Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Crossing Paths - full transcript

While on the run from Imperials, Luke and Leia show the Freemakers the selfless nature of the Force and the Rebellion.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
There goes our rear deflector.

Don't worry, Luke. Those
two A-wings will protect us.

That one A-wing...

Okay, so it's just us.
Push it full throttle.

I'll get rid of anyone
dumb enough to follow.

Hang on, Leia! I'm gonna
try to lose them on the surface.

Luke Skywalker! In the name
of the Empire, I demand you...

It's getting toasty back here.

Use the Force, Luke.

- Ben? You're blocking my view!
- Ooh. Sorry.

Oh. Good job using the Force!

Thanks for the advice.

- That doesn't sound good.
- It's not. We need repairs fast.

And there's only one place within range.

The Wheel.

1x06 - "Crossing Paths"

This is absolutely the worst
repair shop in the entire galaxy.

- So why are you here, Mr. Cooper?
- Your coupon for 10% off.

I may be incredibly rich,
but I still like a bargain.

Besides, no one drools
over my stuff like he does.

It's so beautiful.

Which makes it more fun when
I say things like this...

You womp rat! You are not
allowed to ride that bike.

- You are not allowed to sit on that bike.
- B-B-But...

No-No-No bu-bu-bu! In fact, I
don't even want you looking at it.

Avert your eyes. Avert them.

- Anything else?
- Well, yeah.

If you could collect his tears
in a jar, that'd be spiffy.

You're going on a
secret mission? To where?

- That's a secret.
- Can I come too?

- No.
- But I could help.

- You couldn't.
- I could help you do Jedi mind tricks

and move stuff through the air
and fight with your lightsaber!

Speaking of which, when do I get my own?

- When you're ready.
- Okay, but I'm going to be soon, right?

Look how good I'm getting it.

How are you doing that?

Is it mirrors? Tiny flying droids?
I want that technology.

- I don't care how much it costs.
- Rowan?

I've told you, never reveal
your Force powers to anyone.

- It-It was an accident.
- You saw nothing.

You remember nothing.

I saw nothing. I remember nothing.

I, um... What was I doing?
Oh, yes, I was berating you.

- Oh, that he remembers!
- Promise me you will not

let this buffoon anywhere
near my speeder bike.

Zander, promise me you won't
go anywhere near that bike.

I promise.

Well, then, this all
sounds promising. Ha!

I am such a wit! Ta-ta!

When I return, I expect you to be more

- focused on your training.
- Yes, Master.

Watch it, laser brain!


Um... I broke my promise.

- But you kept it for two seconds.
- New record! Whoo!

Sorry about the landing.
Our ship has some, uh, issues.

- Can you fix it?
- Lady, I can fix anything.

But... this is a big job.

And that means it's going
to be ex... pen... sive.

- Fine.
- Get to work!

Our paying customers
are on a timetable here.

I'm on it. Rowan,
check the StarScavenger.

- See if we still have an ion stabilizer
in the cargo hold. - Sure.

Let me help. I know how heavy
those stabilizers can be.

Ah, 30 weight.
The good stuff.

Uh, uh... Busy, busy, busy!
Busy, busy.

Relax, Roger. We're just
looking for an ion stabilizer.

Relax, you say? Hey, I'm not
programmed to disobey an order.

So, how'd you get
your ship so messed up?

Uh, you know, we were out.
We got caught in, uh...

in a gravity well, and that
didn't go too well, and...

- Wow! You are a terrible liar.
- No, I'm not.


Rebel leaders Luke Skywalker
and Leia Organa are on the Wheel.

Okay, I am.

They are wanted for
stealing secret plans,

destroying battle stations,
toppling Imperial walkers

and general Rebel scumminess.

They are extremely dangerous
and may be wearing disguises.

If you see them, report them at once.

That guy's got a familiar face.
Where have I seen him before?

Out, out, out! This family doesn't
need trouble with the Rebellion,

and we really don't need
trouble with the Empire!

Wait! If you hide us from the Empire,

I'll pay you five times
the cost of our repairs.

Five times?

Let me crunch some numbers.

That's like...
like five times as much!

Help us, Freemaker Salvage and Repair.
You're our only hope.

Ooh, you are really good at that.

Out of the way!
Imperial business!

Coming through!

Reports indicate the Rebels
docked somewhere in this vicinity.

- Have you seen them?
- Nope.

Not gonna find that
garbage here. No, ma'am.

But feel free to look around
if it makes you feel better.

I just can't place him.

I should ask Rowan and that...
that guy!

That guy is that guy!


You're a Rebel?

Yes, but don't shout it to
the whole galaxy, please.

Roger! Open up!
You locked us in!

Sorry. Sorry.
I had a little mishap.

I'm trying to shut it down
before it becomes a catastrophe!

- Where is that ship going?
- I have no idea.

- Are... Are we moving?
- Roger!

- What are you doing up there?
- Putting out the fire!


Settle down. It's out
now, and everything is...


You have no idea where
your own ship is headed?

I mean, I do. It's
going on a salvage run.

'Cause we're a salvage business.
Which means we are busy.

Zander, I'm going to dump this trash.

- Can I get a hand?
- Sure thing.

She's following us.

- Was that part of your plan?
- What plan?

- I don't have a plan!
- Well, make one fast.

Oh, Freemakers? You passed
the trash incinerator.

- Huh? What was that?
- The incinerator.

You're not hiding Rebels
in your garbage, are you?

No! Don't be ridiculous.

Then there should be
absolutely no problem

- dumping your garbage.
- Right. I have no problem

dumping this garbage
in this incinerator.

Which is what I'm going to do.

Right now. Here.

See? Dumped it.

Very well, Freemakers.
You may go... for now.

See ya! Don't be a stranger.

Go! Go! Go!

Did you take the scenic route?

Sorry, sorry.
We had no choice.

Well, it's not the first time I've
escaped through a garbage chute.

But hopefully, it's the last.

- Rebel fugitive! Blast her!
- Run!

- Roger! Open this door!
- Let me try.


Ah. The hyperdrive is stuck!

- I blame poor manufacturing.
- Step aside. I've got this.

No, I don't!

Hang on!

No... way!

Jumping! Flipping!
And a lightsaber?

You... You're a Jedi!

Not yet.
I'm still mastering the Force.

- But that's the path I'm on.
- An almost Jedi!

Oh, I have so many
questions. Who's your master?

Can you do a mind trick?

Did you just do a mind trick
on me and I didn't even know it?


You're operating on a
whole different level.

I didn't use the mind trick, but you
seem to know a lot about the Jedi.

Yeah, I do! But I can't
tell you how I know all that.

Thank you, Mr. Jedi. Thank you
very much for saving me too.


You think droids are just...


Okay, Jedi and carnivorous plants,
you're both on my list.

Keep running. I'll catch up!

Zander Freemaker, superstar hero guy!

We can't go back to the Middle
Ring. They'll be waiting for us.

Then we won't go there.

Access to
the Upper Ring is restricted

to the rich, the super
rich and the Empire.

Hope this still works.

House of Alderaan card recognized.

You're rich?
I thought you were a Rebel.

I am a Rebel and a princess.
I use my wealth, every last credit,

- to fight the injustice of the Empire.
- Oh.

I, uh... I do noble stuff too.

One time, I gave this
guy a half a sandwich...

I didn't want.

Welcome to the Upper Ring.


Never been up here.

- Hors d'oeuvres, miss?
- No, thanks.

I don't have any credits on me.

- The hors d'oeuvres are free.
- Free?


I like the little crunchy ones!

You got any more?

Eat and run!
Mostly run!


Whoa! Who lives here?

- You're early.
- I know that voice.

I was expecting droids, but
it's nice to have a human...

or whatever... touch, especially
when it comes to cleaning.

We are your cleaning crew.

Yep, that's us!
Let's do this!

Ah, Naare! Come in, come in.

Have a seat. How was your trip?

- Fine, my lord.
- Good, good, good, good, good.

Now, I want to assure you this is
just a standard performance review.

Okay, first question.

In the last year, how many
Kyber Sabers have you brought me?

Is it five or more?
Three or more?


Or none?

I'll just put none.

You can move that bulkhead
with nothing but the Force?

- "Size matters not."
- Um... what?

Uh, size isn't important.

Okay. But why wouldn't
you just say it that way?

That... is a very good question.

Hey, Luke, look at this.

Every time you use the
Force, these flowers bloom.

Huh. Never seen that before.

- Help!
- Roger!

The good news is everybody on this
planet thinks you taste terrible.

Wanna hear the bad news?

She's got our hyperdrive motivator.

- Without the hyperdrive motivator...
- We'll never get home!

Spot check!
As in, you missed a spot.

Paying customer or not,
I'm gonna deck that guy.

Restrain yourself.
We need this cover.

Oh, commoners! I need you to change
a lightbulb in the grand foyer.

Which reminds me of a joke.

How many Alderaanians does it
take to change a light bulb?

None, because they all got vaporized
by the Death Star.

- Too soon?
- Greetings, Mr. Cooper.

We're here to clean.

- Security! Help! Help!
- It's the Rebels. Blast them!

I'll take this to go, thanks!

What happened to restraint?

Oh, that was restraint. I
could've tossed him out an airlock.

You've got it. It's working.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!


Hey! Careful!

Do something! I would, but
acklay spit is bad for my gears.

And also, I'm a coward.

Those two things are
really holding me back.

- Thanks, Luke.
- Great chat! Now run!

Quick. The diner.

The vermin are trapped.

You can't arrest me.
I'm today's special.

We found this one, but there's
no sign of the princess.

Maybe she escaped down a garbage chute.

It does seem to be a
favorite trick of hers.

Ah, well, we'll send this one
to some dreary prison planet.

And the princess will
turn up sooner or later.

Make it sooner!

I know. Most people don't
expect this from a princess.


Whoo! Look out. Zander
Freemaker's here to save the...

They're getting away!
Blast them!

Aw! I missed the whole thing?

Okay. Also, don't be mad.
I'm riding Wick Cooper's bike.

I needed this kind of raw speed
to just catch up to you two.

Plus, I mean, come on.
I look great on it, right?

Forget it, Zander. Wick owes me
for scrubbing his floors anyway.

- What?
- Never mind. Drive.

We've got to get off this planet.

- 'Cause that is getting old!
- What about the Jedi mind trick?

Could you use it to make that
monster give us the motivator?

It-It doesn't work that way, Rowan.

The light side of the Force works
with the natural order, not against it.

With the natural order?

We're ready. Do it, Luke.

Rowan, that was thinking
worthy of a Jedi.

Got it. Now, let's all get out...


Make way!
Coming through!

Whoo! I look good, don't I?

At the diner, why did you
save me? You could've escaped.

True, but this galaxy
will never get any better

unless good people are willing
to sacrifice for one another.

Hmm. "Sacrifice."

Nice try, Rebels.

And so it ends,

as it does for all who
dare to oppose the Empire.

Those nasty Rebels!
They had us at blaster point!

You have to believe us,
Lieutenant Estoc. We had no choice!

How dreadful.

I'm referring to your
acting, by the way.

You're lying, but I don't care.

The end of Luke Skywalker
and Princess Leia Organa?

- That's a big win for the Empire.
- That's a big win for me.

Who smells a promotion?
I do.

Come on, boys.
Jawa juice is on me.

- Nice work, Zander.
- It was Kordi's idea.

- I just snapped a brick to the throttle.
- Sacrifice was the key.

We had to sacrifice your
ship to save your life.

So I told Wedge to have his tail gunner
trip the walker with his tow cable.

Hey, guys, did I miss anything?

I helped a hero of the
Rebellion evade Imperial forces

so she can continue her fight
to restore freedom to the galaxy.

And I rode Wick Cooper's bike!

- Awesome!
- We need to go.

Sooner or later, the Imperials
will figure out we tricked them.

- Um, where's our ship?
- Long story.

We'll need to purchase a new one.

You've come to the right place.

- We have a full lot of Uglies.
- Z-wings.

We'll take that one.

And in the spirit of
our previous agreement,

- I'll pay five times the price.
- I'm sorry, the price is nonnegotiable.

That's the price?

That doesn't even cover
the cost of the parts!

Zander, this galaxy
will never get any better

unless good people are willing
to sacrifice for one another.

Take it, please.
I can't be this noble much longer.

Thank you, Freemakers, for everything.

Rowan, may the Force be with you.

"I'll just put none."

Master, you're home!
I brought you a gift.

Oh, a gift?

I found it on Felucia. Watch, it
does this really amazing thing.

It senses your Force... powers?

- Huh.
- Well, it's the thought that counts.

Yeah, I guess.

Come, my padawan.
We have much training to do.