Life (2007–2009): Season 2, Episode 1 - Find Your Happy Place - full transcript

Detectives Reese and Crews investigate what is obviously a serial killer. On the first day, they find three steamer trunks - appropriately numbered 1, 2 and 3 - with each containing the body of a recently deceased individual. The autopsies confirm that all three were alive when they went into the trunks and subsequently suffocated in their enclosed environment. They know they have a bigger problem on their hands when a store owner tells them he recently sold 10 identical trunks to one person. The squad gets a new Lieutenant, a transplanted New Yorker. Charlie Crews hasn't given up on solving his own case and continues his search for Rachel Seybolt.

Previously on Life.

I need to know that my partner
is a cop and not a con.

He spent a good
deal of time in solitary.

Solitary for his own protection,
him being a cop and all.

Life was his sentence
and life is what he got back.

They gave you all that money,
like, what, $50 million?

The man who killed my friends,
the man I served those 12 years for,

what do I do
when I find him?

I killed that family,
but I didn't set you up.

Rachel Seybolt was there
the night of the murders.

Is that a real gun?

Yes, it is.

Can I touch it?

No, you cannot.

He wants to be a policeman
when he grows up.

You ever shoot

Violence against one
is violence against all.

Violence against all
is violence against myself.

Yeah, but you ever
shoot anybody?


That didn't have it coming.

We going to the river?

Yeah. Don't get your hopes up.
There isn't any water in it.

Should have
been here before.

Had about two dozen dogs
just wanting into that trunk.

The Animal Control had to tase
a few to get them to back off.

So, back off the mutts,
cut the lock, pop the lid, and...

Looks like she suffocated.

Must have been, what,
110 degrees in there, at least?

"One." One what?

Maybe whoever did this
is starting a count.


All right,
get him out of there.

Someone's starting to count.


Well, we got cash,
driver's license.

"Lisa Robards."

Got a business card, too.

"Unending Notes.
Sentiments for all occasions."


We're looking for
someone who knows...

Boxes. Would that be you?

Yeah. That's...


And you are?

John Armstrong.

What can you put
in a box, John?

Whatever you want.

What is that, exactly?

Kumquat. Little gem
of the citrus family.

You got a box
for that?


You sure?
You don't seem sure.

No, I'm sure.

And what else
can you put in a box?

Well, you can...
We can box up anything you want, really.

In prison, I knew a guy who escaped
by mailing himself out in a box.


Why were you in prison?

You got a box big enough for that?
Big enough to fit a man?

I don't
understand. Why...

Or a woman.

Who are you people?

Detectives, LAPD.

He said he'd done time.

Trippy, huh?

You need some help
boxing that kumquat?

Uh, look, to be honest, I don't
usually work the counter, so that's...

What is it that
you usually do?

Custom cards,
invitations, announcements.

Sentiments for
all occasions.

Yeah, that's right. Yeah.
Sentiments for all occasions.

And who usually
works the counter?

My boss, Lisa Robards.

When was the last time
you saw your boss, John?


She's usually here first thing,
but she's running a little late today,

so that's why I'm...

You're not here to box
the kumquat, are you?

Mrs. Price?

I saw it on the news.

Just one more LA story, right?
Nothing to do with me.

And then those policemen came,
the ones in uniform out there.

You're a policeman, too?

My name's Detective Crews.
This is Detective Reese.

We're very sorry for
your loss, ma'am.

Can you tell me,
was Glenn alive

when he was put
in that box?

The coroner hasn't
made his report yet, but...

But you saw Glenn,
can't you tell if he was...

Most likely Glenn died
from suffocation.

Most likely Glenn was alive
when he was put into that box.

Thank you.

Do you need anything else,
Miss Price?

No. Thank you
very much, Susan.

You and your husband
worked together?

Glenn and I were both partners.
Power couple.

Can you think of anyone who'd
want to harm your husband?

Do you know if your husband
knew a woman named Lisa Robards?

I don't know that name.

She owned a stationery
store in Hollywood.

You said she owned...

Was she...

One of the others? Yes.

Was she alive,
too, when she...

Then you said
there were three.

There was no ID
on the first victim.

We're still waiting to see if
her prints are in the system.

Then you said they found
her in the river.

You know, they call it a river,
but there's no water in it.

They shouldn't call it a river
if there's no water in it.

Why'd you tell her her husband was
alive when he went in that box?

'Cause she asked me.

Something you want to
ask me?

Did it bother
you that Charlie Crews

served 12 years for
those murders you did?

My lawyer says I can't talk about
stuff like that and whatnot.

But you've confessed to
killing the Seybolt family.

Confessed to a crime that
Charlie Crews went to jail for.

Well, like they say,

"If they locked him up,
he must have done something."

The first vic
had a work visa,

immigration had her prints and her
place of employment in the system.

Brandee Huggens.

Detectives, someone here
wants to talk to you.

My name's Oscar Tollander.
I work at Mega-Luggage.

We sell suitcases,
carry-ons, garment bags,


What kind of trunks?

Like the ones
I see on the news.

Last month,
a guy comes in for trunks,

paid for his
order in cash.

What did he look like?

I couldn't say.
Hat pulled low, big sunglasses.

How many trunks
were in that order?

Ten. He picked up
an order of ten trunks.

Reese, she's in a...


Did Brandee
go in there?

We all go in there.

Did Brandee seem to
mind it?

What do you think?
Go check it out for yourself.

Customers like it?

Oh, yeah.
The guys eat it up.

Any customers like it
more than the others?

No. It seems to be something
every man can agree on.

Us in there.

Any customers into Brandee
more than the others?

You know, just maybe,
maybe a little too into her?

She never
mentioned anything.

Whose idea was that box?

It's always been here.
A lot of places have them.

Some places have a cage,
some places have a box.

I guess you don't go
to the clubs.

Oh, it's been a while.

Brandee would have
liked you.

Yeah? Why is that?

'Cause you seem
kind of broken.

What was your relationship
with Brandee?

I met her the day
she walked in here.

She just came down
from Vancouver.

Do you know if she had any
troubles outside of the club?

Troubles? No. She had that
Canadian thing, you know?

What would that be?

Happy for no reason.

I think my partner might not
be familiar with that concept.

Brandee, she ever mention the
names Lisa Robards or Glenn Price?

Are those the other two who were killed?
- Mmm-hmm.

Something else
you need to tell me?

She wanted to be
an actress.

She just got a line
in some movie.

She walked around all
day practicing that line.


"I've never seen
a sky that blue."

New boss wants to see us.

All right, great.
Thanks, fellas.


Lots of dark nights of the
soul spent on this baby.

I brought it out
with me.

I understand you were close with
the last occupant of this office.

Friend of
the family.

Yeah, real shame about her
getting demoted and all.

It happens.

And I know all about you and
your off-the-book investigations,

conspiracy theories.
Look, I don't know what was going on

while I was still living in the
United States in New York City,

but the only conspiracy
I'm interested in

is the possibility that my wife and
girlfriend know about each other

and are out to get me.

You want us to
look into that?

No. But I do want you to give
me the punch line to this joke.

An investment banker,
a card shop owner

and a stripper
each go into a box.

Now, before you get all offended
and say, "It's not a joke,"

let me tell you,
I know it's not a joke.

Well, as far as we can tell,
the victims had nothing in common.

They didn't know each other, no one
who knew them seem to know each other.

Different parts of LA, different
social brackets, different worlds.

No criminal records, no tax problems,
neighbors had no complaints.

If any of them were worried
about their safety,

they never talked
to the law about it.

Three people chosen
at random?

Except nothing is random.

Oh, here we go.

And why is that?

Because everything
is connected.

I don't think that's true.
Why on Earth would that be true?

What about
where they were found?

Freeway, rooftop, river.
Nothing links those places, but...

They're public.
They took time.

They're deliberate. Whoever's
doing this is making a show of it.

Tox screens on victims?

The coroner confirms that all three

went into those
trunks alive,

then suffocated slowly over
the course of several hours.

So, how did they get there?

So, how did
they get there?

That's what I'm asking.
You heard me ask that, right?

Maybe it's not who they were,
it's where they were.

Did he just...
He just walked out, right?

You surf?

'Cause I was thinking
about checking it out

and I figured if you surf,
maybe you can give me a few lessons.

I don't surf.

Reese! Come on, come on!

All right, Kung Fu,
I'm open. Hit me.

Glenn Price, investment banker,
brand new M5 with GPS.

Yellow lines,
Glenn Price's last week of driving.

Lisa Robards,
card shop owner,

Prius with GPS.

Red lines,
Lisa's last week of driving.

They were both right there.

At the same time.
What is that place?

Public park.

And the stripper?

Dancer. Go-go dancer.
Brandee Huggens.

Didrt have a car,
took the subway.

There's no subway in LA.

Yeah, there is.
People ride on it.

So, we don't know where
Brandee Huggens went,

but the other two
went right here.

Funny what that
bartender said

about Brandee being
happy for no reason.

You think it's possible?

To be happy
for no reason?

I think I don't want to
think about that.

Yeah, but to not think about it
means that you are thinking about it.

Because the "it" that you're not
thinking about is the "it" that...

"I've never seen
a sky that blue."

Okay, now you're
just saying stuff.

Sentiments for
all occasions.

Reese, look at that.

You're not about to
leave, are you?

I got another park to go to.
Schedule, you know?

Sure. Schedules.

Just let me buy one before you take off.
Come on.

All right.

Do you have any fruit?

It's an ice cream truck.

Any fruit ice cream?


Is that real strawberry or the
artificial strawberry flavor?

I don't like
the artificial kind.

I don't know.
I could check.

No, never mind. How about mango
ice cream? Got anything like mango?

You okay? You just, I don't know,
you seem a little shaky.

Yeah, just cold,
the coolers.

I don't think
we have any mango.

Or papaya? Guava?

Kiwi? Tamarind?

I don't know what your friend on the
floor, here, is planning on doing,

but I'm going to count to three
and then I plan on shooting him.


Be smart. Don't move.


You didn't say three!
You didn't even get to three!

You shot me on two.
You didn't get to three.

He's right, you know.
You didn't get to three.

I rounded up.

Crack, huh?

Those brainiacs were slinging
crack off the ice cream truck.

But they're not good
for the killings.

They both got out
of County this morning.

Hey! I got you for selling
smoke in a school zone.

Dude, you were out for what, like,
12 hours? Come on.


Good work, you two.
I do hate crack.


You got a little
ice cream right...

Corner of your...


I'm gonna head back to the precinct.

Precinct, station,
New York, LA.

There's someone out there
with seven trunks left,

and I still don't know what the
banker and the card shop owner

were doing in
this park together.

It's automatic.

Thank you.

It's not automatic.

Thank you.



That ice cream guy you arrested,
he was dealing drugs?

Crack? I bring
my son here.

A lot of people
bring children here.

Do you come here a lot?

Every day, when it's nice. It's LA, so,
you know, it's always nice.

Would you mind looking
at a few pictures?

These are the ones from the news?
That they found in those boxes?


Do you remember seeing any of
these people here at the park?

Can you imagine being
closed up like that?

It's like a nightmare.


I saw him here, last week,
over by that statue.

I saw him.

Are you sure?

Yeah. Because a man
with no kids,

my mom radar goes up.

Well, what was he doing?

Having his picture taken.

She was taking it.

Do you remember
seeing her here?

No. Just these two.

The investment banker is having an
affair with the card shop owner.

The wife finds out
and kills them both.

And puts them in a box?
What about the dancer?

The stripper. Glenn Price was
an investment banker, Crews,

I mean, I'm pretty sure his tastes
werert exclusive to card shop owners.

He's doing the stripper,
the wife finds out.

And puts her in a box?


The wife's not answering
any of her phones.

A unit rolled by the house,
no one's home.

But security at the building's
got her going in the office.

At night?

I'll do what you say.
I'll do anything you say.

I don't know
either of these women.

Neither do I.

You think Glenn was seeing
this Lisa Robards woman?

They were
seen together, yes.

If I'd have known,
I would have been happy for him.

We were dissolving
our personal relationship.

Differences in lifestyle?


I want things, need things
Glenn had no interest in.

Did it make you angry that he
wouldn't give you what you need?

We loved each other, but...

Love has nothing
to do with need.

That's right.

He'd taken a job in London.
It was a big step up.

He was going to try
to be happy.

We both were.

Can I ask
you something?

You wanted to know if Glenn was still
alive when he went into that box.

Do you think he went
in there for you?

The way Glenn was found,

the kind of things I want,

I wondered did he go
looking for something

to make me happy.

Did he go looking
for something and end up...

Does everyone
have a secret?

You want to know mine?

Which one?

You know which one.

The one about my father?

The one about my father
having something to do with

you going to prison
for 12 years?

Reese, I'm pretty sure...
Did I say I wanted to know?

Can I ask
you about the girl?

Which girl?

The daughter of the murdered family,
Rachel Seybolt.

She went into Childrers
Services when she was nine,

was adopted when she was 11,
and then she disappeared.

I don't know
anything about that.

Is Detective
Crews looking for her?

I think I hired every private
investigator in Los Angeles.

Any idea what
that costs?

Money is not
a mars won'th, Ted.

It hurts me when you talk like that.

700,000 it cost.
Those are dollars.

Ted, I have
$50 million.

More than that, actually.
I've grown it.

Okay, they tracked
Rachel here.

From what the PI's could tell,
that's where Jack was holding her.

Then they lost her.

She vanished.

So, is this what it's
like to be a cop?

It's more fun
with this.

Can I help you?

Oh, uh...

We need to ask you
some questions.

Can I help you?
I run this house.

There is problem?

We're looking
for a girl.

What country
from is she?

She's American.
She'd been injured.

We are foreigners only. If she is
American, she is not being here, ever.

Well, we'll just
take a look around.

You hold any
magic mushroom?

Magic mushrooms?

We're... We're cops.

Then, grass?

Charlie, she's not here.

Ted, this seem like a really strange
place to hold someone captive?

Our fourth victim, Kurt Ruiz,
just 18 years old, found at the airport.

Connection to
the other three?

None. No, he wasrt
seen in that park.

This kid, he grew up in Eagle Rock,
nowhere near the others.

He's younger, too.
He was a senior in high school,

kind of a track star, he had a full
ride to run for UCSD next year.

Kid had everything
to live for.

What did you say?

Yeah, I know. We all have
everything to live for, right?


Not like this kid. And...

Is he gonna
walk out again?

It's not
where they were.

It's not
what they were.

What if it's what
they were about to be?

Yeah, and what
would that be?

They were about
to be happy.

Just got a
full scholarship,

just got her
first line in a movie,

new job,
new life in London.

What did his wife
say to us?

"We were gonna
try to be happy."

Okay, Grasshopper, but what about
Lisa Robards, the card shop owner?

How was she
about to be happy?

Let's go find out.

Hey there,



Detective Kumquat.

You packing up?

Yeah. With Lisa gone,
we'll have to close.

John, do you ever remember
seeing Lisa with this man?

Or mentioning
his name? Glenn Price.

It's possible.
I don't know.

Lisa and I didn't
really mix socially.

But you and Lisa
worked together, right?

I mean, long hours
in the store.

People who work together know more about
each other than most married couples.

You know, relationships,

what their hopes are,

I'm sorry. I haven't seen this guy.
I wish I could help you.

John, do you know if Lisa was
planning a change in her life?

What kind of change?

New job, new home.
Something to make her happy.

No. If she did,
she didn't mention it to me.

I mean,
we only worked together.

Okay. Thank you.

You know, if you think of anything that
might be helpful, just give us a call.

Sentiments for
all occasions?


Excuse me?

That's what you do,
right, John?


So if there was a graduation
party for a high school kid,

you might do
the invites.

Well, if it were
special enough, sure.

Full ride to UCSD
special enough?

I don't understand.
"Full ride"?

Or a moving

Some guy gets a new job,
a new life.

You know what
my partner's thinking?

You know what
I'm thinking

is that when people are happy,
they want to celebrate.

And when they want to celebrate,
they need to let people know.



You're going to want to
see my customer list.

Yeah. I'd like to
see it, too.

I can't find it anywhere.

Lisa left the business
such a mess,

I don't really know
what's what around here.

Okay, John.

Well, you find that list,
you send it right over to us, okay?

Sure thing, Detective.

I got your person
of interest.

Well, you watch him.

I want to know
everywhere he goes.

He leaves, you go with him.
Do not lose him.

There may be
another trunk out there.

I'm on it, Detective.
Everywhere he goes, I go.

You have my solemn vow,
I will not lose him.

We don't need
the customer list.

If the victims had their
invitations made at Unending Notes,

I'm pretty sure we know some of
the people they sent them to.

You're not closing,
are you?

Yeah. It's my birthday.
I'm off to the party.

Everyone's coming,
you know.

But it's the middle
of the day.

No, not my birthday.
It's my, uh, anniversary.

That's why I have to...

No, I'm moving. Yeah.

Overseas, you know, London.

New start, new job,
new life for me.

I have to go.
I'm getting married.

Happiest day of my life.

"Unending Notes."

Does that mean anything?

It means somebody
lied to me.

Well, I guess they're
in trouble, then.

I guess they are.

You got him there, Bobby?

Your boy did not come out of this
door, Charlie. He's in there.

Thanks, Bobby.

Got your warrant right here.
Guess what?

He's not the only Armstrong
that lives in the building.

His mother lives
right downstairs.

Maybe she's got a key.

Is it always the guy
who lives with his mom?

I've never seen a sky that blue.

I've never seen
a sky that blue.

I've never seen a sky...
I've never seen...

Who is this girl?

Brandee Huggens.

Has my John done
something to her?

I've never seen
a sky that blue.

I've never seen
a sky that blue.

I've never seen
a sky that blue.

Lisa Robards, "Birthday party.
Everyone's invited."

Brandee Huggens, "Come celebrate my big break."
Glenn Price, "New city, new life."

Kurt Ruiz,
graduation party invite.

All four victims.

There's one more here.

Wedding invitation.

Still alive.

Hey, not getting away
from us that easy, John.


The four from up there, plus the one
we found Armstrong in, that's five,

plus the other four
make nine.

There's still
one more trunk out there.

The marriage is tomorrow.

We figured
she was just nervous.

Jamie left
this morning.

Do you know
where she is?

Can you bring our Jamie
home to us, please?

If it was only this morning,
she might still be alive.

Where's that trunk?

You know, there's
a woman in that trunk

and she might still be alive,
so let me tell you something,

you want to tell me
where that trunk is, John.

Don't you look at him.
You look at me.

You look at me, John.

Got some evidence
from your apartment here.

Where's the trunk, John?

Oh, here's the graduation party invite

you did that for kid
we found out at the airport.

Where's the girl, John?

Got the one
you did for Brandee.

"Come celebrate my big break.
It's one line, but it's my line."

Oh, and here's the one
you did for Glenn Price.

Look, there he is, on the front,
standing by that statue.

I guess your boss, Lisa,
took that picture for him.

You did good work, John.
Sentiments for all occasions.

Must have been tough, though, with
all those people about to be so happy.

Going to London, getting married,
full ride scholarship.

When was the last time
you were happy, John?

Look, here's the one
you did for your boss, John.

For Lisa.

Birthday party.

"I'm turning the big three-oh
and everyone's invited."

Didrt invite you,
did she, John?

No. Lisa saw fit not to.

Where's the trunk, John?
Where's the girl?

It goes back
before Lisa, right, John?

Do you remember
the last time you were happy?

It's been a long time, hasn't it, John?
Can you remember being happy?

I'm gonna
tell you something.

You're going to prison, John,
for a very long time.

And you are not gonna be happy there.
You will never be happy there.

How's that gonna be any different
than the rest of my life?

It's gonna be different, John.
Believe me.

But we have something for you.
Something you want.

What's that?

You can be happy,
here, right now.

You can be a hero, John.
You can save that girl.

You want to be happy, John?
You wanted it your whole life.

Now here's your chance.

But you have to take it
before she dies.

No, you don't understand.

What I did to those people,

it made me smile.

And the thought
of that girl

out there in a box

right now,

well, that just
makes me smile, too.

His mother. What could his
mother possibly say to him?

It's what he could
say to her.

Tell them where
the trunk is, John.

They can't make me
do that.

Tell them where
the trunk is, John.

Hey, it's okay, Mom.

No, don't be sad.

It's okay. It's a smile.

It's all one big smile.

What did you
say there, John?

The building downtown,
where we found Lisa Robards.

And over here...

It's where we found
Kurt Ruiz.

The LA River basin,
where we found Brandee.

The 405 Freeway,
where we found Glenn Price.

It's all one big smile.

We want to find the girl,
we look right here.

Can you imagine spending
time in a box like that?


Oh, because of him
being in, uh...


He's lucky to
have you as a partner.

I hope to have someone in
my life like that someday.



I know you care
about her, Kyle.

I know you want
Rachel to be safe.

You don't
know nothing.

I know you're afraid.

You've been locked up.

You know all they got
in this place is fear.

No. You're afraid of
something, someone else.

Is it Jack Reese?

Never heard that name.

Captain Jack Reese, Kyle.

You worked for him.
You killed for him.

I never heard that name

until you spoke it
just now.

Listen, Hollis, we both know you
told me you worked for Jack Reese.

I killed those people
because I wanted to.

No one made me.

You're afraid of
what he'll do.

My life's
in the Lord's hands.

You're afraid of what
Jack Reese will do to her.

Then help me
find Rachel.


you stay away
from that girl.

The Lord told me
to save that child.

The Lord sent me to
take her from foster care

to atone for what
I had done to her family,

to atone for the blood
that I had shed.

The fire of the Lord
spoke to me!

The fire said
raise that child as my own.

It said shed my love on her

even as I had shed
the blood of her kin.

You stay away from her.

Stay away from her!

Stay away from her!

You spend a lot of time in a
small space, you know, like a cell,

you get a feeling
for the size of a room.

How big or small it is.

I remember that.

This room, Ted,

it's smaller than the room
on either side.


It's okay, Rachel.

It's okay.

It's okay.

The fire sent me!

The fire sent me.

The fire sent me
to get you.


To take you from here.


Hey, it's okay.

Yeah, Charlie?

If anyone tries
to stop us,

you go ahead,
take my gun and shoot them.