Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Lost Treasure of Cloud City - full transcript

A hunt for precious cargo brings the Freemakers to Cloud City.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The invasion
of Cloud City is a go.

Launch all fighters.

Attention. The Empire has
taken control of the city.

I advise everyone to leave before
more Imperial troops arrive.

Why do they hate us?

Don't take it personal.
It's just part of the job.

Don't let me down, Lobot.

That cargo must not fall
into Imperial hands.


You must focus.

This beauty has genuine
Corellian leather seats

and, with only 50 billion light-years,
it's still under warranty.

We can buff that out.

Another sale blown!

It's just a little slump. Something
will come along. It always does.

Oh, it better. Or we'll have
to sell Roger to pay the rent.

- Pardon?
- Sell Roger?

Focus! There is nothing
more important than this.

You must force
the pieces together...

with the, uh, Force.

Not being redundant there.
I have to take this.

Continue your training.

I just can't do it.

Ow! You got a reason for
bouncing parts off my tail pipe?

Sorry, Zander. It's just...
this Force stuff is so hard!

- And kicking helps?
- A little.

I just don't want to let Naare down.
This is so important to her.

This is so important to me.

Why haven't you located
more Kyber Saber crystals?

The boy's skills are weak.
He requires training.

Eh... Correct me
if I'm wrong, Naare,

but so far, he's found all the crystals
when you were nowhere near him.

Isn't that right?

Well, yes.
I suppose that's true.

Maybe it's just my Sith nature
that makes me paranoid,

but I wonder...

Instead of you
deceiving the boy,

perhaps it is he
who is deceiving you.

No, I-I'm certain
that is not the case.

Then prove it.
Find those crystals.

I will check your progress
again soon.

Status report! What have you
done since we last spoke?


Maybe you're looking at it
the wrong way.

Maybe you can't force the Force.

- Know what I mean?
- No.

I mean, maybe you should take your
mind off the whole thing for a bit.

Ooh, I know! You should do what
I do whenever I'm feeling down.

Whoo! Podraces!

Did you see that, Rowan?
I didn't see anything.

I know! That BT-310 is blazing fast.
You feel better already, right?

Actually, I kinda
don't know how...

To thank me? No need.
You're my brother.

Just don't tell Kordi
I brought you down here.

She has this thing about the
Lower Ring being dangerous.

I just don't see it.


I'm still alive!


- I'm gonna go take a look around.
- 'Kay, but hurry back.

You don't want to miss the battle lap.
Whoo-hoo! I love podracing!

It's an easy
grab-and-go job.

Data reports indicate Cloud City
is under Imperial lockdown.

Which is why
I can't go back there.

I left some
precious cargo behind,

and I'll pay a small fortune
to whoever retrieves it.

A small fortune? That'd bring
a smile to Kordi's face.

This cargo is of vital importance
to me and the Rebel Alliance.

And Chewbacca.

Negative. My programming
forbids aiding the Alliance.

Me too.
Forget it.

I gotta get outta here.
No way.

I'm out.

Hello. I'm an appropriately
tall adult person

capable of retrieving
this precious cargo.

I'm sorry,
Mr. Appropriately Tall.

I'm only hiring
real adult persons.

Looks to me like you're
not hiring anybody.

I've got a ship and a crew, and we could
handle your grab-and-go job, no problem.

Is that real enough for you?

Is everyone on your crew
as tall as you?


I know we just had lunch, but
you know what I could go for?

Uh... second lunch?

Tell me what I want to hear!

Um, everyone thinks you're
cooler than Boba Fett.

- Nobody laughs at
that diaper on your head.

Just telling you what
you want to hear, Dengar.

Twelve systems searched, and we still
haven't found the little twerp!

What am I gonna tell Graballa?

Tell him we found a great snack stand.
Good jawa juice.

Good variety.

Oh, and we heard about a job
with a big payoff.

How big?

Any moment now.

Any moment.

So exciting.

- Come on! We've got a job.
- But they're just about to...

Aw! The pods!
I missed them!

No point in staying then.
Come on! A real job!

You took Rowan
to the Lower Ring?

Why not give him death sticks,
while you're at it?

It was brother bonding time?

And I landed us a job.
An easy in and out.

Come on, Kordi.
We gotta do this!

Oh, we're taking
this Lando guy's job.

You had me
at "small fortune."

But you ever take Rowan
to the Lower Ring again,

I'll launch you into hyperspace

with my boots!

Come on, come on!

Into the ship already!

- Roger, you mind the shop.
- Waah!

We don't want anyone getting
there before us, so tell no one.

Roger, roger.

This isn't a salvage mission,

so no sense lugging the cargo
carrier all the way to Bespin.

Keep it lean and mean.

Separation in three, two, one.

Remember, Roger, tell no one where
we're going or what we're doing.

- Are we clear on that?
- Crystal clear.

Your secret is safe with me.


What secret?
There's no secret at all.

Not on Cloud City.

We are crystal clear on that.

Crystal? On Cloud City?

I wasn't supposed
to say anything.

I can't stop telling secrets.

Much better.

Has Rowan sensed a Kyber
Saber crystal on Cloud City?

But why would he keep that
a secret from me?

Does he know the truth?

Pretty smooth.

Welcome aboard. This is
your captain, Zander.

We're off to Cloud City where
today's forecast is cloudy...

with a chance of fortune!

If the Freemakers plan to double-cross
me, they will rue the day.

Strap in, boys.
Next stop, Cloud City.

Aw! You're trying too hard.

How 'bout you give it a rest and
take us out of hyperspace instead?

Really? I've never...

You can do it. Just push
forward on that lever.


Nice, Rowan.
Welcome to Bespin.

Ha! Snuck in
without even being...

Halt! This is
a restricted facility.

You were saying? Detected. I
was gonna say "detected."

- Freemaker Salvage and Repair
at your service.

We got a maintenance request
for your...

Oh, this is embarrassing. Zander,
did you forget to charge this?

Blast. I did.
Sorry, Kordi.

And I can't remember
what the order was for.

Help us out, fellas. What
around here needs repairs?

Nothing. Get back in your
ship and get outta here.

Oh. Okay.

We get paid all the same,
and I like free money.

Good luck explaining to the Emperor
why he paid us for doing nothing.

I understand
he's very forgiving.

Uh... Sir, the carbon-freezing
chamber has been on the fritz.

Right! The carbon-freezing chamber.
That's what it was.

Whew, that was
a close one, right?

Say, shame what they
pay you troopers.

How'd you feel about a little
donation to your retirement fund?

At your service, ma'am.

We'll notify the Emperor
that you have arrived.

You will inform
the Emperor of nothing.

We will inform
the Emperor of nothing.

You will go for a long march
off a short platform.

We will go for a long march
off a short platform.

Waah! Waah! Aaah!

♪ Whoa.

I was not prepared
for... this.

Naare! Why are you
on Cloud City?

Taking a holiday? I don't recall
signing a vacation request form.

It's not a vacation, Master.

I'm actively searching
for a Kyber Saber crystal.

On Cloud City? Hey, is the
food court still open?

How naive do you think I...

- We're not here for food.
- We're here for precious cargo.

Nothing's more precious
than one's health, boss.

Right. And three square
meals is key to that goal.

How did I get stuck with
you two knuckle-horns?

Well, I'm just saying that my body reacts
very strongly if I skip meals or fast.

Did you put me on mute?

I would never mute you, Master.

Okay. What did
I just say then, hmm?

That... you would blast
my midi-chlorians

to the four corners of the galaxy
if I didn't show results soon?

Ooh. She's good.

Lucky guess.

Oh. Buttons!

What are you doing? That's
a repulsorlift generator!

Messing with that could send
the whole city plummeting!

We know that. But we can't fix
your carbon-freezing chamber

if your repulsorlift generator
isn't properly calibrated, right?

Ah! Looks fine.
Good work, Rowan.

Hello, precious.

Who's in here?

Eh, sounds like a carbon clog.

Hope it doesn't blow, or we'll end
up colder than a tauntaun's tail.

I don't know.

Might be mynocks, in which
case we'll have to fumigate.

Yeah, it might be mynocks
or it might nock be mynocks.

They've got this.

Want to go do some target practice?

Last time
I almost hit something.

I wonder how Kordi's doing.

Whoops! I'm sure she's
got it under control.

Just like we do.

I thought you heard something.
I was following you.

Nice quarters.

Uh, just what I feared.
Itch mites.

Uh, itch mites?

Yeah. This place
is infested with them.

I'll fill out a work order,
and then we'll fumigate.

Let me just grab my tool kit
and I'm out.

Somebody doesn't look
very Imperial.

Nice case too.

Precious cargo.

Hey, Zander? You're not
going to believe this,

but I think I've actually discovered
what's wrong with this chamber.

- It's not mynocks?
- I know. Weird, right?

Look. Somehow that coolant
tube got cut in two.

Huh. I can reach it
from here.

Hold on. I got this.

Ugh! Why do I even try?

I'm just not good enough.

Hey. Look, Rowan!
You totally did it.

I did?

I used the For...


Rowan, no!

What have I done?

Hey! Looks like
you fixed it.

Good job!

Great news! I got the goods.
sorry, buddy.

No, I got the goods!

No, I will take
the Kyber Saber crystal!

- What?
- You know, for safekeeping.

Kyber Saber crystal?
Is that what's in the case?

- Isn't it? -Zander, why is
Rowan frozen in carbonite?

What are you doing here, and
why are these guys with you?

We're not with her. We're just
looking for precious cargo.

And lunch. Is this
the food court?

One Mygeeto burrito, please.

Um, maybe it's 'cause I can't
hear so good in this helmet,

but I'm very confused.

Isn't that the kid
Graballa wants?

It is!
Take them both!

- Rowan!
- The crystal!

- The case! -My burrito!
- I surrender!

First you try to take
the crystals for yourself.

Then you lose
the only link to them?

Why would we try
to take the crystals?

Um... That's
a good question.

Argue later.
They got Rowan.

How did they get back there?

Naare! What's new?

Enjoying Cloud City, hmm?

Good, good.

Also, where are my crystals?

Uh, you're breaking up.
Losing signal.

Gotta go now!

Faster, you slugs!

- Hand over the crystal!
- My pleasure!

Get the kid to the ship!

Come back with our brother!

All these hallways
look the same.

Some color coding would be nice.

They're getting away!

Uh! Not that way!

Oh, right.

They'll figure that out before we get
over there. Come on! I've got an idea!

Do his ideas ever work?
Be honest.

Um... 50/50?

- Ah! I can't remember
which one it was!

No time to do this gently.

Are you mad?
What have you done?

Shut down the repulsorlift generator.
Seemed like the smart play.

- Though I might be wrong
about that!

What's going on?

Best guess... Somebody forgot
to pay their power bill.

Here they come!

We got Rowan! But we still don't
have that precious cargo.

Move aside.

I've got this!

Oh, Freemakers,
what would you do with...


You broke the repulsorlift generator.
Can you fix it?

Not if I can't reach it.

If Naare hadn't picked this moment to visit
dreamland, she could "use the Force."

- Rowan could do it if he wasn't frozen.
- So, unfreeze him.

You can do that?

Where am I?

I can't see anything. You've
got carbonite sickness.

How did that happen? Yeah, funny story.
You'll laugh. But later.

Right now we need you to use the Force to
reconnect those repulsorlift generator cables.

Use the Force, when I can't see?

Maybe the Force doesn't
need you to see, Rowan.

Maybe it's not what you see.

Maybe it's what you feel.

I told you, I'm not good enough.

Or we could just plummet to our doom.
Your call.

When you put it that way...

You can do this, Rowan.

I know you can.

We're right here with you.


- You did it!
- You saved the city!

And I used the Force!

You were right, Zander. I was
looking at it all wrong.

It's almost as if my eyes
were, you know, deceiving me.

And that's why you're my
hero, little brother.


Well done, Freemakers.

You'll be handsomely
rewarded, of course.

Yes! Handsome rewards
make me happy.

Though I can also live
with ugly rewards.

I don't judge rewards.

And now to be reunited with...

Is it a crystal?

My precious cargo!

A cape?

Can't fight the Empire
without the right style.

And now I don't have to
wear Han's old clothes!

That makes you happy too,
huh, Chewie?

Oh! You like that cape?

I can get you one just like it.
I know a guy.

Well, it wasn't a total loss. I
know who the mysterious boy is.

Rowan Freemaker.

And if I ever get out of here,
I might even tell Graballa.

Cloud City prison food
ain't so bad.

Mmm, five stars.
I'd eat here again.