Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - The Lost Crystals of Qalydon - full transcript

After the Empire steals all the Kyber crystals from a Lurmen village, the Freemakers must help them regain the crystals.

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[ominous music]

[engines whirring]

[door hisses open]

[BG-81 beeping]


Captured this Rebel droid
on Christophsis.

[panicked beep] I'm going to
scrape intel from its memory banks.

[panicked beeping]

[footsteps, BG-81 whirring]

[foreboding music]

[door whooshes open]

So far...

so good.
Okay, BG-81,

here are the fake Rebel plans
Roger prepared.

Plug in and upload them to cover
our tracks. [hums agreeably]

[machinery whirring]

And then, while you're
in the network,

do what we really came
here to do: download

the Empire's list of potential
Kyber crystal locations.

[computer beeping rapidly]

[Stormtroopers stomping]

This rolling slug's
a treasure trove of Rebel data.

I'm taking him to Coruscant.

Um, uh... very good.

[engines whirring]

[triumphant music]

We got it!
Every last planet

on the Empire's Kyber crystal hit list.

The whole operation went
as smooth as shimmersilk.

It was nice to work with
a competent droid for once.

[beeps agreeably]
Oh, ha-ha.

For your information,
I have a highly sought after

skill set that makes people say...

- Uh, uh-oh.
- Uh-oh?

I grabbed the wrong datatape.

This wasn't the fake Rebel plans.

It was my recipe for
Ugnaught bean casserole.

You uploaded your recipe
into the Imperial network?

Ugh, that'll bring down
the Empire overnight.

- You guys love my casserole!
- Right.

- Yeah, keep telling yourself that.
- Roger!

You've compromised
this whole mission.

You got your list

of Kyber crystal locations,
and my recipe

is buried so deep in
the Imperial data network,

no one will ever know it's there.

[ominous music]

"Ugnaught bean casserole?"

[dramatic fanfare]

2x07 - The Lost Crystals of Qalydon

[gentle music]

[humming cheerily]

[chains clink]

[drill whirs]

Well, the Arrowhead's pretty
enough without its crystal.

But she ain't much use
if'n she's got no shields.

Hey, how'd I get up here?

[thud, chains clatter]

Here's the intel we got
from the Star Destroyer:

every system the Empire thinks
might have Kyber crystals.

The one we're looking for
could be anywhere in the galaxy.

Well, can't you just...
you know... sense it, Rowan?

Like you did with
the Kyber Saber crystals?

Naare had a map to guide me.

[sighs] This is gonna be harder
than finding a snowflake on Tatooine.

BG, can you show us the planets

the Empire hasn't searched yet?

[computer pings]

Not many left.
And if they haven't hit these,

they can't have
much hope for them.

- Qalydon. Let's go there.
- Yes! You can feel something.

- Nah, it's just the closest.
- Oh.

[stirring music]

[engines whooshing]

Mom! Dad!

[engines whooshing]

- The Empire?
- Mm, doesn't much look

- like an Imperial ship.
- Then they must be lost.

Why else would anyone
come here?

To ask for me hand in marriage!

I don't think so, Granny Ymojin.

You got your theories.
I got mine.

Oh, I better freshen up.
Pick the nits outta my fur.

- You think they're Empire, Biz?
- Mm, not likely.

But I'll suss 'em out
and let you know.

Lurmen. I ran into some
of them in the Clone Wars.

They love peace.
Made it real easy to fight them.

- You feel anything, Rowan?
- Sorta...

but I don't think it's our crystal.

[kaadu braying]

Greetings, strangers.
Name's Biz.

My wife, Elan;
my daughter, Maynar.

- How may we help you?
- Oh, uh... hi.

We're looking for a Kyber crystal.

- They are Empire!
- They want our Kyber crystals.

[groans] Looks like I got
dolled up for nothing. Attack!


[melon cracks] Aw, come on.
I work hard cultivating my look.

I thought you weren't violent?

Oh, some of us aren't.
And some of us are!

[melon splatters]
Ah! And my hair too?

Wait, wait.
We're not Imperials,

I promise. I mean, really, if we were,
would we be asking so nicely?

Aye, you wouldn't at that.
Stand down. [machinery thuds]

[melon cracks]
Hey! Really, lady?

He said "stand down."

Ooh, sorry, sweetie.
It slipped.

[kaadu squawks, slurps]

Hey, what the...

[insects chirping]

Our tribe has lived
here for generations,

away from the Empire,
peacefully worshipping the Force.

How do you...
worship the Force?

- Through our Kyber crystals.
- They're our connection

to all living things,
but also the source of our troubles.

Word recently reached our village.

The Empire is looking
for Kyber crystals. [sighs]

Much of our tribe left, gave up
their crystals, said our way of life

- wasn't worth any more grief.
- But not us.

We won't give up our home
or our crystals to anybody.

Not you, not the Empire.

We won't take
your Kyber crystals...

- promise.
- Don't worry, we're looking for

- a much bigger one.
- Maybe you could point us

- in the right direction?
- Yeah, like,

do you have a map?
Or a compass?

Ooh... or an interesting old
legend that pops up

out of this little thing
that looks like a little,

like, square?
And then it opens up and

its light hits you in the eye,
and you're a little blinded,

but you're gonna be okay,
and then it hits the side

of the wall and it looks
like some kind of design,

but it's really a clue about
where the crystals

- can be found.
- We'd settle for a map.

The only crystals we know of

are these that came from our forbearers.
[crystal rings magically]

- So, is there a Mrs. Battle Droid at home?
- Excuse me?!

[kaadu braying]
[soft woodwind music]

You can have my crystal.

Um, thanks, but no.
It's yours.

- You should keep it.
- For what?

Kyber crystals don't do anything.

- Their powers are a myth.
- I thought they were

your connection to the Force?

The Force... another myth.

- The Force isn't a myth, Maynar. It's what...
- Connects each of us

to all living things.
You sound like my father.

[imitating Biz]
"Trust in the Force, Maynar!"

- But... [stammers] it's true.
- Here's what's true, Rowan:

Every last one of my friends
left this planet,

while I got to stay here,
connected to kaadu.


Not that you're not lovely, Dorty.

[Dorty brays happily]
Maynar, what if... [whoosh]



The Empire.

[engines whooshing]

[foreboding music]
[machinery squeaks]


[music continues]
[guns firing]

[engine roars]

[lasers firing]

Ah, Plumestriker.
Harassing powerless peasants...

it's just so easy and fun.

[guns firing]


[thud, kaadu cries out]

[kaadu braying]


If we find Kyber crystals,
Lord Vader will surely

forgive us for
the Gamorrean flu incident.

About which we agreed
never to speak again.

Quite right, sir.
Um... apologies.

[dramatic music]

- I must stop this.
- We're right there with you.

No, you're right here,
with me. [guns click]

Hands up, Freemakers.

- Dad!
- No! We're outnumbered.

Not outgunned.
Follow me.

If we can wring enough crystals

from these peasants,
Vader will whisk us

into cushy Coruscant desk jobs
faster than you can say...


Pardon me, what did you say?

You got a face like a scumweasel,
you scumweasel!

I do not.

- I-I don't, do I?
- No, sir.

Your face is very

Well, then that was
a very hurtful thing

- for her to say.
- Very hurtful.

We've searched the entire village.
The only crystals here

- are around their necks.
- Well, not what I was hoping...

but I'll take 'em anyway.
[crystals clinking]

- Leave their crystals alone, Durpin!
- Yeah, you... nerfherder?

Nerfherder! Nerfherder!

The name-calling...
it's genuinely mean.

[weapons fire]

[dramatic music]



Run, you scumweasels.

[weapons firing,
Stormtroopers grunting]

Get him!

Oh, oh, and him!
And that guy.

[Stormtroopers grunting]

Sir, might I suggest we...

- Retreat!
- Very good, sir.

[dramatic music]

Oh, oh... those wormy ones
are getting away!

No, they aren't.

[machinery whirs, weapons fire]

[engine fading]

[metal clanking]

[soft whooshing]

[gentle music]

- Is everyone okay?
- My body is fine,

but my spirit is broken.
They stole our crystals.

They've been in our family
for generations.


We'll get them back.

Ooh, I like this one.

He lets the Force guide him...
speaks to him, it does.

Tells him where to go, what to do...

Um, yes.
That's very... accurate.

Can you excuse us a moment?

Rowan, how are we supposed to

get their crystals back?
We don't even know

- where Durpin went.
- Actually, we do.

Rowan hit the rear stabilizer
and the hyperdrive.

And they just sent out
a distress signal.

[comlink beeps] I bet they're
right over those mountains.

We can get there in no time.

Okay, and then what?
They have blasters.

Then you come up with one of
your brilliant, sneaky plans.

I hate that
you know my weak spot.

You know, we still have
that Imperial tug

on the StarScavenger.

We'll get your crystals back.
I promise.

Roger, stay here.
They could use some help

- putting the village back together.
- Roger, roger!

You can count on me...

[water splashes]

I'll throw you a rope,
but it'll cost you a kiss.

Um, I don't have lips.

[ominous music]


You must be mistaken.

There's no way a Rebel could've
accessed our network, sir.

[machinery hums]


The designation "sir" is
inappropriate, as I am a droid.

The Freemakers were here.
They copied a list

of potential Kyber crystal planets.
I must investigate.

[wind blowing]

- Are you all right, sir?
- No, Plumestriker, I am not all right.

I'm still smarting from that
old Lurmen woman's comments.

I mean, other than destroying
her home, village,

and way of life, what did I do
to deserve such treatment?

It was uncalled for, sir.
[engines whirring]

[metal clanking]

[stick clatters]

We were on patrol

when we picked up
your distress signal.


Looks like you could use
some help.

- What seems to be the problem?
- [exaggeratedly] Huge battle,

- thousands of Rebels.
- Thousands?

Oh, yeah... I mean, we dealt
with them harshly, of course.

But with all their firepower,
they took out

our rear stabilizer and the hyperdrive.

Oh, I'll put my best man on it...

- TK-42987156.
- Yes, sir.

I'll have her fixed in no time.

[mouthing words]

Yes, but do take the time to
do the job right, TK-42961582.

Oh, right.
This could take a long time.

But not too long.
Just the right amount of time.

Ha, a nothing-suspicious
amount of time.

- Just time.
- Okay, follow me for the paperwork.

Um, your assistant...
what's his call number again?

- TK-42981756325. Why?
- Oh, no reason.

Okay, if I was a bunch of
Kyber crystals,

where would I be hiding?
[stirring music]

[cheery music]

[hammer banging]

- Fine craftsmanship.
- Well, you know what they say:

If you want something done right,

have a battle droid...

[pained] Do it.

[metal clanks] Amazing, your
side lost the Clone Wars.

Let me give you a hand.

[both grunting]

Oh, this is way too much work
for just the two of you.

Maynar and I can help.

Father needs our help!

So, Battle Droid,
what will your friends do...

- Maynar?
- With this Kyber crystal

- you seek?
- Oh, defeat the Empire,

- save the galaxy...
- Maynar?

- They dream big, those kids.
- Maynar is missing!

[dramatic music]

[tense string music]

[door clanks open]

- Yes! The Force is with me.
- And so am I. [shouts]


- Come on, Rowan. Hurry.
- What's the hold up?!

We've got a hot delivery
for Lord Vader.

You've heard of him, I presume?

Whoa, you're going to the big guy

with your ship looking like that?

[dramatic music]

- What, is it bad?
- You've got to dress to impress!

For a few credits off the books,

we can hammer out the dents,
re-seal the gaskets,

- and flush the ion-drive.
- Skip it.

- Total rip-off.
- Oh, he's right.

Oh, wanna see my imitation
of you in a few hours?

[choking] "Sorry, Lord Vader,
for my offensively ugly ship!"

Well, then do it!
Fix it all... hurry!

Why are you here?
How are you here?

I stowed away on your ship.

- You shouldn't have come, Maynar.
- Why not? You came.

Yeah, but it's different for me.

Oh, don't think a simple Lurmen girl

- can take care of herself?
- No, it's not that.

It's just...
I'm a Jedi-in-training.

[laughs] You?
Forgive me for saying so,

but I find that a wee bit
hard to believe.

[lightsaber humming]

But I'll give ya...
the light sword is intriguing.

[lightsaber humming]

I'm serious, Maynar.

There's danger here.

[explosion, screaming]


Correct, Rowan Freemaker.

- M-OC?
- Your droid must learn

to be more careful
where he leaves his files.

[machinery whirs, lightsabers hum]

Okay, now I hope you really
are a Jedi.

- Jedi-in-training.
- That'll have to do.

[lightsabers crackling]

[lightsabers crashing]
[dramatic music]

Stay behind me, Maynar!

[machinery whirs]
[screaming, grunting]

Your compassion for this creature
puts you at a tactical dis...


Ha, sneak attack!
[laughing] Yeah!

You had no idea that was...
[whoosh, explosion]



[lightsabers humming]

[lightsabers crackling]

And with all that,
you might as well

- get the glass etching.
- Ooh, that'll get the other officers talking. [sighs]

Sir, look.

A Lurmen girl has stolen
the crystals we stole.

[gasps] The little thief.
After her! [groans]

He was ready to take
the glass etching.

Go help Maynar.
I'll handle M-OC.

[grunts and shouts]

[lightsabers crackling]


[lightsabers humming]

[lightsabers crackling]

[panting and grunting]

Hand over the crystals,

little girl,
or this will not end pleasantly.

[thud, shouting]
[cries out]

[lightsaber humming]


[lightsabers hum]

[arm clatters]


[machinery whirring]

- No.
- You're fighting a losing battle, Rowan.

- Surrender.
- Haven't you figured out

that surrender really isn't my thing?

[energy booms]

Do you like my sonic cannon?

[grunts in pain]

I am ever upgrading
to maximize performance.

[energy booming]

Grab... aw, would you
grab the crystals already?

I'm trying, sir...
I'm... trying.


[panting with effort]

[energy booms]
[gasps] Rowan!

[energy booms]
It's funny...

[energy booming]
You're always building

onto yourself, M-OC.
[energy booms]

[machinery clicking]

[debris clangs]

[grunts] But...
building is my thing.

[debris whooshes, slams]

Rowan, what are you...

[metal clanging]


[engines whooshing]

[Force whooshing, metal clanking]


Stop... these...

Upgrades... are...

un... necessary.

[rousing music]

[debris clanking]


[triumphant music]

[whooshing, clank]

[breathing heavily]
The... the parts...

you made them... boom!
[imitates flying]


I got the crystals, sir!
All of them.

Mission accomplished... again!
Let's go!

[suspenseful music]

They can't get away!

[engines roaring]


- Oh, no.
- We gotta follow them.

- With what? We need the...
- [rousing music] The StarScavenger.

- Roger, perfect timing.
- For what?

I came to tell you that
the little Lurmen girl is...

with you?
I'm so confused.

[engines whirring]


- Hurry, they're way ahead of us!
- Not for long.

They have a damaged hyperdrive,

- remember?
- Um... [stammers] About that...

[kickback whoosh]

You actually fixed the hyperdrive?

Zander Freemaker, "superstar
fix-it guy." [weakly] Yay.


[groans] They're gone.
They could be anywhere by now.

Those crystals mean everything

to my father... to us.

[solemn music]

[computer beeps]

- Rowan?
- What are you doing?

Finding a snowflake on Tatooine.
[stirring music]

The Maridun system.

[controls beeping]

[engines whoosh]

It's not a huge haul,

but maybe Vader will send us
to Coruscant anyway.

You gotta keep dreaming,
Plumestriker. [alarms blaring]

- Um, sir?
- What, what is it?

I'm celebrating my victory.

[engines roar, cannons fire]

You found 'em.
You said you couldn't do that.

You said you needed
someone to guide you.

I let the Force be my guide.
Shall we?

[lightsaber humming]

[crystals clank]

You won't get away
with this, Freemakers.

Pretty sure we just did, Durpin.

[lightsaber hums]

Well, this was a complete disaster.

[holocomm whirring] Commander Durpin, I
understand you have found Kyber crystals.

Bring them to me at once.

[tense string music]

I take it back.
Now the disaster is complete!

Yes, it is, sir.

[gentle woodwind music]

Oh, thank the Maker.
They're back.

Don't worry, Father.
We got the crystals.

[exhales sharply] You think I was
worried about the crystals?


What? This, uh... [sniffs]
This village is dusty.

[crystals clanking]
They aren't much...

but perhaps they are a start.

No thank you, sir.
I can find the one we need.

Turns out, I always could.

- Feisty child.
- Come on, kiddo.

We've got a Kyber crystal
to track down.

Bye, Maynar!

Hey, Rowan.
May the Force be with you.

[engines rumbling]

[stirring music]

[metal clanking]

[machinery clangs]