Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 6 - Infiltrated - full transcript

Benson's testimony is needed as Novak tries to convict a brutal rapist. The trouble is that Benson, who is still in Oregon posing undercover as ecoterrorist Persephone James, has her own legal woes to deal with after a cocky deputy assaults her.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.


[card reader beeps]

* Why ya gotta do me, huh?

* Why ya gotta do me?

* Oh, why ya gotta do me?

* Ow, why ya gotta
do me like that? *

* Wha, ha ha ha ha



Peter Lophus blitz-attacked

Chelsea Arndale
at 4:02 a.m.

He brutalized her
for 5 minutes, 27 seconds.

He broke her arm,
three bones in her face,

and raped her.

He then left her naked,

and bleeding profusely
on the floor.

Detective Stabler,

when you questioned
the defendant,

was he able to provide an alibi
for the time of the attack?

No, he was not.

No further questions.

(Judge Siburt)
Your witness, Mr. Kressler.

That's a very disturbing tape,
I admit.

I had to look away
several times myself,

so maybe I missed it.

But I never
saw my client's face.

Did you?


He was identified
through DNA evidence.

DNA retrieved
from the rape kit?

he has a sexual dysfunction,

and he was unable to maintain
an erection to ejaculate.

So that's another no.

My client's DNA
was not found on the victim.

It was extracted

from chewing gum that
he spit out at the crime scene.


The smoking gum.

Not seen on the tape.

But you found it.
My partner did.

at the time did.

Detective Olivia Benson, yes.

Are you aware of
Detective Benson's prior history

with the defendant?

Now that you ask,

she arrested him five years ago
for acquaintance rape.

That's why his DNA
was in the system.

And that's why
she had access to it.


Mr. Kressler...

It's an alternate theory
of the crime, Your Honor.

Ah, it's a bunch of crap.

Nothing further.
You may step down.

Defense calls
Detective Olivia Benson.

Stop committing eco-cide!

Sheriff Bartley!
The eco nuts are at it again.

We're gonna have to catch them
in the act for once.

They damage any equipment,
set any fires?

No, but they're
not moving!

Well, we'll see about that.

No more clear cuts,
no more lies!

Stop committing eco-cide!

No more clear cuts,
no more lies!

Stop committing ecocide!

Lessinger Lumber uses WMDs!

They're sneaking in weapons
of mass deforestation

under cover of darkness.

Yeah, so you idiots
don't blow them up!

These trees are protected.

All right, this is
the sheriff's department.

You are hereby
ordered to disperse.

This is a state forest!
We have a right to be here.

If you do not disperse

you will be
forcibly removed.

We're not moving!

They're harvesting
old-growth timber

in direct violation
of federal law!

All right, break 'em up.

You heard what he said.
Break it up!

Hey, watch your hands,

Push her again,
I'll kill you!

Come on!
On the ground!

On the ground.

Hey, he's not resisting!
You can stop--

Not only was she
not on the witness list,

you weren't even up.

I'm not the one who's hiding
a possible exculpatory witness.

Your Honor, the defense
doesn't have a leg to stand on.

So he's resorting
to Courtroom Stunts 101.

No cop ever
planted evidence before?

Not this one,
and you know it.

She's a decorated detective
with a spotless record.

You say tomato,
I say motive for revenge.

Produce the officer to testify
to chain of custody.

Your Honor,
the defense obviously

found out that Detective Benson
is unavailable,

and is trying to twist that
to his advantage.

I've been trying to serve her
with a notice to appear

for a month.

It's like she vanished

from the face of the earth.

Or somebody's hiding her.

Ms. Novak, where exactly
is Detective Benson?

All I know is she's working
a classified operation

with the feds
for the last five weeks now,

possibly out of state.


Who's Elliot?


You've been mumbling
the name Elliot all night.

Where are we?

County hospital.
Prison ward.

Deputy Abu Ghraib tried
to brain you for helping T-Bone.

Hope, did they
break your leg?


When I tried to make
a run for it,

I twisted my foot
in a gopher hole.

I snapped my ankle.


What's so funny?

The fact that you've devoted
your life to nature,

and this
is how it repays you?

The hell!

It was that greedy, earth-raping
lumber company's fault.

Them and the corrupt police
they have in their pocket.

You're right.
You're right.

You should sue them

for police brutality.

You and T-Bone both.

Actually, T-Bone
hit the cop first.

And mine was an accident.

No, it wasn't.

How on earth can you defend
those fascists?

You're right.

Must be
the concussion talking.

I'm not myself.

I didn't say anything else,
did I?


You sure?

All I could make out
was "Elliot."

So spill.
Who is he?


It doesn't sound
like nobody.



Hey, Captain,
Elliot around?

He just went out
on a call with Dani.

I need to get in touch
with Liv.

Forget it.
He doesn't know where she is.

Do you?

Word in the conspiracy mill is
she's out having my love child.

This is serious,

If I don't find her,

I'm looking at a mistrial
on my rape case.

Shouldn't you have hashed that
out before you went to trial?

Well, I was blindsided.

Stabler was
the arresting officer.

I never thought
they'd call Liv to testify.

You'll work it out.

Look, I just need her for a day,
in closed court.


Come on, she can't be thwarting
arson plots every day.

For all we know, she's got
some down time right now

and is bored
out of her skull.

(Dr. White)
Pupils are equal and reactive.

BP's 110 over 70.

So I'm gonna be fine.
What about her?

She's about to have a baby,

and they've got her
in four-point restraints.

It's prison mandate.

It's inhumane.

If she were an animal,
our group would be

trying to rescue her.

State's taking
the baby away.

Soon as I cut the cord,
prisoner goes back

to finish
an 18-month drug sentence.

I'm here
to pick up a, uh,

Pers-a-fone James.

It's Persephone.

She ready
to be discharged?

It's only
a mild concussion,

but I'd like to keep her
overnight for observation.

Is it life-threatening?


In that case, she's gonna need
to get dressed and come with me.

Ma'am, you're under arrest
for assaulting an officer.


You have the right
to remain silent.

I never assaulted anybody!

Anything you say
can and will be

used against you
in a court of law.

I was the one assaulted!
You have the right
to an attorney.

I know my rights.

Can you take
these handcuffs off?

They are cutting my wrists.

Sorry about that.

Thank you.
Have a seat.

Look, do I get
a phone call?

You'll get your phone call.
Just sit tight.

T-Bone, wake up.

I wasn't asleep.

I'm just listening
and learning.

You okay?

Been better.

I figure they're gonna
try to question us.

They'll try.

Is there anybody that
I should avoid mentioning?

Why mention anyone?

You know, they're
trying to connect us

to the Earth Defenders group.

And if there's somebody
that I need to cover for,

please let me know.

Here comes the deputy
that whooped our asses.

Deputy Ibold,

you seem like
a reasonable man.

What do we have to do
to clear this up?

Are you trying to bribe
an officer of the law?

No, I'm not,
but I'm simply saying

that my friend T-Bone here
is willing

to apologize to you.
No, I'm not.

Yes, you are.
And I never touched you.

But I do apologize
for stepping in your business.

I was just trying
to defuse a bad situation.

[unlocks cuffs]

Let's go.

Smile. You wanna look pretty
for your mug shot, don't you?

You know
that I didn't hit you.

Turn to your right.

You're making
a false arrest.

Turn to your left.

I was trying
to be nice about this.

But we both know
that you assaulted me.

You took a swing
at me.

I held my arm
in a defensive position

to prevent you from injuring
an unarmed protestor!

Miss Persephone giving you
trouble there, Jimmy?

A little.
Sheriff, you were
there last night.

Afraid I didn't witness
the altercation.

There was no altercation!

He made it up!

You seem awfully agitated.
Your time of the month?

You know, I've heard
how strong that blue line is,

but I can't imagine
anybody perjuring themselves

for an ass like you.

You need to watch
your language, ma'am.

How many excessive force
complaints on your jacket?

You seem to know an awful lot
about police business.

I guess this isn't your first
time at the hoedown, is it?

Actually, it is.

We'll know when
the prints come back.

Yeah, we will.

Now, let's go find

a nice, quiet room

where you can tell me
what mean thing I did

to provoke you
into hitting me.

I never hit you!

And I'm not going to some
good-ol'-boy back room

alone with you.

I want a lawyer.

My name is Delray Mellott,

and I'm your assigned
public defender.

What are you, 12?

I'm 25.

Oh, this is great.

You're gonna be arraigned
upstairs in magistrate court,

where they'll read
the charges against you.

We'll plead not guilty.
The trial date will be set.

And then bail
will be negotiated.

Not guilty?

You gonna ask me
if I did it or not?

I don't need to know.

I'm sorry?

If you tell me
something incriminating,

I won't be able
to put you on the stand

and knowingly
allow you to lie.

Oh, well,
that's good to know.

But, just for the record,
I never touched him.

He assaulted me.

That's beyond the scope
of arraignment.

We'll get into defense strategy
closer to the trial date.

Now, as to bail...

They ran your prints.
They see you have no priors.

That's good.
Uh, first time offense,

I'll try to get you ROR.

Released on my own

Right, um...

Any ties
to the community?

I have friends.
No family?

Family out of state?

That makes you more
of a flight risk.

I don't have any family.
It's just me.

Okay, then.

I'll be waiting for you

Hopefully, we'll have you out
of here by the end of the day.

Damn phone.


Sheriff Bartley.

What, did you come to offer me
a ride home to make amends?

Actually, I was just wondering
if you wouldn't mind

coming back inside,
answering a couple of questions.

In case you didn't know,
I lawyered up.

You shouldn't even
be talking to me.

It's not about
the assault charge.

So what's it about?

I believe you're acquainted
with this gentleman?

Mr. Carl Dunford.

No, I don't
recognize him.

That's odd.

Works for
the pharmaceutical company

your little glee club was
protesting against last week.

Something about
polluting the river.

What about him?

Just fished his body
out of that river.

Only it wasn't
the pollution that killed him.

What was the cause of death?

Well, we're not sure

which one of the stab wounds
was fatal.

But I do know
we're looking for somebody

with a penchant
for freeing willies.

If you know what I mean.

Have a seat.

No, I'm good.

So you looking
at my group for this?

Oh, we've been looking
at your group for a while.

Here you are.

Outside of
Fitzmore Pharmaceuticals,

the victim's employer.

Lookin' none too happy.

Because they are dumping

tons of pharmaceutical waste,
including estrogen,

into the river.

Which is going back into
our water supply

and feminizing the fish.

You mean it's
turning them homo?

Male fish are developing
female sex organs.

Some of them
are even starting to lay eggs.

So now
somebody has gone

and feminized this employee,
Carl Dunford.

Looks like
retaliation to me.

Sheriff, you know

that there hasn't been
one murder

in the history
of the environmental movement.

It goes against
everything we believe.

The whole world's
gone loony with violence.

Your pacifist friend here,

he just sucker-punched
one of my deputies.

T-Bone is not a killer.

But your deputy, Ibold,
is gunning to become one.

He struck me
in the head, hard,

and then he lied about it
and said that I assaulted him.

I'll tell you what.

You provide us with some
information about this homicide,

and we'll see
what we can do

about making that charge
go away.

Well, if I were you,

I would look at your victim,
Carl Dunford.

Because that is a sex crime.

Oh, is that what it is?

You ever heard
of Lorena Bobbitt?

Where do you
think you're going?

I'm not under arrest.

Which means you can't
keep me here.

That's true.

But you are out on bail.

So don't leave the state.

I'll keep that in mind.

I'm afraid
it's not feasible

to extract Detective Benson
at this time.

Before you assume
your big federal case

automatically trumps
my lowly felony,

you're gonna look
at my victim.

She recovered
from the broken eye socket

just in time to see
her rapist walk free.

I'd help if I could, but--

Let me talk to Starr.


The agent we arrested

working undercover with
the neo-Nazis last year.

Detective Benson worked
with her again a month ago

on an eco-terror case.

Special Agent Lewis is not
your detective's case agent.

Then who is?

Could you look
more like a fed?

Feds don't eat doughnuts.

Oh, that's clever.

Thanks for leaving me hanging
with the bail.

Looks better
you took a bond.

We did cover your ass
on the prints, though.

They ran them through

Luckily, we'd already
red-flagged them.

Didn't kick you back
as a cop.

Well, I almost
wish they had.

The sheriff here
is convinced

that somebody from my group
killed Carl Dunford.

If it was someone in EDG,

we've got them
on the federal RICO statute.

Could take down
the entire organization.

Let me tell you something.

I'm practically
living with these people.

And I have not seen
or heard anything

linking them to your string
of arsons, let alone murder.

Take a closer look
on the homicide.


But what if the killer
is not from my group?

Then you go right back
to looking for eco-terrorists.

Hold on--
I'm not just gonna

walk away from
a homicide collar.

Let the locals handle it.

You're on our dime now.

If your investigation leads
outside the group,

you stop.

You understand?


Your victim Carl Dunford
had no criminal record.

Credit history looks solid.


It's good to finally
hear from you.

My case agent
would probably kill me

if he found out
I broke protocol.

So I really can't
call you again.

Before you go, Novak ever
get in touch with you?

A case you worked on
with Elliot.

He just walked in.

I'll let you talk to him.

Guess who's on the phone.



Who were you
talking to?

Probably talking to Elliot,
the guy from her dreams.

Actually, it was my useless
public defender.

I was trying to ask him
how much we should cooperate

on this Carl Dunford

T-Bone says we should

never cooperate
with the enemy.

Come on, I wanna get some
snap beans and sweet corn.

You know, the sheriff
questioned me last night.

I didn't tell him

What's to tell?

Don't you think we should
get our stories straight?

What stories?
We had nothing to do with it.

Yeah, but you can see
why they're looking at us.

I mean,
the dead guy's company

was wreaking havoc
on the ecosystem.

So is anybody

who flushes expired medication
down the toilet.

What are we gonna do,

kill everyone
with a prescription?

Still, the cops are gonna
be on us like flies.

I just think that it would
be a good idea

to back off any
future demonstrations

until they find
the real killer.

So who do you
think killed him?

Excuse me, I'm doing
an article on Carl Dunford.

Can you tell me how he got
along with his coworkers?

Can't say Carl
had any close friends

here at Fitzmore.

But he certainly didn't
have any enemies.

Had his demeanor changed,

or was he under
any stress lately?

No. You look
familiar to me.

Where have I seen you

Oh, I cover stories
for the newspaper all over town.

But I am under deadline,

Now, the work that Carl
did here,

was he working on anything
that may have gotten him killed?

I hope not.

It's the same thing
we're all working on.

A new birth control
delivery system...for men.

Oh. Is there a rival company
trying to beat you to it?

Everyone's trying to build
a better mousetrap.

Or baby trap,
as the case may be.

But don't put that
in the article.

Oh, that's off the record,
I promise.

What else can you tell me
about Carl?

He was a very
conscientious worker.

Very kind
to his elderly mother.

He called to check on her
every day.

[doorbell rings]

Sorry, Mom's not home.

What are you doing here?

Right now,
I'd say arresting you.

I came to pay my respects
to Mrs. Dunford.

Is there a law
against that?

I really don't see
how a visit

from a suspect
in her son's murder

is gonna brighten
Ms. Dunford's day.

What is that,
a poison tofu Bundt cake?

It's a coffee cake.
Why don't you test it?

Where's your car,
Deputy Ibold?

I parked it where
you wouldn't see it.

So Ray Denning from Fitzmore
Pharmaceuticals called you?

Right after you left.

He finally remembered
where he'd seen you before.

Wanted to know
what a protester

was doing posing
as a newspaper reporter.

I didn't
misrepresent myself.

I write a column for
an environmental newsletter.

At the very least,

I've got you on another
trespassing charge.

I stayed on the sidewalk.
Sorry, didn't break the law.

I don't know what you're
up to, girly,

but I know it's no good.

Oh, I'm just trying
to clear my group's name.

You people certainly aren't
doing anything

to find the real killer.

I catch you
bothering anyone else

connected to Carl Dunford,

I'll take you in for interfering
in a police investigation.

You hear me?

Loud and clear.

[objects rattling]

Don't move.

Put your hands
where I can see them,

and stay facing the wall.

Please don't shoot.

I'm Debra Hartnell,
Carl's ex-wife.

What are you doing here,

Carl left the house
to my daughter.

I have a right
to be here.

Not while there's still
a police seal, you don't.

You're tampering
with evidence.

Why'd you kill
your ex-husband?

I haven't had
any contact with Carl

in eight years.

No, but your daughter did.


I have full custody.

Kiddie videos.

Keen Teen clothing catalogs.

Your ex-husband had contact
with somebody's child.

Oh, please.

It would ruin
my daughter's life

if this came out.

Did Carl
abuse your daughter?


No, she was
just five when...

Carl is dead.

Can't we just
keep it a secret? need
to tell the police.

I thought you were
the police.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

You just--
you get away from--

Debra, you need to tell
the police what Carl did.

He didn't do anything.
And I never said he did.

Thank you.

We really need to find
a new place to meet.

You know why
undercover agents

get psychologically evaluated
every six months?

Because their case agents
make them nuts?

Thank you.

To make sure
they're not getting

too close to the subject.

So what exactly
is the soy brigade up to?

Absolutely nothing.

There's a moratorium
in place

until the Dunford thing
blows over.

Because they have
something to hide?

Nobody in my group
killed this guy.

You positive?

These people are not
connected to EDG.

They are true believers.
They are not terrorists.

Interesting story.
Page six.

E-mail to Fitzmore

less than a month ago
from an untraceable account.

"You're mutating
our wildlife and our children.

"Yet you have no problem
sleeping at night.

"Maybe our knowing
where you live

will make you sleep
a little less easy."

The printouts contain

the home addresses
of Fitzmore employees.

Including Carl Dunford.

Did you know
about this?


Then you don't know your group
as well as you thought.

This is a veiled threat.

Without follow-through,
it's a scare tactic.

There was follow-through.

On Mr. Dunford's penis.

He was a pedophile.

Did someone in the group
tell you that?

I spoke to his ex-wife.

And ex-wives never lie.

I suggest you concentrate

on the job at hand

and stop chasing
phantom sex crimes.

Olivia went
to the hospital with me.

She held my hand.
She said she'd be there for me.

We are tracking her down.

Why do you
need her anyways?

You have him.
You know he did it.

Why can't it just be over?

The trial hasn't stopped.

It's just continued over
for a week.

Why? You said
the case was rock solid.

You said
he'd be in jail by now!

Chelsea, you need
to calm down.


I can't.

I can't work.

I can't sleep.
I can hardly breathe.

I have not been able
to function since he--

Have you talked
to the rape crisis counselor?


I don't want to keep
talking about it.

I just want him
locked away

so I can feel safe again.

Chelsea, you need
to work with someone

to help you through this.

No! I don't!

I just need
to see him convicted.

What if he's not?


I--I think
I'd kill myself.

I'll be with you
in a minute, Chelsea.

This could take a while.

I'll call you
after we're done.

I'll let you know if
the suicide threat was sincere.

I have three days left
on my continuance.

So I don't think
she'll do anything

until the charges
are dismissed.

And you definitely
foresee that happening?

Not if you can help me.


Find Benson.

The special agent
in charge here

completely stonewalled me.

You're FBI.
You can pull strings.

I'll see what I can do.

Thank you.
Don't thank me yet.

I don't have
a lot of stock

with the domestic
terrorism team.

They see me
as the sex crimes guy.

It's not something they have
a lot of use for.

Then what the hell
are they doing with Liv?

So how many children
did your ex-husband molest?

Right now!

This is an open house.

I have prospective buyers
coming in ten minutes.

And I will leave.

As soon as you tell me
what he did.

Who are you?

I work with rape victims.
Carl was a sexual predator.

We both know that.

You're wrong.

You were hiding
his kiddie porn.

G-rated movies,
clothing catalogs.

Those aren't illegal,
and it isn't pornography.

Well, it is
for a pedophile.

It serves
the same function.

And it keeps him
out of jail.

Carl's dead.

He can't
hurt anybody anymore.

If this gets out,
the only person he hurts

is my daughter.

Then what about
his victims?

Nobody's ever reported him,
which means

that he threatened them...
or worse.

If he killed
one of his victims

to keep them quiet,

then their parents will
never have any closure.

Can you think about them?

I am.

The first thing
I thought when I heard

was that some child's father
had found out

and given him
everything he deserved.

You left your husband
eight years ago

because you caught him
in the act, didn't you?

Who was it?

Our 12-year-old

It was taking longer
and longer to drive her home.

So I followed him
one night.

They were parked
a block away.

Did you tell her parents?

I couldn't stand the shame
of anyone knowing.

He agreed
to give me a divorce

and to sever
all custodial rights.

And what about
the babysitter?

He promised never
to touch her again.

And you really believe
that he stopped?

Of course he didn't stop.

Is the baby Carl's?

God, no.

I've had tons of boyfriends
since Carl.

He wasn't your boyfriend.
You were 12.

He was your rapist.

I never thought about it
like that before.

Did you ever
tell anybody?

No. Carl said no one
would understand.

He wasn't lying
about that.

When he first started
bothering with me,

it was just awful.

Then it was nice to...
finally be loved.

How long did it go on for?

A year.

And how did you finally
get him to stop?

When I was 13, I started
dating this high school boy.

Carl threw a fit.

He dumped me.


I gotta get Nicky
to my mom's house

before my shift starts,

Let me help you.
I'll take him.

Oh, okay.

All right.

Now, Kristy...

do you know of any other girls
that Carl victimized?

No, but we really didn't
stay in touch.

When his wife left him,
she took the child.

Didn't people wonder why
you were still going over there?

Well, Carl would pick me up

after school,
and had me duck down

in the backseat until
he got into the garage.

So you'd enter
the house from there?

No...we never went
in the main house.

Where would he take you?

Oh, he had the coolest
place set up.

In this room
underneath the garage.

I think I found something
you need to see.

I do believe
we're running out

of new crimes to charge you
with, Persephone.

Breaking and entering.

You're not gonna thank me
for finding the crime scene?

Disturbing the crime scene.

Well, I didn't
touch anything.

And I wore gloves.

Aren't you just
the junior detective?

Well, how much training
does it take to figure out

that that's
the murder weapon?

Yeah, coroner had it pegged
for a steak knife.

Looks like it happened
in the middle of dinner.


He was having steak,

she was having
pizza rolls.

"She" being...

I located a victim

he brought down here
eight years ago.

Who knows how many
there's been since?


Board games, CDs,
chips, cookies.


Everything a girl
could want.

Except a phone.

Oh, there's motive
for a teen to kill.

That, or...

to escape her rapist.

ends somewhere

between the first dozen stab
wounds and the castration.

Well, she didn't
necessarily kill him.

It could
have been a parent.

Or maybe
he was sharing her.

The partner got jealous,
killed him, took her.


A lot of outfits.

I mean, hopefully if he was
working with a partner,

maybe he left his prints,

and you'll have him
in your system.


I'm not gonna press charges.

But it's time for you to stop
playing policewoman

and run along home
to the commune.

Will you let me know
what you find?

Oh, you'll be
the first to hear.

(Sheriff Bartley)
During the course
of our investigation,

we discovered
a secret chamber

under the Dunford residence.

How many victims
are there?

Forensic testing

has so far come up
with two sets of prints,

one belonging
to Mr. Dunford.

And for the other
I'm going to defer

to special agent
Dean Porter

with the FBI.

As Sheriff Bartley told you,

there was a second
set of prints.

We have confirmed
they belong to Britney Dunlap.

(reporter #2)
Is she still alive?

(reporter #3)
Has she been down there
the entire time?

As most of you remember,

Britney disappeared
seven years ago,

when she was 10.

The FBI has worked

in the intervening years,
along with her parents,

never giving up hope.

(reporter #4)
Were Britney's remains
found in the room?

We have not yet
located Britney.

But we have every reason
to believe she's still alive.

(reporter #2)
Why hasn't she contacted
the authorities?

(reporter #1)
Or her parents?

You need to come with me.

You gotta be kidding me.

Come on, I got someone
who wants to talk to you.

Press conference lasted
longer than we thought.

Thanks for waiting.

I didn't really
have a choice.

Would you mind
uncuffing me?

I'm afraid I can't.

Everything that you just
claimed the glory for

on national news,
I handed you!

What is your problem?

Oh, I have no problem
with you.

Sheriff Bartley was acting
at the behest of the FBI.

What does the FBI
want with me?

After all the stunts
you've pulled...nothing.

You're done here,
Detective Benson.

Go ahead, uncuff her.

I can't believe
you just outed me.

Oh, come on.

Now you're just
being insulting.

I made you for a cop

halfway through
your crime scene analysis.

I appreciate the work
on the eco-terrorists, though.

They're activists.

I infiltrated them,
believing it would lead us

to a real eco-terrorist.

Who, by the way,
is still out there.

He's not.

The leader of EDG
was apprehended

in Montreal
two days ago.

He burned down
the Canadian headquarters

of Coniston Lumber.

So you've had me with
the wrong group the whole time.

Sorry about that.

Have a nice flight
back to New York.


Let me help you
find Britney.

Thanks, but no.

Look, I have a little experience
working sex crimes.

We should work this

Been there, done that.

Look, I'm the one
who uncovered the whole thing.

I deserve
to see it through.

Frankly, I don't think
we work very well together.

(Deputy Ibold)
Agent Porter.

Call came in
over the tip line.

This one's out
of our jurisdiction.

I was told
to pass it along to you.

Anything promising?

Trucker picked up
a hitchhiker on the I-5

the night Carl Dunford
was murdered.

He saw Britney's picture
on the news.

Thinks it
might have been her.

Know where
he dropped her off?


It's about 25 miles
south of here.

Look, that picture of Britney
is seven years old.

You're gonna be getting
hundreds of tips,

and most of them wrong.

Britney's parents moved
to Portland two years ago.

At the time
she was abducted,

she lived in Butteville.

Okay, if there's one thing
I know in this world,

it's rape victims.

Let me help you.

I have a rape victim
threatening to slash her wrists.

How could you
let Liv off the phone

without letting her know?

I didn't have a chance.

She hung up when Fin
handed me the receiver.

Why would she do that?

You tell me.

FBI's supposed
to have her back.

Would they know
if she's in trouble?

They'd know, they just
wouldn't necessarily tell.

I'm sure she's fine--
it's my case

that's in trouble.
What time did she call?

I can get a court order

and dump the LUDs
on Fin's phone.

That's just gonna
piss away another day

and give us a useless
pay phone number.

Where is she?

I don't know.

Well, tell me who does.
I'll talk to 'em.

I can't do that.

Are you playing company man
with me, Doctor?

I'm not gonna give away
state secrets.

I just wanna make sure
Liv is safe.

Elliot, I gave the message
to my SAC.

I was told it was given
to Liv's case agent.

Then why hasn't
she called?

If she knew Chelsea's case

hinged on her testimony,
she'd be here.

Maybe her case agent

just isn't in touch
with her at the moment.

That doesn't make sense.

It makes sense
that Britney would go back

to her comfort zone.

Now, how thorough a job
do you think the locals did

of searching her old house?

Very, and I think
the family of five

living there now
probably pitched in.

She's not there.

She hasn't seen
the light of day for ten years.

Where else is she gonna go?

Police are searching her
elementary school, her church,

the local parks.

It's a small town.

We'll find her.

Your partner
back in New York...

does he find you
as annoying as I do?

We're best friends.

But does he find you

It'll be nice to have a partner
I'm in sync with.

I almost forgot
what that was like.

Well, he'll
have you back soon.

Lucky him.

Here's something.

One of the friends that they
interviewed at the time

had a fort deep in the woods
behind her house.

Britney used to play there.

Anybody check that?

We must have gone off
the path at some point

and missed it.
Let's head back.

This is the path.
It's just overgrown.

Kids haven't been playing here
for years.

If you get us lost
in these woods...

There it is.

Even if she did
come here five days ago,

I don't think
she would have stayed.

Why don't you go
wait in the car,

and I'll let you know
what I find?


Go away.

Shh, it's okay.

It's okay,
don't be afraid.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

We're here
to take you home.

No, don't look at me!

Go away, please!

Home to her
means the dungeon.

Please go away!


Britney, it's okay.

Listen, we're
not gonna hurt you.

We promise, okay?
Don't look at me, please!

Please, please, go away!

We're gonna take you
to see your parents.


Do you remember
your parents?


Then why don't
you want to see them?

Too ashamed.

You have nothing
to be ashamed of.


Britney, what happened to you
wasn't your fault.

You know what?

Why don't you come sit

at the table,
and I promise,

I'm not gonna
look at you, okay?


with victims, huh?

Britney, you have
so much pent up.

This is an outlet.

And so is talking.

Isn't that making you dizzy?

I'm getting motion sickness.

Special Agent Porter's
gonna leave us now.

It's just gonna be
the two of us.

Britney, would that make it
more comfortable for you?

Go now.

Nobody knew about the room.

Why didn't you just
leave him there?

For the rest of my life?

I thought I was going
to keep living there.

I couldn't keep looking
at what I had done.

Britney, how did you
get him to the river?

I found a tarp
in the garage.

Wrapped him up.

It took forever
to get him up the stairs.

I got him in the trunk
of his car.

When he was gone,
I drove back home.

But it was unbearable
being there without him.



He brainwashed you.

I loved him.

I still do.

He had complete
control of your life.

He convinced you

that he could kill you
at any minute.

But he didn't.

He brought me a present
almost every day.

Except when
I picked a fight.


You had to convince yourself
that you loved him

in order to survive it.

Then why did I kill him?

He raped you.


Britney, over
half a million women

are raped in this country
every year.

And only a fraction
of them report it.

Because they're
too ashamed.
[thunder rumbles]

It's a really
screwed-up world.

But it's not your fault.

And what happened to you,

it doesn't make you
the monster.

I can never say what...

the things we did.

It must have
been unbearable.

Only at first.


I miss him so much.

I wish I could take it back.

Well, then, you'd still
be his prisoner.

I didn't kill him
to escape.

Well, why do you think
you killed him?

Britney, it's okay.

You can tell me.

He kept
trying to convince me

to go outside with him.

Go where?

I begged him
not to make me.

Well, he conditioned you
to never leave that room.

That's why you were afraid.

No, I wasn't afraid.
I just didn't wanna do it.

Do what?

Find someone else for him.

He said
I was getting too old.

He was using you as bait.

He said I could stay.

But only if I could
find someone younger.


You killed him to save
another little girl

from going through
what you did.

He would have stolen
her entire childhood

just like he stole yours.

I was only ten.


It's okay.

It's okay, honey.

It's gonna be okay.

She has Stockholm syndrome.

Fell in love
with her captor.

Stopped trying to escape
years ago.

Probably had dozens of chances
to before she killed him.

You know, no jury in the world
will convict her.

Who's pressing charges?

She'll get psychiatric care?



You do have a little knack
with victims.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I almost forgot.

I got a message for you
a couple of days ago.

While I was still

Who knew we were
working together?

Uh, it came to the bureau.
An agent "Hu-ang."

You mean Huang?

Thank God.
Where the hell have you been?

Have I got some stories
for you.

I am dying to hear them,
but some other time.

We gotta get in there.
How's Chelsea?

She'll be fine.

I was so worried
you wouldn't show up.

There was never a chance
of that happening.

[wolf howling]

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