Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Race on Tatooine - full transcript

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No jail cell can hold me.

Uh, did he mean to do that?

Right on schedule.

- Jump!
- Y-You can't get any closer?

- Raam's scared of heights.
- I? You're scared of heights.

- You are!
- You!

- No, you!
- No, you stop that!

- Coming!
- Right!

- You're scared of heights!
- You taught me to be scared!

Hold on.
You're scared of heights.

Told you you're scared of heights.

Jabba! Trust me, it's gonna be great.

Now, I listened to your
criticism from last time.

I processed it, I thought about
it. I made some adjustments.

So now, let me present
to you... Wait for it!

Boom! Graballa's New and
Improved Beachside Resort!



How do you think that went?

Because I kinda think
that could've gone better.


Oh! Thanks for joining us.
And where have you been?

Rotting in an Imperial jail.
Didn't you get my messages?

Graballa, it's Dengar. We ran
into some trouble on Bespin and...

Yeah, no. I didn't get any of those.

- Look, I'm real busy, fellas.
- Too busy for this?

I located that crystal-finding
kid you're looking for...

- Rowan Freemaker.
- Oh!

1x07 - Race on Tatooine


Let's run it down again.
Naare claims she's a Jedi,

has a lightsaber,
can use the Force.

But that Force-sensitive plant
from Felucia... Naare made it die.

Which makes me wonder...

Is she lying?
Is she... evil?

And if she is,
my sister's right.

Kordi won't rub it in.

I won't get an "I told
ya so." Right, Roger?



I automatically shut down after
20 minutes of not listening.

You were saying... uh, something?

- Yeah. I think I have to tell Kordi...
- Tell me what?

How you didn't hang the
astromech motivators, so they fell

and broke and cost us credits
we cannot afford to lose?

No, actually, I...

- Told you that'd happen, Rowan.
- Yeah, you did.

So, how are you going
to make this up to me?

I don't know. It's not like I can clap

my hands and make a paying job come in.

Guess what!
A job just came in!

Clap them again. Hurry.

Blast! It was just a coincidence.
Go on.


Let's assume I don't speak Toong.

- Who's that and what's the job?
- What?

That is Ben Quadinaros,
galactic podracing champion.

His pit crew came down
with a bad case of sand rot.

- Oh, no! That's terrible!
- Oh, yeah, right.

Terrible disease for them.
Great opportunity for us!

Ben wants us to come to Tatooine

and be his crew for a big race tomorrow!

And he's paying a lot of
credits, so you can't say no.

N... N...

He's right. I physically can't say it.

Ha-ha! Yes!
# Podracer pod, podracer #

Agent Naare, report.

My lord, I've been working
diligently with Rowan and...

Eh, Naare, we can't hear you.

Adjust your holo-transceiver.

Oh. Sorry, my lord. How about now?

- Now we can hear you.
- But we can't see you.

Oh, I... I don't know what's wrong. I...

You totally fell for it!


We could see you and
hear you the entire time.


Ha-ha! But my hilarious
prank makes a serious point.

I don't want to hear excuses.

I want to see results.

Get me my Kyber Saber!

Good talk.

Oh! My favorite caf mug?

Ugh, today just gets better and better.

Rowan, I really need you to reach
out with those feelings and...


Uh, I really needed
some new load lifters.

I'll just come back when
they're open.

Of all the jobs in all the systems,

why did this one have to
be on such a hot planet?

No human can live like this!

- This is the best job ever!
- Correction... no normal human.

Hurry! Quadinaros will
be here at any second.

Those pieces are not
gonna attach themselves.

Kordi, look at that stabilizer vane.
It's totally bent.

I'll go straighten it out while
you snap in these heat dissipaters.

- Ugh! Is that what I sound like?
- Yeah.

That is really annoying.
Hey, little Brother.

Back at the shop?
I'm sorry I got on you.

Thanks, Kordi.

In fact, wasn't there
something you wanted to tell me?

Yeah, there is. I'm
starting to worry that...


Yes, Mr. Quadinaros!
Here we are.

And I know the race is in a few
minutes, but don't worry.

We'll have your pod up and running.

Now let's discuss my favorite
part, where you pay us.


Sure! We would love to
meet your sponsor, right?

- Graballa!
- Did he just say...


- This isn't a job.
- It's a trap!

- Did you set us up?
- Hey, whoa! I set you up.

It's amazing what you can accomplish

when you threaten to
snap off a guy's antennae.

Run along, Benny.
You're done.


I heard that!

Now, would you like to discuss the
location of the Kyber Saber crystals?

Uh, not really.
Actually, I'd like to just go.


We can do this the easy way
or the Hutt way.


Oh. Hey, Jabba!
There's a guy!

Fancy meeting you here!


Since when do I need

permission to come visit
my favorite-est cousin?

What a joker this guy
is, right? Come on!

- Boba!
- Dengar.

Buddy! Why...

Still wearing the ol' bedsheet, eh?

What can I say?
It breathes.

- How's your mother?
- Same ol', same ol'.

Wishes I'd settle down and give
her some little bounty hunters.

Well, at least you have a mother.
I'm a clone.


You're still thinking
about the blasted podrace?

- We can escape on the podracer.
- Oh. Right.


Yes, of course I know what
happens to guys that cross you.

I'm not some ignorant...

You-You take that everywhere with you?

It's just a little...
What's the word? Weird.

Just a little weird.
Look, Jabba,

this thing with me and the
boy doesn't concern you.


Which boy? He's right over my
right shoulder. He's right there.

I'm not gonna turn around yet,
but I'm assuming

he's not there, is he?

And remember how Vader was
all, "No disintegrations"?

They're getting away!

Speeder bikes! Now!

Roger! I can't see anything!

Well, sorry, but it's
not like I had time

- to pick my favorite seat!
- Move!

For a so-called podrace expert,
you stink at driving one!

Hey! It's not my fault.

This is a one-seater,
but four of us are on it!

Not for long.
Just stop this thing...

- Don't stop! Don't stop!
- Hang on!

Dengar's right behind us!
We need to lose him!

Okay, okay, okay!
I think I got this.


- What was that?
- It sounded like a signal horn.

That's the race starting.
The race is starting.

Welcome to another
Mos Espa Raceway epic,

the 29th Annual Brick Layers Classic.


Make that two late entries.

Uh, Dengar's still following us.

- Shooting at us too!
- I noticed!

- We are losing thrust.
- On it!

- Blaster set for stun.
- Rowan! Duck!




You look tired.
Here, let me drive.



I'm not seeing Dengar,

so, you know, feel free to
drop out of this race any time!

Drop out? When we're in fourth
place and closing on third?


- Raam, you bash!
- And, Baash, you ram!

Another hit like that,
and we'll be dead last!


These guys are the best I can afford.

You play the sabacc hand you're dealt.

Although, feel free to
say no, but I'm just...

- No.
- No? Okay, fine. It was just an idea.

I don't believe it, folks!

We have a new race team,
literally out of nowhere,

neck-and-neck with Ben
Quadinaros for the lead!

And another challenger's
trying his luck... on foot?


Could really... use a... a lightsaber.


Good enough! Hyah!

Kordi! That was a stabilizer
control module! I kinda need it to...


Thank you!

The... Do we have a
name for these guys yet?

I am the champion!

- Look out!
- Whoa!

Okay, I might've celebrated
a little too soon there.

Ah, the racer's trashed.

We need to find somewhere to hide.

My sensors are picking up
a shelter. It's not far.


Yep. Here we are.

That was not "not far."

I meant, "not far for a droid."
Did I say that part?

Stuck in the desert.
No food. No water.

No way back to the StarScavenger.

We need a hero to rescue us.

- Naare!
- Naare! We'll call her.

- Or maybe we can do this ourselves.
- How do we reach her?

Maybe we don't. Aren't you always
saying, "Who needs Naare?"

I can rewire Roger's transmitter
pack for long distance.

Sounds like a lot of work.
Let's just skip it.

Great. Rewiring.
That never hurts.

Short-circuit a guy one time,
and you never hear the end of it.


That's Jawa for, "We can
disguise ourselves as Jawas."

- Done! Let's call Naare.
- Seriously?

Can no one hear me?
Am I a ghost?

Zander Freemaker calling Naare.

Come in, Naare.

Where could he have gone?

Naare! Come in, Naare.

Zander. Is that you?

Hey, Naare! You sound good.
What's new with you?

Oh, give me that thing.

Naare, can you hear me?

We need your help! Please!

Kordi. Kordi? You're breaking up.
Is Rowan with you?

We're on Tatooine. You've
gotta track the signal

and come get us! Only you can...

- Um, they found us.
- Think Naare got the message?

I hope so.
And I hope she flies fast.

Give it up, Freemakers.
There's no escape.

My men have you surrounded.

Are you sure your men can handle it?

Can you believe he tried to
hire Boba Fett for this gig?

Can you blame me?
I mean, come on! It's Boba Fett!

We've gotta find something
to fight with. Stall.

Whoo-hoo! Hey!

Graballa, we're all
business people here.

So let's do our business
thing and negotiate.

Sure. Absolutely.
All I really want is the kid.

Send him down, or I blow you up.

Okay, we'll call that your opening
position. How firm are you on that?

- Pretty firm.
- Ugh. Broken Gaffi Sticks.

Moldy Jawa food.

- There's nothing I can work with.
- How 'bout these?

Thermal detonators?
That I can work with.

Time's up! Go get the boy.

You want me to say I'm sorry?

Fine. I'm sorry I
tried to hire Boba Fett

because you three have
proven over and over

to be way too incompetent
to grab one lousy kid!

Apology accepted.

Oh, boy.

Yeah! Keep 'em coming.

Next time, I offer Boba Fett double.

Whoo! We've got 'em on the run!
Give me another!

That was the last one.

They're out of ammo! Move in!

Hey! Naare got our message!

Wait, wait, wait. How do I look?

I can't believe I'm saying
this, but... Yay, Naare!

Yeah. Um, "yay, Naare."

Gotcha now, Jedi!

Oh! Wow!

What was I thinking? How could
I have ever doubted Naare?

To the Eclipse Fighter! Now!

There he is! Get that kid!

Are you paying anything
for the other kids?

What? Yes-Yes! Fine!
Whatever! But I want that kid!

- Hey!
- Kordi!

Stop! I'm a vintage collectible.

Kordi! Zander!

- Rowan, no!
- Whoa!

I will handle this.


I gotta help Naare.

Maybe she has something here I can use.

- I love her.
- I know.

A lightsaber!

Red? But that's the color of...

Naare! Are you there?

Ugh, I hate it when
it goes to holo-mail.

Listen, I've been thinking.

If this Rowan kid isn't
leading you to the crystals,

then Sith up and slice up his family!
That'll motivate him.

"Sith up."
I'm so good.

Naare... is a Sith?

- Naare is a hero!
- Get us out of here!

They're getting away!

For like what? What's that?

The third time? The fourth?

- I've literally lost count!
- Uh, are we counting today only?

Quick! To the skiff!

- You know what the worst part is?
- The kid got away?

I gotta call Jabba to pick us up.

And then when you took
out that guy with one move!

That was amazing! You're amazing.

- Isn't she amazing, Rowan?
- Yeah. Amazing.

I feel like I need to give you a hug.
Can I give you a hug?

- Oh, actually, I'd prefer... Ooh!
- Me too.

We can let go anytime now.

Enough hugging already!

Fortunately, we're all safe.

But it could have turned
out much differently.

That is why you must never,

ever go anywhere without me, Rowan.

You never know
what dangers await you.