Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - The Pit and the Pinnacle - full transcript

Rowan uses the Force to find a planet rich in Kyber crystals and danger.

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[instrumental music]
[whooshing in vacuum...]

- Um, what are you doing?
- [whispering] We're being quiet.

So you can focus and lead us
to the Kyber crystal

- we need to finish the "Arrowhead."
- Oh... o-okay.

Um, right.

[chairs creaking]

I can't concentrate.
It's too quiet.

But I thought that helps?

Not if I know you're watching me.
It's too much pressure.

[upbeat music playing]

Is this better?

No! Not at all!
[music clicks off]

So you don't want quiet,
and you don't want noise.

- What do you want?
- I want you to act normal.

Just do what you usually do.


[buttons beeping]

Now I can tell you're just

- trying to act normal.
- Normal?

Well, Rowan, I don't know
what you want us to do.

The only thing that's "normal"
for the Freemakers

is that there's nothing normal
for the Freemakers!

No, wait!
This is good.

Just the right amount of tension.
I can work with this.

I... I'm feeling something.

It could be the crystal we need.

It's far away,
but I can still feel it.

[ship rumbling]

[weapons firing]

- It's M-OC!
- This is too much tension!

Every time we knock him down,
he just pops right back up.

- How does he do it?
- Well, he's got blasters,

pulse cannons, and jets...

I mean, far be it from me
to praise the Emperor,

but clearly he knows
how to spoil a droid.

Unlike some other folks
I could mention.

Hey, Roger, instead of taking
shots at us, take a few at M-OC!

[weapons firing]

[dramatic fanfare]

2x08 - The Pit and the Pinnacle

[ship rumbling]

[weapons firing]

[electricity crackling]

Just hold him off.
Give me time!

Time is not in your favor,
Rowan Freemaker.

Over time, you tire,
you wear out, you falter...

[ship rumbling]

Ignore him, Rowan.

Whereas I do not. Ever.

Just get the coordinates
into the nav computer.

I am relentless.

We have got to find a way
to block his calls.

- Focus, Rowan.
- Uh...

Outer Rim,
12 parsecs past Terminus.

- Go, go, go!
- We're gone!

[engines whooshing]

Target has escaped.

- Calculating new...
- M-OC!

Hey, a few quick questions for ya:

how's the weather on Qalydon, hmm?

Oh! And where's Rowan Freemaker?

And where is my Kyber Saber?
Oh, and before you answer,

know that I don't really care
about the weather!

I have neither Rowan Freemaker
nor the Kyber Saber, Master.

Why am I not surprised?

I'm beginning to think
you don't understand

what's at stake here, M-OC.

Perhaps you should come to
Coruscant for a little... education.

[somber music]

[tool whirring]

We're safe, Rowan.
M-OC is way behind us.

Yeah, for now.

We're coming up on
the coordinates you plugged in.

Let's just hope
they take us someplace nice.

This ship's taking a real beating.

Right. We could all use
a little R and R and R.

Rest, relaxation, and repair?
[ship rumbling]

[dramatic music]

[electricity crackling]

- Zander?
- Oh-oh, our stabilizer fin is loose.

- M-OC must've tagged it.
- Hang on!

We're coming down hard!

[muffled screaming]

[ship crashing]

[metal creaking]

[both groaning]

[gasps] Hey!


- Another smooth landing for Zander...
- No.

- Come on, but...
- No, no, no.

- Is this the planet, Rowan?
- I... I think so.

I'm sensing crystals.

- Where?
- Everywhere.

Kyber crystals.


Yeah, but these are all smaller
than the one in my vision.

None of these will work
in the "Arrowhead."

I can rebuild the ship,

but we lost the stabilizer fin
somewhere back there.

We're not going anywhere
without that. [cracking]

All right, you two
get the ship back in shape.

Rowan and I will search for the fin.
Come on, kiddo.

Maybe we'll find our crystal
on the way.

So Kordi and Rowan
are headed off

to explore a mysterious
and dangerous planet,

while I get to stay with the ship?
I like this decision.

[metal clanging] Ow!

So M-OC...

- he's kind of getting to you, huh?
- Yeah.

I mean, what if he's right, Kordi?

- What if we can't beat him?
- We can, Rowan.

We will.
Just like we beat Naare.

And then what?

The Emperor will just replace
M-OC with something new,

maybe something... worse.

The Dark Side never stops.

Hey, Rowan.

♪ ♪

[bushes rustling]

The stabilizer fin!

We found it.

And we've found
something else too.

There's something...
familiar about this place.


I can feel it, Kordi.
Something's in there.

- Our crystal?
- Maybe.

Hmm, I guess no one's going
to steal this...

since we're the only ones here.

Come here!

You've got to see this!

[distant screeching]

Did you hear something?

- Hear what?
- I don't know.

If I knew, I would have asked,
"Did you hear that

'fill in the name of the thing
I just heard'"?

Well, then no, I heard nothing.

[sighs] Human audio sensors
are so limited.

[distant screeching]

Uh, okay, heard that.

[screeching continues]
And that!

Roger, you should get inside the ship.

I like your instinct here,
but dare I ask why?

Because I think what
we're hearing might be a...


[grunts] Get it off!


You saved me!

Though you also brought me here.

My emotional processors
are registering

mixed feelings about you
at the moment.

Then this isn't gonna help.

- We "mynock" be out of this yet.
- Puns?

That's your response
to this crisis?

[mynocks screeching]

[mysterious music]

- What is this place?
- No idea.

Somebody's home?

Or temple?

I don't know, but whatever it is,
our crystal's in it.

You can feel the crystal?

Well, not... not exactly.

But something drew me
to this planet.

What else could it be?

It's the "what else" that scares me.


Who built this place?

Why build stairs
that go nowhere?


"The key to unlocking
the mysteries before you

is to turn to the Force."

Turn to the Force.


[stones grinding]

Rowan? Please tell
me you are doing that.

Yes! It's a giant lock that can
only be opened with the Force!


Kordi, Jedi built this place.

They want me to use the Force!
Come on.

The "Arrowhead" crystal
has got to be in here!

And hopefully a way
to get back out too?

Kordi! Hurry up!

[mynocks screeching]

Ah, I'm doomed!

My sweet juicy power
is too delightful

for these mynocks to resist!

Then get your sweet
juicy power into the ship!

[screaming] I can't see!
I'm blind!



Oh. I can see again.
[shouting] Thank the Maker!

- And you too, I suppose.
- Ha!

Well, if they're gonna suck away

all the "StarScavenger's" power,

we've got to blast them off!
Come on!

[weapons firing]

I hope this scares them away.

Me too, or this might
be the end of us.

- Mynock!
- Enough puns! I'm serious.

No, there's a mynock
on your barrel!




[weapons firing]

[crystals exploding]


[both shouting]

[mynocks screeching]

Kyber crystals are explosive.
Good to know.

Yeah, we might need to rethink
our mynock strategy.

So there's Kantoo.

And there's his Kyber Saber.

Now watch this part.

[lightsaber humming]

He cut a moon in half!

[hologram clicks off]

So, M-OC, I hope that
explains why I want

- the Kyber Saber so badly?
- It does.

Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
What it doesn't explain is:

[yells] why don't I have it yet!

Because I haven't brought it
or Rowan Freemaker to you.

I would have thought
that was clear, Master.

Ugh. It's like talking
to the backside of a bantha.

- Quite.
- M-OC, your failures

are becoming all too routine.

Normally, I'd just do
the old zappity-zappity.

- Perhaps you still should.
- But I'm feeling generous today,

so give me one good reason

why I shouldn't throw you
on the scrap pile this instant.

The XX-23 S-thread tracker.

Thread... tracker, huh?

The XX-23 S-thread
would allow me

to track the Freemakers
more precisely.

Sounds good.
So why don't you have one?

Thus far, my request for the device
has not been accepted...

- by Darth Vader.
- Vader?!

- I have been rather busy and...
- I know what you've been!

I approve your request, M-OC!

Get that tracker.
Then get that Freemaker boy!

- Then get that Kyber Saber!
- Yes, Master.

[ceiling crashing]

[sighs] Now, Lord Vader,
let's have a discussion

about your "busy" schedule.

How goes the search
for Skywalker, hmm?

And how close is my new Death
Star to being operational?

[electricity crackling]

These are...
complicated questions

- that deserve a thorough...
- Lord Vader, we have reports

of the Rebel Fleet over Rodia!


We must attend to this at once.
Excuse me, Master.

Huh, saved by the Rebellion.

[door slams down]

[steam hisses]

"The Force builds and lifts us all."

Uh, Kordi?

Is that supposed to be the exit?

Hmm, looks like we could use
a Force Builder.

Lucky for us, I just
happened to bring one with me.

[sweeping instrumental music]

[both struggling]


[both exclaiming]

Just a little bit.

- Whoa!
- Oh!


One more time.


[both shouting]


- Clearly we're missing something here.
- Clearly.

[switch clicks off]

Okay, that's all the major
and minor systems.

With the exception of what's
in the main power coupling,

the "StarScavenger's" a dead ship.

That's not stopping them!

They'll rip through the hull

and then strip me down
to my last circuit!

Agh! If we could just get a break,

I could piece the ship back
together and get her in the air.

If only we had something
to lure them away...

[sighs] Why am I even
saying this out loud

like I don't see
where this is going?

No hidden levers.

Okay then.
Sometimes I feel better

if I take stock of the situation.

We're trapped in a cave,

and if we can't reach the exit,
we're gonna die here.

Yeah. It's not making me
feel any better either.

The riddle must mean something.

"The Force builds and lifts us all."

You already built a ladder.

I have the bruises to prove it.

Maybe I was building
the wrong thing.


- Hop on, Kordi.
- Okay...


Rowan, what are you doing?

Using a Building Force.


I really hope you know
what you're doing.

Same here.

[steam hissing]

[both shouting]


[exhales deeply]

Nice, Rowan.




So, this is impressive.

Kordi, that...
that's our Kyber crystal!

- Are you sure?
- Of course I'm sure!

What else could it be?

We're so close.
This is it.

We're gonna complete
the "Arrowhead,"

save the Rebellion,
stop the Empire,

and free the galaxy!

Okay, but before we plan
our victory parade,

I have one teeny little question.

- What?
- How do we get over there?


Yeah, um... good point.

Are you sure
there isn't another plan?

Perhaps one that doesn't include

feeding me to the mynocks?

Or sticking big dumb rockets
on my back?!

You said you wanted jets
like M-OC.

I'm spoiling you,
just like you wanted.


Hey, mynocks.

Check out my yummy,
delicious power cells!


[mynocks screeching]

"Each lesson of the Force
is a step that builds upon itself."

What happened to the rest
of the stairs?

This place has some serious
maintenance issues.

Kordi, I know what I need to do.


I have to do this alone.


- Stay here.
- That won't be a problem.









A holocron?
Naare had one of these.

[holocron chimes]

Welcome, Force Builder.

Master Kantoo?

If you have come this far,
you are worthy of the secret

of building with Kyber crystals.



The crystal I'm looking
for isn't here...

because I have to build it!

A word of caution, though.

Kyber crystals are extremely
powerful and volatile.

One misstep can lead
to terrible consequences.


What happened up there?

- Did you find our crystal?
- No. And yes.

So boo... and yay?

I didn't find the crystal.
I learned I have to make it.

But now I'm not sure
I even want to.

- Rowan?
- Kordi, the Kyber Saber

was this fantastic,
amazing weapon,

but it led to that.
And worse.

What if the "Arrowhead"
is no different?

What if the Emperor gets ahold of it?

Then what?

Then... he wins.

But if we do nothing,
he wins anyway.

You're right, Rowan.

The Dark Side will never,
ever stop.

It'll overrun this entire galaxy and
tear down everything in its path...

unless people like us
stand in its way.

The galaxy needs us to be brave,

because when we give in to fear...

- The Dark Side wins.
- Right.

Do you remember the last thing
Jek said to you?

I do.


He said...

"Be a builder!"



Go away!

Go away!

I thought the crash was bad,

but those mynocks really
did a number on you, baby.

What's happening, Zander?

Oh, just your
standard Freemaker

disaster-slash-hasty departure.

Ha! I'll just knock in
the stabilizer,

and I'll tell you
about it in... whoa!

That is a big crystal!

Yeah! We've got some
stories to tell too.

[mynocks screeching]


Oh, no! This is the
end, and no one will ever

appreciate my heroic sacrifice!

[jets sputtering]


[weapons firing]

Zander: It's not the end.
But we appreciate you anyway.


- Now we got every part, right?
- Yep.

- So we can finally finish the "Arrowhead"?
- Mm-hmm.

And win the war against
the Empire, save the galaxy,

and get me a date
with Becky Smoochenbacher?

Well, two out of three of those.

Eh, I don't need to save the galaxy.

Roger, set course
for the Rebel Fleet.

Let's show them what
our little brother has done.

Roger roger.

[engines whooshing]