Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 8, Episode 5 - Confrontation - full transcript

Stabler and Beck track down a serial rapist who repeatedly attacks his victims based on their ovulation cycles so that he can impregnate them.

(male announcer)
In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.


So sweet.

Get on your knees.


I'll see you soon.

[cell phone rings]

It's Stabler.

That same bastard
just raped me again.


He said he would be back
and I believe him.
He's headed towards Canal.

Listen to me.
Do not follow him.
Call 911 and wait for me.

No! He'll just
keep coming back!

He just crossed Beach.


This is Detective Stabler,
Manhattan SVU,

shield number 6313.

[cell phone rings]

Dani Beck.

Where are you?

Elizabeth Hassenback
was raped.

We got a repeater.

Look, I'm at least
a 5-hour drive away.

Where do I meet you,
hospital or crime scene?

Try the morgue.

Elizabeth Hassenback,
30-year-old white female,

raped 17 days ago.

Rape kit came up
negative for semen.

The rapist came back
for more?

Yeah, and then some.

The bruising around her neck
matches the impact baton.

That's what happens when
civilians take matters
into their own hands.

Blaming the victim's not
usually your style, Elliot.

The baton belongs
to the victim.

She was following him.

He must have known it,
doubled back around,

snatched the baton
and choked her out.

I don't think so.
She didn't suffocate.

There are no petechiae.

But there are several
cranial injuries.

COD is probably
blunt force trauma,

but I won't know for sure
until I pop her skullcap.

It didn't take her long
to get back to her routine.

Calling the Rape Crisis Center,
going to meetings,

all she kept saying was
she wanted her life back.

She didn't
want to be a victim.

Who does?

(Siper) I didn't find any
fingerprints on the doorknob.

No fluids, one hair,
no epithelials,

but we still have to
vacuum and sift.

From the tracks on the carpet,
I'd say he beat you to it.

Just like last time.
He took the bedding,
emptied the trash.

This guy knows
what he's doing.

Triple dead bolts
on the front door.

He had to smash
the window to get in.

The sound of breaking glass
should have woken her up
even before he got inside.

Unless she
was out cold.

A lot of rape victims need
to take something to sleep.

We found the usual
over-the-counter meds

and a well-stocked
liquor cabinet.

Tox screen will
tell us what she took.

The victim's description
of our perp...

white male, 5'11"
to just over 6 feet,

180 pounds, brown eyes,
brown hair, no visible
scars or tattoos.

Well, that should narrow
down the suspect pool.

[knock on door]

Sorry I'm late.

(Stabler) He held a knife
to the victim's throat.
He talked to her.

He wanted to know how she
liked to be touched.

A power
reassurance rapist.

Foreplay was
rough and prolonged.

Most of the details
were pretty clear.

She walked me through it
for over an hour.

No breaks, no tears.

I don't remember
how many times he raped me.

Maybe five.

How long was he with you?

36 hours and 27 minutes.

Liz, you did very well.

You did. You survived.

Did I?

Did he wear latex?


He finally
tried to force her

to urinate into a cup.

And when she couldn't...

he sliced her face.

Fear is
a great motivator.

I finally squatted
and gave it up.

What did he do with it?

I don't know.
I didn't want to see.

What happened after that?

He made me get in the tub

and he scrubbed me raw,

inside and out.

And he threatened me.

And then he left.

What'd he say?

That he would
see me later.

The suspect may have
a uresis paraphelia

called urolagnia.

You're saying he
drank her urine?

Given his behavior,
it's a strong possibility.

It just doesn't
make any sense.

Why risk staying
to clean her up instead
of wearing a condom?

He had plenty of time to play.
He knew her habits
and her routine.

He just took total control,
even over her bladder.

Like he's playing God.

More like the way
you treat a dog.

He's an alpha male,
making her completely dependent,

which is why he targeted
the same woman twice.

It's rare.

Which takes practice.

There's no way
this guy's a first-timer.

Well, we'll check 61s
and VICAPs,

see if there are
similar MOs.

Check the other
borough 61s

and see if this guy
has moved around.

VICAP is coming up empty. You?

Got one in Park Slope.

Suspect and
MO descriptions match.

[telephone rings]


No, I won't
accept the charges.

These phone calls just started
coming in from Attica.

Someone you collared?

One of
my husband's killers.

I didn't
know your husband,

but I heard he was
a straight shooter.

Two 15-year-olds
got pulled over

in a stolen car.

One of them had
a bench warrant, so...

he was on the run.

I was sitting
in our favorite restaurant,

waiting and fuming.

They shot Mike
in the head.

By the time I got home,
I was ready to light him up,

but then I saw
the brass at the door.

He was dead,
shot by two morons

who didn't even have
the sense to ditch the gun.

Did they get life?

The shooter just died
in a prison fight.

So you won't talk
to him on the phone,

but you'll drive up to Attica
and have a face-to-face
with him?

I went to see the cop
killer's dead body.

Dani, I understand
you need closure,

but that's not
the way to get it.

[computer beep]

Here's another one.

Celeste Mott, 27.

Lives in Queens.

Gina Maylor, 32,
lives in Brooklyn.

All right, well, let's see
if their stories match, huh?

He offered to help
with my groceries,

but I said no.

I kept saying no,
but he insisted.

He was good-looking
and friendly.

He said I was
used to being the boss,

but it was okay to accept
help every now and then.

Do you think he could
have been watching me?

It's possible.

Do you remember
what happened next?

He pulled a knife
at my door.

He stayed for two days.

48 hours of hell.

He made me pee in a cup.

When he put me in the tub,
I thought he was gonna kill me,

but he...

bathed, douched,
and humiliated me instead.

Before he left, he said
he'd see me around.

What'd he do
with the urine?

He took it with him.

He...he raped me again
ten days later.

I woke up with him
sitting on my chest

and a knife
to my throat.

How'd he get in?

I didn't notice
the broken bedroom window
till after he left.

You didn't
hear it break?

Were you taking
any medication?

Did you have too much
to drink?

You think
I made it up, too?

You mean the police
didn't believe you?

No, the detective said
my story didn't make sense.

He said,

"Rapists don't strike
the same victim twice."

He thought I was lying.
He made me--

Feel raped all over again.

That's why I didn't even bother
to report the third rape.

What's the point?

I took Gina Maylor through
her statement many times.

Not only was her story
unsupported by evidence,
she kept changing her story.

Right, but you know
rape victims can't remember
everything at once.

Did you take her
to the hospital?

The rape kit showed
recent sexual activity,
but negative for semen.

Well, what about
the broken window?

The lab said
the glass was broken
from inside the apartment.

You think she
broke it herself.

You met her.
The woman's holding on
by a thread.

The woman was raped.

How many rape collars
you handle a year?

Several hundred.

How many of them attack
the same woman twice?

That's what I thought.

Well, I've got a victim
in the morgue

who was raped twice
by the same guy.

Gina Maylor was attacked
not twice, but three times,

and didn't report it
because she knew you
wouldn't believe her.

I got a mother who cooked
her baby in the microwave.

A five-year-old whose uncle
can't keep his hands to himself,

an 18-year-old
college-bound student

who tried to break up
with her boyfriend.

She got acid burned
and sodomized in retaliation.

I got real victims
to hand-hold

and walk through
the system.

You buy Maylor's story,
you're welcome to the file,

but don't ever tell me
how to do my job.

The guy's Teflon.

Pass the buck,
dodge the blame.

I don't know, Elliot.

Geiger handled that
second rape by-the-book.

I can see
why he's skeptical.

Why break a window
if you're inside?

How many we up to?

Four victims.

White female,
under 40, raped at home.

Elizabeth Hassenback
was raped twice,

Gina Maylor three times.

Celeste Mott,
twice as far as we know.

We talk to her yet?

Nope. She's in the wind.

Moved from her last known
address, left no forwarding.

Running may be
their only option.

Probably. I compared
the sexual assault dates
and put them on a calendar.

They average
17 to 23 days apart.

What about
the last victim?

Megan Carlisle,

32, raped once
about five months ago.

But that doesn't
fit the pattern.

According to this timeline,
she should have

been assaulted three times
since the first rape.

Did she move?

Maybe it's
not the same guy.

The Carlisle statement is
exactly the same as the other,
including the urine sample.

Then she was raped again,
she just didn't report it.

Go talk to her,
but go easy.

These women have been
through enough already.

Hi, Mrs. Carlisle.
I'm Detective Stabler.

My partner,
Detective Beck, SVU.

It's Megan.
Did you catch him?

No, not yet.
May we come in?


Detectives Beck
and Stabler.

Barry Carlisle.
What's this about?

Your wife's attack.
We've been through
all that.

We have some new leads
we'd like to talk
to your wife about.

When are you due?

About five
and a half months.

We're really nervous
that something
might go wrong.

This is our first baby.
It took a lot
to get pregnant.

Months of fertility drugs,

doctor visits,
rearranging my schedule
since I travel a lot.

Must've been expensive.
How long have you been trying?

Almost a year,
but it's worth it.

Of course it is.

You're what,
16 to 18 weeks,

give or take two,
is that correct?

Can we do this
another time?
My wife should rest.

We understand.
We just have one problem.

The man we believe
who attacked you,

he comes back
and rapes his victims again,
except for you.

It seems he left
Mrs. Carlisle alone.

Megan, if he attacked you
again, you have to tell us.


You're crazy if you think
she would hide
something like that.

Sometimes it's difficult
for victims to come forward.

If it happens to them once,
they're traumatized.

Twice, and they're
convinced it's their fault.

I'm pregnant, fat,
and unattractive.

I'm sure
it turned him off.

Rape isn't about sex.
It's about power and rage.

He raped you
almost five months ago.

According to the pattern,
he should have
assaulted you again

right around the time
you conceived.

But he didn't.

Get out now.

Very good.

Thank you for your time.

I apologize
if we upset you.

You have
something to say?

Like what?
The usual.

I'm too hard
on the victims.
I lack social grace.

True, but no.
Megan Carlisle was
lying in there.

Even money says that baby
is not her husband's.

She's deluded.

Or she wants
a baby so badly,

she's willing to
protect the perp.

Right, well, either way,
it's a delicate situation.

Having a baby by a rapist
isn't something you hide
from your husband.

Tell me
that's not twisted.

My old partner's
a child of rape.

Different era.
There's no abortions,
no options.

You're saying it was
easy for Olivia's mom?

I'm saying
decisions are simple
when you have no choice.

Since we don't have
any forensic evidence,

if the rapist
is the sperm donor,

we've finally got his DNA.

Megan Carlisle
was attacked
the third week of June.

If the rapist went back
17 to 23 days later,

the second rape
would've occurred
mid to late July.

Well, without her full
cooperation, you will not
be able to prove it.

Look, we can't assume that
he uses the same timeline
for all of them.

Gina Maylor's second rape
happened ten days later.

That's why I think
the suspect's timeline
was created

from the victims'
menstruation cycles.

Are you saying he wants
to impregnate them?

According to
victims' statements, he only
collects the urine once.

He's not drinking it,
he's testing it.

He's using the urine
to establish ovulation.

You can get
a luteinizing hormone test

at any drugstore.

What kind of a man rapes
a woman to have kids?

Females are not the only ones
who have a biological drive
to procreate.

A fatal illness
or even narcissism

could be fueling
his compulsions.

But you've got birth control,
the day-after pills
on the market.

It doesn't make sense.

This guy spends enough time
with his victims to know what's
in their medicine cabinets.

And the morning-after pill
has a 72-hour limit.

Which would explain
why the perp stays
with his victims.

He's waiting for his sperm
to swim upstream.

Then he gives them a thorough
scrubbing to make sure

we don't catch any strays
with a rape kit.

Because we didn't
look deep enough.

tissue resection

is not standard
autopsy protocol.

I'll call Warner,

have her check our
murder victim's plumbing.

We found glass
in the alley

underneath the murder
victim's bedroom window.

Besides the sick bastard,

the victims have
something else in common.

The apartment buildings
are all managed

by the same company.

A set of master keys would
give him access to any unit,

no matter how many
dead bolts they have.

Find out how many people
have access to those keys.

We have 500 employees.

We're one of the largest
property management
companies in the city.

How many of them have
access to master keys?

Well, property managers,
building managers,

maintenance, totals 138.

140, Steve. I mean,
including you and me.

This is my office
manager, Luke Dixon.

He'll give you
everything you need.

So, if there's
nothing else...

you could tell us

if these addresses have
anything in common.

Right off the bat,
one property manager.

He's a real jackass
gunning for my job,
but rape and murder...

What's his name?

Ted Wilmington.

Where can we find him?

He's looking over
a new property.

I'll get you the address.

I'm telling you,
you got the wrong guy.

Four rapes and a homicide
in your buildings
makes me think we don't.

Over a hundred people
have access to master keys.

Well, then somebody's
out to frame you.
You got any enemies, Ted?

A few.
No one has to like me.

They just have to do
what I say. Look, fellas,
this is simple.

I didn't rape anyone.
I don't need to.

You get a lot
of action, Ted?

More than I can handle.

It seems to me
a guy like you

would get bored
if it's too easy.

I do like the chase.

Go after them hard,
wear them down.

Women don't like you,
do they?

So what?

I'm not
relationship material.

I take what I want
and move on.

You take? That sounds
like rape to me.

You're just trying
to twist my words,

and I'm being cooperative.

Let's hope
you stay that way.

Give us a hair sample
and you can go home.

Doesn't sound fun.

Do I need a lawyer?

What's all that?

Personnel files from
the property management company.

Since Wilmington
isn't our guy,
we gotta do backgrounds

on the 139 employees
with access to master keys.

Sounds like a party.
You're welcome to join us.

I'll pass, thanks.
Warner called.

We can't get DNA
from Liz's body

since they already
released it to the family.

They cremated her


What do you see?

I see a dwindling pool
of victims

which is gonna force him
to go out on the hunt
if he hasn't already.

One's dead, one moved,
two remain.

Megan Carlisle's

Which leaves Gina Maylor.

Now, he chose her
for a specific reason,

so if she's still around,
he's gonna hit her again.

Okay, she was attacked
twice in July,

once on the 19th
and the 30th.

He came back then
because the urine test

told him that
she was ovulating.

Right. Then...

On August 18th,
he stays for two days,

rapes her repeatedly.

He'll target her again.

He's got to hit her
the next day or two.

If the rapist works for
the property management company,

he knows we're closing in.

I don't see him attacking
Gina Maylor again.

He has no choice.

It's not rational,
it's a compulsion.

He knows we have
a lot of suspects
left to comb through.

That takes time.

What he doesn't know
is we've figured out
his rape timeline.

Well, how do you want to play
this one out?

Put Gina in a safe house
and use a decoy.

Set it up.

What if he's watching now?

If you don't catch him,
what do you think he'll
do to me after you're gone?

We have plainclothes
officers doing a sweep,
and you'll be at a safe house.

I can't guarantee
that we'll catch him,
but you'll have protection.

For how long?

Until you take
your life back.

That's easy for you
to say.

I have every right to be afraid.
He's raped me three times.

And we're trying to stop him
from doing it again.

Or have you given up?

You think I like it?

I think you can't sit
in this apartment

waiting for the other shoe
to drop.

I think you need to remember
what kind of woman you are.

And get pissed off.

Or you're gonna be a victim
for the rest of your life.

I guess I better go pack
a few things.

When are you gonna get it?

I didn't say anything
she didn't need to hear.

You're not qualified
to be her counselor.

And I'll tell you another thing.
You don't belong in this unit.

Yeah, well, maybe you've been
in this unit a little too long.


Yeah, really.

These victims don't need
your broad shoulders to cry on.

They need information.

Once raped, a woman is
seven times more likely
to be raped again.

Could that have something to do
with their behavior?

Right now, you're proving
my point by blaming the victim.

I am not blaming them.

All I'm saying is, women need
to be better prepared.

Be aware of
their surroundings.

Watch where they park.

And look at
any strange guy's approach

with caution and suspicion.

That's fear.

No, that's survival.

Predators use psychology
just like you and me.

And last time I checked,
they outnumbered us.

This is Patrol Officer
Randa Lewis of the two seven.

Detectives Stabler and Beck.

Do I pass?

From a distance,
you'll do.

What's the plan?

Run a few errands,
show your face around the block,

and then stay
in the apartment.

Detective Beck'll have your back
on the outside.

We've got every room wired
on the inside.'re pretty

Any questions?

Shall we?

Thanks for your time.
We'll be in touch.

From now on,
I wanna be known

as the intrepid
Detective Munch.

Not the word
I had in mind.

What's up with Luke Dixon?

The office manager has a degree
in microbiology from Columbia.

Ordering office supplies
for a property
management company

is a pretty long fall.

That's why I called
his last employer.

He used to work for
a biomedical firm

until they fired him
for sexual misconduct.

Their final parting gift?

Bad references
to future employers.

He can't get a new gig
in his field,

so he rapes women
to get even.

With his access
to master keys,

we've got plenty of PC
for a warrant.

Better call Craig
and let him know

we might've
found our squirrel.

She's heading in
to home base.

Munch and Fin IDed
a possible suspect.

Office manager Luke Dixon.

We put out a citywide,
he's disappeared.

Got a photo
of this guy?

It's on its way.

Dixon's a neat freak.

Among other things.

Are those ovulation kits?

There's gotta be
50 boxes here.

Why isn't that sofa
against the wall?

That's wasting space.

Not if you got
something to hide.

[hollow thumps]


Victims' initials,

ovulation dates,
rape dates.

It's all here.

We only know about
five victims.

So who the hell do the rest
of these initials belong to?



Dani, what's your 20?

Dani? Dani?

She's not responding.


Stay down!
Enough, enough!

Enough! Let's go.

Knife's over there.

You okay?

I was gonna kill him.

Beating up a suspect
that was wanted for questioning
was bush league, Detective.

He brandished a weapon.
I had no choice.
He's claiming self-defense.

He says that you never
identified yourself and
that he never saw a badge.

He's a criminal.
That's what they do.
Unless they're justified.

What's your problem?

It's you.

Your jacket has more than a few
excessive force complaints.

And if IAB finds there's
any merit to Dixon's story,

you're a liability
I just won't tolerate.

I don't know
if I can do this.

They can't see you.
So just take your time.

I don't wanna look.

Okay, we're done here.
Not yet.

This is your last chance.

You can either
let your rapist walk,

or you can step up
and confront him.

That means a trial telling
the whole world

every disgusting thing
he made me do.

How much of me does
he get to take?


A trial means you get
to take your life back.

Number four.

Megan, are you ready?

My client's injuries
are extensive.

I'll be sure to include

in defense exhibits.

Unless you plead out.

Mr. Dixon, do you have access to
master keys?

Yes. But so do
a lot of other people.

They don't have ovulation kits
and a rape calendar.

Don't say anything.

I want to explain.

I'm conducting an experiment,

checking the effectiveness
of hormone tests.

By raping women
to impregnate them?

The date and initials
on your calendar?

They match our victims'

It's a coincidence.

Every set of initials belongs
to volunteers from my work.

I'm a scientist.

You're an office manager.

You were fired from being
a scientist.

It's a misunderstanding.

Most female scientists
are unattractive.

You show 'em the slightest bit
of attention, they cry wolf.

Wolves are predators,
Mr. Dixon.

A rape victim just
identified you as her attacker.

She's mistaken.

I'm sure the DNA
will exonerate me.

I'll volunteer a buccal swab
if you'd like.

is something wrong?

Yeah, pretrial hearing's
about to start,

and Gina Maylor's a no-show.

Without her testimony,
Luke Dixon walks.

Maybe she's running late.

No, she's not answering
her home or her cell.

We're on it.

Water was leaking into
the downstairs apartment.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Was there a note?


I should've seen this coming.
I pushed Gina too hard.

It's not your fault.

I'm not so sure.

Luke Dixon is a rapist
and a murderer.

Remember that.

Now how do we get him?

I can ask for
a Sirois hearing.

Try and get Gina Maylor's
statement into evidence,

but it's a long shot.

I'll have to prove

that Luke Dixon
was directly responsible

for her suicide.


How about Megan Carlisle?

She couldn't positively
ID Dixon as a rapist.

She's lying.

Dixon fathered her child.

The rape calendar proves
that he attacked her twice.

To get an amniotic sample,

I'll have to charge
a rape victim

with obstruction
and perjury.

We don't have any choice.

There are 15 other names
on that calendar.

We can't let Dixon walk.

I'm just not sure
he's the man who raped me.

I have to be positive,
don't I?


You were raped on May 21.

You were assaulted again
on June 17.

No, I wasn't raped twice!

This is a copy
of a calendar

that was taken
from the suspect's apartment.

Two dates, June 17 and July 11
under your initials, M.C.

Since Megan couldn't
identify her rapist,

isn't it more likely
that these initials belong

to another woman?

Or your client is
obstructing justice

because she was impregnated
by a rapist.

That's obscene.

My wife wouldn't let that
bastard's child grow inside her.

Then provide amniotic fluid
for paternity testing.

Megan was raped.

Now you're treating her
like a criminal.

What kind of people
are you?

We are determined to put

a serial rapist
and murderer behind bars.

Now I would think

that you would be
more cooperative.

That's an arrest warrant

for obstruction and perjury.

Megan Carlisle, stand up.

You have the right
to remain silent...

What are you doing?

Don't make this any worse.

Do something.

Don't worry.

We'll make
bail and fight this.

You're making a big
mistake, Counselor.

(Judge Taten)
It's a little unorthodox

to charge
a rape victim, Ms. Novak.

Not if she hinders a criminal
investigation, Your Honor.

Accusing the victim
of protecting a rapist

is an offensive

It's not the rapist
she's protecting.

Megan Carlisle is so
desperate to have a child,

she'd say anything,
even if it meant perjury.

The People insist my client
was raped more than once.

Next thing you know,
she'll say

the victim
was asking for it.

What's the bottom line?

Compel amniocentesis
to establish paternity.

On what grounds?

Ovulation and rape dates

taken from the suspect's

Now, why would he record
a second attack

if it didn't happen?

A lying rapist is hardly
a stretch, Your Honor.

We also have an obstetrics
expert who will testify

that the baby was likely
fathered by the rapist.

My client took
the day-after pill

following the rape.

And given her difficulty
in conceiving,

a needle to the uterus

could jeopardize
her pregnancy.

The People have the right
to gather evidence,

but under
the circumstances,

you're gonna have to wait
till after the baby's born.

Well, the defense won't wait.

They're guaranteed
a speedy trial.

I'm sorry--
the health and welfare

of mother and child
take precedence.

Why can't you
leave me alone?

Because another
rape victim's dead,

and you're our only hope
to put that animal away.

That has nothing
to do with me.

he raped you twice.

And the only reason
he stopped

was because you begged
for your baby's life.

No. That didn't happen.

Sure it did.
He came back a third time.

But he gave you a pass
because he got
what he wanted.

Did you really think you
could keep this a secret?

I have nothing to hide.

Then let us do the test
and we'll go away.


I know you're scared,

but what you're doing
is not the answer.

You don't know that
this baby is his!

You don't know that!

Then find out.

Whether it's today
or six months from now,

we'll know who
fathered your baby.

We'll be long gone
by then.

Then your rapist goes free

and a bench warrant
goes out for your arrest.

Is that really
what you want?


[door bangs open]

Where's my wife?

In the exam room.

You talked her into this?

How could you do it?


I had to.

As long as I didn't know...

we were
gonna be all right.


We have your pubic hairs

recovered from the body
of Elizabeth Hassenback.

I didn't think you could
match hairs without DNA.

You can't.

And we have his DNA

taken from
the amniotic fluid

of a pregnant rape victim.


She's gotten
nice and round.

Be quiet.
Is it a boy
or a girl?

That is something
you will never know.

Unless I sue for
my parental rights.

Which proves rape one.

So, by all means,
why don't you keep talking?

You don't get it.

Birth defects,
genetic diseases,

and sub-intelligence
are now considered normal.

We're overrun by mediocrity.

Good enough has
suddenly become acceptable.

We've compromised ourselves
out of science and technology

through the guise
of political correctness.

These are fields
that we used to dominate.

And that has to change.

We have to stop letting
any rutting dog procreate.

You put the right genes
in the right womb,

by the right people.

You're not even original.

Master race, master plan?

You got an offer?

15 to 25 for each count
if he provides the names

of the other victims
on his calendar.


What do you want now,


I wanted to show you
why your wife came forward.

Dixon gave us the names
of all his victims.


Is that all?

No--I wanted you to know

that there
won't be a trial.

Nothing will show up
on the public record, so...

You can put this behind you,
get on with your life.

It's not that simple.

I'm not saying
it'll be easy,

but it can be done,

you want it.

But if you make your wife
give up that child,

she'll resent you for
the rest of her life.

Could you raise
a rapist's child?

Could you?

Go home.
Talk with your wife.

What is there to say?

That didn't go well.

He's not ready
to deal with it.

He may never be ready.

He can't move forward
if he doesn't.

I know something
about that.

Will you take
a ride with me?


Who's the bull?

I'm just here
to protect you.

I'm Detective Stabler.
You know Dani Beck.

My name's Tracy Monroe

and I killed your husband,
Michael Dooley,

on November 28th, 2002.

You admitting guilt
to get parole?

Demonstrating remorse
so I won't object?

No, ma'am.

I could see
how you could think that,

but you don't know me.

You're my life,

you know that?

I know everything
about you.

Every visitor,

your work detail,

everything you're doing
behind these walls

every minute of every day.

I know you.

I promised myself
you would never get parole.


But I've realized that
if I fixate on you,

I will disappear.

My whole life
will have become

about my husband's killer.

And he loved me

with everything
that he had,

so I know that he'd be mad
if I did that to myself.

So I have to let it go.

I have to
forgive you somehow.

You took a life.

You need to know

how much that life meant...

to everyone who knew him.

( wolf howling )

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