Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - A Hero Discovered - full transcript

Rowan meets a Jedi named Naare and learns of the Kyber Saber.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The new, superior Death Star!

Soon it will be complete.

With its destructive power
at our command,

we shall crush the Rebels
once and for all!

- Meh.
- Meh?

Meh! Don't get me wrong,
Lord Vader.

I'm all for ruling the galaxy.
That's my thing!

But you remember what happened
to the first Death Star?

Yes, I was... there.

Oh, right. You were.

- Let's go to the replay!

Is this really necessary?

I have you now.

- What?
- Ya-hoo!

You're all clear, kid! Now let's
blow this thing and go home!

"I have you now!"

Ah, gets me every time.

Nobody could have
anticipated that!

Perhaps you can see why I
might want a plan B, Vader.

Dooku always had a plan B.

How's that?
Nothing. Continue.

Impress me! He's not
going to impress me.

Master, we recently uncovered something
of interest in the Jedi archives...

The Kyber Saber.

Emperor likey.

What's it do?
Don't care. I want it.

Gimme, gimme, gimme!
One small problem.

Oh, here it comes.

We don't exactly
know where it is.

Ugh! But our forces are
scouring the galaxy.

The Kyber Saber will be found.

It better be, Lord Vader.

And soon.

Lock S-foils
in attack position.

Focus all fire on that
Imperial Assault Carrier!

I've got one on my tail!
I can't shake him.

- One less Rebel.

Oh. Thanks, Wedge!


Sweet, sweet salvage!

What do we got? Some energy
collection coils, ion jets.

- Ready with the scoop.
- And ready on the cannon!

No, Rowan. No cannon!

Let them shoot at each other. We
don't want them shooting at us.


I still think
this is a bad idea, Kordi.

Salvaging in the middle
of a battle?

It's a great idea, Zander.

A battle is the best place
to find fresh parts.

And we need parts
if we're gonna pay Furlac.

Ooh! S-foils!

Besides, those fighters are too
busy blowing each other up

to notice little ol' us anyway.

The Imperial defenses
are too tight! Retreat!

The Rebels are breaking off
the attack. Stay in pursuit.

Aw, missed the power converters!

- "Blast"?
- Rowan, no!

Think they'll notice?

Great shot!
Who did that?

Not me, boss.
Me neither.

- Then who was it?
- Over there!

They're noticing.
Time to go!

Sorry about that, guys.
Hey, forget it, Rowan.

Salvaging in the middle of a
battle was a bad idea anyway.

Uh, I said that.
Did you?

Ah, the Wheel.

Home, sweet home.

- Hold on.
- A block droid?

Furlac, that scum weasel!

Hello, Freemakers!

Hello, Furlac.

I warned you... Pay your
rent, or I'll lock you out.

We just picked up some
top-class salvage, Furlac.

But we can't sell it
without a shop.

Oh, Kordi, you know
my character flaw...

I'm too generous.

Fine. I give you
one extra day to pay me

before I throw you all
out the airlock.

Okay, but how are we gonna
make the rent in one day?

We've got no ships to repair
and no ships ready to sell.

So we'll make a ship.

Got an X-wing
turbo impeller.

Here's a TIE power coupling.

Here's a helmet.


Rebel scum!

Imperial swine!

Hey. Hey!
No fighting in our shop!

But we're fighter pilots!

You know what? Take your
galactic conflict outside.

Stop it.
You knock it off.

Guys, I'm feeling
some inspiration.

Stand back.

Let me make sure your
inspiration can actually fly.

- Can I help? -Ah, Rowan,
building requires focus.

And I mean,
you're many things...

A handsome kid, a decent singer
and an excellent little brother!

But you're definitely
not focused.

Oh. Sorry. I'm not what?

- Oops.
- Oops. Again.

What else have we got to sell?
Isn't that Ugly almost finished?

Do not call my creations, my
life's work, my children "Uglies"!

They are Z-wings.

Shh. She didn't
mean it, baby.

And yes, all she needs
is a thrust vector magnet.

We get one of those, she'll fly.

Weren't those mostly a
Clone Wars thing? Yep.

- What?

I'm baking
sweet-sand cookies.

Where was the worst battle
you ever saw in the Clone Wars?

Oh, Nal Kapok.
No question.

That's great! We'll find
the part we need there.

Wait. What?
My cookies!

I'm sure they're delicious,
but we've got to go.

- We'll be back soon.
- Go nowhere, touch nothing.

Talk to no one
with eight or more eyes.

- But I wanted to go exploring.
- You can!

From inside the StarScavenger.

Look, as your big sister, I just
have to keep you safe, okay?

And besides, you're way over
your "oops" limit for the day.

- There's a limit? -Roger, don't
let him out of your sight.

Roger, roger.

They treat me like a kid.

Imagine how I feel...

Decorated veteran of the Clone
Wars demoted to babysitter.

Okay, I wasn't decorated.
But still.

There's somebody out there.

- Stormtroopers?
- Those guys could be trouble.

We should probably warn your siblings.
Right, Rowan?

Rowan? Hey!
I'm supposed to watch you!

Fine. Watch me run.

Zander. Kordi.

Oh. Where are you guys?

Find anything?

Bugs. Bugs.

Some trees.

Ugh, the boss won't be happy.

Where'd they go?

Slow down. My circuits
are overheating.

- Do you hear that?
- Hear what?

The sound of bad decisions
being made?

Yeah, it's very loud.

It's not a... sound.

More of a... pull.

Uh, the ship's back that way.


It's calling me.
What is?

I'm not hearing anything.

And not to brag, but I've got
excellent audio sensors.


New coat of paint,
and I'll be fine.

Thanks for your concern.

You're behaving very
strangely, even for you.


I have a bad feeling about this.


What is this thing?

No idea.

But we should put it back and run to
the ship before something really bad...

Yeah, okay, not even
gonna finish that thought.

Aaah! Dianoga!

Good news. My programming doesn't
allow for "I told you so's"!

Lucky me.

Whoa. Whoa!

- Whoa.

- Stop!
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Hah! Yes! That...

Didn't work at all.


- Are you okay, young one?
- Whoa!

Is that a... laser sword? I've
never seen one! Can I hold it?

- I'd like to hold it. When can I hold it?
- It's called a lightsaber.

And maybe after
I know your name.

Oh, hi. Sorry.
I'm Rowan Freemaker.

And this is Roger.
My name is Naare.

Quick question...
Are you a Jedi?

- One of the few left.
- Thought so.


Jedi and battle droids weren't exactly
friends during the Clone Wars.

No, we were not.

What's a... Jedi?

Many years ago, the Jedi were the
galaxy's guardians of peace and...

Can I hold your lightsaber now?


First, tell me,
how did you find this?

Well, you're gonna
call me crazy.


But... it called to me.

I don't even know
what it is. Do you?

Why, yes, I do.


Like all the garbage
on this planet.

We're running out of time.

What about that troop transport?

That thing looks almost new.

- Might be our lucky day.

Keep pulling!

Almost got it!

Good condition, no rust.

Hard to believe this is old enough
to have been in the Clone Wars.

It's not!
- Oh, hey, guys.

Is this yours?
I was just holding it.

You can have it... back.

Millennia ago,
before even the Old Republic,

there was a wise Jedi,

Master Baird Kantoo.

Master Kantoo wanted to create
a weapon worthy of the Jedi.

Using a skill known only to him,

he forged kyber crystals
into one solid blade.

This was
the very first lightsaber.

On your feet, thief!

Is there a problem
here, trooper?

Let me answer that for you.
There is, and his name is you!

Imperial Inspector OU812.
Answer this...

How is it that two
civilians, dressed like us,

were able to wander right in
the middle of your operation

and swipe a part
off your own transport?

What's wrong with
how we're dressed?

I'm gonna need operating numbers
from each and every one of you.

The Emperor is going
to be very disappointed.

"Licensed junk collector"?

I know. They won't
let you retake the picture.

Run, Zander!

Running's a good plan!

The Kyber Saber
was an impressive weapon.

It magnified Kantoo's powers
a thousandfold.

When Kantoo realized the potential
danger of the Kyber Saber,

he smashed his blade to pieces.

He gave the Kyber Saber crystals
to trusted Jedi Knights

to hide in distant corners
of the galaxy,

so that no one would ever again
possess the power of the Kyber Saber.

Hyah! I'm Master
Kantoo, Jedi Knight!

You're not listening. Yeah,
that's a problem with him.

Hey, watch it!

Sorry. Go on.

Rowan, there is danger.

Emperor Palpatine has learned
of the Kyber Saber.

He may seem kind,
benevolent and wise...

Actually, he seems creepy, clammy,
and his teeth are all weird.

Oh, okay, yes.

But worse, he's evil.

Evil? Really?

Yes, consumed by the
dark side of the Force.

He will stop at nothing

until he possesses
the Kyber Saber.

That's what those stormtroopers
were looking for... this!

The stormtroopers!

I forgot all about them!

Rowan! Wait!

Come back!

Not a strong listener.

They've got
my brother and sister.

In the clutches of the Empire.

They'll be sent to
the spice mines of Kessel.

Or worse, they could be melted
into slag, fed to a Sarlacc,

forced to clip
the Emperor's toenails!

Should I activate silent mode now?
Roger, roger.

I gotta save Kordi and Zander!

Hyah! Whoa!

Rowan, helping the
innocent is what Jedi do.

- Let me help you.
- Um, okay.

First, you'll need
a better weapon.

Your lightsaber?

- No.
- Blast!

What about that thing?

Look, honestly, this
is one big misunderstanding.

We had no idea you guys were here.
No idea.

- No idea we were wandering into
your Imperial operation. -No idea!

No idea this was Imperial property.
No idea at all!

But since we are tax-paying
Imperial citizens,

in a sense, that really
was our property.

Am I right?

- No idea what she's talking about.
- Zip it!

Tell us what you know
about the Kyber Saber.

What's a Kyber Saber?

Oh, I like this!

And I don't!

Whoo! Fry or squish...
Your choice!


Yeah, you run!

This is what happens when you
mess with the Freemakers!

- Ha-ha!
- I like his enthusiasm.



Aw! I was just
getting good.

Uh-oh. Aaah!





- Are you okay?
- I think so.

But two questions... one, why
aren't you in the StarScavenger?

- And two...
- Who is that?

One, I just saved you.
You're welcome.

And two, this is Naare.

She's a Jedi!

Weren't all the Jedi wiped out?

Uh, they will be
if we don't leave now.

The stormtroopers will return
soon, and in greater numbers.

Well, the lady is more than
welcome to ride in our ship.

A kind invitation,
but I have my own vessel.

Ah, a beautiful ship
for a beautiful lady.

Just fly.

So no one would ever again possess
the power of the Kyber Saber.

Wow. Nice story,
wonderfully told.

But is it really a good idea to go
looking for these Kyber Saber crystals?

I mean, that Jedi guy
hid them for a reason.

The Emperor
has limitless resources.

Sooner or later,
he will find them.

Then, with the Kyber
Saber in hand...

He'll be invincible.

Fortunately, the Emperor lacks Rowan's
unique ability to sense the crystals.

That is our advantage.

I will train you to focus your
powers, to master the Force.

Then you can lead us
to the crystals.

And together, we can bring
true peace to the galaxy.

That was a lot of words, and my
mind wandered in the middle.

But I think you're saying...
I'm going to be a Jedi

and have a lightsaber like you!

Yes. Someday.

Oh, please. Look, lady,
thank you for saving us,

but I don't need you
filling my brothers' heads

with all these dangerous ideas.

You're right. Don't tell
me I'm... Wait. What?

I'm... right?

These are dangerous ideas
and dangerous times.

I will stay close
to ensure Rowan's safety.

Time's up, Freemakers!

Furlac, please, just give us a
couple of hours to sell this Ugly.

And then we can...

Uh-uh! No rent,
you're out the airlock.

The Freemakers have paid
their rent in full.

The Freemakers have paid
their rent in full.

And I will rent the shop
across the way for one credit.

And you will rent the shop across
the way for... one credit.

The Force can have a powerful
effect on the weak-minded.

The Force can have a powerful
effect on the weak-minded.

Ah! No! Stop it!

Let go!

Sorry about Kordi.

She's just crazy protective.

Or maybe just crazy.

She should be protective, Rowan.

If the Emperor were to learn of your
connection to the Kyber Saber crystals...

That would be bad.

You may not know
who you can trust.

Share your secret with no one.

Uh, you better guard this then.

I will protect it with my life.

Now go get some rest. Tomorrow
we set out to save the galaxy.

When do I get a lightsaber? Go.

Agent Naare!

Explain your actions
on Nal Kapok.

Oh! Is she there?
I want to talk to her!

I'm handling it, Master.

Yeah, like you handled
the Death Star?

Naare, why did we give you a garrison
of perfectly good stormtroopers

if you're just going to
cut them to shreds?

Because, my lord, I needed
to gain the trust of a boy

who can lead me
to the Kyber Saber crystals.

What makes you believe this
boy possesses such a power?

It "called" to him.

Ooh! Emperor likey.

Good work, Naare.

Yes, impressive.

But... what if you lose
this boy's trust?

Then I'll use another
form of persuasion.