Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One (2016): Season 1, Episode 1 - Prologue: The Legend Begins - full transcript

In the newly populated ancient city, Narmoto gathers some children around a fire to recount the events leading up to this point.

an ancient prophecy summoned the Toa.

Six legendary heroes,

each powered by the energy
of the island’s elements.

Tahu, Toa of Fire.

Kopaka, Toa of Ice.

Pohatu, Toa of Stone.

Gali, Toa of Water.

Onua, Toa of Earth.

Lewa, Toa of the Jungle.

[insects chirping]

Much has happened, I know.

After so many thousands of years,

your families have returned

to rebuild the Mask Makers’ City.

If must seem strange.

You have only known
the region of the Jungle.

And you,
the regions of Stone and Ice and Water.

But we are Okotans,

and once,
this was the centre of our world.

And now we have returned.

I’m sure you have questions,
but wait.

First, let me tell you
how we came to return to our city

and give you a taste
of what may lay ahead.


Once, this was a beautiful city.

And I like to think
it will be again.

But that will depend
on more than your parents.

It will depend on six heroes,
from another time and place!

And it will depend on if they can harness
the elements that give our planet life.

You know them from
the regions where you live.

Fire, Water,

Jungle, Earth, Stone and Ice.

For you,
they are just corners of our island,

but to the Toa, they are lifeblood.

But before there was trouble,
there was peace.

And maybe
that’s where we should begin.

More than a thousand years ago,

this was a peaceful and vibrant place.

Our Island’s two protectors,
Ekimu and his brother, Makuta,

harnessed the power of the elements
and forged them into masks.

But Makuta grew jealous of his brother
and hungry for the power.

So unbeknownst to his brother, Ekimu,

the jealous Makuta broke a sacred law

and created a mask that combined
the power of all the elements.

He called it
the Mask of Ultimate Power.

But, as the power of the mask
surged through Makuta,

he became dark and evil.

Knowing he had to act quickly,
Ekimu took the sacred hammer

and knocked the mask
from the face of his brother.

Ekimu saved Okoto,
but the cost was great.

Both Ekimu and Makuta
were plunged into endless sleep.

Our ancestors laid Ekimu to rest.

The masks,
too powerful to be trusted to mortals,

were hidden away forever.

And after Ekimu
was sealed into a secret tomb,

the Mask Makers’ City was abandoned.

Although Makuta
lay buried deep beneath our island,

his spirit remained powerful.

He summoned dark forces
to find his Mask and awaken him.

If Makuta’s minions managed
to awaken him,

our island would be plunged
into darkness.

So we, the protectors,

and performed an ancient rite.

Their legend was carved
into the walls of our temples,

and their names were kept alive
in our rituals.

These were the Toa.

And it would be up to them
to save Okoto.

The Toa of the Jungle, Lewa,

was fast on his feet and quick witted,

like the Jungle
that gave him his power.

He was constantly changing,
and the most playful of the group.

The brooding Pohatu
was the most serious of the group.

And while the Toa of Stone
was rarely happy,

he was fearless and powerful.

Kopaka, the Toa of Ice,
was fearless and strong,

but he could be as inflexible and cold

as the element that gave him power.

Gali was as powerful as the others,

but as resilient as the Water
that was her element.

The silent, powerful Onua,
the Toa of Earth,

would provide a foundation.

Like the Earth that gave him power,

he was immovable and enduring.

There was Tahu, the Toa of Fire,

who saw himself as a leader

even before he knew
there were others like him.

With the help of their Protectors,

the Toa found the Masks of Power.

As they put on the Masks of Power,
an ancient prophecy was fulfilled.

And for the first time,

the Toa experienced the elemental power
that each of them was born to wield.

The Toa had power,
but they needed the wisdom of Ekimu.

Only he could guide them
to their true destiny.

The Toa’s search
for Ekimu brought them here,

to the Mask Makers’ City.

But when they arrived,
it didn’t look like it does now.

Then, it was a dark place,
overrun with evil creatures.

And around every corner lay a trap!

And for the first time
in a thousand years,

the footsteps of the living echoed
through the Mask Makers’ City

that we abandoned
so many centuries before.

One by one,

the Toa vanquished the creatures
Makuta had sent to stop them,

finally defeating
the fearsome Skull Scorpions

and reaching Ekimu’s tomb.

The Toa realised that their history
and our planet's were entwined.

As they looked upon
the sleeping Mask Maker,

they knew how to awaken him.

The six heroes had travelled far
into the ancient city,

defeating many enemies.

But only by retrieving
the Mask of Creation

would Ekimu stand a chance
against his brother.

Makuta’s most powerful minions fought

to keep the Toa
from the Mask Makers’ forge.

But the Toa were ready.

Or so they thought.


They caught the Skull Grinder
before he could destroy Ekimu’s mask.

But the creature was as cunning
as he was powerful,

and, knowing the Toa would stop him
from destroying the mask,

he put it on
and felt its power surge through him.

Filled with the Mask Maker’s power,

the Skull Grinder knocked the masks
from the faces of the Toa.

Without their masks,
the heroes had lost their power.

But they knew they must fight on,
even if victory seemed impossible.

The heroes fought bravely
until they had nothing more to give.

But their valiant effort gave Ekimu
the time he needed.

Now wielding his ancient hammer,

Ekimu took back the Mask of Creation

and regained the power he once had.

The six Toa had done their duty,

awakened Ekimu
and retrieved the Mask of Creation.

But evil was not defeated.

Their true fate was still waiting,
deep inside the darkness.

Prophecy had brought the Toa to Okoto.

But what they’d experienced
made them more than just heroes.

They have become legends.

But the challenges
that lie ahead are huge,

and the future of our entire world
is at stake.

Their journey beings anew.

With their new armour and weapons,
forged by the Mask Maker himself,

the quest continues.

as the Toa begin
the Search for One.