Life (2007–2009): Season 1, Episode 10 - Dig a Hole - full transcript

The detectives investigate the apparent murder of a Zen master when his remains are found during excavation at a construction site. He has obviously been there for quite some time and they ...

Previously on "Life"

a cop doing time
they broke every bone in his body

after the case was reopened,

we found that none
of the physical evidence on scene

matched officer Crews

life was his sentence,
and life was what he got

- I heard he got 5 million dollars
- I heard it was 50

this is the work of a crazy person

- the shootout at the bank
- all that cash, gone

18 million missing?

The lead detective on the case that
sent you to prison turned up shot

- this is my father
- Jack Reese

- Charlie Crews
- I know who you are

Of course

"I'm with stupid."

The arrow's pointing up. Shouldn't
it point at the person next to you?

I guess he was admitting the truth.

- That he was stupid.
- That no one knows anything.

I know he's dead.

That's not the truth.
That's just a fact.

Looks like a Rose.

- You'll tell me that's the truth?
- No, that's just a dead flower.

We're putting up a parking garage.
Eight floors, 500 spaces.

- What was it before?
- Store fronts.

Most of them vacant for years.

We'll need to know the name
of the store that was in this space.

Yeah. I can find that out for you.

That guy's been in the ground
for who knows how long.

We dig him out then after we're
done with him we'll put him back in.

Is there somewhere else
you think maybe he should go?

Los Palmas zen center.

It was in business
for two years from 1995 to 1997.

It went out of business because...?

The owner, a guy named Tim Chang
skipped out on three months rent.

What exactly is a zen center?

It's a place where people interested
in spirituality sit, do nothing...

Which as it turns out
is nearly impossible.

Getting buried alive
part of the spiritual journey?

Not as a rule. Though every center
has its own way.

You could be my perfect disaster

pushing me over my ledge

hurricanes and tragic thunder

stay away from her ledge

blowing out all of my windows

wreaking havoc on my head

Tim Chang. ID expired 1998.

He's been down there the whole time.

Look at this.

I used to have one just like this.

I remember this model. So cute.
Stored like ten numbers.

The battery is toast, but I can
get information off of the chip...

Last numbers called, date and time.

Who remembers their number
from ten years ago?

I do.
But it wasn't a phone number.

Prison number.

Looks like he dialed these
two numbers a bunch of times...

On November thirtieth 1997.

Give me a few hours I can get
the backdated reverse directory...

And give you names
to go with those numbers.

Or we could just call one.

Tim Chang.

I haven't thought of him in years.
Ten years.

- They found him under the zen center?
- Someone buried him alive.

My god.
How can they even tell that?

He had inhaled dirt into his lungs.

What was your relationship
with Tim Chang?

I didn't have one.

But when we dialed that number
it rang here in your house.

This wasn't my house ten years ago.
It's my husband's house.

I moved here after we were married.

I was the one who had
the relationship with Tim.

Luke, these are the detectives
I told you would be stopping by.

Detectives, this is my husband,
professor Luke Dujardin.

We're both on staff
at USC particle physics.

But we are not actually
on staff there.

We are more likely to be on staff
there than not to be on staff there.

Don't play with them. They are not
your students. They are the police.

So, they must know everything
is in motion...

And the particles within
everything are never in one place...

Therefore if it's never
in one place...

It never is, is it?

So I'm always in motion.

I'm never in one place.

I'm never here.

Just more likely to be here
than not to be here.

I'm not here.
You like that, don't you?

If only that were true.

Luke, they're here
to talk about master Chang.

We uncovered his body under
what used to be the zen center.


All this time.

Professor dujardin, what was
your relationship with Tim Chang?

12 years ago I suffered from
a common ailment in my field.

I had a crisis of faith.

- Look at anything too closely...
- It starts to lose its meaning?

And your crisis of faith, master
Chang helped you through this?

He did.

You wouldn't happen to know where
you were when Tim Chang went missing?

That was ten years ago. Does anyone
know where they were ten years ago?

- I'm pretty sure I do.
- We looked when he went missing.

We went
to the zen center every day but...

Amy, those two pot heads
with the videotapes.


They made an instructional tape
and master Chang sold it online.

They were so peculiar. I can't
remember their names, though.

See that car? Not here.

That building, not here. Just more
likely to be here than not be here.

That dog, not here.

That girl, not here.
Too bad about that.

This street...

This city...

Everything, not here.

If you're not here then how come
I can still see you?

I guess not here...

If you understand physics,
which I really don't.

- Hello?
- Detective Crews,

those tapes were made by a company
based out of an apartment in palms.

No longer in business.

I did however track
down the owner's names.

Can you track down
the owner's address?

Master Tim? Dead?

Zen master flash.

Buried alive?

- That is wrong.
- Zen master flash?

Yeah. That's what we called him,
he was the zen master, the flash.

You made an instructional tape
with Tim Chang?

Not one of our best sellers.

Made it out of some crappy
flat you had. Different part of town.

- Not so much money back then, huh?
- That was before quickie-mate-dotcom.

- You've heard of us, right?
- I'm not really up to date.


A mate in a minute?

It's why we're not living
in Palms anymore.

Was master Chang aware
that you were using marijuana?

I would have to say yes.
Very aware.

- And did it cause any conflict?
- Only when we wouldn't share.

Zen master liked
to be one with the bong.

Didn't you think it was odd
that he just disappeared one day?

No. We thought it was zen.

- Sherri, Ginger, say hi.
- Hi.

Our wives.

- Are these more investors?
- No, they're cops.

You want a beer?

- They're cops, sherri.
- Cops get thirsty.

- Don't cops get thirsty?
- All the cops I know get thirsty.

No, thank you. We're working and
one of us is a recovering alcoholic.

I'm still in pre-hab.

- Good luck with that.
- Thanks.

- We've been married for two years.
- Quickie-mate-dot-com.

Was supplying Tim Chang drugs
the sole nature of your relationship?

No. Mostly we went
to the zen center for the girls.

The place was loaded with like
broken yoga chicks you know the kind.

You two didn't date a lot
in high school, huh?

Or in college?

Yeah, well that all changed
when we got rich.

Do you know where you were
when Tim Chang went missing?

That was ten years ago.

Who knows where they were
ten years ago?

I used to think,

what if I had believed him?
What if I hadn't walked away,

would he be here now?

We would have come through this
together we would have won

but I didn't believe him

and I've learned it's better not
to think that way

- for god's sake...
- Hi, Mark.

- Is my ex-wife around?
- This isn't pulling me over.

This is now trespassing.

It will only take a minute.
Hey, Jen! You around?

- Jennifer?
- It's okay, Mark.

- I got this.
- Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.

Come on in.

He's very tall.
I didn't know you liked tall men.

If I'd known maybe
I could have been taller.

Are you getting counseling, Charlie?

- You know what today is?
- Yes, Charlie, I do.

- 15 years. Not bad.
- It's our anniversary.

I understand how today
might be painful for you...

You were a pretty bride, Jen.

Smoking, I think is what
the kids say now, right?

- You know she was a smoking bride?
- Okay.

You show up,
you pissed on my husband...

You're doing whatever it is
you're doing to me, you can go now.

I came here today, Jen,
because I made a promise to you.

I know I'm not exactly married
to you anymore, but...

Happy anniversary.

You didn't.

A promise is a promise, Jen.

- My god.
- I promised you one.

A promise is a promise.

You can't leave
this horse here, Crews.

It's not really there, Mark.

I mean it's physics.
It's complicated. Trust me.

It's not actually here.

What's that smell?


- You curious why?
- Not remotely.

- Hello?
- Okay

reverse directory on the third number.

Graziella Molina, had the same
number for 45 years.

- Did she go to the zen center?
- No, but her son did

he used to live at home
but has since moved out.

- Can you send me his address?
- Can you say please?


- Can I help you?
- We're looking for Eric Molina.

That's him sparring out on the mat.

Which one is Molina?

He's the one still standing.

- That's Tim Chang, isn't it?
- Zen master flash.

Why do you kill a zen master?

- His body was under the zen center?
- That's right.

We tracked the numbers
Tim Chang dialed on his cell phone.

One of them was your mom, Eric.
She told us where to find you.

I was living with her back then.

- My life is here now.
- You don't seem affected he's dead.

His body has lost its vitality.
His spirit exists still.

It will find another vessel
and return some day.

We're curious about those pictures
you went down on your knees for.

I bow to master Chang
after every fight.

- Yeah? Why is that?
- Out of respect.

I would not be alive
if it wasn't for master Chang.

Master Chang recreated me.

- How did he do that?
- He crushed what I was.

- And allowed a new me to step forward.
- Didn't like who you were, Eric?

No, sir.

I did not.

I was in a gang
when I met master Chang.

- Master Chang made it hard on you.
- For my own good.

You're searching for something...

- Aren't you?
- For master Chang's killer.


For something else.

You got that look.

Master Chang had it, too.
He was searching for something.

Did he find it, Eric?

You can't find it, man.

It's an illusion.

It's not there.

Do you want to know where
I was when he went missing?

It's a long time ago.
Who can remember that?

I was at my mother's.

I was sick the entire week.
You can ask her.

Something else you need to say?

Master Chang saved me...

But I was always worried he
would not be able to save himself.

- He made me strong, but he was weak.
- How was he weak?

He allowed his own flesh to be weak.

He let those two, Ryan and Sean
take him to dark places.

- You mean the pot?
- Pot? It was worse than that.

He let them use him,
use his body.

Man, he would come
from them begging for forgiveness.

What would you come back as?

Reincarnation. Don't limit yourself.
You can choose an animal.

This one time should be plenty,
thank you.

I'd like to come back
as a giant flemish rabbit.

Fifteen pounds of pure bunny.

Or a whale.

Can you imagine being a whale
thousands of feet under water?

Is it quiet down there?

You need to be on the list.

I bought my ex-wife a horse.

Crews, it's really loud in here.

It sounded like you said you
bought your ex-wife a horse.


I know you, don't I?

- I'm one of the investors.
- Right.

Do you want a room
with a camera or just a room?

You brought a friend.

That's cool, so did I.

Why don't you go ahead
and we'll catch up?

- We'll get a room with a camera, okay?
- Okay.

- Dating was simpler before.
- This isn't dating.

No, I guess it's not.

That was some party.

That's the kind of party
you dream about your whole life...

But you very rarely get to see.

- I've never seen it. Have you?
- No.

- I have never seen a party like that.
- That's because she's kind of shy.

I am.

But also because...

It's just really against the law.

- What did we see in there?
- Pimping and pandering.


Not exactly sure what that is...

But it usually comes after pimping
and it's not good.

What do you want?

You left some things out when
we asked you about Tim Chang.

You remember Eric molina?

We heard that things got extreme
between you and Tim Chang.

Isn't that right, boys?

Zen master flash didn't do
anything he didn't want to do.

- He didn't ask to do.
- What did he ask to do?

He was dark, okay?

The guy liked to go
all the way down.

He could take a lot of pain
and he liked to have it put on film.

People would pay to see it.

He wanted to do it, they wanted
to see it, but we didn't kill him.

We thought master flash took off.

Figures that freak molina
put you on to us.

He wanted to be just like flash,
did just like him until that fight.

You remember that fight?

That fight was awesome.

I thought zen master was dead
the way Eric was hitting him.

When it was over zen master
threw Eric out of the center.

Banished him for life.

We weren't even allowed
to mention Eric's name...

And if we did,
we got thrown out, too.

Coroner's report confirms that
Tim Chang had broken six ribs...

And one of his hands
a month before his death.

It sounds like he'd been in a fight.

I swear it sounded like
you bought your ex-wife a horse.

It was loud. Also,
and I might be wrong about this...

But I think people
were having sex in that house.

Master Chang?

I'm here.

I'm lost.

I know.

How has your relationship with Crews
changed now that you've become a da?

Detective Crews and
I will always be friends,

but in my role as district attorney

I will work with him in the same way
I work with any member of the LAPD


You remember assistant
district attorney Griffiths?

No reason to be so formal.

- Just call me Connie.
- Good to see you again, Connie.

- You, too.
- I really like your dress.

Thank you.
I got it in New York.

Constance went to New York, but then
she had to come back from New York...

So now she's not in New York anymore.

I'm saying New York a lot, aren't I?

- He does that sometimes.
- I know.

- I usually just wait it out.
- Me, too.

Can we talk for a minute?

- You remember the last time I came?
- I do.

You warned me
to stay away from Ames.

- I wish you would have listened to me.
- I didn't kill him.

- We know you didn't.
- We?

That's why I'm here. I thought
that you would like to know...

That we have moved off you
as a suspect in the Ames killing.

- But I was such a good suspect.
- You're an excellent suspect.

If I'm not the suspect, who is?

There's another suspect, isn't there?

Okay, what's with the dress?

- Going to dinner at Little Door.
- How romantic.

I don't want to be late.

Most homicides that are solved
are done so in the first 48 hours

can you comment on the web reports
the LAPD does not want killing solved?

It is the desire
of the Los Angeles police department

to have every case solved

what can I do for you, Jack?

You can explain to me why Crews
isn't a suspect in the Ames shooting.

He killed Ames.
He had the motivation.

You find the means and opportunity.

I'll be very careful
what I say now, Jack.

I have a witness who saw two men
leaving the scene of the killing.

When we find these men,
if they connect to Crews...

I will go after Crews.

If they connect to somebody else...

That's who I will go after.

15 years ago, this branch of
the bank of Los Angeles was held up.

There was a shootout.
18 million dollars goes missing.

A small group of gunmen
can hold out in here forever...

Against the cops out in the street.

The only way to take him
out would be with a sniper.

And there's only one place
that sniper could take the shot.

- I don't like heights.
- Then don't look down.

I looked down.
I couldn't help myself.

- I looked down again.
- You want a clean shot of the bank...

The only place to do it
is from here. Right here.

This is where SWAT
happened to be training...

The day the bank
of Los Angeles was held up.

The SWAT leader was Jack Reese.

Jack Reese was talking with Ames
right before Ames got killed.

I scared Ames. Ames went to Reese.
They were arguing about me.

I saw him say my name.
Now Ames is dead.

What does the bank
of Los Angeles holdup...

Have to do with the detective
that put you away?

They both have
Jack Reese in common.

Charlie, I'm not Robin, am I?

You know Batman and Robin?
Trusty sidekick.

You mean like in tights?

No, Ted.

You are not Robin.

You're not here...

Are you?

No, I'm here, Eric.
Don't you worry.

Why did you run from us?

Because when you came back
I could see you found out I lied to you.

We found out about the fight.

About how
you nearly killed Tim Chang.

We found out you got thrown out
of the zen center.

Master Chang banished you.

And others weren't even allowed
to speak your name.

Did that make you angry, Eric?

That would make me angry.
Is that what you fought about?

We fought about trust.

Did he betray your trust?

All I had was master Chang
and the zen center.

On my own, who I was,
was nothing.

- They were...
- Everything to you.

How did he betray your trust?

Was it because of something
he was doing to himself?

No, what he did to himself,
he did somewhere else.

Did he do something
to the zen center?

The girls that came in that center,
they trusted master Chang.

He would take them to his office.

I mean he broke the trust
for pretty girls.

That trust...

It was all I had.

All we have is his body...

So you'll stay with us a while
until we see...

If you left anything behind
when you buried him.

I didn't kill him!

I loved him.

I wanted to kill him.

Yeah, I tried to kill him...

But I didn't.

I loved him.

If he banished you,
how come he called you?

He called to say goodbye.

He said he was leaving,
but wouldn't say why.

You said you were master Chang.

You said you were lost.

Just to be clear about this
I am not talking to a dead guy.

I don't talk to dead guys.
I'm talking to myself...

There just happens
to be a dead guy here.

The man who killed my friends...

The man I served
those 12 years for...

What do I do when I find him?


Good talking to you.

I'll go find your killer.

Eric thought you were master Chang.

He'd just been hit by a car.


- Come meditate with me.
- That's okay.

- I think I'll just watch.
- It will make you happy.

It won't make me happy.

If it doesn't make you happy
I won't say another word to you.

Where else will you
get an offer like that?

All right. How do I do this?

Look straight ahead.

See? Happy.

So everyone going to that zen center
was completely screwed up, right?

People go there seeking peace.

People seek what they don't have.

Only troubled people seek peace.

I've changed my mind.

- I want to come back as a panda.
- Really?

- They're so cute.
- They're not cute.

They just seem cute,
they're actually very mean.

We just have one thing we need
to clear up. It's not a big thing.

- We need to know if you lied to us.
- Excuse me?

What detective Reese means...

Is when you said you did not have
a relationship with master Chang...

Did you lie about the part where you
had a relationship with master Chang?

You went to the zen center, too,
didn't you, Amy?

That's you. Younger, but you, right?

I would drive Luke there.

He's not a very good driver.
His mind is always somewhere else.

I understand that.
Detective Reese doesn't let me drive.

We also heard that master Chang
would take you into his office...

For a little
one on one enlightenment...

While your professor
was out on the mat.

That's not true. Who said that?

Who sits in the third chair?
It's a trio.

- You and your husband play?
- Yes.

- Who sits in the third chair?
- My son.

I'd like you to leave.

Did your husband Luke know that
you were having sex with Tim Chang?

I wasn't. That is a lie.

As a rule older men get really
upset about stuff like that.

Is it true that those zen masters
know all the secret places?

Okay, that's enough.
I won't be offended in my own house.


Say hello
to detectives Crews and Reese.


It was a pleasure to meet you.

He's a very respectful child.


Yes he is.

How old is he?

Just about ten.

May I ask who his birth parents are?

I am his birth mother...

But we had trouble conceiving.

- And his father?
- It's an anonymous donor.

You understand why we'll need
to see proof of that.

Of course.
We have the documents.

I'm having trouble with the dates.
Maybe you can help me.

Exactly how long were you together
before you decided to use a donor?

You know who he looks like?

We have master Chang's body
and we'll get a sample of his DNA...

And then...

We'll get a warrant
for the DNA of your son.

Now I've had some experience
with DNA and it's pretty fool proof.

Leave him alone.
Just leave us alone.

What is that DNA test
going to prove?

That Alec
is your son with Tim Chang?

Alec is who he thinks he is.
He's happy.

- Why does anyone have to find out...
- The truth?

What is the truth?

We met at the point where physics
and buddhism came together.

But you understand...

After what Chang did...

- I did what I did.
- What did you do, Luke?

If I tell you,
you must promise me...

There will be no DNA testing
and no trial.

We can do that.

Alec is my son.

He loves me.

And I will not have
him going through life...

Knowing he's the evidence
that sent me away.

I killed Tim Chang.

I caught him with Amy.

We would dig
behind the zen center.

It was a zen meditation.

"Dig a hole, fill it up."

I pushed him in one of those.

Filled it up.

It was out back but I was afraid
about coyotes...

So I brought it in.

Hey, don't get too comfortable.
You're not actually here.

You're talking to the horse!

Let me ask you something...

Even if something
isn't actually there...

Just more likely to be there...

Why would you still look for it
if you knew where it was?

You're still talking to the horse!


If he knew where he was,
why was he still looking for him?

- You tell us you killed Tim Chang.
- I did.

You killed him
and then you raised Alec?

- I love Alec.
- I know you do.

But I think you loved
Tim Chang, too, Luke.

Chang was broken...

But he was my zen master.

He helped me to the light.

When you look at Alec,
do you see him there?

But that's where it bumps for me.

- We have these phone records here.
- Phone records...

Luke has confessed.
Why can't you just leave him alone?

To Tim Chang's cell from your house,
your office and your cell.

- We talked frequently.
- You made these after he went missing.

Because I was worried about him.

Maybe you killed
master Chang, Luke, but...

I think it is more likely
that you did not.

But if you knew he was dead,
if you knew where he was...

Why were you still
looking for him?

I killed him.

You left something with him,
with Chang. He was holding something.

What was it?

- Where are you going?
- We're dropping the charges.

- But I killed him.
- No, you didn't.

- So we can go?
- You must go to children's services.

Why do I need to do that?

We're concerned that your house might
not be the appropriate environment...

In which to raise your son...

Because they want to know if Luke
here didn't kill master Chang...

Then who was he protecting
with his confession?

Because, Amy...

You are now the lead suspect
in the Tim Chang murder.

Will you take care of our son?

A Rose.

I threw a Rose down there.

That's what he called me...

His Rose.

But he thought he could leave me...

And that's where he was wrong.

Okay. They'll put you back
in the ground now.

You take care of yourself.

I'll call you.

- Where did you get this?
- You don't want to know.

You know you're right
I don't want to know.

Charlie, this guy
was a serious cop.

Look at some of what
this guy did.

Serious cop with serious friends.

You sure you want to go after him?

Ted, I appreciate
your help with this. I do.

If you want to walk away,
I understand.

Okay, for me, as you well know
it's always about the money.

Let me do some financials
on Jack Reese.

If you think he was in on the bank of la,
that money went somewhere.

Yeah, okay.

What are you looking for?

You want to know how good a cop,
a cop is, you ask other cops.

You want to know how bad a cop is,
you ask his confidential informant.

There. His snitch.

"Jack Reese's registered
confidential informant, 1991 to 1996.

Kyle Hollis."

Let's see what kind
of record Kyle has.

- Still smells of horse in here.
- I kind of like that smell.

That is no surprise.

Maybe we could get a dog.

You think we should get
a dog, Charlie?


- Charlie, what is it?
- Kyle Hollis...

Jack Reese's informant...

There's a mug shot here
from his last arrest, 1995.

This is the picture Rachel Drew.

And that's the man you went
to prison for.

That's him, Charlie.

That's the killer.

What are you thinking about?

I'm thinking about
where I'm going next.

Every step I take
I feel I'm closer to

closer to the end