Life (2007–2009): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Fallen Woman - full transcript

Crews and Reese investigate the murder of a young woman who was thrown from a window. Oddly, she was wearing wings at the time and the case immediately becomes a media sensation. The ...

Previously, on "Life"

now that Charlie Crews is free
do you need someone else to save?

It's not about what I need

do I feel bad
about what happened?

Yeah, I feel bad

do I feel guilty? No

I was looking for you
and I didn't even know it

now you're here
and I can't have you

you're married

buy me a drink

- do I know you?
- Does it matter?

I'm Neil Cudahy

- you're the reason I'm sitting here
- is that right?

When I saw on TV that Griffiths
got you out

I said:
"That girl's got to be my lawyer"

is that right

- Hello?
- Charlie?

What's wrong?

- I didn't know who else to call.
- Constance, what happened?

I'm so scared.

What happened?

- It was Cudahy.
- He didn't...?

No, not that.
He wanted money, like you got.

He thought I could get it for him,
and when I said I couldn't...

He hit me. I'm...

So stupid.

I wanted him to be you.

I guess you're not mine anymore.

All those years, you were mine.

- I know.
- Hold me, please.

- Oh god.
- It's going to be okay.

It's a dead angel.

It's a dead woman
with a pair of fake wings.

- How do you know?
- Well...

I know the wings are fake
because I can see the harness.

Maybe she's a real angel
with fake wings.

Why would a real angel have...

No. No.
I'm not doing this with you.

Witness says
she just fell out of the sky.

Angel wings?
The media's going to have a field day.

No ID.
Just the black dress and wings.

She must've hit
the car pretty hard.

- You think she came from...?
- That window.

I think she came from that window.

- Hey, Bobby.
- Yeah.

I was wondering
if I could ask you a favor.

Sure, Charlie, just name it.

I don't remember her checking in.

She probably wasn't wearing wings
at the time.

No clothes in the closet,
no suitcases...

Nothing in the bathroom,
no personal effects at all.

The room is vacant.

A woman wearing angel wings
was pushed out

of a nine storey window

- and smashed into a car
- it's already out of hand.

Unfortunately wings didn't save her

If you're here to ID the angel,
please stay in line.

She wasn't an angel.

- We're aware of that.
- They look like angels...

But they're not.
They're aliens.

- It's the end...
- Of the world.

- When angels die...
- It's the end.

Our singer, angel, left
after a gig at the "tehachapi".

I think it's her.

Want to touch them?

They feel like realies.

No. It's not her. I guess she went
back to "Bryn mawr" after all.

You want to know a secret
about angels?


- We're not always so good.
- Go ahead.

Can we see the picture,
just to be sure?

No. That's not our Kylie.

Detective, may I ask
when you lost your faith?

I'd rather not talk about my faith.

You don't have it any more, do you?

But you used to, didn't you?

We've got a lot of people to get to,
so if you don't mind...

You want it back, don't you?

It's there. Waiting for you.
Whenever you want it.

- You know that, don't you, dear?
- Taking a break.

I'm in no hurry. Go ahead.

Real freak show.
I did the thing you asked.

I went to that guy's work
and apartment.

Hasn't been seen at either
since yesterday.

I ran a list of known associates.
Want me to roust some of them?

- No, I got it.
- What? Are you sure?

- Whatever it is, I'm okay with it.
- Crews...

We got another one.
We've got to go.

What's the deal with Stark?

He wants to start a bowling league.

Just because the wings were fake
doesn't mean she wasn't a real angel.

Isn't there an off button?

I know she wasn't an angel
on a cloud with a harp but...

Maybe she was an angel
in the way we all might be.

We all might be angels?

Let me tell you something.

There might be a few things that
I don't know about myself...

But I'm sure I'm not an angel.

That's the typical humble thing
an angel might say.

- That was very hostile.
- That wasn't close to hostile.

Come on, let's go.

Detectives are here.

Whose genius idea was this?

Right them up
and send them home?

We all did things like this
when we were young, you know.

I tried. Good luck.

You know what I was doing
before I got this call?

I was investigating a homicide.

What you've done is waste my time.

Throwing that off the roof
was a crime...

But wasting my time
is what you're gonna pay for.

- Take them in.
- All right. Let's go.

That was hostile.

Maybe she isn't an angel after all.

Was it a big responsibility,
saving someone's life?

It was a surprising amount of paperwork

several thousand pages

does he feel in debt to you?

Charlie? Detective Crews
doesn't owe me anything

he owes you his life, yes?

I was just doing my job

so he was just one more client?

No, of course not

I would never say that

I don't think I can break that.

No, I don't want change.
I want you to have it.

- How do you know my name?
- I know a lot about you.

I know you spent 3 years in "lompoc".

- You're a cop?
- Not just now, I'm not.

- What do you want?
- I'm looking for your pal, Cudahy.

Don't tell me you don't know him.
Don't do that, okay, Ron?

You celled with him for 14 months
and then you had a business together.

Something to do with girls?

I don't know where he is.

- You broke my finger.
- Dislocated. Don't exaggerate.

What do you think about thought?

I don't understand.

Thought, Ron,
often gets in the way of truth.

Pain clears the mind of thought.

Let all thoughts flee
your mind...

And let the truth make itself known.

I don't know where Cudahy is.

I can make some calls.

Let me make some calls.

- Is that the truth?
- Yeah.

There, good as new.

Better than new, because now
you've had this experience.

If I find Cudahy...

Who should I say
is looking for him?

He'll know.

No ID on her or left in the room.

- It's like she flew out of the sky.
- She flew out of a window.

- It's like she's no one.
- No one is no one.

Now you sound like me.

- Take that back.
- Would it be so bad?

I'm in no hurry.
Go ahead.

Reese, Reese.

I know it's all about the journey,
but, sooner or later...

You're going to have
to get to the front of this line.

I know, I know.

Detective Crews, detective Reese.

- Your name is?
- Jasper, Jasper willens.

How come you keep giving
your turn away?

- Because I'm afraid.
- Afraid of what?

- Afraid of the answer?
- That's right.

There's an answer
at the front of the line.

If you never get there,
you never have to know.

That's right.

You think it'll be bad news
if you find out the truth?

- It usually is. I'm that guy.
- Which guy is that?

- The guy that gets the bad news.
- But you came down here, Jasper.

So you did want to know, no?

Now do you know where you are?

The front of the line.

I saw the photo on the news
of that woman...

On the car,
and I think I know her.

How do you know her?

She's Lena, my wife.

I came home from work last night.

Lena always has dinner ready.

She wasn't home, she never came home,
and then I saw the news.

- She always had dinner ready?
- Every night. She liked to cook.

- May I ask you what work you do?
- I make glue.

I own a company that makes
industrial glues and adhesives.

We moved over 14 million dollars
worth of product last year.

- That's a lot of glue.
- It's what holds us together.

That's our slogan,
"it's what holds us together".

Do you know
why she was at the hotel?

I have to ask...

She was wearing wings.

- Do you know why?
- I never saw those.

I don't know
why she would have them on.

Do you know anyone
who would hurt your wife?

- He would.
- He?

He told me he'd take her away
from me if I didn't pay.

But I paid every month
and he took her anyway.

Who said that?

Tell us his name, Jasper.

Then tell us about your wife.

I met her about two years ago...

At a bar I'd heard of, "ritual".

What did you hear about it?

- It's where an older man can find...
- What he needed?

She was from Russia,
she'd had a hard time there...

And she liked
that I could make her laugh.

- You had to pay every month?
- Not for the first year.

Then we got married and...

I've got to go now.

I just came to see if it was her.

I need to go home now.

What happened
when you got married?

- Is that door locked?
- You're in a police station.

Is that door locked?

What happened
when you were married?

We came home that night
from a party...

And he was in our house.

- Who was?
- Why was he in your house?

He was sitting in my kitchen.

Lena must've given him
the key or alarm code.

He said I owed him for the time
we'd already spent together...

And if I wanted her to stay with me...

I had to pay him every month...

Or he'd take her away
and punish her.

He'd beat her like a dog.

He'd make her live in a cage,
like a dog.

- Tell us his name.
- I paid.

I paid 10,000 dollars every month.

Why did he take her from me
if I paid? Why?

Give us the name
of the man who killed Lena.


- No last name, just Roman?
- That's it.

We're running it but Roman is like...

John in Russia.

- So the Russian girl was a Natasha?
- A Lena.

No, her name was Lena,
but she's a Natasha.

It's a scam some Russians run
on American men.

Get him hooked
on a pretty Russian girl...

Get him married,
then come for the money.

It's a long-term con,
takes Patience.

- Sounds like you admire them.
- I respect how good they are.

- You'll respect them too, or...
- Or?

They'll feed you to their dog.

Industrial glue.
"It's what holds us together".

- A Natasha.
- That's the word for it.

- She was a prostitute, not an angel.
- You can't be both?

I think there's a rule says you can't
be a prostitute and an angel.

I know a prostitute at pelican bay
whose name was angel.

- They had women at pelican bay?
- No, she wasn't a woman... woman.

I didn't know her... him.

But she made a nice carrot cake.

Maybe I should go in first.

It's a kind of upscale pickup joint...

- I'll go in, and I'll...
- And you'll...?

I'll get picked up.

I'll be ten minutes.

- So I'm not too old, I hope.
- No, not too old.

Anyways, I don't like
all these young men in L.A.

- I think I scare them.
- Yeah? Why is that?

Because they're so easy to read.

I can see how silly they are.
They all want one thing.

- Can you read me?
- Do you want me to?

I can tell you have money.

- My watch told you that.
- I can tell it is new money.

How did you know that?

And I can tell you do not know
what to do with your money.

- You know what else I can tell?
- What?

You're a cop.
She is one too.

Her name was Lena.
She was thrown from a window.

I've seen her around,
but not for a long time.

Do you know what a Natasha is?

You let her talk for you?

Do you know a man named Roman?

I know lots of men named Roman,
it's a common name in Russia.

"Officer new money", how can you
let the woman do your business?

I can read people too.

I think it made you sad
when Lena died.

I also think you know about the Roman
my partner asked you about.

Know Roman?
No one knows Roman.

All right, really,
what is it with this guy?

What is with Roman?

He is not what you American cops
are used to.

He was born in a Russian prison.
He's been through hell and back.

- He's not like the rest of us.
- Why is that?

- Roman has no fear.
- I'd like to talk to him.

Can you tell us where to find him?

Don't worry, if you're looking
for him, he'll find you.

But you can't hold onto him.

When you reach for him,
he's not there.

I saw the news.
So she wasn't an angel after all.

- She was just a... what?
- Just a lost girl.

You didn't file a report
about Cudahy, about what happened.

I'm done with it.

You're done with it.

Right, Charlie?
You're done with it.

- What about those boxes?
- Do you like them?

Do you want to talk about
why you're packing books?

Because it's what people do
when they're moving...

- Pack books into boxes.
- I'll need them in New York.

- I'm going to New York.
- What?


- For how long?
- A while.

My firm has a big case there,
I'm going to sit in on it.

New York?

The city that never sleeps.

I've been there.
It sleeps a little. Naps.

I need to go, Charlie.
I need to go away.

My husband, I'm here with him,
but I'm away from him.

And you, I'm here with you,
but I'm not here with you.

I need to go.

Want some help with the boxes?

No. My husband's on his way
and he's going to help me...

Pack them.

So I guess I should take off then.

Yes. Okay.

Roman is Roman nevikov.

We ran financials on "ritual"
he doesn't own it.

A company that he owns
owns a company that owns it.

LAPD has had him on their radar
for years...

Stolen DVDs, identity theft,
gasoline scams.

He also loves the blood sports.

He's heavy into dog fighting,
anything that dies.

He said he'd make Lena his dog.

Said he'd make her live
in a cage like a dog.

That's was Jasper said
Roman would do if he stopped paying.

We've been after him for years...

And I don't see one
indictment in his jacket.

Not one charge in here that sticks.

"You can't hold on to him".

"When you reach for him,
he's not there".

That's what Julia said.

I want you to reach out
and bring backup.

Make sure you hold onto him.

Lena may not have been an angel...

But she was a woman
living in my city.

If Roman killed her,
I want him for it.

23 David in position

Roger 25 David in position
code yellow

-27 David in position Roger
- is he there?

Well, we're not sure.

Either he's in there, or not.

21 David saw him enter the building,
23 and 25 could not verify.

An escalade has pulled up
to the building

- vehicle two
- hold your position.

Is that clear?
Hold your position.

Door's opening

23 David
subject is entering the club

negative that 25 David
subject has left the club in the SUV

23 David, do we have a go
to enter the club?

Need instructions
enter, or follow the vehicle?

- A little freaky, right?
- A little bit.

Okay, "officer new money"...

Cuff me.

Report came back from Interpol.

Roman is wanted
for five murders in Russia.

After he fled the country they found...

Two hockey players
cut up and buried in his basement.

- Man, he's a sociopath.
- What's he doing in this country?

How does he get into the us?

- What are you thinking?
- We started out looking for an angel.

Now we're staring at the devil.

- How're you doing?
- Splendid. I like this room.

- You do?
- 12 years in prison...

And you're still walking upright.

Between us,
you killed that family, didn't you?

- This belongs to you?
- You mean did I own her?

We have a witness
who pins you to human trafficking.

You know the time that carries?

- He won't testify.
- Why not?

How's that rehab working for you?
Down time's the hardest.

Nothing to do,
muscles get all twitchy.

You can taste it
in the back of your throat.

- Shut up.
- All the way in the back.

- Shut your mouth.
- You got hooked working undercover.

- Shut your mouth.
- Took a junkie lover, too.

What happened to him?

Look at me when you talk.

Know what a Natasha is, Roman?

You think she is a Natasha
and I killed her.

Let me ask you a question,
if she was my Natasha...

Earning me money,
why would I kill her?

I'm a businessman.
It's just bad business.

You have a good look.

You ever want to make real money,
you call me, okay?

Detective Dani Reese.

In two minutes
my overpriced lawyer will come in...

And tell you there's nothing
to tie me to this dead girl

then he'll tell you
that we're leaving

It was a pleasure meeting you.

And you, detective.

What if it was one of them
who set you up?


Where are we?

Back at the beginning.

Okay, let's go back
to the beginning.

The room where she was thrown.

When Roman said those things,
did you want to shoot him?

- Yes.
- Me too.

Did you see yourself shooting him?

- Yes.
- Me too.

You lost your faith
because of a guy, not the drugs.

My faith has been gone so long
I can't remember when I lost it.

Or if I ever had it.

So they were here,
but no one was registered.

How do you get in
without registering?

You steal a key.
Or you buy one.

Do your employers know you were fired
from your last 3 jobs for stealing?

Nothing's missing.
I didn't steal nothing.

You can't steal nothing,
nothing doesn't exist.

To steal something
that doesn't exist...

Wait, wait...

If it doesn't exist,
then how can it be something?

I hate that. Don't you hate that?

- It's a mental fart.
- Crews!

Nothing's been stolen, Stan,
but you do have a passkey.

Shall I question you about this,
or about the murder here?

My buddy, Oliver, does my ink.

I pay him with passkeys.
No one was staying here.

How was that stealing?

So what exactly is it you do here?

Tattoos and airbrushed stuff
on cars and bikes.

We work in metal and flesh.

- What does Oliver do?
- Just the designs.

He designed this.
It's good, right?

I have the same design on my Ducati.

Metal and flesh?

That's right.
You want a tattoo?

Oh, I have some.

Come on. How would someone like you
get tattoos?

It's complicated.

That's Oliver's work station.

- When was he last here?
- I don't know. A few days.

People kind of come and go.

You get a great view
of Roman's nightclub from here.

You wouldn't happen to have
Oliver's home address, would you?

Do you really have any tattoos?

You want to see them?

Absolutely not.

Oliver Sanderson?

We have a warrant to search
these premises.

I have a passkey.

That's her, right?

That's Lena.

- Art school graduate.
- And lover of angels.

We find his car around the block
from the hotel where Lena died.

No calls on his landline
since her murder.

- Mail stacked up outside his door.
- No charges on his credit card.

No charges on his Starbucks card.

This kid is nowhere.

No one is nowhere.

- You're sounding like me again.
- Am I?

Okay, that picture with Lena
and the wings...

She posed for that photo.

She put those wings on
so Oliver could take the photo.

You think Lena
put those wings on for Oliver?

Who would Lena talk to about that?

Where is "officer new money"?

"Detective new money".

These Russians are tough.

Sounds like you admire them.

Julia, did Lena pose for that photo?

- Yes.
- Who did she put the wings on for?

For Oliver.

- He said she was his angel.
- Lena and Oliver were in love?

She was married to jaspar,
she was working for...

Roman, but she was in love
with that punk, Oliver.

She wore expensive dresses...

Knew how to order wine, but...

She was only 23 years old and...

She wanted to be young.

- Yes.
- How old are you, Julia?

22, but none of us are young.

Julia, did Roman know
about Lena and Oliver?

I don't know.

But Lena was leaving.

Lena and Oliver were leaving.
She was leaving Jasper...

She was leaving Roman.

What would Roman do to Lena
if he found out?

- He would kill her.
- Even though she makes him money.

He'd kill her to set an example.

That's right.
To set an example.

And what about Oliver?

I die, you know,
as I say these things to you.

- These words kill me.
- We can protect you.

What would he do to sweet Oliver
for trying to steal Lena?

Trying to steal his property,
death would be too good for him.

You understand, don't you?

- Is that door locked?
- You're at a police station

is that door locked?

That's a lot of fear, Jasper.

To be afraid of someone
in the middle of a police station.

That kind of fear
is not from a threat...

It comes from a beating.

When you talked about the dogs,
Jasper, about what Roman would do...

Did he do it to you?

Did he show you the cage?

Roman's going to kill someone else,

Someone Lena loved.

Where are the cages?

He blindfolded me.

I can't tell you where they are.

Can you remember anything?
Anything useful?

It smelled like gasoline,
even with all the dogs.

That gas scam that Roman
was never tied to.

Where do they operate out of?

Gasoline. No one fires.

Be careful.


She was my angel.

Did Roman kill Lena?

He threw her out that window.

We met there.

We thought we were safe.
That nobody could find us.

- He found you.
- She'd put the wings on for me.

I'd draw her, for me.

- Roman found you.
- Yes.

She told him
we were going to leave.

He laughed at us.

He laughed at her wings.

She spat at him and...

- And then...?
- Then he threw her out the window.

Took me here to be his dog.

Will you testify to that in court?

You'll testify
that Roman killed Lena?

He made me his dog.

- Ready?
- Ready. Ready.

Detectives Reese and Crews,
this is special agent Bodner.

Homeland security.

I don't think I'm going to like
what happens next.

I'd say lay back
and get it over with...

But I took this seminar
so now I don't talk like that.

- You took Roman.
- We've had Roman.

- He's ours. He's always been ours.
- He killed a woman.

- We have a witness that will testify.
- I'm sure you do.

But you can't have a trail
because you can't have Roman.

- Like I said. He's ours.
- He threw a woman out a window.

Roman provides information
about drug and arms shipments...

Between Russia,
Mexico and the us.

- That intel can save hundreds of lives.
- Save hundreds of lives?

- But that doesn't change the fact...
- That's enough.

You have no idea
how the real world works, do you?

No, but I know
how guys like you work...

- And it's all about the power.
- Close your mouth now.

And you, take your Russian
and get the hell out of my house.

You can't hold onto him.

You reach for him but he isn't there.

Hello, Neil.


I'm trying to forgive you
for what you did to constance.

I just wanted what you got.

They paid you all that money
just to shut up, why not me too?

I know I'd be a better person
if I forgave you.

- I just wanted what you got.
- I've called the police.

I am the police.

- Did you find the guy?
- No, I never did.

- Hello?
- Detective, I have something

you might be interested in.

- Yeah, what would that be?
- The bank of Los Angeles shoot out.

What about it?

You should ask your partner
about the shoot out at the bank.

- It was 15 years ago.
- I know

you should ask your partner.

Ask your partner
what happened to all that money

goodbye, detective.