Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - The Tower of Alistan Nor - full transcript

While looking for inspiration, Rowan travels to Alistan Nor and finds a lost city of the Jedi and M-OC.

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No, no, no.

It wasn't a Star Destroyer.

Lots of ships are shaped
like an arrowhead, kid.

You gotta give me
something to go on.




[enchanting music]

- It was fast...
- Huh? What?

Protected by a huge Kyber crystal.

Had something like
a blade in front and...



Is this what it looked like
in your dream?

'Cause frankly, I'm not getting it.

It was so clear,
but I can't see it now.

All I know for sure

is the Arrowhead looked like
nothing I've ever seen before.

Because you've never seen
anything with a sense of style

or craftsmanship.
You've never seen Alistan Nor.

What's Alistan...

Alistan Nor is an ancient city
of great beauty,

a place where the great minds of
the galaxy look for inspiration.

We've gotta go there!

From this angle, it looks like a...

No, sorry, it's still
just a pile of junk.

[dramatic fanfare]

2x03 - "The Tower of Alistan Nor"

Then, once we procure
enough Kyber crystals

from our new mines on Vakharon,

- the second Death Star will be ready to...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,

great, whatever.
Time to check in on M-OC!

Greetings, Master.

Did you get
the present I sent you?

I did.

[lightsaber humming]

Look, it spins!

Isn't that, uh, fun?

These would've been
most useful on Tibalt.

Oh, I won't hold
your failure against you.

How could I stay mad
at my favorite hunter droid?

Records indicate I am your
"only" hunter droid.

Uh, yes, yes, that's true.

So the designation "favorite"
is meaningless.

Indeed. You could also be his
least favorite hunter droid.

- Correct.
- Vader...

So report. Have you
located Rowan Freemaker?

I have not.

- There's the argument for least favorite.
- Zip it.

As Rowan Freemaker
is a scavenger,

I am monitoring
the entire Imperial Network

for possible salvage sites.

And you think that will work?

Why would I pursue
this course of action

if I did not think it would work?

Right, right, right, right, right, yes.

Very good, M-OC.
Carry on.

[device drones] Whew!
Okay, I admit it.

He's not the easiest guy
to have a conversation with.

- Fortunately, you have me for that.
- Hm? Uh, yes.

I have... you.

All that matters is,
M-OC will soon deliver,

and Freemaker will be mine.

[sinister music]

Another suggestion to improve
energy conservation in the Fleet:

Turn off the light
when you leave the room.

[cheery music]


Over the course of a cycle,
we'd save enough power

to charge every droid on Home One.

[chatter, applause]

- Very good.
- Sounds good to me.

Remember, an efficient rebellion
is an effective rebellion.

Kordi, Kordi!
Over here!

- It's me, Rowan, hey!
- Um... [chuckles] Excuse me...

I... I have to take this
important rebel briefing.

- Hallway now!
- Kordi!

I've got to go to
Alistan Nor right now!

Make the Arrowhead!
Save the galaxy!

- That kind of stuff!
- Boy needs inspiration.

Yeah, inspiration!
Let's go!

I already packed a lunch!
Come on, hurry, hurry, hurry!

Rowan, you're talking at hyperspeed,

and I'm in the middle of
something big right now.

- Maybe Zander can help you?
- Okay, I'll ask him.

[cheerful panting]

Sorry about that.
Um...where was I?

Oh, yes, water conservation.

I propose five-minute showers.

Why is everybody looking at me?

[engine rumbling]

This isn't gonna work, Lieutenant.

We should just throw this thing
on the scrap heap.

Wait for it, Grayson.


There's your problem.

A cracked coolant compensator.

Your ship should fly just fine now.

Told you Freemaker'd fix it.

We've never had a better mechanic.

Thanks, Lieutenant.
I'm not gonna argue that,

because I don't like
to lose arguments.

- [chuckles] But I will say...
- Zander, you've got to take us to Alistan Nor,

so I can be inspired to learn
how to build the Arrowhead,

and make my dreams real!

Come on, come on,
come on, hurry!

- [wheezing] Boy needs inspiration.
- Uh-huh.

No idea
what you're talking about,

and I'm in the middle of something.
Can this keep until later?

Yeah, uh, I guess.
[man talking over speaker]

[gasps] In the meantime,
can Quarrie and I hang out

in the StarScavenger?

- Yeah, sure. Do whatever you want.
- Thanks.

- We'll run practice drills from...
- Now, Lieutenant Valeria,

where Zander Freemaker really shines

- is as a pilot.
- Oh, no, Freemaker. We need you

right where you are,
with a wrench in your hand.

- What? N-no, hear me out.
- I heard you.

No, come on, hear me out!

[seats whirring]
[soft orchestral music]

So are we going to Alistan Nor?

- Yep.
- Great. Where are Kordi and Zander?

They... won't be joining this mission.

Quarrie's going to fly us instead.

[stammers] Whoa there!
I build 'em, but I don't fly 'em.

- Hmm...
- Oh, uh, well...

I've watched Zander take
off hundreds of times.

Uh... I can do this.
[engines rumbling]

[engines whooshing]

[all yelling]

[engines whooshing]

Um, that's the way Zander does it?

Is it too late for me to fly?

- And too late for me to get off?
- Yep and yep.

- Next up, Alistan Nor!
- Whoa...

[dramatic music]

[cheery music]

[spaceship whooshes]

- Hey, how'd the presentation go?
- Pretty good. And you?

Valeria says I'm their
go-to guy, which is great,

except this guy never gets
to go anywhere in an X-wing

or an A-wing or Y-wing.
All I get to fly is... [squeals]

[dramatic orchestral sting]

The StarScavenger!
Which should be parked right here!

What happened?

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Rowan wanted me to
take him to some planet.

- Alistan... Nor?
- Yeah, yeah, he asked me too.

You don't think he would...

Why am I even asking?
Of course he did.

[engines rumbling]

Everyone make it okay?

Roger... Rog... ow.

Getting ahead of yourself, kid.

We haven't made it anywhere yet.


[engines whooshing]

[solemn orchestral music]

[embarrassed chuckle]


[engines whooshing]

[droid whirring]

[screen beeping]

Ah, a lead.

[engines whooshing]

[sinister string music]

Don't be jealous, Vader.

It's still you and me,
Master and Apprentice.

- M-OC is simply a tool.
- Indeed.

Hey, was that a shot?

My Emperor, I have received a signal

from Imperial Probe Droid

Oh, really? Well, I was just
going to suggest you check

Imperial Probe Droid XJ...
yabbity, yabbity, yabbity, ya.

XJ9-GM02 has detected
the Freemakers' ship,

the StarScavenger.
I am proceeding...

- Proceed to Alistan Nor...
- To Alistan Nor

- to engage the target.
- And engage the target.

Hm. See?
He can't do a thing without me.


[engines whooshing]

[dramatic music]

[heavy thud]
[powering off]

Roger: You know,
you really do fly like Zander.

- Thanks, Roger!
- That's not a compliment.

I give you Alistan Nor.
Inspiring, eh?

- Uh... kind of?
- Kind of... a dump.

This is where great minds
come for inspiration?

Once upon a time, sure,

but nobody's been on
Alistan Nor for ages.

But this is where you come
for inspiration, right?

Ha! No.
Whatever gave you that idea?

- You did!
- Nope, never been here.

Not to worry, though.
I've read all about it.

That's almost as good, right?

- Not even close.
- Now keep an open mind.

Inspiration can come from
any direction.

[distant roar]

[gasps] And so can gundarks.
I read this place is lousy with 'em.

[cheerfully scatting]

You know that feeling
when you've made a horrible,

- horrible, horrible mistake?
- Yeah...

Roger: This feeling is much worse.

[suspenseful music]


- We have to go after them.
- Well, that'd be easier with a ship.

I'm sure someone
will lend us a ship.

All fighters prepare for battle.

Launch! Launch! Launch!
[sirens wailing]

[dramatic music]

[engines whooshing]


- Or maybe not.
- Well, there is one possibility.

It's not exactly a Y-wing.
It's more like a...


- Yeesh.
- Uh, you know what to do.

[exciting music]

Oh, boy,
this is gonna take a while.

[cheerfully scatting]

[solemn music] I'm not sure what
I'm supposed to be looking for here.


[gasps, grunts]


Ugh, how 'bout a reason
to turn around and go home

before it's too late?

I see several.
Want me to point them out?

No thanks.
I want to see where this leads.

Well, on a positive note, as
least we haven't seen any gundarks.


[sighs] I should just activate
silent mode anytime we go anywhere.


I've got this.

- Way ahead of ya!
- But not ahead of me!

[dramatic music]


[lightsaber hums]



[force whooshing]


[epic orchestral music]

That ought to hold you...


But I'm not gonna stick around
to see how long. [chuckles]

I think we're safe.

We're going to have to agree
to disagree on that.

Come on.
We're close.

Roger: Close to what?
Certain doom?

Or something worse?

[enchanting music]

- Take a look at this.
- That's, uh...

- that's... wow.
- Really? I don't know.

It's okay, I guess.
Maybe if we swept up,

and a new coat of paint,
and... and then...


Okay, yeah, I can see it now.


Look at the craftsmanship,
the design.

Strong, yet beautiful.

- Who built this place?
- The Force Builders.

- The Force Builders?
- An ancient order of the Jedi,

devoted to creating
the finest art,

- architecture, and even...
- Starships?


- What's up there?
- Only one way to find out.

- Let's go!
- Hold on, Roger!

I got short legs and long years.

[both grunt]

Yay, I get to add transportation
to my lengthy list of skills.

[engines whooshing]
[sinister music]

StarScavenger sighted.
Freemaker is here.

[enchanting music]


[grunts] You're walking
back down on your own legs.

What do you see, Rowan?

I see a city.

Not like it is now,
but how it used to be.

A city built by Jedi.

It's... beautiful.

Um, are we looking at
the same thing?

Nope. What he's seeing
isn't for our eyes.

My dream...
[rumbling, whooshing]


The ship...


The Arrowhead!

[triumphant music]

I-I can see it so clearly!
I can build it!

- Inspiration.
- Wow, that vision is so powerful,

I can actually hear the engines roar.

- That's no vision!
- M-OC!

[blasters firing]

[rubble rumbles]

[dramatic music]

- What's going on?
- Your dream just became...

[rocket fires, explodes]

A nightmare!

[all scream]

[all screaming]





We gotta get out of here before...

[dramatic music]

Never mind.

[engine whirring]

[blaster fires]
[lightsaber hums]



Rowan Freemaker,
your powers are considerable,

but records indicate
you have trouble with focus

and multitasking.
[blaster firing]



[distressed breathing]

Do your records say
I have a problem with

moof-milking Imperial hunter droids?

'Cause I do!
[lightsaber hums]

[blaster firing]


I shall update my file accordingly.

However, I must note
I have never milked a moof.

[lightsabers hum]
You have lightsabers now?

Your powers of observation
are... adequate.

[lightsabers humming, crackling]


[lightsabers crackle]



[rockets blast]



[lightsaber crackles, hums]






You have no weapon.
You have no defense.

Um, I still have
my gritty can-do spirit?


Your naivet? will be your downfall.

Yours is gonna be... that balcony.

[stirring music]

[heavy thud]
[relieved sigh]

[blaster firing]

That won't be enough, Rowan Freemaker.

This is your final...

Warning! Warning!

Gritty can-do spirit.

[rousing music]

[drill whirring]

[drill whirs]

- Whoo!
- Whoo-hoo!

- Let's go find our joyriding brother!
- Yeah!

- Oh, no, no, no...
- No! [crash, clatter]

Oh, sorry, sorry!
I couldn't reach the brakes.

Rowan Freemaker,
where have you been?

We just went to Alistan Nor,

where I got inspired and had
a teeny, tiny run-in with M-OC.

- Both: M-OC?
- What were you thinking?

Mostly about
not getting captured again.

Who said you could take
the StarScavenger?

Well, technically, you and Zander did.

I mean, you sent me to him,
and he said I could hang out

in the StarScavenger,
and do whatever, so...

Technically, you know
that excuse is bantha poodoo.

You're right.

- Hugs?
- No! No, Rowan, no!

You are not hugging
your way out of... aww.

[warm orchestral music]

Okay, maybe you are.

And in a small, tiny way,
maybe we are to blame.

- Very tiny.
- We should've been paying closer attention

- to what you were up to.
- Heck yeah,

especially since what we have here

is the last of the Force Builders.

What's a Force Builder?

[enchanting music]

This is the ship
that will save the rebellion.

The Arrowhead.

- [whispers] The Arrowhead.
- The Arrowhead.

The Arrowhead.

It's just a model.
The real one will be a lot bigger.

We'll need an Embersteel blade,

a Farium fusion conduit,
proton suspension housing,

energy matrix activator,
and most importantly,

a bantha-sized Kyber crystal
to power the shields.

- That's all ancient stuff.
- None of it will be easy to come by.

Who said restoring freedom
to the galaxy would be easy?

[tense music]
[explosion, screeching]


All parts and limbs accounted for.


Rowan Freemaker has alluded me,

but I've added new data
to my programming.

- He won't escape me...
- Eh-eh-eh!

You're not going to say
"again," are you?

M-OC, I spent
considerable resources on you,

so I expect you to perform
the first time.

- Or at the very least, the second.
- Yes! What Vader said!

Master, I am going to
check on the progress

of my very promising
and successful projects.

The second Death Star?

[chuckles] Yes.
[cackles] Yes, go, Vader, go!

There, you see that, M-OC?

I never have to
worry about Lord Vader.

He gets results!

All too easy.

Report: How soon can we
install the Kyber crystals

from Vakharon and make the
Death Star fully operational?

Um... Lord Vader,
we have a situation,

and I want to stress
I'm only telling you this

because I drew the short straw,

so please don't Force-choke
the messenger.

- You have nothing to fear.
- Right then.

Um, turns out
there were no Kyber crystals

- on Vakharon after all.
- What?!

Yes, they... were actually just glass.

[chuckles] We were pretty
embarrassed, but I'm relieved to see

you're taking this all so...
[whooshes] Aw, come on!

[sinister music]

That was a disappointing answer.
Who has a better one?

[dramatic music]