Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Mines of Graballa - full transcript

While attempting to retrieve a Kyber Saber Crystal from an asteroid field, Rowan is captured by Graballa the Hutt.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Focus your feelings.

Feel the Force flow through you.

Let it surround you.

When you master the Force,
then and only then

will you be able to lead us
to the Kyber Saber crystals.



Rowan, you must concentrate.


We have theories as to where
Master Kantoo's Jedi

hid the Kyber Saber crystals.

But so does the Emperor.

That's why you must focus
your abilities...

So we can find them before he...

Hey, asteroids.

Yes, the Belgaroth
Asteroid Belt.

Do you sense a crystal there?

I don't know. Maybe.


Then we'll go there first.

- Go where?
- Nowhere.

The Belgaroth Asteroid Belt.

Aw, you told.
Now she's gonna say...

No way.

You are not taking
my little brother

on some crazy-dangerous trip
to an asteroid belt

or anywhere else,
for that matter.

End of story.

You don't understand.

The hunt for the Kyber Saber
crystals is important. Waah!

Not more important
than my little brother.

We're talking about
the fate of the galaxy here.

Rowan's destiny is calling him.

Well, his destiny can leave a
message 'cause he's not answering.

He'll be safe. A Jedi Master
always protects her Padawan.

He'll be safe 'cause
he's staying right here.

- Can I say something? -You
can't change my mind, Rowan.


You will allow me
to take your brother

to the Belgaroth Asteroid Belt.

Did you just try
your mind trick thing on me?

Uh... No.
There was a bug.

There it is, see?

You said that only worked
on the weak-minded!

Are you saying
I'm weak-minded?

No, I'm sure you say lots
of intelligent things.

Wish I could
just do this myself.

Try this. I followed the recipe,
but I don't have taste sensors.

Do you love it?

Blech. Ew. Burnt!

Like we're gonna be if we don't
get outta here because...

reactor leak!
Reactor leak?

That'll melt my circuits
for sure!

Do you know what the Jedi have
sacrificed for this galaxy?

I'm sorry about leaving your
brother and sister behind,

but as the last
of the battle droids,

I must be preserved at all costs.
You understand.

Don't sweat it, 'cause I kinda
lied about the reactor leak.



Don't you ever pull your crazy
Force gibberish on me again!

It's not gibberish!

Aw, Rowan?
What did you break now?

Oh, no, Zander.
That wasn't Rowan.

Naare here had a little tantrum.

For which I apologize.

That was very...
Un-Jedi like.

Where is Rowan anyway?


He's gone.

One of the Z-wings
is missing.

Hey, Roger!
Have you seen Rowan?

- He's gone too.
- Oh, no!

My Z-wing!

Uh, I mean...
Oh, no! Rowan!


He must have gone to
the Belgaroth Asteroid Field.

This is exactly what happens
when some crackpot

fills a young, impressionable
head with foolish ideas!

Kordi, this is awkward,
but your comlink's open.

- I can hear you.
- Yeah. I know.

An asteroid field?

Why? Do you hate me?

Haven't I been
a lovable companion?

Calm down.
The ship will hold together.

It's got the Freemaker
guarantee of quality.

You are terrible
at reassuring me.

Besides, I had to do this.

The fate of the galaxy
is... at... stake.

A Kyber Saber crystal.

I sense it.

Whoa. Like really sense it.
It's there.

We're not the only ones here.

We should go.


Come on. I've got a good
feeling about this.

Based on what exactly?

Whoa! Look at this!

Ooh! This must be one of those illegal
Hutt mines I've heard spacers talk about.

Okay, this was a nice day trip.

Let's do it again sometime.

Now you're going
to doubt me too?

Relax. We go in.
We grab the crystal.

We leap to hyperspace and...

give... Naare...
the crystal.

Hey! You see the big,
crushy thing, right?

I... I-I know where it is.

Rowan! Rowan!


That'll never buff out.

Rowan! Snap out of it!

The crystal, it's close.

So close.


I hate that I'm so loyal.

Rowan! That doesn't
go anywhere except...


The crystal...

I got the crystal.

Aaah! Now what?

Excellent question.
Oh, boy.


It's not that I don't have this
under control. I totally do.

But if you wanted to help,

now would be a good time.

Really good!

Thanks, Roger.

Lucky for you,
I make friends fast.

Thanks for the ride,

If you're ever on the
Wheel, look me up!

Look what I found...
A Kyber Saber crystal!

By myself!
Sweet, right?

Fantastic! Well done!
Can we leave now?

Aw, man.
Naare will be so proud.

What are you doing here?

Okay. This will be,
um, challenging.

Good news!
I like a challenge.


Don't worry, Zander. We've got
a "magical Jedi" with us.

She'll "use the Force"
to find Rowan.

It isn't that simple.

There are nuances
to how the Force works, and...

So, you're admitting
you're basically useless?


Okay, don't admit it.
I'm good with whatever.

We're gonna have to find Rowan
the old-fashioned way...

By looking.

- What are you doing down here?
- Uh...

Are you guys here to watch the
mining droids blow stuff up?

- Um...
- That's why I'm here.

Nobody likes watching stuff
blow up more than me.

Whoa, Raam.
Why you gotta do that?

You know I like it
more than you do.

Baash, all I know
is you keep talkin',

I'm gonna drop you
like a wet womp rat!

Oh, you wanna butt horns?
Is that it?

I'll knock you in the next quadrant!
Let's dance, you herded nerf!


What were we talking
about again?

Uh, give me a minute.
It'll come to me.

Oh, right. You two.
Who are you again?

We're... bounty hunters.
We're what?

I'm Grunt Boar, the galaxy's
most dangerous Ugnaught.

And this is IG-89.

What are you talking about?

You've heard of IG-88,
the famous bounty hunter droid.

Well, he's one better.

Can't argue with the math.

we're off to hunt some...

bounties 'cause that's what
we bounty hunters do.

- Bounty hunters?
- Not so fast!

You gotta meet the boss!
He's gonna like you.

Yeah! With you being such
dangerous bounty hunters and all.

Come on.

Does it seem to you like this
is going horribly wrong?

'Cause it seems that way to me.

Well, thank you, Jabba.

When it comes to mining ore in the
middle of a desolate asteroid field,

I'm your Hutt.

And have been for two whole centuries now.
But who's counting?

Yeah, about that.

So I was thinking, maybe it's time
for me to move on to new challenges.

New... New frontiers.

Yeppau! Will you turn the...
Turn the thing, will you?

We've been through thi... Just a minute.
He's getting it.


May I present to you...
Hold it up...

Graballa's Beachside
Resort and Buffet!

I know you're a buffet guy.
Think about it.

Sun and sand, fine dining.

Maybe we get Max Rebo
and the gang to play a show?

We'll make a fortune with this!

Jabba, it's your old cousin
Graballa talking here.

I'm only 462 years old.
I'm in the prime of my life.

I can't keep floating around
on an asteroid field forever.

I'm literally...
Watch my lips.

I'm literally begging you.

If I had knees, I'd use 'em.

I'm wasting his precious time.

Do you hear the way he talks to me?

Such disrespect. To his own cousin!

Does family mean nothing anymore?

Hey, boss!

Oh, the think tank's here,

All right, nitwits.
What is it? Make it fast.

Your mere presence
kills brain cells.

We found new bounty hunters.

- Wow. I've already got
a bounty hunter.

- Okay, Dengar's
no Boba Fett, but...

There's no "but." He's no Boba Fett,
but he's still a bounty hunter.

Grunt here says he's the galaxy's
most dangerous Ugnaught.

And IG-89 here
is one better than IG-88.

A-Ask Baash about the math.

It's math.

I'm sure the one thing I'm never gonna ask
Baash about is math, but thanks for trying.

I'll tell you what.

You and, uh, bolt bucket here prove you're
faster, tougher and stronger than Dengar,

you can have his job.

- We're in!
- Uh, wait, uh, hold on!

I'd like a moment
to confer with my associate.

What are you doing?
We're not bounty hunters.

I'm the most-beloved member
of a scrappy salvage team,

and you're
my rapscallion sidekick!

We'll argue
who's sidekicking who later.

I mean, I just found
a Kyber Saber crystal!

On my own.
On your own?

That's how you remember it? Yes.

So trust me when I say
we can take that guy.

As I was saying,
Mr. the Hutt, we are in...


Ooh! Oohie-boohie!

- Wow!
- Whoa! Whoa!


Something's not right.

Come on, Ugnaught.
Show me what you got.

Little guy's got spunk!

I'm coming, Rowan!

Hey! Cut it... out!

Okay. Bored now.

Ho! What have we here?

Something valuable?

Yep, yep and yep.

What's happening?

Did you lose the Kyber Saber crystal?
Aw, you just found that.

I'm looking, Kordi, and you
know what I'm not seeing?

Rowan. You know
what I am seeing?

Rocks, rocks, rocks
and... ship parts?

- From Rowan's Ugly? -Z-wing is
the preferred term, thanks.

Our boy left a trail.

A Kyber Saber crystal?
Sounds valuable.

Not at all. It's a worthless pebble.
So here, give it to me.

Right. You came all the way to the middle
of an asteroid belt for a worthless pebble.

'Cause I was born yesterday.

You're in over your head.
Let me handle this.

Yes, that crystal is valuable.

In fact, the Emperor is
collecting a complete set.

So unless you want the most
powerful man in the galaxy...

- Whoa, whoa. There's more than one?
- Yes.

But did you hear the part
about the Emperor?

I don't care about the Emperor!

They're valuable.
So how do I get more?

Oh, well, you just... Uh,
you, well... You handle it.

Mr. the Hutt, sir,
we don't know.

- We got lucky finding this one.
- So you won't talk?

Fine. Smiley
will make you talk.

That doesn't sound so bad.

- He seems friendly.
- Well, that's not Smiley.

That's Smiley!

Oh. So the name
is ironic.

You were right.
I am in over my head.

It's not what's over your
head that concerns me.

It's what's under it!

That's Rowan's Ugly.

Oh, I thought
you called them Z-wings.

No. After what he did to
it, it's definitely Ugly.

- So where's Rowan?
- If I had to guess...

I wanna keep it simple, 'cause I have
a hunch simple works best for you.

Tell me how I get more of these
crystals, or join Smiley for lunch.

We're doomed.

Speak for yourself.
It's not gonna eat a droid.

Wrong! I clean his litter box.
That kitty'll eat anything.

Help! Somebody help!

I'm the last of the battle droids!
Preserve me!

Hey! Who's ready for
the bargain of a lifetime?

You must be the head
honcho, the big Hutt.

You radiate authority.

That's true.
You're very perceptive.

So, I'm betting you understand the
value of a great deal, am I right?

Also true.

Then you'll love this.

Laser cannons made from
repurposed parts, good as new.

Show 'em, Zander!

Did you like that guy?

I mean, he's all right,
but that thing... wow!

After just one shot, a new
weapon depreciates in value.

That's pure financial loss.

Why pay inflated dealer prices?

It's a good question.

Wait, my friend.

If you like that, then
you'll love what's next.


You want to take a nap.

We want to take a nap.

Minds don't come
any weaker than that.


It's that simple.

A high-quality ship befitting an intergalactic
legitimate businessman of your stature.

- This Ugly...
- Z-wing.

Not the time. This ship can be yours
for a mere 20 credits a month

for 36 months, zero down,
financing available.

So, what do you say?

No deal.

But that was a decent distraction while
your friend over there freed the kid.

- Are we home yet?
- Smiley's eatin' well tonight!

Uh, we'll show ourselves out.

Now, Zander!

Ah, it's windy!


The crystal!
Grab on, Roger!

Don't leave me!


Wish I hadn't seen that.
I'll need a memory wipe.

Ugh! Release the swarm!

We got company.

Hey! Fly faster!

The shield couplers.


Hey! Thanks.



The Force.


Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Ha-ha!

Okay, maybe there is a little
something to this Jedi business.

Yeah. Whoo!
She's completely amazing.

- I didn't say that.
- I did though.

Sorry, guys. I never meant
to cause so much trouble.

Was there trouble, Zander?

Well, Kordi, our brother
did steal one of our ships.

We'll never see that again.

- Oh, yeah, flew it into an asteroid field.
- He's lucky to be alive.

Wound up face-to-face
with a Hutt.

Make that super lucky
to be alive.

Then he forced us to do all the
same things to save his sorry hide.


So, yeah, I guess
there was some trouble.

But it was all worth it to get
you back, little brother.


Still, do not run off
like that again, ever!

You hear me?
I do, Kordi.

The person I really owe
an apology to is Naare.

Master, I had a Kyber
Saber crystal in my hand,

and then I lost it
in an asteroid field.

Now you'll never collect
all the crystals.

I've ruined
all your plans forever.

There's no way anybody
could ever fix this.

It's all my fault,

and all I can say is...

I know where it is!

Found it! I found
the Kyber Saber crystal!

Oh, Rowan, all is forgiven.

For the second time today!

Who's got two thumbs...

Uh, two hands and has the
Force flowing through him?

This guy right here!


All right, listen up.

Those crystals are worth so much,
the Emperor himself wants them.

The Emperor!

If I get them first, then
maybe I become more powerful

than a certain slime-sucking
cousin of mine!

- We all know I'm talking
about Jabba, right? -Yep.

But them crystals could be
anywhere in the galaxy.

In the galaxy, boss!

And the galaxy
is, like... big.

I don't know how
we find the crystals.

But I know who does.

That kid.

Find him, whoever he is,
and bring him to me.