Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - The Maker of Zoh - full transcript

The Freemakers travel to Zoh where they meet the Maker, who teaches Rowan how to build using the Force.

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So Naare's heard every word
we've said since Tatooine?

Yeah. That's how she
tracked us all over the galaxy.

Aw! She even knows there's
no crystal on Rodia.

My transmission pack!

Ugh! I'm getting the distinct
impression that I'm getting blamed here.

But you guys were the ones who boosted
my transmission signal in the first place.

- So why didn't you turn it off?
- You never told me to!

Plus... I forgot.

- At least Naare can't track us anymore.
- She doesn't need to.

She knows the last Kyber
Saber crystal is on Hoth.

If we go to Hoth, Naare will be
there, waiting to cut us to shreds.

But if we don't go to Hoth,

Naare will search and search and
search until she finds the crystal.

And then the Emperor will cut
the whole galaxy to shreds.

Not a fan of these options.
Anybody got another?

The Maker of Zoh!

The what of where?

We've got to go to Zoh!

Rowan, before I let you
touch any more buttons,

you're gonna need to
explain just a little bit.

Remember that lady on Takodana?
Maz? Well, after she gave

me the crystal, she told me
that when I get desperate,

I should seek out "the Maker of Zoh."

The Maker is just a droid myth
whispered in repair shops.


"An uninhabited garbage planet."

Set course for there!
Do it, do it, do it! Hurry up!

- Why aren't we going?
- What? We don't have any better ideas.

Okay, just to be clear, we're going
to an uninhabited planet, looking

for someone who probably doesn't
exist, because a crazy lady told us to?

- Yup.
- Okay.

Just want to be clear on that.
Setting course for Zoh.

1x10 - "The Maker of Zoh"

So this is it?

We just orbit around this ice
cube till the kid shows up?

Yes. You have something better to do?

If Jabba finds out I'm
sneaking around behind his back,

he's gonna freeze my very
substantial body in carbonite

- and hang me on his wall.
- Patience.

Sooner or later,
the Freemakers will come.

They have nowhere else to go.

What... is this?

An amazing waste of
perfectly good scrap.

Or... the work of the Maker.

Come on! Hurry! Hurry!

Why are you guys so slow?
I've got a good feeling about this!

And my good feelings
are almost never wrong.

Anyone else have the
feeling we're being watched?

- What was that?
- Wind?

It was wind. With feet.

And not some terrible
creature that wants to eat us.

This hypothetical creature of
yours... does it eat droids?

Maybe coming here was a mistake.

Yep! Mistake!

- You are trespassing.
- You are not welcome on Zoh.

Hey, Roger? They're droids.
You're a droid.

- Uh, maybe you can talk to them, huh?
- Roger, roger.

Hey, fellow droids. Look, you
don't have to fear these guys.

They like droids.

They're not gonna hurt you.
That's not their thing.

Hmm. Quick question.
What happened to your transmission pack?

Oh. Well, they ripped
it clean off my back,

- but there's a whole story behind that and I...
- Destroy the intruders!




Lay down your weapons.

Maker? They're trespassing.

N-3R0, they mean us no harm.

Are you the Maker?

The Maker's more a title
than a name.

Call me Jek.

The Maker's real. Huh.

Sorry about my metal friends.

- They're just a little...
- Shooty-stabby-crushy?

I was going to say "overprotective."

These droids haven't had the
best experiences with people.

A trend that continues
to this very day, Maker.

Look at all the trouble that these
trespassers have already caused!

- You're overreacting.
- Oh, I'm overreacting.

Do you hear what he's saying?
I'm "overreacting."

Well, don't I feel silly.

You're underreacting!

There, there, my friend.

Good as new.

The intruders will force
us all back into servitude.

Or worse, turn us all into scrap!
They must be expelled!

Except this guy. He's all right.

Gosh, thanks! Ow.

Nonsense. They're just kids.

Salvagers, judging by their ship.

Take whatever you
need, then go in peace.

We didn't come to Zoh to
salvage, Mr. Maker, sir.

We came to find someone to
help me learn about the Force.

I came to Zoh to get away from all that.

But it's important.
The fate of the galaxy is at stake!

That's what they always say.
One last battle to end all battles.

But then there's always another.

I thought Jedi protect and help people.

Who said I was a Jedi?

I keep making that mistake.

A Sith tricked me into
using my powers to help her.

Now people will suffer because of me.
Please don't let that happen.

The Sith.
The Sith betrayed me too.

I'm not a Jedi.
I can't train you to be one.

But I can teach you
what I know of the Force.

Looks like we'll be staying a while.

Which might not be so bad.

There's probably some sweet
scrap around here, right?

Oh, yeah, this planet
is crawling with it.


"Sooner or later, they'll come,"
she says.

I think it's pretty safe to
rule out the "sooner" option.

- Then it will be later.
- "Later."

This is a new frontier in
boredom we're exploring here.

You hear that? I just wish
something would happen. Anything!

- Graballa!
- Ha!

It's not the something I wanted.

- Jabba! My old cuz! How's it...
- _

What am I doing in the Hoth...

Okay, right away with the questions.

No "Hello"? No "How are ya?"
All right, fine.

Well, I was gonna make it a surprise,
'cause I know you like surprises.

You see, there's...
there's these crystals.


Naare! What are you
doing in the Hoth system?


You're wasting precious time.

And trying my patience!

My lord, I've already found six
of the seven Kyber Saber crystals.

And, Jabba, these crystals,
they're really something.

I beg of you, just a little more time.

And you'll see, this whole
scheme is gonna pay off big time!

Naare, this is all starting to
sound like one big pile of...



Ha! Jabba's squeezing my tail tight!
There's no pleasing that guy.

You ever work for somebody like that?

The dark side, with all its
hatred and rage, destroys.

But the light side...

it builds.

It creates.

- It protects.
- Wow.

- Don't know what that is.
- Now you try.

Sorry. It's barely anything.

I disagree.
It's a start.

Oh, look at it. The trespassers
are corrupting the Maker.

He looks like he's having fun.

Yes, it's all fun for everyone
until he runs off with them.

And leave our paradise?
He wouldn't.

Don't underestimate the power of fun.

And when he's gone, do you
know what happens to you and me

- and every other droid on this planet?
- Um, I do not.

We're left for scrap!
That's what.

Used and discarded once again.

Do you remember being scrap?

Oh, I do.
I did not like it.

Me neither.

Will you help me bring the
Maker back to us, BL-OX?

Of course. I'll do
anything for the Maker.

That's good to know!
Spread the word.

There's something I need to
do before we make our move.

Ugh! The junk on this planet
falls into three categories...

useless junk, worthless
junk and junky junk.

Fourth category: All of the above.

Hey! This might be something.

Huh, my mistake.
It's just junk.

Roger! You almost squished us!

Well, the key word there is "almost."

- So, what are we doing next?
- Come on.

- Let's search somewhere else.
- Okay!

Roger, um... Hey, it's not that
we don't appreciate the help.

Mm-mmm. We do.

But you know what you
could do to really help?

Go back in the ship and, um...

- Recalibrate the, uh...
- Calibrators.

- Yeah. Recalibrate the calibrators.
- But that makes no sense.

I'd need the calibrators
to recalibrate anything.

Huh, if I didn't know any better,
I'd say you guys were trying to...

- ditch me.
- Trouble with your masters?

They're just angry because
I almost crushed them.

And accidentally let the bad
guys track us all over the galaxy.

And one time, I burned dinner.

- It's... It's one of those things.
- Mmm, humans.

They just don't appreciate us
droids. Never have, never will.

Hey, come with me, Roger.
I know just what you need.

Ah, my joints haven't felt this good
since I slid off the assembly line.

It's paradise.

Oh, thanks, but I better leave that off.

I've gotten into enough
trouble over this thing.

You know, Roger, this spark of a notion

has been zipping around
my processing circuits.

How 'bout you stay here
in paradise with us?!

- Stay?
- Why not?

No more ungrateful
humans bossing you around.

No more taking the
blame for their mistakes.

- But I couldn't leave the Freemakers.
- I know their type, Roger.

They keep you around when
you function properly.

But after a malfunction or two,
it's off to the scrap heap.

They'd never scrap me.

They would.

He won't be a problem.

Now here's what I need you to do.

The key to mastering the Force is focus.

- Can you focus?
- I think so.

But not if you distract me.

There will always be distractions.
I ask again, can you focus?

- Yes.
- Can you?

- Yes!
- Can you?!


- How'd I do?
- Not bad.

Worthless. Useless.

Worthless. Useless.

Oh! Oh! I'm sorry.
I didn't see you there.

No harm done.
My construction is solid.

But if you're looking for useful
parts, I know a better place.

Lead the way, my good droid!

Look at all this scrap!

That's the stuff.

Is it weird that I love
that old junk smell?

- Don't bring it up on first dates.
- Solid advice.

Thanks, BL-OX. We can
definitely salvage this stuff.

You won't be salvaging anything.

Because you will be... scrap.

Don't picture the pieces
you're using to build.

Picture what you're building.

Focus on where you're going.

- Ready?
- Hmm.

Then reach out through
the Force and build.

Picture what I'm building...

- Ha! I did it!
- Well done.

- Now the next thing I want to teach you is...
- Whoo-hoo!

Or... okay.

The Maker came to Zoh to
protect himself and us.

Your mere presence has caused
a malfunction in the Maker's mind.

Malfunction! Malfunction!

You will share the fate of
so many discarded droids...

you will be crushed!

- Like, emotionally crushed?
- 'Cause we can get over that.

No! The kind...

Kordi! Zander!

Where are you?
You've gotta see what I built!

Whoa! What's going on?

N-3R0, have you fried your
logic circuits? Release them!

Maker, the trespassers
have corrupted your mind.

We're protecting you.

Remember what I've taught you.

- Trust in yourself and in the Force.
- Drop it!

Yes! I saved them.


- Eh, sorta.
- They're safe. That's what counts.

N-3R0 has manipulated the droids.

- Don't hurt them if you can help it.
- Fine.

But if anybody walks into my
lightsaber, it's not my fault!

What was that?


The Maker is beyond saving, hmm.

He'll have to be
scrapped with the others.

Um, N-3R0?
What's going on?

Oh, Roger, you're here. Good!

Just in time to see your former
masters being deactivated.

- Deactivated?
- Yes!

You will be free!
It's better this way.

Remember? No more humans
bossing you around?

No more taking their blame.

Well... isn't that what
happens in families?

You sometimes make mistakes,

but you forgive each other
because you're family.

You still love each other, right?

Roger? Are you saying
that you're with them

and not with us,
your droid brethren?

Well, I'm saying I'm a droid,

but more than that,
I'm a Freemaker!

Am I hearing what I think I'm hearing?

They're on Zoh!
Set course for Zoh!

I give the orders on my ship.

Yeppau, you wanna set course for Zoh?

Ha! You're gonna be sorry
you messed with my family!

Um, any moment now.

If you've got something else
to do, now's a good time.

- Let's, uh, break and regroup later.
- We finish this now!


Scrap them! Scrap them!
Scrap them!

It's an invasion!

Sorry. Bringing in the
bad guys was the only thing

I could think to do to
stop the other bad guys.

Roger, that was some genius thinking!

- Or at least, some Freemaker thinking.
- Aw! Thanks, guys!

Family hug later.
Let's get to the ship.

My droids. I have to save them.

No. Intruders, you are not welcome!
You have not been invited!

Hello, Freemakers.

I've been wondering
where you've been hiding.

A trash planet. Perfect.
You blend right in.

You're not gonna hurt my family, Naare.

Do you mean I'll have to hurt
you first before I hurt them?

Because I'm good with that.

Rowan. I'll handle the Sith.
Get to your ship.

- Go!
- The failed experiment.

Jek-14, is it?
I've heard of you.

Better a failure than a pawn of evil.

Anything you build, I can break!


- Jek!
- Trust in the Force!

Be a builder, Rowan!

- Jek!
- Come on! It's too late!

There's one crystal left,
and we're going to get it.

You hear me, Naare?
We're going to get it!

Hit it.

- Set course for Hoth!
- My ship!

Just do, yeah, what she said.

What? Where am I?
All I remember is a big flash.

Oh, a restraining bolt?

Hmm. We never should
have listened to you.

We should have had faith
in the Maker.

We'll never see another
being like him again.