Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - A Perilous Rescue - full transcript

Rowan undertakes a dangerous solo mission to defeat M-OC.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

The "Arrowhead"?

You're absolutely positive
it's called the "Arrowhead"?

- Yes, Master.
- Good.

I want to make sure
the list is accurate.

What list is that, Master?

"M-OC's Long List of Failures."

You haven't brought me
the Kyber Saber,

nor the Freemaker boy
who has it, and...

That same boy built a starship

that's tearing my fleet apart!

- A most unfortunate consequence.
- "Unfortunate"?

It's a catastrophe!
Almost as big a one as you!

- Agreed.
- All right, whatever.

How are we going to beat
this "Arrowhead," Vader?

The Death Star can probably
blow it up, right?

That... might be a problem.

There have been... unanticipated
construction issues. [groans]

Don't tell me they can't
get the wroshyr wood

for my executive dining room?

No, no, they got that,
and it looks quite nice.

Oh! Phew. [chuckles]
You scared me there.

So uh, what is it, then?

We... can't find enough Kyber
crystals to power the Death Star.

- What?
- Not to worry.

- I have hired a Hutt who specializes in...
- A Hutt?!

Oh, I'm going to zappity zap
the two of you to...

[electricity crackling]

The two of you...

Your individual efforts have failed,
which is why from now on,

you will work together.

I'd prefer the zappity zap.

I too find this collaboration

Together, you will bring me

the boy who created
the "Arrowhead,"

the boy who holds
the Kyber Saber,

and the boy who can lead us
to Kyber crystals.

You will bring me...

Rowan Freemaker!

Bet you're wondering
how I finally got that right.

I have it marked down
right here on my desk.

Pretty smart, eh?
[yells] Now go get him!

[dramatic fanfare]

2x10 - "A Perilous Rescue"

[weapons firing]


[exciting music]


Nice shot, Chief Attiburra.


But we still need
more air support.

"Arrowhead," you planning
on coming to this party?


[dramatic music]

Let's go! Let's go!
Move! Move!

Find cover!

Freemakers, are you reading me?

[weapons firing]

We could really use some help now!

Sorry we're late!

Someone claimed she knew
a shortcut to Kashyyyk.

Uh, she does, assuming he
correctly programs the nav computer.

Guys, less fighting each other.

More fighting the Empire.


- Whoo-hoo!
- [laughs] Yeah!

[weapons firing]

Hey-hey! Whoo!
[weapons firing]

Yes! We've got 'em on the run.

[distant thumping]

[birds shrieking]

[ominous music]

Yeah, might've gotten ahead
of myself on that one.

[weapons firing]

Attention, Imperial walker crew.

Surrender immediately.

She's kidding, right?

[weapons firing]

Well, we tried to be nice.

Yep, can't blame us.
Rowan, give me the blade!

Deploying Embersteel blade!



[metal creaking]

[all shouting]

Nice work, Freemakers!


See you back at Home One.

Way to go, Freemakers!

- Whoo-hoo!
- Yeah!

[cheers and applause]

Thank you.
Oh, thank you.

- It was nothing.
- What? It was not nothing!

- I mean, I did some pretty sweet...
- Be humble.

It was nothing.

I baked you guys
some celebratory cookies.

And I didn't even burn them.

So that's two things to celebrate!

[bright tone]

Commanders on deck!


Our victory on Kashyyyk
was hard-won.

Now is the time to maintain
pressure on the Empire.

There are many more battles
to be waged across the galaxy.

Each squadron will deploy
to a different system

and await further orders.

May the Force be with you.

- Gold Team gather!
- Red Squad to the hangar!

- Let's go! Let's do this!
- Hey, where's my helmet?

You heard the bosses,
Blue Squadron.

You can polish your medals later.
[engines rumbling]

Does it get any more exciting?

Hey, Freemaker, come with me.

Blue Squadron can use
your superstar piloting skills.

[gasps] Yes!
It just got more exciting!

Typical Zander.

That guy couldn't stay cool
in a Hoth blizzard.

Kordi, your intuitive battle tactics
were key to today's victory.

You would be a valuable addition
to our strategy council.

On the council?

But that's huge!
I don't have to tell you that.

You know that. Way bigger deal than
saving hot water and power usage.

Did I say yes yet?
'Cause, yes!

[stammering] I'd love to!
Let me just go get my ideas.

Ha! Never mind!
They're already here in my head,

'cause that's where I keep 'em.
Right in the old noggin!

You already know that, right?
'Cause of course you did.

You're both so smart.
[inhales deeply]

Can we go now before I say
something else stupid?

[exclaims] Too late!

You'll be fine, Kordi.

- Great work, Rowan.
- Go get 'em, Kordi!


- So um, what are we supposed to do?
- What we always do.

And then we tie the energy relays

into the thrust compensators here,

which will give us extra power
to the blasters!

What do you think, Quarrie?


[droid whirring]

[electricity sparking]
[gasps, stammers]

Oh, yes, yes.
Uh, you were saying...?

What do you think of my new ugly?

Uh, I think it's a fine ship,
a fine ship indeed,

but it lacks one thing: a purpose!

Rowan, with the "Arrowhead,"

you gave the Rebellion the
ship it needs to win the war.

- So what do I do now?
- You do what I do.

Put your feet up and relax.

- You've earned it. [metal clanking]
- Re... relax?

Do you even know how to do that?

I don't think I've ever tried.

But he's a pro.

[sinister music]

What are you doing?

Sifting through
the Imperial data network,

looking for signs
of the Freemaker boy.

- Ridiculous.
- What are you doing?

Communing with the Force,

searching for signs
of the Freemaker boy.

- Preposterous.
- I find you annoying!

I feel no emotions whatsoever,

but were I to feel them,
I would find you annoying!



[lightsabers crackling]

Don't mind me.

Just wanted to see how
my guys are... doing.

And... that's how you do
a defensive block.

I shall update my files.

Look at you two, sharing info.

Oh! It warms my cold, dark,
bitter, hate-encrusted heart.

Carry on!

I shall find the Freemaker boy
by my own means.

As will I.

[whispering] Relax.

Relax... relax.

- How long was that?
- Uh, one minute, six seconds.

- Did you relax?
- No! I'm bored, bored, bored, bored,

bored, bored, bored,
bored, bored, bored, bored.

[inhales] Bored, bored, bored,
bored, bored.

- I want to do something.
- Like what?

I don't know.
I'm so bored, I'd...

I'd almost be willing
to fight M-OC again.

- Really?
- Well, no.

But Kordi and Zander aren't relaxing.

I want to help fight the Empire too.
[holocomm chirps]

Rowan Freemaker?

Can you hear me?
It's Maynar.

I need your help.

Maynar? What's wrong?

It's the Empire.
They've returned to Qalydon

to take our Kyber crystals,
and they've brought reinforcements.

Help me, Rowan Freemaker,
you're my only hope.

Yes! She needs my help!

I mean,
"oh, no, she needs my help!"

- Where are you going?
- Qalydon!

Aww, blast.
You can't rescue Maynar alone.

Zander's fighting with Blue Squadron,

and Kordi's working
with the top brass.

I'm the only one who can do this!

And besides, I'm not going alone.

- You're coming with me.
- Huh?

I hate it when you use me
to justify your bad decisions.

[engine whooshing]

[playful music]

It's not too late
to turn around and go home.

- No.
- Or to get help from some rebels

in a nearby system
who could convince you

- to turn around and go home.
- No. This rescue mission

is easy peasy,
liwi fruit squeezy.

I've got this.

[engine whooshing]

You got those too?

[weapons firing]

Both: Whoa!

- Uh, did you mean to do that?
- Um... sure!

[weapons firing]

- They're all over us.
- We can use that.

When life gives you liwi fruits,
you make liwi... [ship rumbles]

TIE fighters are not liwi fruits!

[exciting music]



[kaadu braying]

Maynar's transmission came
from that valley, dead ahead.

I told you this would be easy.


Only now I'm starting to worry
that this was... too easy.

First it's too dangerous.
Now it's too easy.

- I really can't win with you, can I?
- Sure you can!

If you turn around and go home.


[engine whooshing]

So Gold Team will execute

- an air-sea raid on Dubrillion.
- Who's left?

Just Lieutenant Valeria's
Blue Squadron.

- The "Arrowhead" is flying with them.
- We need a large target

that will best use
the "Arrowhead's" massive power.

Kordi, do you have any thoughts?

You mean Kordi, me Kordi!

[chuckles] I thought you were talking
to another Kordi here,

but obviously there isn't,
and I'm rambling again, aren't I?

Yeah, a little bit.

- Go ahead, Kordi.
- Okay.

[clears throat]

So I...
[clears throat]

did a little research
into, you know...

- [softly] repair schedules.
- A little louder, please.

Sorry, ma'am. I studied some
Imperial repair schedules

and learned an entire fleet
of Star Destroyers

will arrive at the repair depot
near Alzoc III.

Now, that's just bad management.

Never put multiple assets in one spot.

- They just back up, right, Admiral?
- Indeed.

Sergeant Corcillo,
hail Lieutenant Valeria.

Admiral, are you putting us in action?

Yes, we have a mission
for you and your squad.

Commander Freemaker will brief you.


Hi, Lieutenant Valeria.
It's me, um...

Commander Freemaker.

Okay, first thing, [music]
head for the Alzoc system

and target the repair depot
over Monsolar...

There it is.
And it's unguarded.

Oops. Spoke too soon.

No biggie,
Kordi can just talk our way

past those Stormtroopers.

What's that you say, Kordi?

You can't,
because you're not here?

Oh, dear!
That will be a wrinkle in this plan.

I have an idea.
Come on.

Oh! And bring your wrench.


Put your hands up.

Well, isn't that
just like a battle droid.

Brings a wrench to a blaster fight.

[both grunt]

Ooh, ouch.

Hope you didn't "wrench"
your back when you fell.


- Tool humor.
- Tie them up and keep watch.

Let me know if any
other Imperials show up.

- I'll find Maynar.
- Roger, roger.


Where are you, Maynar?

Huh. That's weird.

This is where Maynar's
distress call came from,

but I'm not feeling her presence.

[door creaks shut]

This is Star Destroyer "Desolator,"

here for our scheduled
maintenance visit.

Hold position, Commander,
until a service bay is available.

I had 'em lined up, Commander.

It was another easy victory,
and then... boom!

This fighter with a blade on the front
comes out of nowhere

and slices us to pieces!


Anyway, thanks for picking us up.

Wow, lot of ships out there.

[sighs] Imperial
bureaucracy at its finest.

Always overbooking the repair depots.

[alarm blaring]

Several X-wings approaching at 3:00.


One tiny squadron versus our fleet?

That hardly qualifies for an alarm.
Shut it off.

[alarm clicks off]

[exciting music]

Okay, team,
time for the Blue Squadron salute!

[weapons firing]

- Pathetic.
- Indeed. Prepare to return fire.

[engine whooshing]

Um, what is that?

Oh, no.
It's happening again.

We may be small, but we're mighty!


- That's one!
- Ha! Yeah!

Nice slicing, Freemaker!

You know what?
We could leave right now.

No one ever has to know
we were here.

All Star Destroyers, open fire!

Unleash the full wrath
of the mighty Empire!

[weapons firing]

Oh, I'm sorry.
Are you shooting at me?

'Cause I can't feel it.


Zander Freemaker,
multi Star Destroyer...

uh, destroyer guy!


[chuckles] That's what, two, three?

Ha! Lost count already.


Freemaker, you're caught
in a tractor beam!

Oops. Can...
Can I get a little help here?

I've caught you, Rebel scum.

Your ship will make quite
the prize for the Emperor.

Mm, yeah.
I'm sorry, Commander,

This is just not gonna end
the way you think it will.

[weapons firing]

Thanks, Lieutenant!



See ya!
Star Destroyers officially destroyed.


Our mission here is done.
Let's head home...

bantha steaks on me!

[alarms blaring]

So anyway, that was the fighter.

From Kashyyyk?
With the blade?

And, uh...
You probably figured that out.

[lightsaber humming]

- Rowan?
- Maynar?

Rowan Freemaker?
Can you hear me?

I can!

I'm here, Maynar!
You're safe...


A hologram?

Help me, Rowan Freemaker,
you're my only hope.

[lightsaber humming]

Hello, Rowan.


[lightsabers crackling]

No siblings?
You are alone?

This is an unexpected development,

though not unwelcome.

You may think I'm trapped
in here with you, M-OC.

But the truth is,

you're trapped in here with me!

[lightsaber crackling]

No. You are mistaken.

Um, yeah, okay.
I can see that now.

I have accumulated
massive amounts of data

on you, Rowan Freemaker.

I am prepared for all of your tricks.


[coughs] Okay.

You got that move,
but what about this?

[lightsabers humming]

Stop copying me!


As I said,
my analysis has prepared me

- for all of your tricks.
- Impossible!

First you leap,
then grab the support beam,

swing over me
as you slash down

with your lightsaber...

and land behind me
as you wonder,

Both: How does he know
what I'm going to do?

I know your every move.

Then it's time for a new one!

[light shattering]

- Bye!
- There was an 87.7% chance

you would flee at this moment.

I was prepared for this possibility.


Roger, open the blast door!

Open the blast door!

Storm or clone,
all you troopers are the same.

You're no match
for the old B1 battle droid

and his finely tuned senses.

[lightsaber crackling]


[pounding on door]

Your fate is sealed, Rowan Freemaker.


[lightsabers humming]


Exits are sealed.
Escape is impossible.

Perhaps you are wondering
how you could've fallen for my trap.

The answer is two-fold.

First, you are prone
to impulsive, rash behavior.

And second... you care.

I knew the Lurmen girl

would appeal to your weak,
sympathetic heart.

My plan could not fail.

[machinery whirring]


[dramatic music]



How's this for impulsive behavior?!


[lightsabers crackling]


Three lightsabers?

Is this overkill?

Or just the right amount of "kill"?


As evidenced earlier,

your building powers
do not work on me.

They're not for you.


Interesting tactic, Rowan,
but it will not save you.

You will fail.

You. Will. Fail.

[heavy breathing]

No, it is you who shall fail.

Your plan was good, M-OC.



Mine was better.


Okay, time to get out of here.

I let you do all the work...

while I take all the credit...
[M-OC powering down]

- And the boy.
- Uh-oh.


The Emperor awaits you on Coruscant,
Rowan Freemaker.


This is bad!
Bad, bad, bad, bad!

- Zander!
- Kordi!

Both: I've got to tell you
about my day!

- Sorry, you go first.
- No, you.

No, you.

- I blew up a dozen Star Destroyers!
- Mon Mothma loved my ideas!

- Sorry, I didn't hear any of that.
- Neither did I.

- [gasps] Let's tell Rowan.
- Yeah!

- Where is he?
- I don't know. Probably in the "StarScav"...

[whirring and clanking]

[metal screeching]

[metal screeching]

[doors hissing]



- Roger? What happened?
- Where's Rowan?

Darth Vader captured him.

He's on Coruscant.

With the Emperor!