kill him.


I saw him shoot him in the head.

Then I saw him go throw
the ring in the hills.

I found it.

I was going to trade it for booze.

Here. Take it.

Anything that goes down
his pants, you keep.

So, what do you think?

I think he's lying.
He's a drunk and a thief.

Or a nonconformist.
Cowboy on the range.

You actually believe
that crap you say?

It's not important what I believe.

It's important what he believes.

You give a flower sun,
it opens up.

You give a man respect,
same thing.

You think you're working him.
He's working you.

Drunks are great at telling you
what you want to hear.

Now you think he's innocent.

How long did you work
the Crews case?

- Four years
- That's a huge commitment

Most things worthwhile are

Now that Crews is free,

do you need someone else to save?

It's not about what I need

Crews, isn't it?
Oh, man...

I'm Neil Cudahy.

You're the reason I'm sitting here.


When I saw on TV that Griffiths
got you out, I said:

"That girl's got to be my lawyer."


Charged with assaulting a man
I don't even know.

Can you believe it?

The sweetest part is
I don't even have to pay.

She's doing me pro bono.

Did she do you pro bono?


What are you doing here?

- We have an appointment.
- Yes, we do. Later today.

I can't figure out this calendar.

- What's with Cudahy?
- He's a client.

I want to talk to you about it.

I can't talk to you about
a client. You know that.

What are you doing?

Come back for
your appointment scheduled.

- Settle down.
- What's my stuff doing here?

You mean the stuff you stole?

- Never stole in my life.
- You stole my pen.

Everything I got in the world,
including your pen, I found.

You wouldn't believe
what the rich throw out.

It works.

If I had a place to plug it in,
I'd use the hell outta that.

Got me through winter.

There was $5, a chapstick
and 6 rubbers in the pocket.

I kept them just in case.

Once I found 9 clay pigs.

The only thing
they don't throw out is alcohol.

Why would James kill Len?

We talked to their neighbors.

They say James and Len
seemed happy together.

But I'll tell you this.

What seems isn't always
what is...

- especially with rich people.
- Can you prove any of this?

Did anyone see you
dumpster dive?

The security guard ran me off
a few times.

- Smith?
- You can ask him. I'm not afraid.

Except for the confusion
over your pen...

I isn't lied once.

Homeless guy?
Never seen one living there.

- You're not too bright are you?
- Average, I guess. Why?

Why did you ignore the alarm...

and the call from the neighbor
about a scream?

I didn't like going
by the Sand place.

Made me sick.

- Because they're gay?
- No, because I'm lazy.

We done?

The guard didn't know Easley
lived in the backyard.

So, he doesn't confirm
Easley's story.

Maybe the guard's lying.

Coroner found fibers.
Looks like the shooter wore gloves.

The guard, Smith,
wore gloves that night.

We tested them.
No gunshot residue.

Easley says he saw James.

Let's see if James
says he saw Easley.

Yes. This is my jacket
and these are our things.

Were these stolen from your house
the night Len was killed?

No. We threw these away
months ago.

Where'd you find them?

A concerned citizen
turned them in.

With this.

But where's the rest of it?

- Sorry?
- The rest of the things?

It means a lot you found
Len's ring, but...

- you didn't find anything else?
- You seem surprised.

Not surprised. Disappointed.

The things stolen were
what Len loved best.

A watch, his mother's

They left
all the expensive things.

How'd they know what was
most important to Len?

I don't know.

But whoever did this,
knew Len really well.

So, if the neighbors were
near enough to hear a scream...

What else did they hear?

Len and James
were a great couple.

- You never heard them fight?
- No.

That's why I called Smith
when I heard the scream.

It took him forever to come.
Tell him your theory, Drew.

It's not a theory, Stephanie.
It's not anything.

I just heard Officer Smith
say terrible things...

homophobic things,
particularly about Len and James.

Drew thinks Smith killed Len,
that it was a hate crime.

I never said that.

Yes, you did. Don't lie.
You're such a hypocrite.

Hypocrite? My, my,
has someone been reading?

- Don't talk to me like I'm dumb.
- Then don't act that way.

All rich people are crazy.
It's not just you.

I think I'll give you my card.


Drew says it's the guard.
Easley says it was James.

They call themselves neighbors,
but don't seem very neighborly.

- Detective Crews?
- Yes!

I couldn't talk before,
but my husband Drew

killed Len Sand

Promise me my identity
won't be revealed.

We'll do what we can
to protect your anonymity.

Why do you think Drew
killed Len Sand?

Because, sadly my husband
is a homosexual.

He was having an affair
with Len Sand.

I think Len called it off,
so Drew killed him.

You saw this?
You saw the murder?

I saw Drew leaving Len's house
after I heard the scream.

That's why I called Smith...

to tell him I had heard
the scream...

because I didn't want Drew
to know I saw him.

You heard Drew.
He's trying to frame Smith for this.

- Do you have proof?
- I'm his wife. He hid things from me.

I wouldn't testify
against him anyway.

Truth is, I love him.

But I can't live
like this anymore.

If we solve this fast,
we won't have to book Easley.

- Why do you care?
- I like him.

If I was a cowboy,
he'd be my goofy sidekick.

Kind of like how you're mine.

An affair?

Len and Drew Borns
were having an affair?

- Are you serious?
- Mrs. Borns thinks so.

She said she saw Drew leave here
the night of the shooting.

Did you ever suspect
that they'd have an affair?

No. But they were good friends.

I always used to tease Len...

that he and Drew
would make a good couple.

I suspected Drew
was closeted, but...

Look, it's possible.

We don't have enough evidence
to take to a grand jury...

to charge Drew or James.

We've got an eyewitness
who says it was James.

A drunk homeless guy
we should've booked already.

If the grand jury believes Easley,
we can arrest James.

- Easley won't last in jail.
- We don't book him, we lose him.

We can't baby-sit him forever,
Crews. Sorry.

I won't last too long
in County, boss.

Easley, they've got a good
medical wing in there.

- Tell them you have Hep C.
- But I don't have Hep C.

It'll buy you a few days
in the infirmary...

while they run tests.
Hang in there.

- I'll hang in there. Sure.
- Give me something.

- That shows you're not lying.
- What do you think I've been doing?

I can't think straight inside.
I need to breathe. I can't in here.

The window.
There was a man with a gun.

You see it, Easley?
Look at it hard.

I told you. It's James.

- Shooting the gun.
- Tell me everything you see.

James is pissed off.
He's got the gun.

- What do you want?
- What's he wearing?

A ties and a suit, I guess.

And gloves. He's got gloves.

- You told him to say that?
- No. I didn't. I swear.

Smith wore gloves.

- Gloves like those?
- No, they were different.

Come on, let's go.

Coroner's report backs his story.

He saw what happened. That's
how he knows about the gloves.

Or it's because he's the killer.

Look at him. He look like
he shot a guy to death?

- If so, let's book him. If not...
- It's time.

- Bus leaves in 5 minutes.
- Boss, please don't make me go!

Nobody's taking you anywhere.
I promise.

Alright, alright.

He's ready. We got him.

We'll take him to the DA now.

So, thanks a lot. What?

You never saw a bluff?

- I'm hungry.
- Tough.

- I could eat something.
- What'd I just say?

- Could we go for burgers?
- I could go for...

- No!
- We got to eat.

- Tacos?
- I love tacos.

That's it. Either of you...

says another word
about food or anything...

I'm turning the car around
and he's going to jail.

What's that smell?

That's humanity, baby.

Is this the right time?

Yes, but who's your friend?

Easley. If you're hungry,
there's food in the kitchen.

I think he's a witness,
though he may be the killer.

Why is her here?

If he's guilty,
you have a new client.

If he's innocent,
you've got a new cause.

Better than Neil Cudahy.
I checked his files.

- Neil is not a good guy.
- You checked his files?

- I need a toilet.
- Down the hall to the right.

Have you got a private one?

Easley, be neat.

Neil Cudahy is a client.

You cannot check his file.

It's okay. No problem!

You've got a nice set up.

Thank you. Can you go
back there a minute?

- We're not done.
- I'd rather not.

- It's rank.
- What's this stack of mail?

Your bills, and I wish
you wouldn't have Ted...

- pay them.
- Ted's good with money.

Ted's good at stealing money.

This is from the Alcohol
and Tobacco Commission.

It's the liquor license from
the bar you and your partner owned.

Since you were acquitted,
you can have it back.

They fired me because
I didn't answer that call.

We never found the stuff
that was stolen...

the night Sand was shot.

Did you happen to see it when
you were poking around there?

No. I never poked around
the Sands place.

I don't like to be near gays.

Because you can catch being gay.

There's that, yeah.

Why'd you lie about Easley?

He says you knew
he was living there.

I knew it looked bad
him living there.

Screw it.
They fired me anyway.

Rich people suck.

Liquor license is hard to get.

That's a valuable asset, Charlie.

Excuse me. This is my plate.

- That's your plate.
- You weren't eating.

Because I was talking.

Can I work in your bar?

Okay, you know what?
Here, you eat...

while the adults talk, okay?

I could run it for you.
I'd love to run a bar.

The last time I ran a bar,
my partner ended up dead.

What are the odds
of that happening twice?

The lady lawyer says he steals.
I heard her.

Alright, again...

tell me what you saw
that night in detail.

I'll need a drink
if I'm to keep going.

Maybe we should let him sleep.

Easley is the only way
we can get to James.

First step is getting
a grand jury to believe...

that Easley saw James
shoot Sand.

If they do, they'll indict.
If they don't, James walks.

I'm getting you a drink.

Wait, we don't want him
hung over in court?

- When was your last hangover?
- 1974.

He's a functional alcoholic.
He looks better with booze.

Trust me.

They got Drew Borns downtown
for questioning.

- He's there without a lawyer.
- What do we do with Easley?

Whoa. This isn't bad.

When I get back, I'll bring
you something to help you sleep.

I'll be waiting.

I'm not a killer.
I run my own hedge fund!

Stephanie and I fight, but
I can't believe she thinks I did it.

Do you believe she thinks
you're gay?

Yes. I can believe that.

Really? Why is that?

She's very aggressive sexually.

I work hard, long hours.
I get tired.

Whenever I don't want sex,
she tells me I'm gay.

She's intolerant,
homophobic and unstable.

I love her. I'm rich enough
to take care of her...

but I won't go to jail
for something I didn't do.

Any more questions, call me.
I've got nothing to hide.

But don't you dare
accuse me of anything.

In most cases we get
no eyewitnesses.

This case we get two.
And they both suck.

Stephanie says it was Drew.
Easley says it was James.

- You really think Easley's lying?
- No, no.

If he were, he would've jumped
on blaming Drew.

We gave him the chance,
but he wouldn't do that.

Oh, my God. I locked him in.
Is anyone hurt?

Excuse me, is...

What'd you bring me?

I fell asleep smoking.

Firemen came and cut me out.

- Where'd you get the booze?
- I'll be honest with you...

there's a liquor store
on the corner.

When the owner came out to see
what all the fuss was about...

I went in a took some.

Crews, he's all yours. 24-7.

You wanted him, you got him.

Sand's will was filed
in Probate Court.

Says James gets all the property
when Sands dies.

James had financial motive.

- Did Drew have one?
- No. Drew's rich.

If he killed James,
it wasn't for money.

- Who are you?
- I'm Charlie's roommate.

No, I'm Charlie's roommate.

- He's staying in your house?
- Yes. And he's touching my stuff.

I think he used my toothbrush.

Did not. Smell my breath.
It isn't close to minty.

If I'd used your toothbrush,
I'd be minty.

I wouldn't use
another man's toothbrush.

- How many coffees did he have?
- Six.

Once we got that machine going,
we really let it ride.

Alright. Take him home
and get him cleaned up.

He's going to the grand jury.

We're going to bring
sexy back to the bar scene.

Our target demographic
is 18-29 year olds...

- to create the initial buzz.
- Got to be 21 to drink.

We'll serve "tapas" and "sushi".

You got to get the young in
for the dancing.

The old will follow.

I wouldn't drink there.
It's too fancy.

Yeah, but you're not
out target demographic, okay?

Our specialties will be
"coladas" and "daiquiris".

- Sounds fruity.
- You know what?

Charlie loves fruit.

And the markup on fruit drinks
is huge.

Let's talk names.

One word names are hot.

"Stir" is good.
Also "Shaken".

Sounds fruity.

You should grow more trees.
For privacy.

Nobody will see
when you kill Ted.

- Nice suit.
- It's Ted's.

It's too clean.
Nothing in the pockets.

I used to keep a big
rubber band in my pocket.

It lost its snap, dried out.

I liked that rubber band.

- Are you going to make it?
- I don't think so.

We'll be waiting outside
the whole time.

- You're not going in?
- No.

Witnesses in the grand jury
have to go alone.

- Crews, he won't make it.
- What can we do?


What can we do?

Witness prep.

If we don't indict now,
James is going.

- You want him to testify or not?
- I feel better, Boss.


Okay. Thanks.



Your friend here said
he'd never been in Sand's house.

Labs came back
and his DNA was all over it.

You're not going to the jury.
You're going to jail.

You were the lead detective
on the Crews murder case?

Yeah, I worked that case

Took my twenty after we closed it

No DNA's going to tell me
we got the wrong guy

Easley's DNA is in the house.

How do we explain that?

He's got a nice smile.

I'm not sure I know
what you mean by that.

For a guy who lives in the woods,
he's got a nice smile.

Ted said he used his toothbrush.

You know? I think he was minty.

I don't know what DNA is.

How do I know how it got
in the house?

Okay, I used Ted's toothbrush
because I didn't have one.

And you tracked mud
in and out of our house.

You take your shoes off
when you went into Sand's place?

I just used the bathroom
sometimes, to get clean.

You should've told us.

I didn't because I know
it looks bad.

But I never went inside,
unless no one was home.

- How could you tell?
- Windows.

- They had the most. And few trees.
- You're lying.

I'm not lying this time!
I swear!

Prove it right now
or I walk out...

and you go back to D-unit
and die there.

What do you want me to say?
I'll say whatever you want.

Wait, Boss.
Please, don't leave me.

I'm not your boss.

I'm not your friend
and no more chances.

You're all out.

Alright, back it up.

Okay, okay.

I can prove James Mer...,
I can't say his name...

is the killer
but we'll need a shovel.

Crews, he's playing us...

because there's nothing here
that even...

- Clay pig.

- Okay.

You got the list of things
James said was stolen?


First item: 4 folders
of antique coins.

- Yeah. Got those.
- How about sterling silverware?

Yeah, got that too.

- What about letters?
- No, no letters.

Love letters.

Signed by...

Drew Borns.

- You know what else there is?
- What?

Yes. I wrote those letters.

My fingerprints could be
in the things in the bag, too.

Len always showed those off
when we went to visit.

You stole the letters
along with the other things...

that Len Sand loved. Why?

They are all addressed
to my love, no name.

Those are letters I gave
to my wife, Stephanie.

Can you prove that?

No. I don't keep copies...

of love letter to my wife.
I didn't know I needed to.

James and Stephanie put that
there hoping we'd find it...

and blame Drew.

They didn't count on Easely
taking it and burying it.

But how do we prove it?
Drew looks guilty.

We know that. We know
James and Stephanie know that.

They don't know we know.
What they do know is that...

if we found the bad,
we focus on Drew.

So they don't know what
to say when we come.

I didn't hear a plan.

Let's see if they embrace
not knowing what they don't know.

No, I didn't get it.
Are you sure?

Okay. I'll look for it again.

Why'd you call me down here?

No big deal. Can you just
give me one minute?

Something we could do
over the phone?

Maybe I should have them
send it down again.


Have a seat, Stephanie.
Do you know how I got that bag?

- Why would I know that?
- James gave me that bag.

That's what he's talking
to Detective Crews about.

So, James.

Your neighbor,
Stephanie Borns...

found the items
that you reported stolen.

She's giving my partner
her statement.

- When did she find them?
- She called this morning.

But don't worry. The items
will be indexed and returned.

- Plus a few you left out.
- Left out?

- What things?
- Here's the list.

- You don't know what in the bag?
- I told you I don't know.

Because James said you do.

He told my partner you know
exactly what's in the bag.

Two "la-lee-kay" candlesticks.
Did I pronounce that right?

- "Lalique".
- That's glass, right?

- It's French glass.
- Weird, her bring the bag in.

It's your stuff. You'd think
she'd just call you about it.

I guess people just like
to cooperate with the police.

James gave me this bag
and said you shot Len Sand...

that you shot his husband.

He's finalizing his statement
with Detective Crews.

You got a first edition
book on bondage.

"Of Human Bondage".

- By "Mawg-ham"?
- Maugham.

- French, like the glass?
- English, like the language.

He says you shot Len Sand
using that gun, Stephanie.

It has your husband's prints
all over it.

My husband's prints.

James said you wanted to frame
Drew for murder...

so you shot Sand and left
the gun and other objects...

- for us to find.
- Why would I do that?

I had no motive to kill Len.
I liked him.

We couldn't figure out
the motive.

You didn't get anything
from Len Sand's death.

That's true. I didn't.

But you'd get everything
if Drew was blamed for it.

Come on, Stephanie.
Drew's rich. You're not.

He controls the money.

Your prenup states
that you get everything...

if Drew gives you
cause for a divorce.

A murder conviction, that's cause.

You and James both make out.

You get all Drew's money
and he gets all of Len Sand's.

But James over there...

got cold feet
and brought us this bag.

Okay, let me see.
Almost done.

One Patek-Philippe Chronograph.
What is that?

A watch.

They should have just
written that. I'll fix it.

"W-A-T-C-H". Watch.

He says you shot Sand,

He gave use the bag
and said you shot Sand.

You had access to Drew's gun.
It makes sense.

These are all on the list?

Just one last item.
An automatic 40-caliber.

That's a gun, James.

Should I write it down that way?

G- U-N?

Stephanie, time is running out.

Talk now or pay later.

Okay, okay. I took the gun.

But I didn't kill Len.

I gave the gun to James.

He shot him. He did it.

I'd get Drew's money,
and he'd get Len's.

But I never shot anyone, okay?

We were going to frame Drew,
but James shot Len, not me.

Not me!

My partner and Stephanie
have been in there a long time.

What are they talking about?
Stephanie's pretty high strung.

Have you noticed that?

God. What did you tell them?

What have you done?
What have you done?

James, you put the bag
on the hillside...

knowing we'd find it.

You didn't count on
Holt Easley...

finding it first and burying it.

That was going to be his treasure.

That bag of stuff I found
was going to be my ticket.

If you want, you can stay
at my house a while.

Sure, Boss. I may do that.

He can use the bathroom when
he wants without it being a felony.

A man's got to stay minty...

- isn't that right, Easley?
- That's right.

See? Minty.

And the daughter, where was she?

At a sleepover

How many times
I got to tell you that?

She was there, wasn't she?

Her bed was unmade.

She was there when it happened.
Not at a sleepover.

Rachel was in the house.



Jeez, Charlie, you scared me.

I didn't mean to.

What're you doing here?

I want to ask you to do something
and I need you to do it.

Charlie, tell me
why you're here.

I need you to drop Neil Cudahy
as a client.

You need me to?

- What does that mean?
- You know what it means.

You want to save him, Connie?

I'm just defending him.

You want to save him
like you saved me?

Because he's not me, Connie.

- What are you asking?
- That you drop Neil Cudahy.

- That's all you're asking?
- Yeah.

Don't back away from this.

You started it
when you came here tonight.

I just want you to drop
Neil Cudahy.

You don't have the right
to ask that.

Unless you want that right.

Do you, Charlie?

I was looking for you
and I didn't even know it.

And now you're here
and I can't have you.

You're married.

And if I weren't?

You have a husband.

I think about you
when I'm with him.

I need you to be all the way in.

And if you can't be
all the way in...

then I need you all the way out.

You know I can't do this.

Yeah. Okay.

Whatever you're doing that
keeps you from being here...

you're still in prison.

Next time you'll need
another lawyer to get you out.

He was here this afternoon.

I saw him.

Asked if I'd buy him
a giant rubber band.

He said he had one,
but it dried up.

Lost its snap.

Poor Easley.

I thought telling the truth
would set him free.

When has that ever worked?

She saw him.
She saw the killer.