Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - The Storms of Taul - full transcript

While searching for a Corellian Defender, the Freemakers cross path with Hondo and end up trapped on Taul with M-OC.

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[ominous music]

[over PA] The Rebel spy is on level eight.
Find him.

[alarm blaring]

There he is!

[blasters firing]

[all grunting]



It's no use, Derlin.

Tell us what you know,
and you won't be harmed.

We all know that's not true.

Well, it was... worth a try.

[door buzzes, blaster fires]

[both struggling]

[door creaking]

[all exclaiming]

The spy!

[all shouting]

[button beeps]

Aww, we almost had him.

The Empire's finest at work.

[engine whooshing]

Major Derlin to Admiral Ackbar.

I've got the intel
on the Imperial Fleet movements,

but I need an extraction.

Looks like I'm headed straight
for the junk field of Taanab.

A junk field, you say?

Hmm, I know just the team
to get you out.

[dramatic fanfare]

2x05 - "The Storms of Taul"

[dramatic music]

The "Arrowhead's" coming along,

but we're still going to need
a proton suspension housing

to hold the Kyber crystal in place.

Where do we get one of those?

The only ship that ever
carried one big enough

was the Corellian Defender.

The Defender was favored
by scoundrels and pirates

- during the Old Republic.
- Scoundrels and pirates?

I know someone who knows
scoundrels and pirates!

Maz Kanata... she's got a castle
filled to the rafters

with every lowlife in the galaxy.

- Rowan...
- And she's been around forever.

- And she remembers everything.
- Rowan.

She must have heard something
about a Corellian Defender.

- We've got to go see her!
- Rowan!

[chain snaps]


This always happens to me!



[distorted voice]
Don't... feel... so... good.

Gonna need... a recharge.

Sorry, Roger.
That one's on me.

- Yes, it is.
- No problem.

I'll just clean up
the giant careless mess.

That I didn't make.
[clank] By myself.

Think you can get us to the junk
field by the time Derlin gets there?

I can get us there, get us back,

have a light snack and a nap,
then get us there again

all before Derlin arrives.

[distorted voice] No...
my processors!

Hey, guys!
Where're we going?

Junk field of Taanab.

- A Rebel spy needs a pickup.
- Sweet.

[engine rumbling]

Ackbar said we're
the only ones who can do it.

- Yeah, it's kind of a big deal.
- Great! Nice, sounds awesome.

So... can we make a stop on Takodana?

[chuckles] I just need to talk
to Maz Kanata real quick.

I don't know, Rowan, quick stops

are never as quick
as they should be,

- and the Admiral is counting on us.
- More like he's counting on...

Zander Freemaker:
superstar multitasking pilot guy!

Well, Takodana is on the way.

I might have to lose the light snack,
but I can fit in a quick stop

before Derlin hits
the junk field, no problem.

Kordi: I hate when you fall for that.

Where is the Freemaker boy?

Where's the Kyber Saber?

Oh, hint: the answer
I want to hear is

"in my cold metal hands, Master."

That would be
an inaccurate statement.

However, I am monitoring
multiple channels

of communication
while simultaneously preparing

- in-depth profiles of each of...
- Oh, did you hear that, Vader?

M-OC is monitoring.
And he's preparing profiles!

[laughing] Wow!
Oh, that's marvelous, M-OC.

[mockingly] Oh, oh, please keep up
the really great work.

I will, Master.

Huh. He, uh... he has no
sarcasm detector at all, does he?

[engine rumbling]

[holocomm chirps]

- Derlin here.
- Hi, Major.

Name's Kordi Freemaker.

Me and my crew are on the way
to pick you up.

We can't grab you in Imperial space...

that would draw too much attention...

but we'll intercept you as soon
as you reach the junk field.

- You good till then?
- Oh, yeah.

Say what you want about the Empire,

but they do make comfy escape pods.

Oh, they've even got
some opera to listen to.

[low discordant music]

Really grows on ya...

I hope.

[exciting music]

- Nice landing.
- Eh, they happen every now and again.

[light music]
[indistinct chatter, noise]


I told you not to come back
until you were older.

I am older! In fact, look.
I think I'm getting a moustache.

[lenses whirring]

You're not.
What do you kids want?

We're looking for a part from a ship,

- an old one, a Corellian Defender.
- Hmm. A very rare ship.

I regret to say I cannot help you.

Aww, too bad.
All right, then.

Everyone back into
the "StarScavenger."

Wait! [glass shatters]
I know where to find

a Corellian Defender.
It's on Taul.

I will take you there, but uh,
we need to go right now, away,

- quickly, this instant.
- Hondo Ohnaka?

Like we'd believe you.

You tried to trick us into stealing
varactyl eggs from their families!

Well, yes, yes, yes,
but I did not succeed,

so there was no harm done, right?

These are all matters we can
discuss en route to Taul. Let's go!

If you've actually seen
a Corellian Defender,

how many landing sleds does it have?

It has four landing struts, not sleds.

It has also twin HSG-67 cannons,
dewback hide upholstery,

- and a retractable moon roof.
- Aha!

There was no retractable moon
roof on the Corellian Defender.

That was the Corellian Defender-S.
Even better.

Maybe he does know
where to find that ship.

Maybe he's telling the truth.

Eh, it was bound to happen
sooner or later.

But be wary, Freemakers, of truths
coming from those you cannot trust.

I have no idea what she's talking about.
Maybe a little.

So what do you want
out of this, Hondo?

Merely transportation off this planet.

- Now let us depart to Taul before...
- Hondo!

- Before that, right?
- Yes.

You're not going to Taul.
You cheated me at sabacc!

Awan Zek, how could you?
I always play fair and square.

Okay, well,
"always" is a strong word.

I am going to blast you from here
to the Outer Rim! [blasters firing]

[all yelling]

This is not how this quick
stop was supposed to go!

[blasters firing]

When I make my move, run.

[exciting music]
[all groaning]

Oh, now,
that was very impressive.

I had no idea
you were strong with the...

oh, that was your move!

[muffled groaning]

Don't let that swindler get away!

[blasters firing]


[engine whooshing]


You let Hondo get away.

Didn't I specifically say
to "not" let him get away?

I was very clear about that.

Yeah, plus he got away with that
kid the Empire's looking for.

[holocomm chirping]

[glass shatters] You've reached
the Imperial tip line.

Do you have a Rebel agitator
to report?

I understand you Imperials are
looking for a Rowan Freemaker.

He and his siblings
are heading to Taul.

Target located.

[chuckles] Freemakers.

Who knew one of you was a Jedi?

I'm not. Well...
chuckles] at least not yet.

[laughing] Yes, well, you keep
reaching for those... stars.

In the meantime,
since you helped Hondo,

Hondo will happily help you.
We're setting course for Taul.

Help? We ought to help you
out the airlock, Hondo.

We are not going anywhere
this sleemo takes us.

But Hondo's the only way
we'll find a Corellian Defender!

And Taul's on the way
to the junk field.

We could just stop there and make
the rendezvous in plenty of time.

Especially since we've got...

Zander Freemaker:
superstar multitasking pilot guy!

You already used that today.

- And yet it still works!
- There's no way we're related.

Well done.
I'm very impressed

with your underhanded scheming.

- I couldn't have done better myself.
- Thank you.

I think.


[steam hissing]

Why are we... sizzling?

Oh, because the rain is pure acid.

Deflectors up!

You could have told us that
a little sooner.

- A lot sooner.
- It will clear up. Don't worry.


- Wait!
- [lightning zapping] Ah!

I forgot to mention. When the
rain stops, the lightning comes.

Is there anything else
you forgot to mention?

Mm, no, that's pretty much it.

Unless I forgot something.

How are we gonna get
to the Defender

- through a lightning storm?
- Ah, it's not that hard.

All we got to do
is stay away from metal.

[lightning zapping]

[all screaming]


[steam hissing]

[all screaming]


Okay, so we got all the basics:

stay away from metal,
and don't stand in acid rain.

Uh, you forgot
"stay away from tall objects."

[thunder booming]

[all screaming]

Yes. Oh, and stay out
of the wide open.

What? Why?

[all screaming]

[holocomm buzzing]

It's melting my hair!

[loud munching]

Just had to tell you that these
emergency rations are delish!

Oh, um, great.

Uh, we're kind of
in the middle of something.

Just ran into some...

uh, space lighting
and interstellar... acid,

but it's nothing the Freemakers
can't handle, right, guys?

My eyes!

Oh, take your time.

I'm... I'm not
at the junk field yet,

plus the Empire makes the best
freeze-dried cake ever.


Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Oh, okay, well, chew slowly,
and we'll be right there.

Mmm, mmm, mmm.


My tooth!

[dramatic music]


[lightning, zapping]


[acid rain falling]
[all screaming]


There. As promised, one
Corellian Defender-S.

Hondo was telling the truth.

How the heck did you know
that was here?

Well, every now and then

you need to make a ship disappear.

- Or two?
- [chuckles] Yes, well,

this seemed like a pretty good place.

I mean, only a fool
would come here, am I right?

Present company excepted, of course.

That ship is half-sunk in acid rain.

- This is not gonna be fun.
- Allow me.


[ship creaking]

It's too damaged.
It won't hold.

Better leave it where it is.


All right, boys, plan B.


Better move fast.
Rain clouds are coming.

[thunder booming]

Zander, where's the proton
suspension housing?

- Check under the power core!
- Okay.


I see it!

Now, Rowan, be careful
when you take it out.

You don't want to loosen the entire...

[Rowan screaming]

- Ah... structural compensator.
- It's all right!

The suspension housing's not damaged.

One more piece for the "Arrowhead."

- Yes!
- And we've got plenty of time left

to rendezvous with Major Derlin.

See, Kordi,
you were worried over...

Wait a minute.
Where's Hondo?

Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no, no,

no, no, no, no, no!

[dramatic music]

[yells] Hondo!

This stupid side trip
has cost us our ship.

Admiral Ackbar is going to kill us!

Okay, wait, maybe we
can still make this work.

I'll take the "Mini-Scavenger,"

leave you two here,
go pick up Major Derlin,

get him to Home One,
then come back...


I suggest an alternative.

Rowan Freemaker, I will
now take you to my Emperor.

The rest of you will perish here.

Somehow you make the worst
thing ever sound even worse.

Now come with me, Rowan.

My emperor has waited
long enough for...


[exciting music]

[lightsaber crackling]

Very well, then.

["Cantina Band" playing]

[sighs] Nothing like
a full night's power charge.

Hey, you're not three plucky kids.

You're that pirate from Takodana!

- What are you doing here?
- What? Um...

[laughs] Well, obviously, your
friends sent me on a blue milk run.

Oh, okay.

You lie!
Kordi's allergic to blue milk!

That's why she can't eat
my blue milk pancakes.

She says.

she drinks blue milkshakes
all the time.

Could she be... lying to me?

I have destroyed hundreds of
battle droids just like you.

What makes you think
I won't destroy you too?

'Cause none of those other droids
were programmed to do this.

- Knee kick!
- [yelling] Ow! You kicked me in the knee?

You... come here, you!

[both grunting]

[lightsabers crackling]

You have no ship.
You have no escape.

Surrender is your only
reasonable option.


Stay away from our brother!

[both grunting]

[holocomm buzzing]

Hey, just checking in.
I'm approaching the junk field.

You... you guys close?

Um, we've hit a few
bumps in the road,

but we're still hoping
to be there soon.

Okay, great, 'cause it looks
like the, uh, LSS...

the life support system...
is on the blink.

Getting a little chilly.

Plus the air's, uh,
starting to taste stale.

[smacking lips]
Or is that cinnamon?


Hey, uh, what's
all that racket there, Kordi?

Oh, you know, just a
little problem with our...

forward propulsion.
Nothing big!

We'll be right there.

[both grunting]

[beeping, lock clicks]

That's using my head.

Not funny!

So what'd I miss?
Planet Taul, eh?

[dramatic music]

[thunder booming]

Take cover!

[rain falling, thunder rumbling]


[dramatic music]

[panting] That way!

[lightsabers crackling]

[both grunting]


Ha! Let's see you cross
that river of acid!

Oh, right.
You can fly.

[lightsabers crackling]



This is unfortunate.

Nice move, little brother.

Okay, now let's see you...

[electricity sizzling]

Aw, come on!

This mode of movement is not
ideal, but it will suffice.

What... what do we do?

We can't keep running
for the rest of our lives.

Maybe we can.
Once the lightning starts again,

our lives are going to be pretty short.

[thunder booming]

Hold on.
I've got an idea!


- You missed.
- No, I didn't.

[lightning zapping]

Alert! Alert!

Circuit overload.

[distorted voice]
Energy cells depleted.

All: Yes!

[holocomm buzzing]

How are you holding up?

Well, I've made it to the junk field,

and I'm freezing my shorts off.

And I think a couple of TIE fighters

have started to use me
for target practice.

So uh, if you could
g-g-g-get here as fast...

fast as you can...
Oh, it's so cold.

Um, well, you see,
the thing about that is, uh...

- I'm really sorry, Major, but...
- No, Kordi.

I'm the one who's sorry.
This is on me.

Major Derlin, my siblings
just wanted to do their jobs,

but I got them sidetracked, and
now we've lost our ship, and...

none of that matters,
because we're the Freemakers,

and we always deliver!

We'll be right there.

[shivering] Really regretting
leaving my snow gear

behind on that Star Destroyer.

What a dummy I am!

Or m-maybe not!


[holocomm chirps]

Great news, Admiral.

Everything went swimmingly
with Major Derlin.

Forget the Empire's
freeze-dried junk...

these blue milk pancakes
are terrific!

Finally, someone who
appreciates my fine cuisine.

Great job, Freemakers!

- Thank you.
- We'll be back at Home One in a jiff.

Just got to make
one last quick stop.

Special delivery for Awan Zek.


Well, what is this?

Awan Zek!
[forced chuckle]

How... how about
a nice game of sabacc?

I already cut the cards?