Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - A New Home - full transcript

The Freemakers set off on a series of missions to prove their worth to the rebel alliance and find a place on Home One.

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[dramatic fanfare]

2x01 - "A New Home"

[Star Wars theme]
[engine whooshing]

The Rebel Alliance!
This is going to be amazing!

We won't have to scrounge
for parts anymore.

Maybe I'll get a chance to fly

one of those sweet fighters!

And I bet they have a cafeteria!

Someone else can cook
for a change.

[orchestral music]


Welcome to the Rebel Alliance,

I'm Admiral Ackbar.

Pleased to meet you,
your Admiral... ness?

When we intercepted
this Imperial transmission...

Find Rowan Freemaker!

Find the little sludge snipe now!
Not later!

Now, now, now!

We knew you were the kind of people

- we want to be in business with.
- Sweet.

So just what did you do
to enrage the Emperor?

Well, I took the Kyber Saber...

[imitates light saber]

the most powerful weapon in
the galaxy...

- and I threw it into a pool of lava!
- Oh.

- Umm, is there anything else you do?
- Well, sir, we're scavengers,

- and what we do is...
- Look out!





You said you'd fix
the steering on this thing!

It needs a Type-A Vector Coil.

Do you see a Type-A Vector Coil

on our ridiculously small
spare parts pile?

Well, then go get one!

I can't snap my fingers and
make one magically appear!

That's cause you don't have fingers.

- Shh!
- You need a Vector Coil?

We can get you a Vector Coil.

- 'Cause that's what we do.
- Oh!

And all we'll need is this tiny,
little ignition switch.

- Yeah, right.
- Not likely.

Freemakers, pull this off
and you've got yourselves

a permanent job
with the Rebel Alliance.


Um, guys?
U-Wing parts are hard to find.

And Type-A Vector Coils?
Near impossible.

Yeah, so how are we
gonna get one

with nothing but that
ignition switch?

Leave that to Kordi.

You won't find a better
ignition switch in this quadrant.

So how about a swap?


A comm degausser.

Come on, you can use this!

Your comms need degaussing, I can tell.

[speaks native language]

All right!
An ion projector!


How many times have you said
I need to project my ions?

That will never
be a problem again.

I'll give you one Type Two
Power Cell for it.

- What?
- Rip-off!

Take it up with my...

[tense music]

Okay, I will.

So how about it, Big Guy?

This is a nice ion projector, right?


Okay then...
Give me the Power Cell.



Seriously, guys?
This is a top notch Power Cell.


Hey! We're trying to
conduct business here!

[blasters firing]


Okay! But I'm gonna need
more than a Repulsor Disc.


Take the Repulsor Disc.

Fine. Give it to me.

You guys don't need me to tell you

how a Repulsor Disc like this
holds its value.

- Kordi!
- This thing is an investment.


It's worth at least
two Type-A Vector Coils.

- Kordi!
- What?

All: Haggle faster!

But I'll let you have it for just one.

[speaks native language]


[whirring up]

Thank you, Freemakers!
Look out, Empire!

I got a working U-Wing,
and I'm not afraid to use it!


So how about it, Admiral?
Are we hired?

- Yes indeed!
- Yes! [laughter]

And for your first assignment,

we're going to need more parts.

- I need an actuator shaft!
- Sensor piston!

- Reactor shield!
- Repulsor lift vane!

Targeting computer!

- Ooh... many more parts.
- Um...

got any more ignition switches?

[playful music on radio]

[whirring, beeps]


Just be yourself, Roger.

Greetings fello...
[thud, clatter]

[chuckles nervously]
Uh, greetings fellow droids!

the last of the Battle Droids.

Sure, during the Clone Wars,

my hobbies included blasting,
destroying, and marching.

But now that I'm an attach?
to three wonderful kids,

I'm all about Sweet Sand Cookies,

writing my autobiography,

and, most importantly, [clank]


And to prove it, I've brought
you all some 30 weight.

- Ah!
- Excuse me, is this... oil?

Yep. This stuff got me through
the Battle of Saleucami.

Oil is highly combustib...
[explosion booms]

[groans] Oops.
Classic me.

You guys aren't...
[whirring and beeping]

[whirring and beeping]

Ah! I think we got
off on the wrong foot!

Ah! Or wheel!

This ship's been ripped apart
and snapped back together

so many times,
I can't tell what's what.


What happened to you?

I offered some droids my hand
in friendship.

They took it.
And then they beat me with it.

I had no idea making friends
would be so hard.

Don't let it get you down, Roger.
Just try again.

- What else do droids like?
- Hmm...

[cheerful music]

Your droid buffer's
looking good, Roger.

- What's that, Rowan?
- [yells] Looks good!

- Huh?!
- Take off your earmuffs!

You can't hear me!

Can't hear you!
I'm wearing earmuffs!

Keep up the good work.

[siren blaring] Uh-oh.
Battle alert!

Scramble the fighters!
The Empire has found us!

[dramatic music]

All right, Blue Squadron!

Let's take the fight to them!

Take out those turbo lasers!
[blasters firing]

Running a little low on parts.

Time to go scavenging!


We can't break through their shield!

The Empire's breaking our ships
faster than we can fix 'em.

- Ready?
- Almost.

This is what my buffer needs.

Where did the new power cell go?

- I found an engine!
- Great, Rowan.

First, help me mount
the thrust magnet.


Ooh, I could use that!

Got it! Now the...
Where's the engine?

That looks useful.
And that.

And that!

Not that.



[alarm blaring]

We're getting cooked out here!

Where is the rest of the squadron?

Admiral, we've got a block
in the hangar bay.

- We can't launch any more fighters!
- What?

Without fighter support,
we're doomed!


If only there was some way
we could bring down their shields.

That ought to do the trick.

Now for an invigorating test buff.


[whirring up]

I really did a good jo...


When did the Empire get here?

The shields are down!

Concentrate all fire
on that Star Destroyer!


[laughing] Hey hey!

- Whoo! Whoo-hoo!
- Hey! Where's Roger?



That was some brave thinking, ROGR.

Your heroics saved the day.

Glad to be of service, admiral.

Between us, it was an accident.

My droid buffer
is just too powerful.


Yeah, I made it.
Want to give it a try?


Think he'll remember to adjust
it before they...

Both: Aah!


Imperial Strike Base Aurek:
high security, higher stakes.

Taking this one out will not be
easy, Blue Squadron.

- But that's why Ackbar's come to us.
- Nice.

Once you lock your attack vector,

use a proton bomb to hit
the thermal exhaust...

Yes, the base has
a thermal exhaust port.

Just like the Death Star.

You got to see this!

Can't, little brother.
Work to do.

For the first time
since we joined the fleet,

every fighter is gonna
be battle ready.

Time to celebrate!

Who's up for some cookies?

They might be a little burned!

Can't say for sure
'cause of all the smoke!




[blaster fires]


Both: His fault!

You know I like my briefings brief,

so let's do this,
and may the Force be with you.

Uh-oh! Ooh!
They're coming!

- We're going to get fired!
- Both: Fired?

Let me finish.

Fired out of a torpedo tube
into a blazing sun!

Roger and I will fix this.
Buy us time!

[dramatic music]

Whoops, guess we're in your way.

Give us just a minute, okay?
More to the left.

- My left?
- No, my left.


It's more awkward than heavy.



Sorry, Lt. Valeria, we'll have
this out of your way in no time.

Yeah, you will.
[laser shot]

Pilots, to your fighters!

Not good, not good, not good,

not good, not good, not good,
not good, not...

- You did it, Rowan!
- Where's Roger?

I built myself into this thing!


Hold on!

Ready to fly?


All right then.


Um, weren't we supposed
to fly with Lt. Valeria?


This just went very, very wrong.

Should be me in that cockpit.

[blasters firing]

- No! Stop!
- What's that?

[lower voice] I said, "No stop till
we beat the Empire!"

I like that attitude.

She thinks you're an R6 unit,
so act like one!

Beep, boop.

We're gonna die!

Lock down the attack vector.

Um, attack vector locked down...

like really, really good.

We've got TIEs on our tail.
Take 'em out.

Um, uh...
You got it!


Hey! Beep-boop!
Watch it, boop!

Uh, uh, I mean...

- Knocked those TIEs out of the sky!
- Then get set!

We're going for the exhaust port.


We'll only get one shot at this.
Ready the proton bomb.

Beep boop...
I-I didn't finish fixing that part.

- Uh, boop?
- Thermal exhaust port in sight.

Almost there...

[rapid beeping]

We've got a malfunction
on the bomb release!

Beep, beep!
It's stuck!

- Boop!
- I got this.


Come on!




Just like the Death Star!

Ha ha!
That's what I like!


Rowan Freemaker, the Force
is definitely with you.

- Was it fun?
- So fun!

I don't know what you did
back there, but great job.

You keep a cool head
in a hot fight.

What just happened?

I know I could contribute,
Admiral Ackbar!


- I'm sure you could.
- Ah!

I'm... I'm a great pilot!

They call me Zander Freemaker,
Superstar Pilot Guy!

- I'm sure they do.
- Oh, so why don't I get to fly a fighter?

- Woah!
- Good question. [whooshing]

Why don't you ask
Lieutenant Valeria?

Someone call Palpatine and tell
him he needs more TIE fighters. Ha!

So all I have to do
is talk to her?

I got this.

- Hey! Lieutenant Valeria... I, uh...
- No.

But I could contribute!
I'm a great pilot.

They call me Zander Freemaker,

[muffled] Superstar Pilot Guy?

Kid, I couldn't let you fly in
my squadron even if I wanted to.

We don't have any fighters to spare.

Oh, Zander Freemaker
comes with his own ship.

May I present the Blazemaker.

Dual chromium plate engines.
A durasteel hull.

And even a drink holder
in the cockpit. [slurps]

Not bad.
But it's missing one thing.

[slurps] I know.
I'm adding racing stripes next.

No, kid. Blasters.
It has no blasters.

Is that, like, important?

For a starfighter?
Very important.

Ackbar: The Empire's mounting
a counter offensive!

To your ships!

[dramatic music]

Excuse me.
Are you Zander Freemaker,

Take-No-For-An-Answer Guy?

- No.
- That's right, you're not.

So when they say
your ship isn't good enough

- to fly with them, you say...
- I say...

let's get building.





- So...
- Well...

they can't say it
doesn't have blasters.

No, they cannot.

Do you think that maybe
we overdid it?

Nope! Here comes, Zander
Freemaker, Superstar Pilot Guy!

[crazy laughter]



- We definitely overdid it.
- Yep.

Without a doubt.

[blasters firing]

Blast! We lost Dobrez.

They've got us
outnumbered and outgunned.

Boss, you picked one up!


I see it!
Ugh. I can't shake him!

Zander: Then let me shake him for you!

[blasters firing]


Consider him shook.

Shaken. Blazed.
Whatever it is.

Is that... the mechanic?

No, Lieutenant Valeria,
that is Zander Freemaker,

All-About-The-Blasters Guy!

[blasters firing]

It's messy, but effective.

Freemaker's doing it.
He's giving us an opening.

I'm just one man in a ship...

loaded with a ridiculous
amount of blasters!

[crazy laughter]


TIE Fighters are retreating!
We've won!

You Imperials aren't getting
away that easy.

Time to pull out...
the mega canon.









Um, on the bright side:
you were a hero of the Rebellion.

For a few minutes.

[weakly] Zander Freemaker...

Superstar Pilot Guy...

[somber orchestral music]


Here's your morning report, admiral.

We caused very few accidental
explosions yesterday.

If you round down, none.

Oh? Oh, yes.
Yes, very good, Freemakers.


Admiral Ackbar, sir?
Is everything all right?

No, I'm afraid it isn't.

Two of our best agents are trapped
behind an Imperial Blockade.

Their ship needs
a new Fuel Intermixer.

But even if we had one, we have
no way of getting it to them.

- [scoffs] Is that all?
- It'll be easy.

Enjoy a caf.
We'll get that part to your agents.

- All we've got to do is get arrested.
- [spits] Arrested?!


You have entered restricted space.
Prepare to be boarded.

Everybody know your parts?

- Lunch.
- Brains.

Good. Don't overdo it.

Nobody move!

[all groaning]

Captain Durpin, it's the Freemakers.

Oh. Those kids from Kashyyyk?

And Naboo?!
And Hoth?!

And... am I forgetting anywhere?

They're on the Emperor's
Most Wanted list.

You're under arrest.

- Fine. Whatever.
- Just help us.

We've contracted...
Gamorrean Flu.

Oh no, my lunch, it's coming up!

Oh, my brain, it's... it's falling out.

Gamorrean Flu?!

Everybody out!
Sanitize! Sanitize!

Sir, humans can't catch
Gamorrean Flu.

- Aw, you knew that?
- Blast.

Arrest them and confiscate
their cargo.

Are you sure, Plumestriker?
Feel my forehead.

Go ahead. I'm warm.
Am I warm?

I think I'm warm.


In you go, Rebel scum.


Duping Imperials.
It never gets old.

Never, ever.
Rowan, you're up.

[soft rumbling]

So here we are...

- watching a cell door.
- Yep.

The exciting life of
a Stormtrooper, am I right?


I just wish sometimes something
unexpected would happen.


Come on, guys.
Hop to it.

We'll get the part.

You two, get to the ship,
power up the engines.

Roger that.

[lightsaber humming]

One fuel intermixer coming up.

Get ready to run.

[whirring down]
[alarm blaring]

Why are we losing power?

The StarScavenger is detaching.


They're escaping!

Forget about that.
Feel my glands.

Aw, they're swollen, right?
I knew it.

I've got Gamorrean Flu.



Admiral Ackbar sent us.

We've got your Fuel Inter...

[roaring excitedly]


Chewie says "Thank you."

- Yep. Got that.
- Loud and clear.

The hug needs no translation.


That's twice you Freemakers

have helped me
when I was in a pinch.

You made a great choice bringing
them into the Rebel Alliance.

Mr. Calrissian, sir,
we're proud to be a part of it.

- We found a way to help the galaxy.
- And we found a home.

Yeah, great, but...
I think I left my leg on the Imperial ship.

Can we go back?