Life (2007–2009): Season 1, Episode 11 - Fill It Up - full transcript

Crew and Reese investigate a shooting during a family dispute and discover that the couple was also running a marijuana grow-op in their apartment. What they can't find however is the gun the woman used to shoot her husband. They do however find evidence that a rather large snake may also inhabit the premises. Crews sets off to find the man who killed his friends and finds that the man is now a born-again Christian. Does Crews bring him in or does he take care of the problem himself. One thing he does realize is that whatever he chooses to do with the murderer, the central question of who set him up remains unanswered.

Previously on ''Life''

The police report
says she's out of the house

Rachel Seybolt was there
the night of the murders

Hey You know Mark Rawls,
don't you, Arthur?

You told his son you could get him
out of jail, broke his son's heart

What does the Bank
of Los Angeles holdup have to do

with the Detective
who put you away?

They both have
Jack Reese in common

He's our suspect now

What did you say about
the Bank of Los Angeles?

You're stepping over a line here
You might want to step back

Son, you keep going where
you're going and you'll find trouble

And you would do well
to keep my daughter out of it

Kyle Hollis,
Jack Reese's informant,

there's a mug shot here
from his last arrest

This is the picture Rachel drew

That's the killer

- What are you thinking about?
- I'm thinking about where I'm going next

- You can't stay away, can you?
- I'd say you like it here.

If you ever want to come back
we've got a room ready for you.

Well, you better keep it ready
because I just might need it.

- You two play nice now.
- Yeah. Use your words.

- How are you doing?
- Getting by.

- How's life in the world?
- Getting by.

I'll tell you, out in the yard today,...

felt like earthquake weather.

- Yeah?
- Felt that way.

- You need something, Mr. Crews?
- I do.

I'm not sure what I can do for you.

I need to find somebody,
been under for about 12 years.

None of your police friends
can help you with this?

No, this guy's more in your world.

- My world?
- Prison. I need to find this guy.

We both know who has the best
information about how to find...

How to find one of us.

I guess this'll be the thank you...

for getting that guy
that killed my son.

I guess so.

Tell me his name.

I'll reach out
and see what I can touch.


- I have some questions I want to ask.
- Questions?


- Earthquake weather?
- Sure feels that way.

Domestic disturbance call.
People heard screaming and yelling.

He was banging on the door
to be let in.

She was yelling back, "Take a hike!"
Neighbors said that was usual,...

but when they heard the misses
screaming, "I'll shoot you,"...

they decided maybe a call
to 911 was a good idea.

We roll up just in time to see
the blast come through the door.

One shot met him right through
the heart.

Two hours,
his dinner sat on the table.

- Dinner in the morning?
- Apparently he worked nights.

If she shot him through the door,
why is there blood on her hands?

It's not blood, it's meat sauce.

- Why is there meat sauce on her hands?
- I really don't know.

And where's the gun?


we're thinking...

she threw it in there.

Are you aware that most men who
come out of prison after 12 years

just end up back inside?

- Detective Crews isn't most men
- How is he different?

Detective Crews is innocent

When he went in he was innocent
Did he come out that way?

He comes home two hours late
and she shoots him through the door.

- I'm guessing they had other issues.
- Apparently so.

We cannot find the gun in there.

- Keep looking.
- We're looking, Detective.

We came in two minutes after, not
many places she could've stashed it.

But it is just not there.

You are free to look for it yourself.

Perhaps Detectives have
better eyesight than us grunts.

- Something I can help you with?
- Someone wants to talk to you.


- How's the world, Mr Crews?
- You tell me.

Found that man you're looking for.

- Where is he?
- He's in Indio

He's been there five years.

He's got a daughter, new name,
Reverend Orson Parker.

- Reverend?
- Found the lord or something like that

When I put the word out
I was looking for Kyle Hollis,...

it came back a lot of other people
are looking for him.

I guess they all just want
to ask him some questions, too, huh?

I got to go Don't want
to miss my hour in the yard.

- They can't find the gun.
- I told her we couldn't find the gun.

- We can't leave until they find it.
- We're doing our best.

Maybe the marijuana plants are
making the boys a bit absentminded.

- I think you have to smoke it.
- I wouldn't know about that myself.


- I got to do something. You cover?
- You have to do something?

We've got a dead guy in the hall,...

half an acre of THC...

we can't find the gun and
you have to go deal with something?

- Will you cover for me?
- Sure, Charlie. No problem.

We'll partner up while you're gone.
Ain't that right, Detective?

The Buddha was asked
if he ever felt anger

Of course, said the Buddha

The Buddha was asked if
he felt the desire to strike another

Of course, said the Buddha

But If I'm connected to a I things,

hurting another is hurting myself

And how does that better me?

Because it just does.

Open up wide

It's time to set you free

Bring out the killer in me

Bring out the killer in me

Cop kid, huh?

Dad was a cop, you're a cop.

My dad...meat packer,...

which as it turns out is not
as romantic as it sounds.

But you're the daughter
of Captain Jack Reese.


It must come in handy being Jack
Reese's daughter when you need help.

Let's just find the gun, okay?

Focus on the job.

I guess that's how you become
a Detective. Where are you going?

I'll search somewhere else.

- Reese, what's up?
- What's up?

Are you planning on coming back?

I just left.

Crews, it's been two hours.

Crews? Is everything okay there?

Yeah, I just got,...

one thing I need
to take care of here and then...

I'll be right back.

It's time to set you free

Bring out the killer in me

I was lost but now
I am found in his name!

I was guilty but now
I am innocent in his name

Wiped clean Reborn

The fire is here

for we burn every day
we are not right!

We burn every day
we are not right

I was dead but now I am alive
in his living flame

Hallelujah, brothers!

You can think
I'll get away with it

You can think no one
will see you, but he sees

and the fire,
his fire finds everyone

Can you turn that back on, please?

It's my dad.

Kind of wanted to see him, so...

could you turn that back on,

- Maybe you want to open that door.
- I want to ask you something, first.

- You want to open that door?
- Every time we're together,...

you got a look as though there's
something you want to say to me.

I've been known to misread
a woman's intentions on occasion,...

so let me just ask you, is there
something you want to say to me?

All right, Bobby,...

what I want to ask you, how come
you weren't there for your partner?

They asked you at the trial
about the cuts on his hands.

- He said he got cut during an arrest.
- And why didn't you back that up?

- Because I didn't see it.
- Well, I didn't ask if you saw it.

I asked why you didn't
back up your partner.

You want to know why?

Because IAD put me in a room...

and they told me if I lied
and backed up Charlie,...

I'd go to jail, too.


- you hear that?
- I don't hear nothing.

Man, these folks
got a lot of pet mice.

These aren't pets. This...

- this is meat.
- Meat? For what?

Now what do you think
was in there?

My guess, a snake.

A big one.

I need an ambulance immediately
to 12 West Athens.

- You coming to get my daddy?
- Why would you say that?

The guys who did this, cut me,
they were looking for him.

I want to take a look at this, okay?

You're a policeman?

Am I going to die
because that's my blood...

and it's supposed
to be inside me and...

- am I going to die?
- Not for a long time.

- How do you know that?
- I can see it.

- What can you see?
- I see you older.

Can you see it?

- No.
- Sure you can.

You can see tomorrow.

You imagine yourself
in tomorrow and there you are.

You can do that.



Do you know the guys
who did this to you?

- They were looking for your father?
- Yes.

Did you tell them where he was?

I don't know where he is.
He's been gone since yesterday.

How come you're here?

I didn't call you.

They cut the lines.
Why are you here?

Came here to be with you.

While you were waiting for
the ambulance, to not be alone.

- I don't know you, do I?
- No. You don't know me.

Can I see my daddy?

Can you do that for me?

Can you turn
that back on, please?

I made this tape.

Fire now!

I made this so I could...

still watch him
when he went away.

For we burn every day
we are not right!

- Reese?
- No, this isn't Reese

- Who is this?
- It's Kyle Hollis, Detective Crews

I hear you've been looking for me.

The fire is not some distant image

The fire is now

- I'm in your house, Kyle.
- What the hell are you doing there?

I was looking for you. I wasn't
the first person to get here.

Somebody else got here.

- How is she?
- She'll be okay.

- Where are you?
- I'm in trouble, that's where I am

- Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
- I'll bet you are

They all want me dead.

- Then why'd you call me?
- You have money, you have a badge,

you can get me out of LA

Meet me at the Bank of Los Angeles
in two hours. You know which branch.

The fire is not a promise

You'll be okay.
They'll take care of you.

They'll take care of you.
It'll be okay now.

Do you hurt anywhere else?

Are you allergic to any medications?

Give me some abdominal dressings,
two large bore IV's and get some fluids.

You called my dad,
Kyle on the phone.

That's what
the other men called him,...

the men who were looking for him,
called my dad, Kyle.

You want to kill my dad, too?

He's the one!
He's the one that did this to me!

He's the one!
He's the one who tried to kill me!

Stop! Do not move!

We are looking
for a Burmese python.

Its name is Kato.

It is a constrictor.
It is not venomous.

Try not to let it wrap itself
around any of your appendages.

- What can a python eat?
- What can, or what does it eat?

- Could it eat a gun?
- They don't like anything cold.

- Could it eat a warm gun?
- They're not fond of metal.

What about a warm gun
covered in meat sauce?

Yeah. They'd go for that.

- Did you find the gun?
- The wife fed it to her pet snake.

That's why she had meat sauce
on her hands.

- You find the snake?
- We're looking for it right now.

You plan on coming by?

What I'm doing,
it'll take a little longer.

Is this the part where I ask
what it is you're doing?

Probably better if you didn't.

- Nice ride.
- Thank you. You want it?

- What do you mean?
- Do you want the car?

- You're going to give me your car?
- Said you liked it.

- Just like that?
- Just like that.

This isn't some trick?

The trick is to not become
attached to the car.

- What do you think he's doing?
- I wouldn't know.

You think it's about a girl?
Charlie gets lots of girls.

- I wouldn't know.
- I don't think it was about a girl...

because now that I think about it,
he kind of had that look.

Yeah? What look is that?

The look that he was about to do
something he shouldn't do.

Look like he had that look to you?

I've been looking for you, Kyle.

You say Charlie
saved your life in prison

How exactly did he do that?

He convinced some

people to leave me alone

How did he convince them?

In a way that I was unable to

You mean with violence?

If Crews was set up and he found
the person who did it,

what do you think he would do?

What would you do?

Too bad you can't kill me.

- Come alone?
- I thought none of us were alone,...

now I'm not so sure.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- It means I came alone, Kyle.

- You surprised I called?
- I made you call me, Kyle.

- Yeah. How did you do that?
- I squeezed Carl Ames,...

Ames squeezed Jack Reese,
and out popped you.

But you want to know
what's it got to do with you?

You want to know...

what's it got to do
with that dead family.

You get me to LAX,...

you get me on a plane with a
suitcase full of settlement cash,...

then I'll call you
with what you want to know.

Yeah. Okay.

I got photos, I got documents.
If anything happens to me,...

I get tortured or I get dead,...

those documents and photos,
they go away.

Yeah. Okay.

You killed my friends, Kyle.

When you killed that family,
you killed my friends.

You like fruit, Kyle?
This is a pluot.

A dapple dandy to be exact.
I grew this one myself.

Some people call them
dinosaur eggs...

because that's what they
kind of look like, dinosaur eggs.

Now, I,...

I know that there is all sorts of
information you want to tell me,...

questions you think I want to ask,...

but that's not important
because today...

I have only one decision to make.

I don't need to be forgiven

The cruelest lie
was told in silence

You shouldn't have killed
my friends, Kyle.

I had to hear it from a friend

When she told me what you'd done,

but everybody's weak sometimes

Let me ask you a question,

IAD comes to you,
said what they said to me,...

what would you have done?

Step forward slowly.

- It's behind me, isn't it?
- Yeah.

Step forward slowly, please.

Let's go. Get up!

Have you seen your ex-husband
since his release from prison?


Is he a different man than
the one who went to prison?

I couldn't tell you who he is now

Thanks for coming, Jennifer.

I don't you'd pull my husband over
or leave a horse on the front lawn.

I want to ask you something.

Charlie, what could you
possibly want to ask me?

I want to ask you
for your forgiveness.

All that time I was in prison
I was angry. I was angry at you.

But we were so young
when it happened.

You were so young.

Anyone would have done
what you did.

- Charlie...
- Let me finish.

I was angry at the wrong person and
now I'm asking for your forgiveness.


I got to go.

How's it going in there, Kyle?

The first six months
I was in solitary...

I did pushups every day
and I never talked to myself.

The next six months
I stopped doing pushups and I...

I confess,
I did talk a little to myself.

The six months after that,...

those next six months, Kyle,...

you don't want
to know what happened then.

- Is that a new car?
- Do you like it?

It looks roomy.

- What did you find out about Reese?
- Every year, Jack Reese...

would give 250,000 dollars
to his favorite charity,...

like clockwork.
All through the '70s and '80s.

That 250,000 dollar check
would go to the Blessed Sisters.

- Is everything okay with you?
- Ted, I'm fine.


- And then...
- And then...

just four months after the Bank
of LA robbery,...

the Blessed Sisters
receive an anonymous check...

for four million dollars.

An untraceable cashier's check...

from a Cayman Island account.
Now who does that, Charlie?

You give to a charity
to take the deduction.

You don't send in a check
with no name.

Four months after the robbery?

- So what do you think?
- Either he's laundering or...

- Or.
- Or it's guilt money...

but that's Bank of LA money, Ted.

Charlie, I'm not Alfred, am I?

- Alfred?
- Batman and Alfred.

No, Ted. You're not Alfred.

I'm not Higgins, Charlie,
tell me I'm not Higgins!


Hey, how's your day, Jack?
It's Charlie Crews

What do you want?

Do you know what I wish?

I wish that the day before
I was arrested...

someone had told me that this
would be my last day as a free man

- I'm not sure I care about that.
- Well, you should, Jack

because that's what I'm telling
you now. This is your last day.

Where's the preacher?

We saw you in Indio, Detective,
so we'll ask you once more.

Where's the preacher?

Are you upside down
or am I upside down?

- Should we do him now?
- Not yet.

I know you.

You were standing in the park with
Reese when he was arguing with Ames.

You killed Ames.

- You're not really cops, are you?
- No. Not really.

Check the trunk.

But we took your gun.

You're a real popular guy, Kyle.

If you could say one thing
to Charlie Crews, what would it be?

I want him to live his life

Does that make sense?

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

I got right.
Do you understand?

After what happened,
who I was, I got right.

The fire found me,
cleaned me out. I got right.

I got right!
Made myself a new man.

Made myself a family.
I got right!

What are you doing?
Tell me!


I was Jack Reese's confidential
informant. I worked for him, too.

I would get calls to pick up
and drop off envelopes,...

from that bar.

Those envelopes
were filled with cash.

Your friend Seybolt was laundering
money for Jack and his friends.


Then one night I got the call.
"Go straighten Tom out".

He was skimming.

I went there, it got out of hand.

The wife was there
and she was screaming.

The kid...

I was jacked up...


I killed that family,...

but I didn't set you up.

What are you doing?

Some of the bank money they took,...

it got washed through that bar,
that's all I know.

I got no papers.

I got no documents.

That's all I know.

I got right.

The fire found me.

I killed that family,
but I didn't set you up.

I didn't!

Where are you, Charlie?

I'll send some of our people
to come and get you.

- You need to come in now.
- There's something I got to do first.


What are you doing?

Dig a hole,...

fill it up.

You'll need a warrant
to cut that out of there.

4th amendment stuff.

You look like crap, Charlie.
Where you been?

- I need you to do something for me.
- Both of us?

It's 1991, Jack.

- You got real problems, Crews.
- It's 1991, Jack.

You're up here
with your SWAT buddies,...

six guys come out of the bank down
there and you take out five of them.

Then you start washing the cash,...

then more people start to die.

Then my friend Tom
gets into business with you...

and he and his family die, too.

Ames dies. Why, Jack?

He starts drinking himself
to death when I went away.

Did he feel guilty
about what happened?

You have no idea
what you're talking about.

It's 1991, Jack.
It's all connected.

Hollis connects you to the bank,
to the Seybolt killings,...

Hollis is connected to me
and now, Jack,...

now I am connected to you.

- I told you to keep my daughter out.
- She doesn't know who I'm here with.

Her partner said he needed her
and that's all she needed.

Come in now, Jack.
It's over.

Hollis's going to roll on you.

- You want to make a deal with me.
- Come in now, Jack.

Get right with your daughter.
Cut a deal with the DA.

It's over. It's done.

It's all connected, isn't it?

I think Detective Crews,
I'll stay up here a while longer.

You can break me

I don't mind

Dragging along as the filter

gets me by

Would they make you beg just for a line?

Charlie, it's over.

Hollis killed those people,
Connie, that family,...

but he's not the one
who set me up.

It's bigger than Hollis.
It doesn't stop with him.

I know.
But let somebody else do it.

Let somebody else do it.

I got a lot of question for you.

- You may not like the answers.
- I usually don't.

- This is Crews.
- Hey Charlie It's Jack Reese

This a good time for you?

- Thought about my offer, Jack?
- We can get to that in a minute

First I want to congratulate you

- You caught the killer.
- You're next. You know that.

That won't happen

because, Detective Crews
I have something you want

- What could you have that I want?
- I have the girl.

The one you're looking for

I have Rachel Seybolt.

- You don't know her.
- No, Crews, you don't know her

You didn't even recognize her
when she was bleeding in your arms.

You don't know her, Crews.

I need the status and location
of a girl, last name Hollis.

Just one moment

- That's strange.
- What is?

Her record is not here anymore

It was here before. I know
because I checked her in myself.

Let me try again.
I'm not good with technology.

No. That is so odd.
I can't understand

So rest up dear
I'm on your side

Slept through the loneliest years

when you're screaming
that it's been days

since I felt alive

We'll make you with dollar signs

and junk up your mind

It's the common life