Life (2007–2009): Season 1, Episode 3 - Let Her Go - full transcript

The husband of a murdered carjacking victim won't identify a suspect, leaving Crews and Reese to determine the truth behind the killing. Elsewhere, Crews confronts the detective who put him in jail.

A cop only has other cops
we walked away

we all thought he was guilty
there was all that proof

cop doing time, please

they broke nearly every bone
in his body

after reopening the case,
we found that

none of the physical evidence
matched officer Crews

as I said to the press after
detective Crews was exonerated,

life was his sentence

and life is what he got back

and the murdered couple's

- where was she?
- She wasn't home

guess you'd call her lucky,

but with this being her family,

I'm not sure the word
"lucky" applies

Rachel, she was here

- I may go to space.
- Space?

You can pay the Russians
to take you up there.

After spending 12 years
in a box down here...

You're going to pay the Russians
to put you in a box up there?

- They mention jet packs.
- Dani Reese, homicide.

Got one for you down there.


One man went down.
No pulse on the passenger.

Car started to slip.
I pulled all personnel up...

Until the heavy crew gets here.

- What about the driver?
- Gone.

- Probably drunk and fled.
- Where's your partner?

She was shot.


I'll call our support
for help with the search.

Must be a busy night.

Why's that?

I've been waiting here
for a while.

You're the valet, right?

Yeah. That's right.

Very busy tonight.

Don't worry.

My wife loves this place.

Worth the wait.

She was just here.

Did you see where she went?

Probably went inside.

You're not the valet.

What a mess.

- It's got GPS.
- Global positioning satellites.


Geo-synchronous satellites
in constant contact with your car.

Yeah. I get discovery channel.

You see the show on crabbing?
Now that's a dangerous job.

The bullet entered the seat
from the rear.

- So, the shot came from back there.
- But it entered in her stomach.

Okay. How does that work?

Let's see.

- The shooter was back there.
- Wife turns to face him.

There was someone else in the car.

Or her husband pulled over,
climbed in back and shot her.

- Mr. Stylman, your wife...
- Is dead.

They told me. I know.

Can you tell us what happened?

After she said it was a car wreck...

I can't remember.

What do you remember?

We went to dinner.

I got the car from
the valet and then...

And then?

And then I woke up here.

I didn't even drink.
I can't remember the end.

I try to remember,
but it hurts so much.

We'd adventure travel, you know?

Went heli-camping in Ecuador...

Last year.

Winter climbing in Alaska
the year before.

And she dies in a car wreck.

Mr. Stylman...

Your wife was shot.


I don't understand.

- It was a car wreck.
- Shot once.

They said it was a car wreck.

Peter. Peter, look at me.

Good. That's good.
Stay here.

Tell me what happened
in your car.

- It hurts so much.
- Tell me what happened.

You went to the valet
and got your car.

- Yes.
- And you were driving.

- I always drive, even when it's...
- No.

It wasn't her car.

It was your car.

Peter, tell me what happened
in your car.

When I go home...

I have to tell the kids
their mother is dead.

He was still in prison
when you got out?

Yeah he'd been in for
8 years when we met

he served 2 more

after I got out

- and found me when he got out
- he found you?

Yeah I wasn't

doing so well

he found me and asked if
I'd handle his settlement money

I can't handle public funds,
but this is private, so

you think it's smart for him
to let an ex-con handle his money?

I'm not sure I like
that question

- Hello?
- We have a problem

- everything okay?
- There was a coyote by the patio.

Kept me in the pool
for over an hour.

I'm still having side effects.

- A coyote during the day?
- They don't fear people.

- They're insane.
- I used to get coyote calls on duty...

- But only at night.
- They're clearly more brazen now.


- Sure it wasn't a dog?
- It was a mangy predator...

And I don't want it around.
What if it attacks a kid?

Did you feed it?

No, but...

Mrs. Bellfield's cat
is missing.

They ate it, Charlie.
They ate her cat.

I've got to go.
We'll talk when I get home

- You got a pest problem?
- He's not so bad.

Mr. Stylman drove to work,
same as always.

Came home on time,
picked up his wife, Shelby...

And they went to dinner
at the cove restaurant.

Left there at 9:45 pm.

That's confirmed by waiters
and the GPS?

- And the valet.
- They stopped on the way home...

At this ramp off the 110,
a gas station...

But didn't get gas.

The tank was almost empty.

- Detective Reese. Homicide.
- Is someone dead?

A lot of people are dead.
Everyone, eventually.

A car crashed shortly after
stopping here last night.

- The female passenger was shot.
- That's terrible.

- Who shot her?
- Someone with a gun.

Look, I admire a question
answered with a question.

After all, there is no answer,
only questions.

But I'd like you to try
to give us an answer anyway.

Start with an easy one, okay?

- Do you work here alone?
- Yes.

So, when we take you in
for questioning...

You'll have to close
and lose all that business.

I remember, okay?
I remember because...

We put his credit card in
but then he didn't pump.

So, I look out and
they were talking to this...

Big latino dude with tats.
Real big.

You saw them drive off together?

Another client came in.
I didn't see where they went.

Weren't you curious?

I try not to get involved.

- It's dangerous out there.
- You should try crabbing.

Yeah, I worked that case

took my twenty right after
we closed it

no DNA's going to tell me
we got the wrong guy

have you seen Crews since
he was released from jail?

Why would I want to?

- You looking for an apology?
- Just a beer, detective.

- A beer?
- We just ran out.

Then I'll have a soda.

We're out of soda, too.

You got no right to be here.

This is where I drink.

I wanted to thank you.

Before I went away...

I never really appreciated my life...

My job, my wife.

But now...

Now I know.

Now I know that everyday
above ground...

Is a reason to celebrate.

Why couldn't you
have died in there?

That would've been too easy.

Rachel was in the house.

She was there when it happened.

Next round's on me.

And the daughter, Rachel,
where was she?

At a sleepover

how many times I got to tell you that?

I told you, I don't remember
what happened.

We talked to your car.

You talked to my car?

We retraced your steps
using GPS.

You stopped at a gas station
on your way home from dinner...

Where a very large latino
approached you.

We still haven't identified him.

He kept his back
to the security cameras.

My head hurts.
Leave me alone.

Do you know what trepanning is?


It's an ancient cure
for head pain.

They thought the pain was caused
by spirits in your head...

So they drilled a hole
to let them out.

Do we have to drill a hole
in your head?

Why would you say that?

What kind of person
says something like that?

It'll hurt when you look inside
and remember what happened...

- You and to your wife.
- My wife...

- Is dead.
- No, she's still dying.

Tell us what happened
and let her go.

There was a guy.

He came up to us.

He had a gun.

He told me to get in the car
and drive.

Shelby couldn't calm down.

He kept waving his gun.

She was going
to get herself killed.

I reached for it.

I fought with him.

Then I got my hand on the gun...

And Shelby turned...

Around in her seat.

And the gun went off.

He jumped out and I drove fast.

She was bleeding.

She was dying.
I put my hand on her wound.

I lost control.

Why would you want me
to remember that?

- Prints are back from the car.
- Manny umaga.

Did time for carjacking,
Grand Theft Auto, and assault.

Your driver ID him?

Umaga's actually a Samoan.
We looked at the wrong mug shots.

Do we believe stylman's
sudden recall?

That he blocked in out
because of guilt?

We'll pick up umaga,
see what he says.

Suspect's been out for 4 months.
What's his po say?

Hasn't checked in for weeks.
Totally Mia.

- We have a list of associates.
- Go get him.

Nice teamwork.


Ins hiring models these days?

You, don't look at my ride.

Don't look at his ride.

- You can't handle my ride.
- You can't handle his ride.

Turbo, baby. Bored out.

Custom gears, performance chip
and a hand built throttle box.

Hand built throttle box.

- That's pimp daddy.
- Does it have GPS?

You don't want that.

The man can track you
like a dog with GPS.

Like a dog.

You're right.
I don't want that.

- Man will track me with that.
- Crews, you're the man.

Yeah, that's right.
I am the man.

We need to ask you
some questions.

You know what I'd love?

I'd love to airbrush you
on the hood of my car.

What do you see on her belt?

A gun.

What else?

- A badge.
- A woman with a gun and a badge...

Asks you a question...

Answer it.

You sure you're the man?

We're looking for Manny umaga.

That "vato" owes me $11,000.

"Vato" owes him $11,000.

- You know where he is?
- I know exactly where he is.

I'll do even one better.
We'll come with you.

Like a posse?

- Yeah.
- What?

We'll flush him out, right?
When he sees me...

He'll go right for his piece.
You'll be all set up...

And then you shoot him.
And we say, "oh...

It was a clean shot".


I think we can handle it.


- Go around rear.
- He's inside in house.

- Get the front!
- He's hit!

- Get a paramedic up here.
- You got it!

Go on, I got it!

He's armed!

Drip it here!

Drop it!

I said drop it!

Drop your weapon!

I said drop it!

Hands in the air!


Good for aggravated assault.
Maybe even attempted murder.

A lot of guys are after me.
I didn't know it was the police.

- Is that poor cop alright?
- Yeah. You can send him flowers.

Interrogation one.
Did you find the gun?

We need it to make
the murder iron clad.

The carjacking victim's
coming in to ID him.

- You got him?
- You tell us.

I'm not sure.

Look again, Peter.

It's not him.

- You sure?
- No.

- It could be...
- Mr. Stylman...

Is that the man
that carjacked you?

I don't know. Maybe.

That's the man who shot your wife?

- No.
- That man didn't kill your wife?

No. No.

I wish it was.

But it's not.

I used to think,

what if I had believed him?

What if I hadn't walked away?

Would he be here now?

We would've come though it
together we would've won

but I didn't believe him

and I've learned it's better
not to think that way

500 pounds of Samoan
in the back of his car...

And he blocked it out? Am I
the only one who thinks that's odd?

- No, I think it's odd, too.
- I think it's odd, too.

So why won't stylman ID Manny?

You think it was a set-up?

He arranged to have
his wife killed.

Hired Manny and made it
look like a car jacking.

Failing to ID the shooter
is part of the quid pro quo.

- Quid pro quo.
- Stop it.

Stop what?

- Why won't you ID the shooter?
- You know how it looks?

Like you hired Manny
to kill your wife.

Is that how you treat
all your victims?

Making them feel like victims
when may have the killer?

A killer we can't prosecute
because you won't ID him.

I can't remember.

Do you want me to say
it was him when it wasn't?

He's got motive if stylman
wants out of the marriage.

- We connect them, we nail them both.
- I want your knife.

My knife? Why?

I want to swear a blood oath
with you and I need to cut my pinky.

Give me your knife or I burn
you with iad...

For not using your weapon
when you should have.

I need to know my partner
is a cop and not a con.

Anything else you're carrying
from the old days?

Sharpened toothbrush?

- Light bulb full of bleach?
- Charlie?

Everything alright?

Constance Griffiths.

Charlie's lawyer?

- Dani Reese.
- Charlie's partner.

We'll pick this up tomorrow.

What brings you here?


I heard something...

That I didn't believe,
I didn't want to believe.

So, I came down here
to ask you myself.

- You mean the knife thing?
- What knife?

I'm talking about...

You violating the terms
of your settlement.

- My settlement has terms?
- You went to see Ames.

- I went for a beer.
- You talked to Ames?

It's a free country.

That's the law.
The law of the land is freedom.

Yes, that's the law.
The money and badge are not.

The money and badge
are the settlement.

- How'd you find out?
- Ames is retired LAPD.

You go near his house or him
and he'll shoot you.

- You understand?
- I wanted him to see my face.

Take your money and...

And go.

- You deserve it.
- Is that what you want?

You want me to go?

Then lie to me
and tell me you'll be careful.


Do you hear those coyotes?

Sorry to bother you, but it sounds
like there's a pack of them.

- That's where they belong.
- I can't sleep. They're taunting me.

Did you know native Americans
considered coyotes to be...

scavengers, thieves...

Shape shifters?

They're survivors.

You know what's amazing?

Coyotes are the only native
American animal to proliferate...

Since the Europeans settled here.

They're used to being
subordinate to bears and wolves...

But since we eliminated them,
they've actually excelled.

- You're not making it better.
- I want you to feel better.

Should I call animal control?

They won't do anything about
creatures living in the hills.


Domestic dogs have killed
hundreds of people.

- No one's been killed by a coyote.
- Yet.

After you divorced Charlie
did you remarry?

3 years after, yes

do you have children
with your new husband?

Two a boy and a girl

what do you tell them
about your first husband?

We don't talk about that

- This has got to stop.
- Step out of the car, please.


- Step out of the car.
- If you have a problem with me...

Deal with me.

- But stop doing this.
- You were speeding.

Step out of the car now.

- Drive away from him.
- He's a cop.

Drive away from him now, Mark.

If you don't get out right now,
I'll call the highway patrol.

This is ridiculous.


It's juvenile what you're doing.

- How are the kids?
- You don't care about them.

They could've been ours.

What do you want?

To be an unwobbling pivot
in the center of the universe.

I want to be still.

What do you want here?

I want to know where she is.

Leave her alone.

Where is she?

This is the first time
you've seen me in 12 years...

And that's all you want to say?

That's all I want to say.

She's gone.

Her family died
and she got a new one.

Changed her name.

Don't ask me what it is,
I don't know.

She's gone.

Don't you try to find her.
Leave her alone.

Please get out of
my husband's car.

We've got you jacking
the victims at the gas station.

- The owner fingered your mug shot.
- Okay.

I was in the car,
but not like you say.

- I didn't shoot the bitch.
- No?

- Who did?
- Her old man.

- Stylman?
- The driver.

I was going to Jack him.

They both got out of the car,
had to use the can or something.

I crept in the backseat.

They didn't even see me.

He popped her.
I got scared and ran.

- How much do you weigh?
- 530.

And they didn't see you?

Who's getting jacked now?

- Beverly Hills shot his wife!
- Sit down.

- If I shot her, why don't he say it?
- Sit down.

- Because I'm innocent.
- Sit down, now.

Help! Help!
Help! Help!

- That cop pulled a knife on me.
- Get back in your chair!

Keep him away from me!

- Sit down now
- help!

- Calm down
- he pulled a knife on me!

- Tell me you're not buying this.
- About you hurting him. Of course not.

About you pulling a knife?

With all due respect, lieutenant.

The suspect is full of crap.

Are you saying Crews
didn't pull a knife on umaga?

He did not.

That's not true.

She's lying to protect me
because that's what partners do.

But don't do that for me.

- You pulled a knife on the suspect?
- He pulled one first.

- Get the husband back here.
- Ma'am, I'd like to...

You're both backing up
your partner. I get it.

We also have an unsolved homicide.

Let him go before
we get hit with a lawsuit.

Make sure you have enough to go
all the way to the other side...

- Okay?
- Yes, sir.

What do you think?

- A fence?
- I got a great deal.

$12 a foot.

Coyotes can jump,
but 8 feet should be enough.

- A fence?
- Yeah.


Hey, guys.

Take it down.

Manny says stylman did it.

Stylman says Manny
wasn't even in the car.

- Manny's a criminal and stylman...
- Is a good family man.

Or at least he was.

Until 3 days ago, he was
a good husband and father.

What happened in that car
that he won't tell us?

That he can't tell us?

We have to use his strength
against him.

- What strength?
- His weakness.

- His weakness is his strength?
- Exactly.

It's like the one-handed clap.

- Are you really zen?
- I'm zen-ish.

Do you want in on this?

My mother-in-law's taking my kids
with her after the funeral.


To live with her in Fresno.

You're giving your kids away?

They'll be better off.

That should work out well.

- What do you mean?
- Someone'll need to care for them.

We've come to arrest you.

We have a witness who saw you
shoot your wife.

I didn't shoot her.

I tried to save her.
The man in the car shot her.

- You fought for her?
- Yes.

But you won't fight
for your kids?

- I fought for her.
- Fought that monster, Manny...

But you can't be there
for your kids?

- Why are you giving them away?
- I fought for her.

What are you ashamed of?

- You pushed me.
- Did I?


Now that was a one-handed clap.

I didn't.

I didn't fight him.

I said give him whatever he wants
as long as he didn't kill us.

- I said I had $10,000 upstairs.
- Here?

- I told them it was in the house.
- Where your kids were?

I was so scared. I told him
I had money in the house.

I didn't even think
about the kids.

- What'd your wife do?
- She was furious.

Bringing a gunman home.


Went for the gun.

It should've been me.

I tried to speed to the hospital,
but I screwed up.

She died knowing
I wasn't even a man.

I wasn't a man that night.

And I'll have to live with that.

But I'll be one to my kids.
I did what she would've wanted.

I asked you to leave me alone.

You didn't listen to me.

You know...

I bet...

He lived his whole life
thinking if that ever happened...

- He'd be the hero.
- Don't you ever think that?

Even if he ids Manny,
it won't stick.

- Story's changed too many times.
- Too many times?

Our killer's going to walk.

- Going to walk.
- I told you to stop that?

Didn't I?

If Manny walks,
might as well give him a ride.

Amigo, give me one
like I like it.

What's up, Manny?

I heard you got busted.

- You beat it?
- You beat it?

- Cops can't hold me.
- We should celebrate. Come with us?

- No, I'm okay.
- No, you're not okay.

You want to celebrate
with us. Come on, man..

Where's my money?

- Where's my $11,000?
- I'll get it to you.

- You're out of time.
- Out of time.

Look, I just jacked some dude.

He told me he had $10,000
at home.

- Take me and we'll split it.
- But you owe me $11,000.

- $11,000.
- I killed her for nothing.

Imagine what I'm going
to do to you.

Francisco, music!

You're gonna love this sound.

I put the system in myself.
Check it.

I killed her for nothing
imagine what I'll do to you?

No knife this time, Manny.