Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - The Kyber Saber Chase - full transcript

The freemakers go to find more kyber saber crystals.

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I can't believe we
found a Kyber Saber crystal here

on Takodana. Naare didn't
even know there was one here.

And with any luck, she never will.

- Fire it up, Roger.
- Roger, roger.

Ha! Purring like a nexu.
We're good to go.

Some things are finally going right.


But we still got plenty wrong!

It's Naare!
How'd she find us?

Naare got the crystal!

- Come on!
- Roger! Get us in the air!

Punch in the coordinates for
the leap to hyperspace!

- Where to?
- Anywhere but here.

Well, they're gone!

But they're not out of reach.

1x09 - The Kyber Saber Crystal Chase

How did Naare find us?
That planet wasn't on her map.

The crystal was supposed to be on Rodia.

Did she put a tracking
device on our ship?

Nah. I don't think so.

But she's obviously
working with Graballa now.

Somebody on Takodana
might have recognized us.

The real problem is
I just lost another crystal to Naare.

I'm doing a terrible
job of saving the galaxy.

Well, the Kyber Saber can't
function without all its parts.

It needs every crystal.

Yeah, and thanks to me,
Naare's got most of 'em.

Most... but not all.

If we can just get
one crystal, she can't

assemble the Kyber Saber.
And we win!

And no one's better at
finding crystals than this guy.

There's one on Ningoth.

Water planet.
Bad for battle droids.

- One on Hoth.
- Ice planet. Worse for battle droids.

- And one on Naboo.
- The battle droid graveyard? Seriously?!

- So, where do we go first?
- Uh, who votes

for none of the above?
Let's see. Um, one hand.

Anybody else?

- Mmm, Naboo's the closest.
- And the easiest.

Naare will expect us to go there first.

So, we're going all the way to Ningoth.

Fine, but if I rust,
it's on your heads.

Okay, okay.

I give you my newest creation,
the ultra high-tech Z-Sub!

- Aw!
- It's so cute!

- What? It's not cute. It's rugged!
- It's adorable.

It's even got a smiley face.

Okay, that's a tactical
underwater geomapper.

I just wanna tickle its chin.

- Who's a sweet widdle submareen?
- That is not a chin.

It's a pressure-resistant
hull, watertight to...

- I'm gonna call it the Bubbly Subbly.
- Aw! "Bubbly Subbly."

Come here, little Bubbly Subbly.

It is not cute, and you
are not calling it that!

We're here!

I feel the crystal below us somewhere.

All right. Everybody
into the Bubbly Subbly.

You called it the Bubbly Subbly.

It is kinda cute.

Let's do it.

Good luck! No way I
would get into that thing.

Okay, Rowan, take us to the crystal.

It's to the left.

No. Right!

No, it's left.

No, no, more... more right.

Upside down!

Now go up. Down.

More down. Up again.

Up! Do a barrel roll!

You're all over the place.

Yeah, I'd like to find the
crystal before I lose my lunch.

- Sorry.
- Hey, it's okay.

Just take a deep breath and focus.

It's over there.

- Yes! - See? You just had
to let it come to you.

It is coming to us.


Look out!

Wh-Where are you going?
We gotta get the crystal from that fish!

If we stay here, the
only thing we're getting is eaten.

- Yes!
- I can't see anything!

Oh. Oh.

It's going after the other fish.

It must use light as bait.

Our spotlight was
drawing away his lunch.

Maybe we could trade him our
spotlight for the crystal?

Great idea, except our
spotlight's broken now.

I can fix this.

Rowan, you did it!

All right, fish, let's make a trade.

Easy now.

Nice fish! Nice fish!

- Got it!
- Yes! We did it!

We got the Kyber Saber crystal!

All right, Roger. Hoist us up.

Hey, you actually made
it back. Good for you.

We got our one crystal.

Now Naare won't be able to...

- Whoa!
- What was that?

How'd she find us? Again!

I told you we
should've gone to Hoth.

You did not!

She's hooked on to us!
Roger, get us out of here!

Right now I got my own problems.

Battle stations!

Roger! You're supposed
to be pulling us in.

Never mind that. Release the cable!
Release the cable!

- Roger, roger!
- No! No!

Oh, yes, yes!


- Roger, come pick us up.
- Hang on!

I gotta get the tow cable ready.

- Yes!
- No time. Just open the scoop.

- But how are we going to get in without the tow cable?
- Leave that to me.

The crystal!

- Got it!
- Close the scoop.

What? No!

Not again.

No! Stop!

- No...
- Sorry, Rowan. We gotta go.

- Activate the hyperdrive.
- You want me to launch

into hyperspace on the
surface of a planet?

Just do it!

How many times is Naare going to
take a crystal right out of my hands?

I just want to know
how she found us again.

It's like she knows where we're
going even before we get there.

It didn't help that we went to a planet

where we're the only
thing on the surface.

- It made us easy to spot.
- See that, Rowan?

You're not the only one
who's terrible at this.

You always know
just what to say, Roger.

I know. It's a gift.

So, seawater in the engines.

That is not gonna be cheap to fix.

So is that one that you pay for,
or we... we split or what?

I am not concerned
with such trivialities.

Oh, who is?
Neither am... I'm not!

It's just, you know, this... this
operation's getting a little pricey.

I can't help notice
that so far, you know,

you're just bringing you to the table,

whereas me, you know,
I got men and I got ships,

I got a food bill longer than my tail.

Graballa, relax.
We got the crystal,

and those trash pickers
actually think they escaped.

Everything is proceeding as planned.

Your plan, lady.
But I got my own plan.

I got... Dengar!

Oh! Were we doing that now?

- Yes, Dengar, we were doing that now.
- Okay. Sorry, sorry.

Close the door.
Do it again! Do it again!

Nope. The moment is gone.

- I'm ready.
- It's gone!


There's enough people here.
We'll be harder to spot.

I'm sensing... the crystal.

It's over there, in that old palace.

Um, I don't think
that's a palace anymore.

Drop your credits into the donation box,

and your journey into my
museum will be complete!

...and your journey into my museum...

Excuse me. Out of the way.

Palpatine's number-one
fan coming through!

I'd like the super-deluxe VIP tour,
please, unless there's anything

fancier than that, in which case,
I would like something fancier.

"The Palpatine Museum"?

There's a Kyber Saber crystal
in the Emperor's own museum.

So what do we do now?

It's not like we can go poking
around exhibits in broad daylight.

The crystal's in there. I can feel it.

- We can't leave without it.
- We won't.

I know how we'll get into the museum.

And, Roger, you're the key to my plan.

Naturally! I was a master of
disguise during the Clone Wars.

Ha! Where's Roger?
Where'd I go?

Reach for the sky, clone scum!
Pew, pew, pew!

Uh, that never actually worked, did it?

- Not even in training camp.
- Don't worry. My plan is better.

Trust me.

Got a delivery of one gen-u-ine
Clone Wars battle droid

for your gen-u-ine
Clone Wars exhibit.

Drop your credits into the donation...

Sure you don't want the mustache?

Yes! I mean, who even
knows me here on Naboo?

General Durpin!

All zones are safeguarded,
shielded and secured.

Would you relax,
Commander Plumestriker?

Who's gonna be stupid enough to
break into the Emperor's own museum?

No one, General Durpin.
No one could be that stupid.

Correct! The levels of stupidity
required are incalculable.

What do you got there, son?


The Clone Wars exhibit is
two halls down, on the right.

You can't miss it.
You'll bump right into it.

Come along, Plumestriker.

I wanna get a head start
on our dead-end jobs.

- See? Mustache, right?
- Zip it!

Sir, this crushing
boredom forces me to ask:

- What is it we do here?
- We survive.

Listen, it was a close call
when we got promoted on Kashyyyk.

But, lucky for us,

I got us this prime gig
where nothing ever happens!

- Sir, did you hear that?
- That smash of breaking glass?

No, I did not.

- What if it was a burglar?
- Impossible. Your move.

That's an order.

- Yes!
- Good job, Roger!

Rich people and their palaces.

Why does anyone need so much stuff?

Ah! Guys! These souvenir
Palpatine voice changers!

They're half off!

Ooh, I sound so creepy!

You know that's the guy who's
oppressing the entire galaxy, right?

And on a personal note, he
wants to cut us all to shreds.

Can I at least get a mug?

We need this crystal, so stay focused!

- Got it.
- Focused.

On it. Nothing's gonna break my...

That's my old buddy RO-HK!

Remember me? RO-GR.

Forget him. We stay on the hunt.

I am on this like a...
Classic starfighters!

Is that a... N-1?

Okay, okay! Just give me a...

It won't be like last time.
I-I-I'll just be right back.

Don't worry. I'm focused.

Nothing is going to
distract me, not even...

Queen Amidala gowns!

They're... gorgeous!

Fine. I'll just focus for myself.

Not really my strength, I know, but...

Ooh, a floor buffer!

Oh, yeah!

No! Focus!

I can do this.
I can find the crystal.

I can stay calm and collected

in this dark, creepy museum

to the most evil man in the galaxy.

- Sorry!
- Gaah!

I'm afraid you'll find this
restroom is not quite operational!

Yeah, I'm pretty much the brains
of the whole salvage operat... Oh!


- What was that?!
- What? What? That extremely loud explosion?

Nothing. Move.

High alert. Move out!

Wrong move.

What are you nerf herders doing?

- Whoa.
- What?

- I can't like nice things?
- Uh, we... we gotta get outta here!

- Where's Rowan?
- Hold it right there!

Oh, great! Burglars.
We turn 'em in, I'm a hero.

I get a commendation,
a promotion and then a parade.

Look, Plumestriker, do me a favor.
They're just mischievous kids.

Save the paperwork.
Let 'em go.

- Something's familiar about them.
- What?

- You remember us from Kashyyyk?
- Shh!

Who said anything about Kashyyyk?

Oh! Not me.
I've never been there myself.

That's who you are!
The kids from Kashyyyk!

You will answer for your crimes!

But in deference to General Durpin,
we'll skip the paperwork.


- Fire!
- You there!

What are you doing?

These are generous donors.

Leave them be, or feel my wrath!

Uh, Your Lordship, I take full
responsibility for this mix-up.

I insist on being demoted to ensign.

It is done.
Now be gone!

Ensign. Yes!

Gotta go.
Thanks for the save, and, uh...

- Rowan!
- You scared us!

Where did you get the cloak?

I'm afraid you'll find this
restroom is not quite operational.

That was some quick thinking, Rowan.

Now let's not push our luck. We
gotta get out of here before...

No. I'm not leaving without the crystal.

What? But it could be
anywhere in this museum!

Or it could be right here in this room.

- Where?
- Here!

Huh. It just came to you.
Like I said all along.

And now it's come to me!

That looked great on me!

Roger, this is a museum!
That's not gonna...

They have working blasters on display?

They got a lot of confidence
in that velvet rope.

- I'll take that crystal now.
- No! Not again!

I mean, I know I said that
last time, but still...

not again!

Your powers are no match for me.

You're not taking that crystal.

If that's the way you want it.


I'm going to take this.
It's more my color.

Eat mug!

And now I'm out of ammo.


You will pay for deactivating

my already deactivated friend!

Oh, Rowan.

With me, you could have
reached your destiny!

I'm going to reach for something else.


This is more my color.

- We gotta go!
- What about the crystal?

We'll get the next one.
This place is gonna collapse!

So long, RO-HK!
I'll never forget you!

Unless I get my memory wiped.

So, when you
said you had a master plan,

I'm assuming getting an entire
museum dropped on you

- was also part of it?
- The plan was to get this at any cost!

Oh, maybe you could
tell that to the Emperor

when he sees
what you did to his museum.

Everyone relax!
This is only a drill.

- How does she keep finding us?
- It can't be a coincidence.

It's like we're transmitting our
every move to her.

But we're not! We're not
transmitting anything to anybody.

You guys aren't.

But this thing has been on
since Tatooine.

Do you think that's how
they're following us?

They're onto us. What
are we gonna do now?

Nothing. We don't need
to follow them anymore.

There's only one crystal left.

And it's on the ice planet Hoth.