Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Free Fall - full transcript

The Freemakers escape Coruscant to Shantipole where Rowan battles M-OC in the upper atmosphere.

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[soft dramatic music]

[ominous music]

[TIE fighter engine whining]

[grunts] Zander: Ow!
What are you doing?

Kordi: Trying to send out a distress signal.

Well, could you do it without
jamming your elbow in my ear?

Sorry. Rebel Alliance,
this is the Freemakers,

We're on the run from the Empire.

Coruscant system.

We know you're probably really,
really mad at us

for taking the Arrowhead,

- and we wouldn't blame you if...
- Send help!

Just wanted to make that point clear.

- Hope somebody got that.
- Not likely.

This was an unauthorized mission

so nobody's even listening for it.

This is a disaster.
A catastrophe.

A disastrophe.

And it's all my fault.

No, Rowan,
this one was a group effort.

Guys, you're losing perspective here.

Sure, you disobeyed orders,
lost the Arrowhead,

and maybe accidentally dealt
a fatal blow to the Rebel Alliance

but we're the Freemakers.
And we never give up.

[engine whooshes]

[blaster firing]

It's M-OC in the Arrowhead.


Never mind. I give up.

What do we do?
I can't outrun him

and this crate has no hyperdrive.

I've got a plan.
[computer beeps]

I surrender!

All: That's your plan?

We escaped before.
We'll escape again.

Hopefully, in a larger ship.

- Makes sense.
- Yeah.

All: We surrender!

Your surrender is no longer
my directive, Rowan Freemaker.

My new orders are to destroy you.

[all gasp]

Well, that's disappointing.

[dramatic fanfare]

2x12 - Free Fall


[blaster firing]

Ironic that I shall use your creation

to bring about your demise.

[suspenseful music]
[high-pitch whirring]

[all screaming]

Ah, I got this!
I can make one wing work.

One wing is all
any good pilot needs.

[engine whirring]

[all screaming]

Okay, no wings is tougher,

but a good pilot can fly
without wings.

- How?
- I'll let you know

- when I figure it out.
- He's coming back around.

[all screaming]

This is your end.

[engine whooshes]
[dramatic music]

- Not on my watch!
- Quarrie?

Hang on!
We're going for a ride.



There is no escape, Freemakers.

[engines rumbling]

Mighty nice flying, Quarrie.

And you said you weren't a pilot.

I said I don't like flying,
and I still don't.

Best leave it to you folks
crazy enough to think it fun.

How'd you find us?

Well, I've been
monitoring your doings

since you snatched the Arrowhead.

After I picked up
your distress signal,

I figured it was either save you

or train a new apprentice.

Saving you seemed easier.

[engine whooshes]

[alarm wailing]

We've got problems.

That last hit
nailed our Hyperdrive.

[engine thrums] More problems!
M-OC's back. [blaster firing]

- He must have tagged us with a tracker.
- What? That's not fair.

I don't think he was programmed
with a sense of fair play.

[suspenseful music]

- We've got to leap again.
- To where?

He can track us anywhere we go.


The hyperdrive's
barely holding together.

- We got maybe one jump left in us. Tops.
- So wherever we pick,

- that's where we make our stand.
- I know just the place.

It's gotta be better than this.

Come on, come on.
Come on!


Where are you off to now, Rowan?

My old home, Shantipole.

Oh, I've never been.
Is it nice?

Not even a little bit.

[siren wailing]

Yep, the hyperdrive's shot.
We're stuck here.

[engine whooshes, blasters firing]

Ah, come on!
We can't shake that droid.

Bring us down into the atmosphere.


Whoa, this is a bumpy ride.

[thunder claps]

Nice weather you have here.

Yep, that droid
won't follow us down here.

- Why not?
- 'Cause the storms

of Shantipole's upper atmosphere

play havoc with ship electronics.

All: Wait, what?

[thunder claps]

[engines power down]

[dramatic music]

Ah, the engines are dead.


Atmospheric interference.
Shields failing.

I must not jeopardize
the Emperor's prize ship.


- I've got no power.
- The whole ship's dead.

Yep, but M-OC stopped
following us. See?


[all scream]

Quarrie, it's not so much that

we didn't want M-OC to kill us...

As much as it's:
we don't want to die at all!

- Uh, did we not make that clear?
- Eh, relax.

We'll be coming out of
the upper atmosphere soon.

You'll get your controls back
any moment.


Come on, baby.
Come on, start!

Wake up!
You're meant to fly, not fall!

[all scream]

[engines rumble]


[dramatic music]

[both sigh]

- See?
- Okay. So what's the plan now?

- Land at my shop.
- Where's that?

Uh... there.


[metal groaning]

[metal groaning, scraping]

[metal groaning]
[all scream]

[engines rumble]

[all sigh]

- Young people, always screaming.
- We are not.

[Zander screaming]

You've got everything in here!

A Koro-2 airspeeder chassis,
swoop bike engines,

You've even got
a Nubian 150 hyperdrive core!

Yes, lad, I've got it all.

Except parts to repair
the StarScavenger's

- fried comm system.
- Okay, so not... all.

You don't have
a transmitter we can use?

I got rid of that junk ages ago.

- I like my solitude.
- We've got to find some way

to tell the Rebel Fleet the Empire
has a working Death Star.

And the Arrowhead.
Don't forget that.

And, yes, the Arrowhead.

We'll fly out.
Deliver the message in person.

That's not going to work.


- M-OC is up there.
- Are you sure, Rowan? [sighs]

I can feel the Arrowhead crystal.

[suspenseful music]

[lightning crackles]

He's here.

[engine whooshes]

[high-pitch whirring]

[dramatic music]

It's hopeless.

As soon as
we break the atmosphere,

M-OC will be there waiting for me.

Talk about one-track programming.

All that droid cares about
is Rowan, Rowan, Rowan,

and, no offense, but I possess
a wider array of interests.

Maybe we can use that.

My wider array of interests?
Like cooking or writing?

I've been thinking I should
take up interpretive dance.

Seems like a good way to express
my inner programming.

Wha... No, I mean we can use
M-OC's obsession with me

- against him.
- Interesting.


Hey, did I see an Incom D-93

- industrial beam emitter in there.
- Why, yes, you did.


Wha... Where are you going?
You don't like the dance?

[ominous music]

At last we have
the Kyber crystals we need

to make this station fully operational.

They were just
where you said they'd be!

That planet was lousy with them.

Hey, there might be enough
for a couple Death Stars.

Who knows?
You could... You could be, like, the...

the Death Star guy.
You got 'em all over the place.

You have done well,
Graballa the Hutt.

Glad to hear it, Lord Vader.

It makes me happy
to make you happy.

'Cause you need something
from me, I go do it.

I need a nominal investment from you,
I know you're there for me.

Yes, that's the kind of timing
I'm talking about, Yeppau!

It took him so long to get that...

Anyway, Lord Vader,

may I present Graballa's
Beachside Resort and Buffet.

For a reasonable investment,

you can make this little slice of paradise
also fully operational.

So how many shares
should I put you down for?

You want a whole thing or maybe just...


I'll take that as I'll think about it.

[choked voice]
He's gonna think about it.

I'll leave you a brochure.

[dramatic music]



[scrapes, clatters]


[both straining]

[both grunt]

[music continues]


...and finally, we'll hit him
hard with the turbo-lasers.

No, that won't be enough.
Not for M-OC.

Rowan's right.
He comes back every single time.

There's only one way
to be sure we finish this job.

We have to hit him
with something bigger.

Much bigger.



Ah, a sighting.

You're attempt to escape
is futile, Rowan Freemaker.

I surrender, Mr. Hunter-Droid sir.

You are not Rowan Freemaker.

Am too.
I'm rambunctious,

good with the Force,
and 12 years old.

That proves I'm Rowan.


Your decoy is clumsily obvious,

your escape plan doomed.

[engine whooshes]

Um, I'm 12 1/2.

- Details. Can I take this off now?
- Please.

M-OC took the bait.

- Strapped in tight, Quarrie?
- Yes, indeed-y.

Then let's drag M-OC
down into the mud.

Deploying D-93 beam emitter now.


- What is this?
- Activating the tractor beam.


Tractor beam?

Come on in M-OC.

- The weather's fine.
- No.

This is unacceptable.

[lightning crashing]

The storm's interfering.

- We're losing our lock on M-OC.
- Oh, just a little more.

[engine powers down]


He's gone.

Doesn't matter.
Shantipole's got him now.

Must resume orbit before
the Arrowhead is... compromised.

Ooh, yeah! Score one for
the good guys! [laughs]

Everything is going
according to plan!

[lightning crashes]

And take that score right back.

[suspenseful music]

Okay, Rowan,
it's all on you now.

This seemed like such a good idea

before I was doing it!




[high-pitch whirring]

[suspenseful music]

I cannot allow you to take that.

[lightsaber humming]
That crystal belongs to me.

- Whoa!
- Incorrect.

[humming steps]


[lightsabers crackling]


I changed my mind about this plan.

It's a bad plan.
Can we not do this plan?

Sorry, at this point,
we're pretty committed.


[lightsabers hum, crackling]

[lightning strikes, powers down]



[wind howling]

[dramatic music]

[high-pitch whirring]

Rowan, watch out!

[lightsabers crackling]


[both gasp]


I said...
that crystal belongs to me!


[high-pitch whirring]






I'm here.


Okay, it's time.

[engines whirring]


- I hate to do this.
- It's the only way.

- Get ready Quarrie.
- Ready as I'll ever be.


Both: Good-bye, StarScavenger!




[soft music]

- Care for a ride?
- Yee-hoo!

[grunts, chuckles]

And that is why
I don't like to fly.

[soft music]

I can't believe we did that.

We destroyed my baby.

It was the only way
to stop the Arrowhead, Zander.

- I know. [sniffles]
- And we'll rebuild the StarScavenger.

Better than ever.
Right, Rowan?

Better than ever.


I just... need a moment.

Sure. Take your time.

But not too much time. I
mean, we've still got to get

back to the fleet and warn
them about that Death Star.

[sighs] At least we finally
got that droid off our backs.

- Don't jinx it. Please.
- Oh, come on.

I know whenever we say
he's gone for good,

he just comes right back,
but not this time.

M-OC was blown to a billion
pieces, scattered over a...


[suspenseful music]

Oh, he's doing this just to mock me.

Rowan Freemaker,

I have programming directives
I must fulfill.

- Namely, your demise.
- [sighs] Okay, M-OC.

[lightsaber humming]
Let's do this again.



[dramatic music]


let's not.

- Rowan?
- Rowan, what're you...

You have lowered your defenses.

- [lightsabers humming] Why?
- Because I'm... [sighs]

I'm getting tired of this.
Aren't you?

Droids do not tire.

Right, but we both know
how this goes, M-OC.

We'll fight one more time,
and you won't beat me,

and I won't beat you.

Admittedly, this has been a pattern.

But you'll keep coming back

so we can fight
again and again and again.

It's like...
[lightsaber humming]

we're caught in a loop.

Just seems kind of...

Does that make any sense
to you, M-OC?

[soft dramatic music]

Were you programmed
to be pointless?

No, I could not be
because that would be...


- See where I'm going here?
- Yes.

Could there be a...
flaw in my programming?

Pretty much, yeah.


- Oh.
- Nice, Rowan.

If there is a flaw
in my programming,

it must have come from
my creator, the Emperor.

It's always the humans, right?
Let it all out, buddy.

And if the Emperor could make
such a miscalculation once,

- he could make one again.
- Yep, they do it all the time.

I must fix this!


The Emperor's plans to destroy
the Rebels with the Death Star

- may be flawed as well.
- Wait, what?!

I must return to the Emperor
and warn him. [music]

- I must protect his Death Star.
- That's not what I meant!

I meant you should just give up.

We could fight.
Wanna fight?

I've got a lightsaber.
Let's fight.

My first directive is
to protect my Emperor.

I must save him
from his own flawed plan.

[dramatic music]

T-T-That's not what I meant.

We should talk more about this.

[high-pitch whirring]

No more discussion is needed.

I will save my Emperor,
and ensure his ultimate victory.


[engines fire, thrumming]

Thank you, Rowan Freemaker,

for setting me on the right path.

No, don't go, M-OC!
It's the wrong path!

[yells] Come back!

Uh, for what it's worth,
I really thought he was buying it.

Guess not.