Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Zander's Joyride - full transcript

When Zander takes a classic starfighter out for a joyride, he winds up in the clutches of Darth Vader.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
So that's how we'll do it.
Roger, roger.

Wow! The Blazemaker's
looking great.

I bet you're the best
mechanic in the Outer Rim.

Well, I don't like to brag, but...
yeah, that's what they say.

Still, I bet you can't adjust
the engine timing one-handed.

What is it, rookie day?

Sweet! But there's no way you can
replace the fuel pump blindfolded.

Pfft. Come on.
Give me a real challenge.

Think fast!


- What else you got?
- Hmm.

Let's see you pull the nav
board wrapped in chains.

Do I smell... chromium?

What? Chromium?

Where would we get chromium?

Well, I-I don't know
what you're smelling,

but it's definitely not a
classic N-1 Naboo starfighter.

It's not a what?

The most... beautiful...


Nose plugs.

Why didn't I think
of nose plugs?

The N-1 Naboo starfighter!
An Old Republic classic!

Pristine! Still has the
chromium undercarriage.

I must fly it!

No! Kordi told me not to
let you anywhere near it.

And how are you gonna stop me?

Naare's been training me
for moments like this.

Aw. The Force
is not with you.

See ya!

Okay, so I want the engines
double steamed

and then steamed again.

No problem, Mr. Cooper.

And... would you see if you
can recalibrate my astromech?

He makes this sound.

- See? It's disconcerting.
- Got it.

Great. Now, I want the heat sinks
flushed, but use pure Kamino water.

Okay? Don't think that I
don't know the difference

between that and Dagobah sludge.

'Cause a lot of people will charge you
for Kamino, and you get Dagobah sludge.

- Of course. -Your reputation as
vintage vehicle experts is peerless.

But honestly, um,
given the decor,

I am a little bit skeptical.

I assure you, sir, our staff
is nothing but professional.

Get off me!
No way!

- I got my orders!
- You're, oh, so little!

But they can get pretty territorial
around their tool boxes.

Can you excuse me for a moment?


You weren't supposed to let him see it.
Kordi, it's not his fault.

- Rowan has a tell.
- What's his tell?

He told me.

Zander, you are not taking
that ship for a ride.

It is worth more
than our entire shop.

And Moneybags Wick Cooper is the first
customer we've had in a long time.


I have not completed my list
of excessive demands.

I'll be right there, Mr. Money... uh... Mr.
Wick Cooper.

Now get down from there, Zan...

This is gonna cost you.

How is this my fault?

You know he can't
control himself.

Neither can I. I'm 12.

Ah! You handle so smooth.

Relax. Mechanics always take
a ship out for a test drive.

I'm just doing my job.

You think we'll ever
see him again?

There he is!

There he is!

There he is.

What is going on back here?
Where is my ship?

- It's in the back.
- Where?

Way in the back.
Like way, way in the back.

You're craning, but I literally
don't see it anywhere.

Exactly. We ensure
our client's privacy.

So why don't you sit in here
and let us baby your baby?

How long is this going to take?
Because I have a thing.

Well, since we're being extra
careful, we're gonna need extra time.

But we'll throw in a free wax and
buff with only the finest Bantha fur!

Are you crazy?
That'll cost...

I mean, of course.

We'll totally do that.

Should have gone
to Theed Hangars.

Oh! An asteroid belt.

I'd be wise to avoid that.

But today, I'm not a wise man.

I'm Zander Freemaker,
daredevil asteroid guy!

Oh, relax. The way this baby
handles, I'm untouchable!


Am I killin' it, or what?


Turn back?

We're almost
all the way through.

Now that you mention it.


I love this ship!

Don't worry, Mr. Wick Cooper. Your
baby's in the best hands in the galaxy.

Well, there's
your problem right there.

The ionization blow-off
valves are all gummed up!

We'll need to order
some new ones.

Ooh, that's gonna take a while.

And the manifold sprockets
are fused.

That "a while"
just became "a stretch."

The gyro-stabilizer's
completely shot.

- Aaah! Ooh! -Now we're
talking "a good long time."

Just fix it.

Too slow, space slug.

Aw, what's the matter? You scared?
Gotta learn to live a little.

Well, well.
What do we have here?

An unsanctioned
A-wing drag race.

I bet they didn't expect Zander
Freemaker, daredevil drag race guy.

Hey! You think your crates
can keep up with an N-1?

I don't!

Oh, what are these jokers doing?

Ah, you've got lasers.
I have lasers too.

Aw, what?
Giving up already?

Guess you couldn't handle
Zander Freemaker,

the drag-racing,
blaster-firing guy!

What is so important that you
have to interrupt my gloating?


You are under arrest for...

subversive acts
against the Empire.

What? I gotta
full throttle outta here.

Resist and face...

and/or vaporization.

Or maybe I'll just ease off
on my main thruster.

Don't worry, Mr. Cooper.
The parts are on their way.

In the meantime, our
customer service droid Roger

will be happy to see
to your every need.

Only thing I need is my ship.

What about entertainment?

Yes. Entertainment.
I'll go check on your ship.

I've been working
on my autobiography,

The Roger Story.

- Would you like me to read it to you?
- Of course not!

Oh, good. I'll get
some honest criticism.

No one here wants to hurt my feelings,
so they just tell me it's lousy.

Chapter One,
"Lo, I Am Manufactured."


- Any sign of Zander?
- Nope.

Incoming call.

Hey, guys. What's going on?
Everything okay?

Zander! Where are you?
Where's the N-1?

Relax, Kordi. We're both
safe and sound on, um...

the Imperial Star Destroyer

- What?
- Yeah.

There's, you know, been
a little misunderstanding.

What misunderstanding?

I've, um, been
kind of... arrested.

They think I'm a Rebel.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

This cannot be happening!

Look, I-I just need you two
to remember one thing.

- What is it?
- Help me!

I am going to throttle Zander!

- We've got to rescue him.
- Right. That's a great idea.

That'll make
throttling him easier.

But how are we going to get him
off an Imperial Star Destroyer?


Oh, no. We are not going
to that nut-job Jedi.

Can't we just get one
of those bounty hunters?

Well, they charge money, so...

Naare it is.

Incoming call
from Star Destroyer Vendetta.

Agent Naare.

Why have you not obtained
more Kyber Saber crystals?

The Emperor grows impatient.

And displeased.

And frustrated.
And... hold on.

I wrote down
a few more words here.

I must be cautious.

If the boy suspected who I really
am, I would lose his trust.

Have you tried
Force choking him?

I find it's an excellent way
to get results.

Naare? You here?

- I must go. -Do not hang up.
I have more words.

Restless. Agitated.

Unhappy. Rage-filled...

Zander's in trouble.
We need your help.

Of course. You can put
your trust in me.

I am a Jedi, after all.
Now, where is he?

Captured by the Empire
on the Star Destroyer Vendetta.

On the other hand,
one less mouth to feed.

Are you sure you're not
better off without him?

Good point.

Oh, I get it.
This is a test.

You're trying
to teach me something.

That I can do this on my own.

That I can become a Jedi
on my own.

That I can find all those Kyber Saber
crystals on my own and save the...

No. Those are mine!

I mean... kidding!
I'd be happy to help.

Great. And I know how we can get
aboard that Star Destroyer.

I give you a TIE fighter.

That's not a TIE fighter.

No, it's a class "D" cargo container with
an engine and fuel cell on the back.

But slap a couple of hex wings on it,
and no one will know the difference.

If anyone asks, we thought
it was Wacky Ship Day.

I'll take the Eclipse Fighter.

Why did you disobey me?

I told you
to chew more carefully.

Thank you, Lord Vader.

And not to let
the Rebels escape!

Lord Vader. We've captured
one of the Rebel fighters.

I know how much you enjoy using
the interrogation droid.

Ooh! I do!

Incoming vessel.
Identify yourself.

Don't worry. I've got an Imperial
transponder that I salvaged from a wreck.

Transmitting security clearance.

Security code not received.

You have 10 seconds to transmit.

We should leave. Quickly.

No, I can fix it.

Transmit, or face destruction

in five, four...

Will you please turn back?

- Rowan, fix it now!
- two, one.


-Clearance authorized.


How's TK-429 Jr. doing?

He's already a better shot
than his old man.

Hard not to be.

It's all clear.

Hold it right there!

Wow! How did you get past the
defenses without a transponder?

- I used a cloaking device.
- On a ship that small?

No time for questions!
Come along.

Tell me everything you know
about the Rebellion.

Uh, I'm pretty sure they're,
like, not on your side?

Oh, I see.
You wish to play games.

Bring in
the interrogation droid.


My name is Zander Freemaker,
and I come from the Wheel!

I like starships and pickles and Becky
Smoochenbacher from the Upper Ring!

- It hasn't done anything
to you yet. -Oh.

Now you will tell me everything
you know about the Rebellion.

Ow! My name is
Zander Freemaker... Ouch!

I come from the Wheel,
and I... Yeow!

I like starships and
pickles and... Ow, ow, ow!

And Becky Smoochenbacher
from the Upper Ring!

Ah, by the way, keep the
Becky thing just between us.

But the pickles... Do what you want.
I don't care.



As you were.

How did you do that?

Um... Jedi mind trick?


Thence they came, 1,200 Wookiees

- trudging through
the swamps of Kashyyk.

I still remember the screams,
the blaster fire,

the horrible stench
of swampy Wookiee fur.

If you are going to
force me to listen to this,

can I at least get
a cup of caf or something?

I got something better. This stuff got me
through the five-month Siege of Saleucami.

I'll pour you a cup.


That is horrible!
What is this?

Thirty-weight motor oil.

You gonna finish that?


It's plastic, which is why I don't
need to spend money on hair product.

Maybe it'll work for you.
I don't know.

I don't even know if you
have hair under all that.

Pure nonsense!

He is either highly trained to resist
interrogation or a complete imbecile.


I got this.
No time for that.

I'll use my Jedi powers.

Hey, is that a stormtrooper?

Oh, look, I'm in.

You came to rescue me!

No! We came to get
Wick Cooper's ship.

I'd leave you here, but I need you
to fix the damage you've caused.

- I'm confused. So you want
me to come, or... -Yes!

Oh, thank you! I'm so sorry.
I gave into temptation.

You guys had to risk your lives on a Star
Destroyer just to save my stupid butt.

Come on. Let's move!

Oh, hey, Naare.
Is that a new cape?

Lookin' beautiful!

The hangar's this way. We round
that corner, and we're...

Toast. Were you
gonna say "toast"?

Get 'em, Naa... re?

Ah, the Rebel has brought
a cadre of spies with him.

Perhaps we'll squeeze more
information out of your friends.

We're not spies.

We're just a couple of kids trying
to make it in the junk business.

Seriously, here's our card
if you need anything.

But, uh, can you scan that
and give it back?

Kordi gets mad if I actually give them out.
They're not cheap.

- Lies!
- Aw!

You are traitors
and part of the Rebellion.

We're not!
It's all my fault.

This guy came in with the most
beautiful ship I'd ever seen,

and I just had to fly it.

And those jerks in the
A-wings wanted to race.

The next minute I was in the middle
of a battle and I didn't know.

Oh, come on. What ship could be so
amazing that you wouldn't realize

you were in the middle
of a space battle?

That one right there.

This is podracing!

Out of my way.

The N-1 Naboo starfighter!

An Old Republic classic.

Still has the chromium

- I must fly it.
- That's exactly what I said!

Phew! I thought
we were goners.

Wait. We still
need that ship.

Hey! What are you
doing here? Whoa!

The Rebels are escaping
in an N-1 starfighter.

Stop that ship!

Quiet! Your whining
will not go unpunished.


TIE fighters?
What TIE fighters?

Ah. I see them now.

You shall pay
for your insubordination.


Zander? Do you have any idea what
it's gonna cost to fix this?

Yeah, a whole lot of money.
I mean...

I'm sorry?

Activate the tractor beam!

- Also, today's lunch
is tauntaun loaf.

That is all.

What? No!

Can we please get out of here?

Not until we get that ship.

Okay, okay. That's not so bad.
I can buff that out.

I can hammer that out.

That... That might require
a brand-new ship.

You are so dead.

We got those Rebels.

Face the music, Rebel cur!

Uh, Lord Vader.
We can explain.

What had happened was...


Now can we get out of here?

- The Rebels are escaping. -Oh, no.
We're not falling for that again.

I got this scrape during
the Battle of Christophsis

and this dent
from the skirmish on Naboo.

This scratch I got from falling over
some junk back there in the hangar.

For the love of the Maker,
do you ever shut up?

- All you had to do was ask me.
- I did...

26 chapters ago.

I was right in the middle of a good story.
I want my ship right now!

My baby!

- Look what you've done! I should
have you arrested. -Get in line.

I'm sorry, Mr. Cooper, but when I
took it for a routine test drive...

Blah, blah, blah. It was stolen
by an Imperial Sith Lord.

Just ask your astromech.

You irresponsible imbeciles!

You will be harvesting Klatooine paddy frogs
for the Hutts when I'm through with you!

Mr. Cooper, I'm sure there's nothing
wrong with the ship that we can't fix.

Just take any ship you see here.

Oh, right.

I'm gonna be seen flying
around in that, or that!

I don't even know what that is.

Hold the holophone!
What is this?

I've never seen one of these!

The sleek lines... Is that the
SFS-204 sublight ion engine?

That powered the first ship my
parents bought me when I was eight!

But that's...
that's my Blazemaker!

My life's work!
My pride and joy!

So much the sweeter.

Or would you rather
I report you to the Empire?

Better let him have it.

Remember, it's not
business, it's personal.

Pleasure doing business.
All sales are final.

Aw, that's not right.

All that work, and you let that guy
just fly out of here with my...

Oh, that's right. I never
fixed the fusion tubes.

I'll have to remember that when
I build the Blazemaker Mark II!

You'll be hearing
from my lawyer!