Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One (2016): Season 1, Episode 2 - Quest for Unity - full transcript

The Toa set out to find and tame the elemental Creatures, and to claim their Golden Masks of Unity. Meanwhile, Umarak the Hunter stalks them.

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Go! Makuta was clear.

We will capture a creature
by day’s end.

Your power over the elements
will serve you well,

but a greater quest awaits you.

[all exclaiming]

Skull Warriors!

With their leader gone,
they are no real threat, unless...

Let me guess. Unless that happens.

-That’s bad.
-No! It’s good.

Use your new weapons and powers.

OK, then. Here they come!

Go on! Use the elements.

Uh! Aah!

Onua, good!

Pohatu! Let the elements guide
your Crystal blades.


I could get used to these.

The protectors
can handle the Skull Warriors.

Take care of the Skull Spiders.

Fine, spoil the fun.

Come on! Them’s too easy.
Gotta step it up some!

Let the Toa of Water try!


Leave them.

There awaits a Golden Mask of Unity
hidden in an ancient temple.

So, where do we go?

I don’t know.
But you do, if you look.

-Look where?

The last place you’d think to look!
Right here.

I don’t get it.

You know so little of your powers.


Ahh. I... I see...

There’s a... creature.

The elemental creatures guard
the Golden Masks.

-Something's wrong.
-What is it?

Not here. Out there.

I saw the creature.
But something was after it.

They are minions of my brother,

He must know something
about the creatures and their power.

Does he want the masks
or the creatures?

I cannot tell what he wants.

I only know that the creatures
guard your Masks of Unity.

And only through unity
will you find Makuta's Mask Of Control.

And then we can destroy it.

You have much to do first.

Go. I have masks to make.
You there, come with me.

Is that it? Are we done?

It’s like a game! Hide and seek.

It’s a dangerous game.
Keep your eyes open.

Pohatu is right.

I don't think we've seen
the half of what's out there.


You’re out there. Somewhere.






That thing could be anywhere. Hm.

OK, concentrate.

Yeah, that didn’t help.
Oh, well.



OK, we’ll try down here.

Yah! [laughing]

Whoa! Uh!

Huh! That worked nicely.

What am I saying? That was great!

Mm! OK, back to work.




I know you're out there.

Go ahead and follow me.

If you can. Hah!


Here go I!
Looking high-low for the Jungle Creature!

-Marching I am into the jungle!

With no one else around, no how.


Ain't much for thinking.


You waste your time
with Skull Spiders?

Do not disappoint me again.



-[howling and rumbling]


I knew I’d find you! [chuckles]
Or did you find me, I wonder?


Whoa! Oof!

Ugh! [laughs]

OK! I got it! You're plenty strong,
and you're fast, too!

But so is Lewa.

Let me guess now. The temple.

It’s in that amazing tree way out there,
ain’t it?

I’m thinking maybe I’ll get there
before you do.

We’ll just see, won’t we?

OK. On the count of three.
One, two...

Hah! [laughs]

Where are you?

What is that?


-[gasps] It’s you!


So, will you lead me to the temple?

-Wait! No! Stop!

Not that way!


In the name of all the elements.

Rar. Rar. Rar!


I can't stand mazes.

Huh! Aah!

Uh! Aah! Huh!

So, you’re in here too!
I knew it. [laughs]

And I bet you know an easier way
through this thing.






And there’s the temple.
But what about that creature-thing?

Aah! [screams]



-So, you wanna play. Is that it?

Hah! Huh!

-Ah. Excellent.


No, you don't! [laughs]









I needed more time!

Sorry, you lose!
And so does your Master, Makuta.

I hunt for Makuta, it is true.

But I answer to no one.


Hey! Over here!

You're gonna have to move faster
than that!


Not yet.


Now I will finish you.

Yeah, not today.



You got no more shadows,
Shadow Man.

Darkness is rising, Toa.
You cannot stop it.


Hah! Imagine that joker
coming after you when I'm around.

Not gonna happen.
You and me's a team!

The temple!
With all this grappling, I clean forgot!

We’re gonna be good friends,
you and me.

I wonder how everyone else is doing.



Raah! Hnh!





Hnh! Ah!





Oh, great.

Ugh! Uh!

Uh! Aaah!


Haah! I got news for you.
I don't give up either.


[chuckles] I’m not gonna
beat you, am I?


Maybe winning
is not what this is about.


Now where’d you go?

-OK. Let’s work together.

Unity is not the triumph
of one over another,

but the combining of forces.

I do not know what you have to share,

-but I welcome your gifts, as equals.

[squawks and purrs]




-Thank you. But, just so you know...


We may be partners,
but we're not friends.


The Golden Mask of Unity.

I am ready.

I am ready.

I am ready.

First, we are led by duty.

Then, by unity with the elements
and their creatures.

Uh! Aaah!

Aah! Uhh!

What is that?

[Tahu] The city's lookin' good.

[Ekimu] The people of Okoto are hopeful.

They have heard it is the time of unity.
It is safe to disengage.

I'm glad to see you have made peace
with your creatures.

It was easy.

It wasn't, and you know it.

-Wow, look at Lewa.


This is great!

For you. You can fly again.

Why the crying? You can fly too.

But not like that, he can't.

I could I just choose not to.

[all laughing]

-Where's your creature?
-Back there somewhere.

-I don't get it.
-I don't like scorpions, OK?

And they don't like me.

When we gotta,
we can do that unity thing,

but until then, we're fine like this.

-Did you have the vision?
-The maze? Yeah.

-[Ekimu] You saw a maze?
-And Makuta’s mask.

When we became one
with the creatures.

Of course, it was the creatures
who hid the mask.

But I know of no labyrinth
anywhere on the island.

But the creatures do,
and they will lead us there.

Let us hope so.

-You look worried.
-Makuta is powerful.

If you can reach the mask,
so can he.

Then we should go.

We will make better time
if we've had some rest.

We need to save the island,
and you want a nap?

Onua is right. We need to rest.

This next bit ain't gonna be easy.
There are things out there.

-Did you see something?
-A big fella with horns like a stag.

That is Umarak, the Hunter.

He is an ancient one.
And very, very dangerous.

He is. Get close to that one,
you can feel the evil.

You have your Golden Masks,

and you have made peace
with the creatures.

You have done well.

Tomorrow, you will begin
your search for Makuta’s Mask,

and maybe you can finish this thing.

This has only just begun.