Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One (2016): Season 1, Episode 3 - Trials of the Toa - full transcript

The Toa and their Creatures travel to an ancient maze to recover the Mask of Control, but Umarak the Hunter is hot on their trail.





Now that you have made peace
with your elemental creatures,

you will be surprised

by the power you will command
when you are unified.


-Tahu’s sure enjoying it.
-A bit too much, I think.

You have important things to do.

-May I?





OK, I get it.
Enough fooling around.

While my brother Makuta
sleeps, his power grows.

He once wore the Mask of Control,

and he will stop at nothing to find it.

[Kopaka] Do we know where it is?

You said you had visions of a labyrinth.

The creatures must know its location.

[Gali] Why not just leave the mask
in the maze?

Makuta’s spirit is far stronger
than I imagined.

You’ve got to find the mask
and bring it to me.

Then I will destroy it.

I think that’s our signal.

-We’ll find the mask.
-You must.

[creature screeches]

You know what you must do.

The Toa will lead me to the mask.

If the mask is to be yours,

you must control
a creature of the elements.

Then I will take one from the Toa.

Do not underestimate their power,

You are cunning,
but they are strong.

Then I will challenge them
and find the weakest link.

Do what you will,
but do not fail.

The Region of the Jungle.

Looks like Lewa
is gonna be leading the way.

I’m thinkin' no one leads
but the creatures.

And you've seen the vision.

Where we’re going ain’t Jungle,
but beyond it.

-[Tahu] What’s going on?
-[Gali] Something’s got them spooked.

[grunts] What is that?



-He’s using the elements against us.





[Gali] More traps!



Just as I suspected.

It’s the Hunter. Watch the shadows.

-[Pohatu] The shadows?
-That’s how he moves.

Up there!


No, spread out.
We can do more.


[Umarak] Still he resists.

I have seen enough.

[Tahu] We’ll give 'em
everything we've got, on three.

One! Two!

Three? Guess he had enough.

No. The Hunter doesn’t run.

[laughs] Then what do you call that?

Planning, I think. He’s crafty.

[Gali] Well, it's over.
That’s what matters. Come on.

Yes, lead me to Makuta’s mask.

-Why bring us all the way up here?
-That’s why!

-I know that place.
-You’ve been there?

I’ve had visions.


[creatures screeching]



Coming through!

-[laughs] I win!
-Oh, were you racing?

Because if you were, you lost.

Are you kidding? I beat all of you.

When you’re done arguing,
take a look at that, out there.

There’s something on that island.

-[creatures squeaking]
-It looks like a crater.

That must be where we’re going.

-Why am I not surprised?
-[creatures chattering]

-What’s with them?
-Now they want to race.

You mean unified?

I think that’s just for emergencies.

-You afraid you’ll get in trouble?
-It’ll be good practice.

I need some practice beating you!

Last one to the island’s
got a big tin mask!

[laughs] OK!


Let’s go!



-See you!

Ice... is... still... water!


-[Lewa] Hey!
-[Kopaka] Mind if I hitch a ride?

[Tahu] Hah!

My feelings exactly.
See you on the other side.

[grunting] Yaah! Haah!


Yaah! Uhh!

Come on!

[Gali] My wave!

[Kopaka] If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em!

[laughs] Wipeout!


Looks like you lose.

Maybe. But look what I found.

-You left him behind?
-No. We just took different paths.

Well, get over it.
We’re gonna need you both together.

Don’t worry,
if you need him and me to...

do that thing, we will.

But I’m not going to carry
a scorpion on my back

just cos you guys wanna play
some little game.

As long as you're there
when we need you.

-OK, let’s go find this mask.

Wow, look at that.

Yeah, this is one big crater.

No. That.

[Pohatu] Hold on.
Is that where we’re going?

This is where they hid Makuta’s mask.

[Gali] This is unbelievable.

[Kopaka] Who made this?

I don’t know,
but look at this writing.

Does it say how to get in?

You know, I think it does.
But how do I know that?

There’s so much we don’t know
about our past.

Maybe whoever built this maze
has something to do with us.

Or we have something to do with them.

Toa, challenges, Toa touch...

Someone touch the door.


Let the creatures lead,
they’ve been here before.

They know where we’re going.

[Onua] I think they want us to go first.

Be my guest.

[Gali] It’s beautiful.

[Tahu] The light.
All we have to do is follow it.

-[Gali] Ah! The walls are moving.
-[Kopaka] Hold on!

[Pohatu] Now what?

[Tahu] Look out!

[Kopaka] Oh. It’s stopping!

[Pohatu] Aah. Finally!

[Lewa] It’s closing up. Run!

Uh! Aah!

Gaah! Aah!

-Let me help.
-No. Go. You’ll need to pull me out.

On three. One, two...

[both] Aah!

[both] Aaaah!

What? I didn’t feel like waiting.

-Shall I follow?
-You must.

You have chosen your prey?

I have.

Go, I will guide you.

[creature screeches]

[creature screeches]


[creature screeches]

Well done.

So, is this floor
really going to stay where it is?

We won’t be here long!
There’s a room up here.

-[Gali] Whoa, I don’t like that at all.
-[Kopaka] Forget it. Keep moving.

[creature screeches]

It’s that same writing.

[Tahu] What’s it say?

[Pohatu] It should say, "Nothing is
trying to crush us. Finally."

I think these are our names.
We should beware.

Beware of what?


[Pohatu] Does it say what to do?

I don’t know! I need more time.

You don’t have it. Aaah!

Wait. Almost.


These are stones, we can stop them.

I’m ready. Come on!



Now get off me.



We have to stand like a compass.

But a compass has four directions.

And which one of us is north?

But Okoto has six regions.
Like the colours on the floor.

Ice and Water and Jungle
and Fire and Earth and Stone.

[Gali] United but not one.

[Lewa] Sure, six doors to a single room.








Uhhh! Ugh!

Feel that?
It is the power that you squandered.

Now, it is mine.

How do we free the mask?

Six creatures, six keys.

-We need Ketar.
-[creatures chattering and squeaking]

-There he is.

[Lewa] The Hunter!

[Gali] We need to get out of here!




Fool! I control your creature.

I control your power.

You do not control Ketar.

I can feel him fighting you.

I have the mask. And you are alone.

No, I’m not!





Go, claim the mask.

-But say goodbye to your creature.


You care, it makes you weak.

You have no chance against Makuta.

We’ll see about that.


I'm sorry.
I understand now. I feel it.


-I’m sorry.

I lost the mask.

But you saved Ketar.

You did the right thing.

-The Hunter said caring made us weak.

He was wrong.

Caring doesn’t make us weak.

That’s why we’re gonna beat Makuta.

Because we care, for each other,
and Okoto.

[Kopaka] We’ll get that mask back.

[Onua] And we’ll do it together.

You have done well.

They are weak.
And I am the Hunter.

You were. Now you are my servant.

I serve no one.

As strong as you think you are,

I am stronger.

There are events that must transpire

so that I may be freed.

You are Hunter no more.

You are my minion.

You are Destroyer.