Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Peril on Kashyyyk - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

You're going down like a wampa
in a heat wave, Zander!

Hey! Kordi,
what are you doing?

Looking for loose credits.

- You see our last profit statement?
- No.

That's 'cause we don't have one.

Business is poor, and so are we.

And don't forget, the
rent is due any day now.

Wha... How did you know
we were talking about money?

Oh, I got a sense
for these things.

Call it a gift.


Relax. I'm sure
something will come in.


See? I was due.

Welcome to Freemaker
Salvage and Repair.

- I'm Kordi Freemaker... -I do
not care for pleasantries.

I am Ignacio Wortan
of the Core World Wortans.

I have recently acquired
a top-of-the-line...

Oh! Aavman Luxury 2800
space yacht.

Dual sublight ion jet pods, bantha leather
upholstered seats and premium everything.

Indeed, everything is premium
save for the dashboard,

which is unacceptably plain.

I want to replace it with one made from
genuine Wookiee-carved Wroshyr wood.

Which is why I came to you.

You heard custom jobs
are our specialty?

No. Because every other shop
turned me down.

You see, Wroshyr wood
is only found on Kashyyyk.

And Kashyyyk is under
a massive Imperial blockade.

Which isn't a problem at all!

Going to Kashyyyk? How are
we gonna pull that off?

Even if we got through the
blockade... Which we will.

Even if, Wookiees don't
exactly welcome outsiders.

Tell me about it. I lost a lot
of good friends on Kashyyyk.

And arms. Wookiees love
to rip off arms.

Look, everybody knows the best way
to endear yourself to a Wookiee

is to speak Wookiee.


That was Wookiee
for "I speak Wookiee."

What? I learned it from that
Wookiee spacer last cycle.

Rowan, he was here for a day.
I know!

- That's how fast I learn!
- Hmm.

What time does
Rent-a-Droid open?

Ah, a translator, huh?

Well, what you need
is a RA-7 protocol droid.

Fluent in six million languages.

Oh, this baby'll talk
the ears off a gundark.

That means "Save your credits.
I speak Wookiee!"

Actually, you just said, "Shave your tummy.
I'll eat a cookie."

Hmm. We'll take it. How much?


Ah, what are you gonna do? Get a free
translation program from the HoloNet?


Separation complete.
Let's get to work.

- What do you mean, you can't train today?
- We're going to Kashyyyk.

But, Rowan, the hunt for the Kyber Saber
crystals has galactic implications.

I know, Naare. But I'm the only one
on the crew who speaks Wookiee.

Not for long.

I have a bad feeling about this.

It'll be free...
I mean, fine.

Once I get this translator
program installed,

you'll be talking
like a Kashyyyk native.

You say that like I want that.

Trust me,
this is a brilliant plan.

I mean, look, we've even got a brilliant
disguise to get past the blockade.

I give you an Imperial shuttle.

I have a bad feeling about this.

No, you don't!

Lieutenant Commander Durpin,
I have a status report.

Nothing is happening.
Anywhere. At all.

Which is just how I like it,
Lieutenant Plumestriker.

If nothing happens,
then nothing can go wrong.

But... how will we
ever get promoted?

Promoted? First rule
of Imperial officer survival...

Do nothing.

Why do you think I let the Trandoshans
run our prison down there on Kashyyyk?

They take all the risks, and I get
to keep my head and neck down.

Sir, a shuttle is entering
the sector from hyperspace.

Ow! My neck.

We'll be smack dab in the middle of
that Imperial blockade any minute now.

- This is so gonna work. -Kordi,
just what makes you think that?

Iggy Wortan's case o'
credits, that's what.

Well, let's find out. Coming
out of hyperspace... now.


That's no shuttle. Someone's trying
to sneak through our blockade!

Launch TIE fighters! I don't want
my nothing to become a something.

If we turn around right now, I can
get us out of here. Case o' credits!

Pull up!
Pull up!


Nice flying, Sis.

I can do anything... when a
case of credits is on the line.

The TIE fighters lost them. We'll
have to go down to the surface.

I'll order
a stormtrooper away team.

Stormtroopers? Ah. No, the less
people know about this, the better.

Nobody saw nothin'!

We shall find these
whoever-they-ares ourselves.

Ah, I love it
when you lead, sir.

I'm not leading!

What a beautiful planet.

We're gonna die!

Roger! Get over there
and translate.

Can I say, perhaps for the last
time ever, that this is a bad idea?

You're a people person.

They're Wookiees, not people,
and I'm a droid, not a person.

Point is they're going
to love you.

Everyone does.

True. Okay. I'll try.


I hate to be the droid
who says I told you so.

At least it wasn't
your arms, right?

No... sudden... movements.

- Wookiees can smell fear.
- Yep. That's fear.

Run, Rowan!

Rowan, no!
Hang on.

Well, snap my bricks. I think he
might actually be pulling this off.

Well, yes, but he's not...

Shh, shh, shh.
Let him negotiate.

He's giving us the wood for free!

Free is my favorite price!

One paw-carved, soon-to-be-dashboard
piece of Wroshyr wood.

Now let's blow this planet before
the Empire tracks us down.

Uh, guys? I don't think
that wood was free.


When you accepted the wood,
you agreed to free

Chief Attiburra's child,

What? Um, I got the
"free" part right?

The Trandoshans took
the kid months ago.

As long as they hold the pup, the
Wookiees don't dare fight back.

So... we're gonna have to break into
the heavily guarded island prison

and rescue her?

That you understood?

We're sorry. This is
a big misunderstanding.

How 'bout we give you the
wood back, and deal's off?

In Wookiee culture, you break
a deal, they break you.

So you better save his kid.

An actual mission
to rescue an actual princess

like an actual Jedi?

Yes! Princess rescue!

Kordi, why didn't you leave the wood
with Roger on the StarScavenger?

Because that's too much
pressure on poor Roger.

He's had a hard day, what with all
the "head getting ripped off" stuff.

Plus, you're not letting anybody
touch that wood till we get paid.

Nope. I am not.

Any ideas how
to get over those walls?

With that catapult.

What catapult?
I don't see a catapult.

You aren't seeing the right way.

Um, Zander, maybe we should
test this thing...

Oh. Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.

I was talking to the wood.

What are you doing?

Delivering a replacement panel for
the main cell block controls.

Kind of garish, I know, but we
just do what the boss tells us.

Come on.

You expect me to believe that?

Okay, you got us.

Actually, it's a prison break.

People break into detention centers
all the time to free a captive

with nothing but a hunk
of fine, handcrafted wood.

'Cause that makes sense!


Ah. Main cell block is up
the stairs to the right.

Thank you.

You just intimidated
a Trandoshan prison guard.

I'm in awe.

I... feel something.

Something like hurrying up?

Come on. Princess rescue!

Cell number 1138.


- Greetings, Princess Tantarra.

Princess, we're here...

to help you.

- Princess!
- Oh, I see what happened.



What? Not my fault
they sound so much alike.

This is Prince Tantarra.

Oh, great.

Any other words
you wanna mistranslate?


I know all about them.
They respect and fear us.

You two! Over here!

I need to speak to you.

How are you?

Uh, Plumestriker here
has some questions.

Have you seen anything unusual?

Not that my blockade
got run or anything.

You know, all is fine.
It's fine.

Leave us.

Excuse me! How dare you
speak to me that way!

I am your commander.

But if now is not a good
time, I can come back.

Are you sure you haven't noticed
anything out of the ordinary?

Bounty hunters?

Uh, perhaps some droids?

Nothing. Just that delivery of wood panel
you requested for the main cell block.

But I didn't request any panel.
Was it nice?

Sir! I bet that ship's crew is
using the cover of wood delivery

to infiltrate
the main cell block.

This nothing is suddenly
becoming a something.

Sound the alarm!

I said, sound the alarm!

Or I can do it myself.

I hate to be a bother.
Where is the alarm button?


Oh, so many... stairs.

I got a second wind!

There's Roger, right on time!

Fire the flare!

It signals your father that you're safe,
so he can begin the attack on the prison.

I don't like that look.

A Kyber Saber crystal.

That's what I've been feeling!

There's one here,
and I have to find it.

No way. We promised to
get Tantarra out of here.

And the Wookiees are about to
bomb this place into oblivion!

Not to mention the entire
prison is looking for us.

Don't move!


Guys, there's
a Kyber Saber crysit.

Bigger problems, Rowan.
I got this.

Delivery! Can you tell us
where the main cell block...

The Wookiee raid has started.

Rowan, this place is about to
be blown into a pile of bricks.

- Where are you going?
- To find the crystal!

You know, for the good
of the galaxy?

No, Tantarra!
Not you too!

Ugh, this has gone from perfect
to poodoo really fast.

We gotta go after them.

Rendezvous in the woods.

It's too dangerous
for you up here.

Yes, it is!


I need to focus.

Remember my training.

Hands up, scaleless scum.

Did you see that?
I took out the big one.

No, you didn't.
That was me.

The crystal! Come on! I'm just
saying, I've got a serious arm.

Oh, keep deluding yourself.

There's just something
about looking out a window.

So, we're not
joining the fray, sir?

No! We stay out and up...
Out of the battle and up here.

Sir! Look!
The intruders!

No! I lost them
in the smoke.

Ah, gee.
Well, keep looking.

I will, sir.
I will.

It's close.
I know it.

Hurry, before something
happens to the wood!

Or us!

It's somewhere in there.

Found it.

Um, anybody got a ladder?

There they are!
Blast 'em!

Cover me... while I
get the crystal!

Cover you? With what?

- I could use some help here!
- I got my own problems!

Won't... come... loose.

Yaah! Ugh.

Yes! Thanks, Tantarra!

No. No, no.
No, no, no, no, no!


That's Wookiee
for "I got it!"

Great! Fabulous!
Let's get out of here.

- He says, "Thank you."
- You sure this time...

Pretty sure.

We have given the Wookiees hope.

Our pleasure.

And while we're
handing out thanks,

thank you for looking after
our little brother.

He says we've honored our agreement
and this isn't our battle.

Or maybe he said something
about, "This isn't our cattle."

Either way, we should go.


Oh, thank the maker you're safe.

Hold it right there!

I hate this place so, so much.

It's like you always say, sir...
"Find the ship, find the crew."

I said that? Really?
I like that. It's good.

You two have caused me
a lot of trouble.

Wait. Two? W... Weren't there more?
So what should I do?

Well, I could arrest you.

Or maybe I should blast you.

Or maybe I should arrest you
and then blast you.

Hmm. You know what
I wood do, Zander?

Could've sworn there were three.

What, Rowan?
What wood you do?

Wood you tell me?

-Wood you please?

You did it, Kordi.

Yes, I did.

Maybe we can go back
and get another piece of...

- Never mind.
- Warmer. Warmer. Good!


Uh! Uh!


As promised...

One genuine Wroshyr wood panel.

No returns. Now give me
that case o' credits!

This is a bitter disappointment,
and I shan't pay for it.


All that for nothing?

It wasn't for nothing. We gave
the Wookiees hope, remember?

Hope doesn't put blue milk
on the table, or...

Pay the rent!

Yeah, that.

We had an amazing adventure and
I found a Kyber Saber crystal!

- Did you?
- Yep! Here you go, Naare.

Straight from Kashyyyk.

The Trandoshans must have brought
it from their home world.

Excellent, Rowan.

Your powers are growing
at a most impressive rate.

Everyone's happy.

Uh, almost everyone.

It doesn't matter.
I've learned my lesson.

Next time, spring for
the translation droid?


So while there are
many fingers to point,

I'd like to reiterate that
none should be pointed at me.

You have failed us
for the last time,

Lieutenant Commander Durpin.

Because you had to rely on those incompetent
Trandoshans to get the job done.

No wonder you failed.

You need more men.
And more ships.

That's how you prevent failure.

And with all that
responsibility comes...

a promotion.

- Oh, no. -Congratulations,
General Durpin.

I'll be keeping my eye on you.

This is great!
Isn't it great?

You're finally getting the
attention you so richly deserve.


Can you hear me over
all that head banging?