Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 7 - Underbelly - full transcript

A fourteen year old girl who was brutally beaten, raped, and killed shares the same dog paw tattoo as two other young female homicide victims. Despite warnings from Stabler, Dani becomes overly involved in the case.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

That boat ride
was a total waste of time.

Dude, that was
the best party ever.

Yeah, but why
didn't we get laid?

I mean,
we still got time.

Becky Morgan's
having people over.

She said her folks
are in Aspen.

All right, good.
We're there.

Dude, you're bombed.
The limo's that way.

I gotta take a leak.

If you hurl,

I'm outta here.

Come here.

Someone really
did a number on her.

How old?

I'd say 14, tops.

Cause of death?

Looks like
blunt force trauma.

She fall off
that boat?

Based on the damage
to her extremities,

she's been in the river
at least two weeks.

She doesn't
look that decomp'd.

Cold water acts
as a natural refrigerant.

Well, depending
on the current,

she could've
been dumped uptown,

Bronx, Brooklyn.

Our crime scene
could be anywhere.

Another one raped, beaten,
and thrown away like garbage.

Another one?

See the tattoo?

Dog's paw print.

She's the third

rape-homicide victim
in six months

with that tattoo.

Why didn't we hear
about the first two?

They weren't
in Manhattan.

Sandra Garner, 16,

runaway from Wichita--
dumped at a junkyard

in Hunt's Point.

South Bronx
is a long way from Kansas.

We haven't I.D.'d
this girl.

Body was in the weeds
by Newtown Creek.

After she was found,

Brooklyn sent out a memo
about the tattoo.

Perfect match.

What'd their autopsies

Lots of brutality.

Both victims had multiple
skull fractures,

but no imprint
of a weapon.

Perp beat them to death
with his fists?

You get a suspect,
check for scarred knuckles.

Three dead girls
in six months.

How many more
are out there?

That tattoo

is a death sentence.

So what are we
dealing with here?

All the dead girls

are linked
by that tattoo,

so could be gang,

some kind of group
they all belong to.

Yeah, but without an I.D.,
we don't have a place to start.

You guys have any luck
with the tattoo?

It's not gang ink.

And nobody sporting
paw prints have been arrested.

It could be
something vanilla.

A lot of girls
love Snoopy.

Maybe they're animal rights

or future Yalies.

"Bulldog, bulldog,
bow, wow, wow.

Go, Yale?"

Inking styles
are distinctive,

just like

Maybe a good tattoo artist
might recognize the style.

I know a guy
we can talk to.

Miguel Alvarez.

He does great work.

What, you got a tat?

You do, don't you?

Let's have a look.

See if your guy's as good
as you say he is.

Take my word for it.

I'll show you mine.

It wouldn't
be a fair trade.

This is my work.

No one else in the city
even come close.

But this, uh...

anyone could do this.

I know that, Miguel.
You're an artist.

But I just thought
you might recognize it.

I see the Mona Lisa,
I know she is da Vinci.

But you're asking me
who drew a stick figure.

"No Minors Allowed."
Do you enforce that?

You bet I do.

I check I.D.s, make
a Xerox for my files.

Health Department
catches me tatting a kid, mm--

I lose my license.

You know anyone who'd work
on a 14-year-old?

There is a guy in Brooklyn,
Lenny Culp--

ex-con, learned to ink
in the joint.

Can't get a license
because of his record.

Yo, Lenny. Police.



it ain't
what it look like.

He brought a note
from home.

My son did a better job
of forging my signature

when he
was 8 years old.

When your mother
sees this,

she's gonna
kick your butt.

Are you kidding?
She's gonna love it.


No, no, no. "Mom."

See, he's not done yet.

Yes, he is.
Go home.

No. You can't make me
go out there like this.

Get lost.


Hey, look,

that's not good
for business.

You want to stay in business,
you better tell us

about these girls.

Take your time.

After all you just
tattooed a minor,

which is
a criminal charge,

and a parole

Okay, look,
I did them all,

But they told me
they were over 18.

College cheerleaders.

They look old enough
to be in college?

They looked pretty enough
to be cheerleaders.

See, they're hot,

Girl on the right?

"St. Ambrose."

Go, Chantal,

Go, Chantal...

(Mrs. Mason)
Chantal loved St. Ambrose.

I enrolled her when ACS
placed her with me.

You paid
Catholic school tuition

for a foster child?

Chantal deserved every
advantage I could give her.

She had
so much potential.

She was trying out
for cheerleading.

Did she make it?

She never
got the chance.

Right before tryouts,
ACS sent her back

to that no-good mother
of hers.

Why was Chantal
in foster care?

Mother was an addict.


Chantal was only

a baby when
she was taken away.

She came to me
when she was eight.

I wanted to adopt her.

And what stopped you?

The good people
at ACS

said the mother cleaned up
and wanted her back.

More like she
wanted the welfare check.

You fought to keep her.

My lawyer said

there was nothing
I could do.

The rights
of the biological parent

matter more
than the safety of a child.

God knows what that crazy woman
did to her.

I knew that girl

was gonna come
to a bad end.

She was nothing
but trouble

from the day
she came home,

acting like she
was better than me,

getting people involved
in my business.

What'd she do?

Told her school

that my boyfriend
was touching on her.

They called ACS,
say I got to put him out?

Watch it!
[horn honks]


your boyfriend now?

At work.

He wasn't arrested?
Hell, no.

ACS say he couldn't
live with us,

so I told them
to take her.

You picked your boyfriend
over your daughter?

I wasn't gonna
put Ricky out over her lies.

So what happened
to Chantal?

ACS sent her
to a group home.

Look here, if that place
let my baby get killed,

you think
I got me a lawsuit?

Is that all you care about,

making money off
your dead daughter's body?

get out of my face!

Calm down.

Calm down.

Now, where's this group home?
What's the name of it?

Broder House
on Fountain Avenue.

I know you want
to smack her in the mouth.

And you don't?

She's not worth it.

So we just walk away?

No, we get the perv
who killed her daughter.

Chantal Vanner--

AWOL'd a few weeks
after she got here.

Did you look for her?

We don't
have the manpower.

She was only 14.

Do you know how many
of these girls take off?


We filed
a Missing Persons Report

and sent a registered letter
to the family.

Mother never got it.

She probably threw it away
with her unpaid bills.

So you sat

on your lazy ass
and said, "My job's done."

We do the best
we can.

That girl needed your help.

Now she's dead.

Any idea where Chantal
might've gone?

Most of them run away
to be with a boyfriend.

She have one?

Ask them.
Someone might know.

A lotta guys
come around

the group home.

House full of girls.
You know how it is.

Why don't you tell me
how it is?

Boys come by,
we kick it outside.

Chantal ever kick it

with anyone?

There was this
one guy--Victor.

He was talking to her
all the time.

Tell me about Victor.

He has this SUV,

all tricked out.

He'd drive Chantal
to the store

and bought her chips
and soda and stuff.

Did Chantal run away
to be with Victor?

He asked her to.

He said
he'd treat her right,

buy her clothes, jewelry,
whatever she wanted.

But I told her
not to trust him.
You did?

How come?

Because they're
all the same.



Chantal run off
to be his ho.

Dani, what are you
doing here?

It's late.

Go home.

We got three dead girls
so far

and you want me
to get my beauty sleep?

We're workin' on fumes.

Let's just get some sleep
and start fresh tomorrow, huh?

This can't wait.

Right now, there
is a child prostitute

about to get
into the car

with a psycho john
who'll beat her to death,

just like Chantal.

Do you know how many Chantals
there are out there?


let's just hit the streets,
find some girls,

question them
about violent johns.

And where do you think
we should look?

Where do we go?

Did you talk to Vice,

find out where
the baby hookers stroll?

The main track for underage
girls is in East New York.

I talked with Vice,

and we've set up a sting
for tomorrow night.

Dani, you can't
get over-involved

in all this stuff.

Every one of these cases
will break your heart.

Think we could
head out there tonight?

Can't be more than 13.

My youngest is her age.

How can you stand this,

knowing what's
gonna happen

to that girl
when she gets into the car?

We just need to sit tight.

Hey, baby.

You want to take me
for a ride?

I can't watch this.

Look, the more johns
that come through here,

the better chance we got
of catching Chantal's killer.

One of those girls
has got to know something.

This is Alpha One.
All units, let's go.


You. Over there.

Come on!

(Beck) Move it!
Let's go!

Come on!
Come on!
Up against
the wall.

Let's go.
Up against the wall.

Up against
the wall.
Let's go.
Over here.

All right, now,
I want you to focus

on something here.

Who knows
these ladies?

You seen her?

Hmm? Come on.
They've worked this track.

Know this girl?

Never seen this girl?

How about you?

I don't know nothin'.

You're lying.

I still
don't know nothing.

All right,
turn around.

Hands against the wall.


Come here.

What's your name?


Your real name.

Don't play with me.

Belinda Holt.


do you know
any of these girls?

They all got

the same tattoo as you do,
now they're dead.

No. They can't be dead.
They were adopted.

These girls weren't
adopted, Belinda.

Yes, they were.

You stupid cops
don't know anything.

they were murdered!

There's a guy out there
killing girls just like you.

You're a liar.

Really? You want to see
the autopsy photos?

You're lying.

All right, fine.
See for yourself.

Leave me alone.

I want Victor.
I want to talk to Victor.

Who's Victor?

He's my boyfriend.

He's your pimp.

He makes you work
for him.

He doesn't make me
do anything.

I love him.

We're getting married
when I'm old enough.

They work
for Victor?


That's Amber.

Her name
used to be Sandra,

but Victor changed it.

That's Chantal,
and Monique.

We're sisters.

Were they adopted?

By this rich guy,

just like in the movie
with Julia Roberts.

Pretty Woman?

It's my favorite.

I've seen the DVD,
like, a hundred times.

Who's this rich guy?

He comes to the track,

and if a girl
is really, really nice,

he takes her away
to live with him.

I dated him once,
and he didn't pick me.

Victor said
I wasn't good enough.

When you dated him,
did he hit you?

He spanked me.

But a lot of guys
like to do that.

What else do you
know about this guy?

He's white, old...

but he was still
kinda cute.

Do you know his name?

Amber peeked
in his wallet

once when he dropped it
in the car.

She said
his name was Blake.

And what kind of car
does Blake drive?

big black SUV.


Anything more you want
to tell us about Blake?

When Chantal
got adopted,

Victor said she was living
on 5th Avenue.

DMV's got 19 white guys,

first or last name

with black Mercedes SUVs.

Four with 5th Avenue

But only one with a habit
of beating on women--

Blake Peters, 45,

managing partner
of a white-shoe law firm.

He have a record?

Well, his ex-wife filed a bunch
of domestic violence reports.

"All cases dismissed with ACD

anger management

Always knew
those were a crock.

Oh, he's a big-shot, huh?
Society page.

Oh, yeah,

"Mr. Blake Peters enjoys

tennis, polo,
and water sports."

And preferably
with underage girls.

And he's remarried.

New wife
looks barely legal.

Wonder if he smacks
her around.

I'm Detective

This is
Detective Munch.

Is it Blake?
Has something happened?

He's fine,
Mrs. Peters.

We just need
to talk to him.

He's not home.

Do you know
where he is?

What's this about?
It's confidential.

But I can tell you
that it involves

one of his major clients
and they need

your husband's help--
and his discretion.

It's always something,
isn't it?

Blake's at the office.

Mr. Peters? Here?
This late?

You gotta
be kidding.

Partners are all
outta here by happy hour.

Well, you got any idea
where he might be?

He doesn't share
his social calendar

with first-year

Come on, man.
Help a brother out.

My captain's gonna put me
on permanent midnights

if I don't find him.

And if I don't get this
distribution exactly right,

my ass will be
on the streets.

Sorry, brother.

Guess the only color
he cares about is green.

[cell phone beeps]


We struck out
at Peters' office.

Our guy's
in the wind.

Wherever Peters is,

let's hope
he's not paying cash.

Who're you calling?

My contact at
the Credit Bureau.

I can get the most recent
activity on all his cards.

Mr. Peters checked
in two hours ago.

No luggage.

With a companion?

Mrs. Peters.
Very pretty.

And very young.

I did notice that,

Are you sure it's legal
for me to do this?

My manager
might not like it.

Well, if this motel
is being used for prostitution,

we can padlock it
as a public nuisance.

I think your manager'd be
very pissed off about that.

Here we are.

What do I say?

[Beck whispering]

[knocking on door]

Mr. Peters,
um, I'm very sorry,

but there is a problem
with your credit card.

I'll come out
in a minute.

Please, sir.

I'm afraid I'll have
to run the card again,

or you'll have
to vacate the room.

I assume you take cash.

Oh, yes.
Then we're done.

No, you're done.
Get over here.

Blake Peters,
you're under arrest

for statutory rape.

You have the right
to remain silent.

If you give up
that right,

anything you say can
and will be used against you

in a court of law.

I told you,
I'm 19.

You got I.D.?
Have a seat.

Yeah, it's
in here somewhere...

Sure it is.

There. See?

"Date of birth

And my name
really is Candy.

How long you've been
working the streets?

Are you kidding me?

I go to Manhattan Tech.

Can't afford
the tuition?

My parents help.

And I work
in a restaurant.

That's where I met Blake.



He was sitting at the bar.
He started flirting with me.

I saw the wedding ring
on his finger,

but I felt like partying.

It's really not
that big of a deal.

It was to the girls
he killed.

I didn't kill anyone.

What did you do
to your knuckles?

I do a lot of work
on my car.

You can't afford
a mechanic?

I have
a '72 Ferrari Daytona Spyder.

No one touches my baby
but me.

So you don't
share your toys.

And when you're done playing
with 'em, do you break 'em?

I don't know what
you're talking about.



You tricked with
all three of them, huh?


But I didn't hurt them.

You screw little girls
off the street,

and you don't think
you hurt 'em?

They love it.
They told me.

Hey, pal,

you're paying 'em for sex.

What the hell do you think
they're gonna tell ya, huh?

You're a lousy lover?

It was wrong.
I'm sorry.

Are you sorry?

Take a look
at these.

You're so sorry that
you raped all three

of these girls
and battered them to death?


Don't lie to me.
Take a look at them.

Now you hit them over

and over and over
until they were dead.




I didn't
kill those girls.

I wanted to help them
get off the street.

By adopting them?

I told Amber

I wanted to help her
get out of the life.

But that son
of a bitch Victor

threatened to beat my brains
in with a baseball bat

if I ever tried to snatch
one of his girls again.

Excuse me.

I'm looking for
Detective Stabler.

He's in Interrogation.

Maybe I can help you?
I'm his partner, Dani Beck.

Oh, no.
That's okay.

Um, is the captain
in his office?




When did you
get back?

Couple of days ago.

And One P.P.
forgot to notify me.

I haven't got a spot
for you.

Warrants sent a body
to partner with Elliot.

Yeah, I just met her.

How's that working out?

It was a rough start,
but it's all good now.

I can shift Beck out,

but it may take a little time
to find her a new home.



I'm not ready
to come back.

That's what I came
to tell you.

You're going to leave
without seeing Elliot?

Well, he's busy.

I'll--I'll, uh,

I'll catch up
with him later.

And, um...
don't tell him I was here.

I think we're going about
this thing all wrong.

We got to look
at the girls' pimp.

What makes you
think Peters

isn't putting this on Victor
to save his own life?

'Cause it took
an awful lot of rage

to beat those girls
to death.

I don't think Peters
has the stomach for it.

He puked
when he saw the photos.

Fear can do that.

He's facing life
in Attica.

I don't know.

Why would Victor
kill his own moneymakers?

The girls want
to leave with Peters.

Victor's not gonna
let that happen.

Pimp loses control
of his stable,

he's out of business.

We gotta look at Victor.

Trust me on this.

I'll re-interview Belinda,

see if I can get
Victor's address.

We'll talk to her together.

Let me do it alone.

Trust goes both ways.

All yours.

Victor doesn't like it

if we talk
about his business.

He gets really angry.

When he gets angry,
does he hit you?

Sometimes, if we

don't work hard enough,
get a lot of dates.

What about your sisters?

One time, Monique
got an extra-big tip,

and she wanted to keep it
for a new dress,

but Victor caught her
holding out on him.

And he hurt her.

Real bad.

Her nose was broke

and her eye
was all messed up.

And she couldn't work
for a week.

I miss her.

I don't have
any pictures of us.

Can I keep this?



I asked Victor
if I could go see them

after they were adopted,

but he said they
were uptown girls now.

They didn't
want to see me,

that I'd embarrass them
in front of their rich friends.

Now you know that's a lie.

Because they're dead.

It's gonna be okay.

It's gonna be okay.

If you think I can't
do an interview, say so,

but don't spy on me.

I'm not your precious
Olivia, I know that,

but I'm a good cop.
I know that.

So why don't you trust me,
the same way I trust you?
I do.

I wanted to introduce you
to Sister Peg.

She runs
an outreach program

for hookers.

Sex workers, Elliot.

I thought she could

help us out
with Belinda.

This is
my new partner--

Dani Beck.

Elliot told me
you were on fire.

Glad to see he's right.

Helping these girls
takes a lot of passion.


Sister Peg,

you want to give it
a shot?



While they get to know
each other,

we can go
pick up Victor.

Belinda gave up an address.

The house she lives in,

it belongs to a woman
called Venice.

Victor waits there every night
to collect the money.


[knock on door]

Police, Venice.
Open up!


I'm getting
my clothes on.

Open the damn door

or the whole street's
gonna see you naked.

You got a warrant?

Where is Victor?

Victor who?

Your pimp boyfriend.

Two of you get your kicks
turning out little girls.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Don't rip my cushions.

Gotta check for weapons.

You won't
find nothin'.

I expect scum like Victor
to turn out little girls,

but you, a woman,
helping him out?

You're worse
than he is.

Sit down.

Where is he?

I haven't seen him
all night.


He's not here.
Told you.

Now get out
of my house.

I said sit down.

Stand over here.

I paid a lot
for that sofa!

Then why won't you
sit on it?

Hello, Victor.

Find the remote?

Don't hurt him.
Call my attorney.

Call my attorney.
Call my attorney.

Tell him the charge
is murder--three counts.

John Victor Bodine.

Couple of nickels for assault,
one armed robbery.

That's ancient history,

You could say I learned
the error of my ways.

You just learned an easier way
to make money.

Girls take all the risks,
you get all the rewards.

You see my rap sheet.
I ain't no virgin.

I know how the game
is played.

You come in here,
start hollerin',

probably beat me down.

Then my attorney comes in,
and I walk.

I don't think so.

Chantal, Monique,

What's up?

You killed 'em.


Now why would I kill
them pretty young things?

You feel me?

I love my girls.

You got a funny way
of showing it,

making them
screw strangers

so you can buy
your Huggy Bear threads there?

Aw, come on, now.

I ain't never made a woman
do nothin' she don't wanna do.

But now the things
they do for love--

And you tell them

you love them
all the time, don't ya?

Over and over
every day?

I'm an entrepreneur.

I see a need,
I fill it.

Look, man, these girls

are society's trash.

You people throw 'em away.

I take 'em in,
give 'em a home,


They call you "Daddy"?

You got kids, right?

Kids need structure.

If I don't maintain
some type of discipline,

they'll walk
all over my ass.

You like that, huh?

You've got a lot of mileage
on those mitts of yours.

Golden Glove.
Used to box.


Now you just
knock out little girls.

So what, man, you gonna
lock up every cat in town

with a sharp
right hook?

No, just you.


Man, please.

I'm about to walk up
out that door, bro.

Come tomorrow, you gonna be
wondering what happened.

I'll be on the beach
in the Dominican,

watching my girl
splash around in the pool,

sipping on a Cuba Libre,
smoking a Cohiba.

Enjoying their weak
extradition policy.

You know, Venice did tell me
I need a vacation.

I'm gonna be so close,
and you can't even touch me.

You'll still be my bitch.


We need you to sign

this statement
against Victor Bodine.

He never did anything
to me.

He turned you out.

I told you already,

I wanted to do it.

He didn't make me.

But you gave
the money to Victor.


That's a crime, honey.

If you put Victor in jail,
where will I live?

I've got no one else.

What about your family?
Where are they?

Back in Toledo.

We can send you
back there.

Oh, to a double-wide
full of brats?

My mom blobbed out
in front of the TV

all day
watching her stories?

To my liquored-up

step-daddy crawling
into my bed every night?

There are good foster parents
out there.

No thanks.

No one's ever taken care
of me except Victor.

He's my daddy now.

Would you like
to stay with me?

You'll just turn me in
to Children's Services.

No, I won't.

I know the rules.

I'm a minor.

The judge decides
where I live.

And I'm a nun,

which means I only take orders
from the man upstairs.

Now what do you say?

I don't know...

You still have
that picture I gave you?


Look at it.

Look at it.

Now I know you loved
your sisters.

But they're gone,

because Victor
hurt them.

He wouldn't hurt me.

He loves me.

Oh, yeah,

just like he loved Amber
and Chantal and Monique.

But he killed them.



Deep down,
you know it's true.

He made you believe they
were living happily ever after

on 5th Avenue.

But he threw them
away like trash.

They aren't trash.

That's right.

And neither are you.

Are you--


Are you sure

I can stay with you?



I'll sign it.

Docket ending 6168--
John Victor Bodine.

Promoting prostitution
in the second degree.

How does
the defendant plead?

Not guilty,
Your Honor.

The People request
high bail, Your Honor.

The defendant
is a prime suspect

in the murders
of three teenage girls.

That's an outrageous

She's trying
to prejudice

this court
against my client.

I'm merely making sure
Your Honor

has all
the relevant facts.

This defendant prostituted
a 14-year-old girl.

Well, if that's the case,
why hasn't she been arrested?

Excuse me?

Prostitution's a crime.

If this young girl
was selling

herself on the streets,
why isn't she being arrested?

She's a victim.

She's a whore.

That's enough,
Mr. Horowitz.

Bail is set
at 500,000.

We're in recess.
[pounds gavel]

Better put that Dominican
vacation on hold.

Pimping a kid's
a C felony.

I convict him,
you've got 15 years

to build your murder case.

It won't take that long.

Well, there's not much more
you can do tonight.

Go home.
Get some sleep.

I'm too keyed-up.

Anybody up
for a drink?

You should've seen her
with Belinda.

She was great.

Don't act
so surprised.

She can't take
a compliment.

How often do you
give them to her?

I don't remember
the last time

he said something nice
to me.

I'm not that bad.

Yeah, you are.

Hey, it's why
we like you.

There's nothing worse
than a sensitive man.

Hey, Case.

Hey, Marcus.
Hold up.

He's an ADA
with Homicide.

I gotta talk to him.

Thanks for the drink.

I gotta get home.

You left your car
at the squad.

I'll take a cab.

I got mine out back.


Let me drop you off.

[phone rings]

[pager beeps]

[pager beeps]

It's a 911
from Cragen.

Yeah. Me too.

[dials phone]

Yeah, Captain--


All right,
we'll meet you there.


Sister Peg was attacked.
She's in the hospital.

Where's Belinda?


How's Sister Peg?

Well, she took a beating,
but she's gonna be all right.

What happened?

Well, we don't know.

A neighbor heard a fight,
went to check,

and found Peg
on the floor, unconscious.

wasn't there?


And there was no sign
of forced entry.

You think Belinda
attacked her?

No way.

Well, look,
Sister Peg will tell us

when she wakes up,

I take it you want
to wait and interview her?


I'll head back and get everybody
searching for Belinda.

You think Cragen's right?

You think Belinda
attacked her?

She could be
your daughter.


not a child anymore.

That's crap.

Look, once girls get
pulled down by the street,

they're capable
of anything.

(Dr. Sanada)

The Sister's awake,

but you can talk to her.


Couldn't stop him.

It wasn't Belinda
who attacked you?


It was a man.

There was a knock
on the door.

I opened it, and he shoved me
back into the apartment.

I fell, then he--

I tried to get up,
and he kicked me.

Couldn't breathe.

Yeah, the doctor said
he cracked a couple ribs.

He took her.

I tried to stop him,

but he hit me in the head
a couple of times,

and I...passed out.

What'd he look like?

Thin, dark-skinned,
scar on his face.

How the hell
did Victor make bail?

(corrections officer)
He didn't.

Bodine's still in the pens,

waiting for transport
to Rikers.

You're sure.

I got it right here--

"Bodine, John Victor.

Bail 500 large."


Step to the front.

Never question the power
of the clipboard.

That's not Victor Bodine.

What's your name?

I already
told you--

Just tell me your name.

Jason Yount.

Jason Yount bailed out
three hours ago.

What're you in for,

A fare beat.

I forgot my Metrocard,
and I was late for work.

So you jumped
the turnstiles?

Smart, like getting involved
with Victor Bodine.

Now why would you do this

for somebody
you just met?

I know Victor
all my life, feel?

He a legend
in my neighborhood.

Tonight, we meet up in here,
we get to talking,

you know, man-to-man.

And he asked you
to do him a favor?

He said it was gonna
take till morning

to raise the cash
for his bail.

He was jammed up, 'cause
he had some important business.

Couldn't wait.

So you let him
take your place.

He said his lawyer
was gonna

post for him
in a couple hours.

I'd get out,
and no one would know.

And he'd give me a iPod.

You threw away your future
for an iPod?

What you talkin' about?

Jail break--
It's a felony charge.

Yo, man, I didn't escape.
I'm right here.

Yeah, but Victor Bodine isn't.

Now you've got one chance
to make this right.

What do I
gotta do?

Tell us where you're meeting
Victor for your payment.


He said I could catch him
at Venice's crib

soon as I got out.

Last time I saw Victor,

you were dragging him
out of here in handcuffs.

What, you lose him?

Guess you
lost him too.

What're you
talking about?

Victor's on the run,

but he went
to a lot of trouble

to take Belinda
with him.

That skanky little ho?

I guess he thought
she'd look better than you,

topless on the beach
in the D.R.

A man wants quality
eye candy on his arm

when he's sipping
on a rum and Coke.

That was my trip.

He promised me.

Look, all you've got to do
is tell us

where Victor
keeps his money,

and we can
reschedule that flight.

You're gonna let him
do you like that?

Bastard's got a loft
down by the river

near the Williamsburg Bridge.

Where my cell phone?

I don't know.

[Belinda cries]

I knew I saw you playing
with it the other day!

What did I tell you about
touchin' my stuff, huh?

I'm sorry, Victor.

So where is it?!




Victor, police!

It's over.
The hell it is.

I'm gettin'
out of here.

Can't let you do that.

Your choice.

Don't hurt her,

Then back up.

Both of you.

Victor, you can walk away.
Just let her go.

No. No, Victor,
I don't wanna leave you.

Don't worry about it, baby.
You ain't leavin' me.

Nobody takin' you
from me.

You know
I love you, right?



Get the bag
for Daddy.

Get the bag.

That's a good girl.

Good girl.

Come on.

Yo, Belinda,

say good-bye
to your little friends

for me, baby.

Go, go! Go!

Come on.




Come on.

Come on!


Ow! We have
to slow down.

Come on.


My ankle hurts.

Come on, B.


[Belinda crying]
I can't go that fast.

We have to--

Belinda, come on.
Come on!

Victor, let her go!


Victor, let her go.



Shut up!


What are you

Drop the gun,
or I'll throw her,

I swear to God
I'll throw her.

Drop the gun!



oh, God!


Victor, please!
He's goin'
out the back!

Don't leave me.

All right, Belinda,
hold on.

Take my hand.

I can't.
Take my hand.

I can't.

Come on.
That's it.


Grab on.



[car crashes]

[horn blares]

[siren approaches,

Can I see him?

That's not a good idea.

He loved me.

No one else
has ever loved me.

[siren wails]

You okay?

All right, come on.
Let me drive you home.

I need
to be alone.

[wolf howling]

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