Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One (2016): Season 2, Episode 1 - Destroyer's Game - full transcript

Makuta and Umarak unleash the Shadow Horde to wreak havoc on Okoto.

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You wear my mask. Excellent.

The endgame has begun,

but first you must raise
an army of shadows.

I will lead them.

We will rain destruction on Okoto.

You will not lead them!

You must open the portal
to the shadow realm.

You will release me.

But I do not have the power.

Pieces of my Forbidden Mask lie
strewn across the island.

They are the keys

that will open the portal
between our worlds.

I can feel them.

I will find your mask.

Good, but first, you must raise
the shadow horde.




What is that?

I think that... is Umarak,
or whatever he’s become.

All the more reason to find him.

Quick! Come on.




Look at this place.

[distant yelling and groaning]

These villagers did nothing.

Why would Umarak do this?

[Onua] This was done by an army...
an army made of Lava.

Umarak doesn’t have
this kind of power.

It’s the mask, the mask I lost.

[Kopaka] Now that you mention it,
yeah, the mask you lost.

[Tahu] Pohatu was protecting Ketar.
He did the right thing.

[Kopaka] He unleashed an army.

[Lewa] Whatever did this,
it’s up to us to stop them.

I think I know where they went.

[Tahu] The Mask Makers’ City.

Hey! Look over there!


Ekimu! Ekimu!

What’s up there?

What remains of an ancient shrine.

This was a holy place once,
in a happier time.

So, you do not have my Brother’s mask.

I had it in my hand but....

Don’t worry.
The elemental creatures must come first.

You know what happened?

I do.

Then you know Umarak has raised an army.

But why attack the city,
when Makuta remains trapped?

Does it matter?

[distant horn]

Come on!


This may be easier than we thought.

Ha! It’s never easy!

Come on! One stone took out
five of those things.


-Want to bet?
-Well, that’s a nice trick.

Who cares? We got
some tricks of our own. Terak!

See you down there.



They’re coming this way. Ikir!



-[Kopaka] Look out!
-[Gali] Argh!



No, you don’t!

What the...

[Gali yells]

[Gali] Ha!


[Pohatu] Forget it.
We got bigger problems.



Well, what do you know? [yells]

Destroy the masks. That’s the key.


Looks good to me.


We’re going to need more
than just our weapons.

You know, I’d just dried out.

Yeah, sorry.

[Kopaka] Forget that!
They’re coming!

Whoa! Hold on there. [grunts]

They’ve taken his mask!

[grunting and squawking]

He’s lost his connection to Ikir.

-So it’s up to us.
-That’s right.


-It’s working.
-Oh, yeah! Keep it up!


I got it!



Did you just kick my mask?

Seemed like a good idea.

It was.

Thanks, guys.

Hey, if they can work together,
so can we, right?

-There you are.

Now, let’s do this!


I think we’ve done it. Look.

You sure they’re retreating.

I’m thinking
they’ve got themselves a plan.

These guys? They don’t plan.

Oh, yeah? Look.

They make a storm big enough,
it’ll destroy the city.

Look over there.

[Pohatu] Quake beasts.

[Gali] Go! We’ll handle this.

[Onua] Come on!

Over there! Lava beasts.

You might need some ice.

Sounds good to me.



Of course... there are more.

Step back.




I can’t. It’s too soon.

Don’t worry, I got you.

You know we can’t do this forever?

The wall will work for a while.
I have to go.

Are you serious?

-[Onua] Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.
-Sure. Go. I’ll take care of this.



Too slow!

Bye, now!

I wonder where he’s going.


[Onua] There’s something strange going on.

[Ekimu] I know.
I've been watching for some time.

If the object is to awaken Makuta...

[Onua] Then why attack the city?

Exactly... yet the city is attacked.

And you return to protect it.

This is a trick... to keep us busy.

[Ekimu] There is only one way to open
the door between our worlds

and that is by merging the elements.

But how can Umarak...?

The Forbidden Mask of Ultimate Power.

[Onua] But it was destroyed.

Its pieces were scattered,

but it seems my brother has found them.
We must go.

But if we leave,
who will protect the city?

You don’t know?

-[Onua] Of course.
-That’s right.

The time for Unity has passed.

Go now.

I will join you when I know
where we are going.

-Come! It is time!


Yes. You are right.

I have stood on the side-lines too long.


Go. Find Umarak.



Wait. Is that all of them?

You sound disappointed.

[Kopaka] Hey!

-Where are they going?

I don't know, but I bet it’s important.
Come on.


You know there are
more of those things coming.

[Onua] And they are growing
more powerful.

So what are we doing?

It is not our job to stay and fight them.

[Kopaka] Yes, it is.

Uh... isn’t it?

[Ekimu] Onua is right.

We are needed elsewhere.

[Tahu] Whoa.

For once we agree. Whoa!

[Lewa] You’ve been busy!

-[Onua] I have.

The time for mask making is over.
Now I join the fight.

The hawk is beautiful.

And powerful.
He is Agil, the Creature of Light.

Our forge was built on
the foundations of his ancient temple.

And not by chance, I bet.

Not by chance.

So you are the Toa of Light.

No, just an old Mask Maker
who’d like to help.

Yeah, right.

Now, we must leave.

What about the city?

This whole attack was designed
to keep us from our real task.


And all the time we’ve been here,
the Hunter has been on the move.

He must know a way to release Makuta.

I’ve faced Umarak before
and so has Lewa.

You guys stay here and protect the city.
We’ll take care of him.

Umarak wears Makuta’s mask.

There’s no telling
how powerful he will be.

We must face him together.

But what will become of the city?

The city in good hands.


The creatures will stay.

And fight without us?

Sure they will!


[Tahu] Look at Ikir!


[chuckles] They do just fine without us!

I guess they do.

Don’t sound so disappointed.
We still love you Tahu.


[Ekimu] We must go.

[Gali] Where to?

-I don’t know... but Agil does.

He has seen Umarak.

Gather round.

The element of light brings vision.

Look into Agil’s eyes
and he will share what he has seen.



That is the last.





What was that thing?

That is what Umarak has become.

He belongs to my brother now.

And what was that he found?

It was a piece of the Forbidden Mask.
We must hurry.

-You know where he’s going?
-The Black Crater.

[Pohatu] I know that place.
There’s nothing there.

It was once the site
of the greatest city on the island.

Is that where you knocked
the mask off Makuta?

And created an opening between
our world and the Shadow Realm.

So the city was destroyed.

Destroyed in our world,

but trapped forever in the Shadow Realm.

And all that’s left is the Black Crater.


What is that?

That is a door to the Shadow Realm.

We have run out of time.