Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 17 - Rage - full transcript

Fourteen years ago, Stabler had a chance to arrest a man for kidnapping, rape and murder, but the man managed to get off. With the recent discovery of a murdered woman, Stabler has another chance at cracking the case. They can only hold the man for 24 hours, but are able to glean enough information during that time period to at least have a place to start. Cragen and Benson both worry that Stabler will let his hatred for the suspected child molester interfere with his ability to do his job.

In the criminal
justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who
investigate these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Every cop has a weakness.

You've just gotta know
how to exploit it.

They think they're so smart. They
treat you like you're an imbecile.

If you're not careful,
you start to believe them.

It's a game for them. They get off
on it. They've got these huge egos.

That's their biggest problem.

All you gotta do is let
them know who's in charge.

Not them. You.

They used to call FBI agents
gangsters with badges.

One step away from being the
worst criminals in society.

Stabler's like that.

Big time.

Who's Stabler?

Jarhead detective.

You know Stabler?

I do. And he knows me, too.

He's been thinking about me
for a long time.

They try to hang you, with your
own words, catch you in a lie.

You're dead
once that happens.

So what do you
tell them?

The truth will set you free.

Mr. Rickett,
let's get you set up

in more
hospitable surroundings.

Okay, have a seat.

I thought this would be
a little more comfortable.

You all right there, Mr. Rickett? I'm fine.

You sure you don't want
an attorney? I'm sure.

Okay, we're going to start in a few
minutes when the case detective gets here.

In the meantime,
you can relax.

You want anything,
like a soda, coffee?

Hey, you wanna look at the sports
section? We might be here for a bit.

I was never much into sports. My
high school basketball coach said

I looked like a retarded
gazelle with a spastic disorder.

Mr. Daley. Real loving guy. You look
like you're in pretty good shape.

You work out,
Mr. Rickett?

I've been thinking about getting
a trainer myself, you know?

Bulking up a little bit. I think
it might help me with the ladies.

Is that why you work out?

Ah, here we go.

"Single white male wanted
for my wife's playmate.

"Prefer hedonist who likes pleasure
mixed with pain. I get to watch. "

This could develop into something
really meaningful for you.

Didn't somebody tell me that you
lived in California for a while?

You gotta be nuts
to come back to this city.

In a few years when I get my
pension, meager though it is,

I'm heading straight to the
beautiful San Fernando Valley.

Live the sweet life. I
can't believe you came back.

Why did you?

Did you have a girlfriend
in California, Mr. Rickett?

I don't feel like chatting anymore, friend.

I hear you. Might as well
wait till we get started.

Plus it'll give you more time
to come up with an answer.

Detective Olivia Benson,
Gordon Rickett.

Where's your partner?

He's just taking care
of a few things.

We were just going over
the classifieds,

trying to help out Mr.
Rickett with his sex life.

He's very open-minded.

You want something
to eat, Mr. Rickett?

I'm fine.

He is so easy to please.

Well, I see you're gonna have
a lot to talk about. Good night.

We gonna start now?

Just waiting
for my partner.

Your partner is
Detective Stabler?

You want my advice, get
yourself a new partner.

Tell you the truth,

I'm surprised he's still
got a job with this outfit.

Unless he's on medication or something.

Whack job.

Total lack of control.

Like an animal.

You can tell him yourself when he gets here.

You think I'm an idiot?

You think I don't know he's
right outside right now?

What, are they afraid to
let you in here with me?

Too unstable,
Detective Stabler?

They got you
on a leash now?

There's no one there.

Come look for yourself.

Forget it.

I wish she
wouldn't do that.

He wasn't coming out. Wouldn't
risk looking that stupid.

Smart enough
to beat a murder rap.

Nothing to do
with brains.

Rickett lucked out because
a jury wouldn't convict

on the strongest circumstantial
evidence we could've given them.

Well, he may luck out again.
No forensics, no weapon.

No crime scene, and no idea how he
transported the body to the dump site.

I'm aware of this,

How long since
you arrested him?

Three hours.

Then you got 21 more
till he walks.

He was packing up
his apartment.

If I hadn't collared him,
in a couple of hours

he would've skipped and
gotten away with another one.

Not this time.

He really wants
you in there.

I'm gonna make him
beg for it.

This is harassment, you know.

I never touched that girl.

I know my rights.

You can't drum this up
after 14 years.

The jury found
me innocent.

You're not here about Dana
MacNamara, Mr. Rickett.

What are the boxes for?

When the interview begins,
you're gonna answer our questions.

See, that's the way it works
around here, Mr. Rickett.

In case
you've forgotten.

I don't have to
answer anything.

I don't have to
say a word.

That's true.

You know what
they said about me?

Do you know what that trial did to my life?

That was
before my time.

You don't know?

You never heard
anything about it?

Then why even
bring it up?

Come on.


Let's get this
over with.

Why'd you leave California,
Mr. Rickett?

I didn't like it.

Why not?
It was too hot.

Tell me about Dana MacNamara. No.

I thought you wanted
to get this over with.

I don't want
to talk about that.

This is a frame job.

I'm not stupid.

Nobody's calling
you stupid, Mr. Rickett.

In fact, I believe that, that was
Detective Stabler's mistake 14 years ago.

Not respecting your intelligence
the first time around.

There was no
first time around.

Dana MacNamara, 11 years old.

Last seen on January 10th,
1991, 3:30 in the afternoon.

Witnesses say that she was
walking up the street with you.

She also lived in your building. Not true.

She lived in the apartment above my
bar, where lots of people come and go.

Lots of suspects
that you guys never talked to.

Police questioned Vanessa
Serafino. Your fiancée at the time.

Now, Ms. Serafino stated,
and later testified at trial,

that you were prone to violent
outbursts. She's a liar.

And, whenever you had
sexual relations with her,

you make her wear pigtails
because it made her look younger.

And although she complied with your request,

you'd often beat her.

Dana MacNamara was found
in a drainage ditch,

on Staten Island, a week
after she went missing.


Her clothing dumped
next to her dead body.

She was sexually assaulted.
Her hands and feet were bound.

She was strangled manually.

But that's not all.

I've heard all this before.

You beat her after she was already dead.

Kicked repeatedly, post-mortem,
in the ribs and the head.

That's enough.

You mutilated her body, took a
knife and carved out her chest.

I'm innocent.
Tell me, Mr. Rickett,

what kind of man
does that?

A smart man or a sick man?
Somebody intelligent, or an animal?

A man with no control.
Shut up!

There he is.

Detective Elliot Stabler,

shining star of the New
York Police Department.

You miss me,
you old bastard?

You know
I missed you.

This is Kerry Lynn Palmer.
12 years old.

Her body was found in the
Hudson River a week ago.

She'd been raped, strangled,
mutilated post-mortem.

Same way
as Dana MacNamara.

The medical examiner estimates
she'd been dumped in the river

one hour before
she was discovered.

I'll bet the killer
wasn't counting on that.

Now we can start.

You sure you don't want a lawyer, Gordon?

I'm sure.

Well, I've gotta
tell you, I don't think

that's too smart.

Shoot me when I start to
care about what you think.

How was California?


Why did you leave?
Because it was hot.

How have you been, Gordon? Life been
treating you well since we last spoke?

Financial problems?

I get by.
What's your job again?

I work with
hazardous materials.

You dispose of hazardous
materials. That's what I said.

So you're
a garbage man.

I'm a tax paying citizen.
I'm not ashamed to say that.

What happened to that
bar you owned? I sold it.

Wasn't that in your family
for a few generations?

You inherited that place from your mom.

That's a shame.

Thanks for your sympathy.

So you went to California. Did you fly? No.


I don't own a car.


I took the bus.

Directly to California, or did
you live someplace along the way?

Lot of states between here and
there. Like Nevada. Arizona.

Did you live in those states
before you got to California?

Why'd you leave California?

What are you, deaf?
I said I didn't like it.

You were there
almost a decade.

Maybe he was getting his head together.
That's what they do there, you know.

He was deciding what he
wanted to do with his freedom.

I think he's decided.
He's gonna be a garbage man.

But you can pick up garbage
anywhere. Why come back here?

My aunt died.

I needed to take care of
things, decided to stay.

That's very decent of you,
Gordon. I'm sorry for your loss.

No, you're not.
You're laughing at me.

You wrecked a man's life
and you think it's a big joke.

I wrecked your life?
Tried to.

I must be
a pretty powerful guy.

I know you
think you are.

Are you hungry? I'm starting to get hungry.

Would you like something to eat, Gordon? No.

Mr. Rickett, where were you between
the hours of 4:00 p. m., Sunday

and 3:00 a. m.
The following Monday?


The entire time?

There was nobody there
with you?

I was alone.
Home alone.

That's what you said the last time.
That's a 14-year-old alibi, Gordon.

Spend a lot of time alone? Yeah.

You don't you have a
girlfriend? Nobody special.

Nobody special?

When did your aunt die? A month ago.

Why weren't you at work? When?

Sunday at 4:00
till the following morning.

I don't work weekends. Because
you're a trash collector.

I work with
hazardous materials.

What are you
driving these days,

besides a garbage truck?
I said I don't own a car.

Mr. Rickett, do you
know this girl?


You've never seen her before. Not once.

So nobody will ever tell us that
they saw you talking to this girl,

or even were in the same
vicinity as she was?

No way. Why did you and Vanessa Serafino

break up?

Because you told her
that I killed that girl.

No, she called off the wedding
long before I arrested you.

I just can't
remember why.

Doesn't it have something
to do with medical school?

Yeah, that's it. You told her you were
getting your medical degree at NYU.

I was going to night school.

You were pretending
to be a medical student.

I mean, how long did you think
you were gonna pull that one off?

You gonna pull people off the street,
start performing surgery on them?

I couldn't get financial aid.

Money had nothing
to do with it, Gordon.

You never finished
high school. Come on.

Lie to your fiancée,
don't lie to me.

I'm not lying about anything.

You lied about
your current girlfriend.

No. I said there was
nobody special.

So who's this woman that
keeps visiting you at work?

You're the detective.

Your ex-fiancée, Vanessa,
the one with the pigtails,

she took out a restraining order
against you after the trial.

She changed her name.
Left town. What happened?

You threaten her? I never
spoke to that skank again.

You said that your aunt died a month ago.

Yeah. And that's why you
came back to New York.


You came back six months ago, Mr. Rickett.

She was sick.
I took care of her.

Like you were her doctor?

She needed help.

I didn't wanna put her in a nursing
home, so I came back. Period.

That's very loving
of you, Gordon.

Those places are hellholes.

She needed help. I stayed
with her till she died.

Why did you leave
California, Mr. Rickett?

You already asked me
20 times.

Dana MacNamara was murdered

a couple weeks after Vanessa
broke off the engagement.

On a scale of 1 to 10,
how mad did Vanessa make you?

I didn't care.

Now, you were fired three weeks
ago, Mr. Rickett, weren't you?

I wasn't fired.

They gave the jobs to one
of their mafia buddies.

They screwed you.
It was political.

Yeah, but you get caught up in the
process. They treat you like you're nothing.

They're nothing. I know,
but they've got the power,

and you're the one
who's unemployed.

Because I'm being
disrespected, again, as usual.

Why is that, Gordon? Why are
people always disrespecting you?

I don't know.
How can you take it?

I'm not going to take it
anymore. They don't know.

They don't know
anything about you.

That's right.
I'm gonna show them.

You're gonna show them, aren't you? Yeah.


Yeah, 'cause no one's
innocent. Your bosses.

That's right.
Your girlfriends.

The kids.

Even the kids! What are
you going to do to them?

I'm going to hurt the kids!
Hurt your kids, Stabler!

We're talking about
Kerry Lynn Palmer.

I'm going to
kill all the kids!

What are you going to
do about it, huh?

Tell me how
you killed her.

Then I'm going to
kill their puppies,

and I'm going to
kill their kitties!

I'm a psycho killer!

What are you going to do about it? Huh?
Come on! Come on! I'm a psycho killer!

What are you going to
do about it, huh?

What are you going to do?
Come on! Come on!

You're a hoot, Stabler.

Kill the kids.

You're just like
I remember you.

Only now they send you
in here with a babysitter.

You bust on me because I'm a garbage man?

Well, what about you?
You're an animal.

A Neanderthal.

Sit down, Mr. Rickett.

You see that?

That's a little reminder
I've got of your partner.

I never forgot him.

I had a little accident last time
we were together in a room like this.

I accidentally let him put me
through a plate glass window.

Did I cry about it?

Did I sue the city, look for a handout
like all the other schmucks? No.

Because I'm a man.

He didn't hear what he wanted from
me, and he had a temper tantrum.

He has no self control.
Like a baby.

Like a stupid,
selfish, whiny child.

Who wants something to eat?

I want cheese on that. Whatever
has a really strong smell.

And extra raw onions, like
double the normal amount.

That's it.
Good. Thanks.

Why don't we really mess with him and
order in a couple of filet mignons?

If only we had it
in the budget.

Good luck, Elliot.
Night, Cap.

Elliot, we're almost five hours
into this. I can still get to him.

We've gotta start thinking
about a different tactic

than getting creative
with takeout.

Listen to that last thing
Rickett said about kids.

They're greedy.
They're out of control.

They're stupid. Now, for Rickett
that is the worst insult he can give.

This guy is never
gonna confess.

Captain, I know this guy.
He's like an addict.

He's hooked on the rage. Not
expressing it, controlling it.

He gets off on denying himself
an outlet for his anger.

And it builds and it builds, till he
finds a girl and he takes it out on her.

Rickett was
playing you in there.

He was perfectly
in control. Were you?

Rickett thinks he's in charge.
You make sure he knows he's not.

Just keep pushing his buttons.
See which one lights him up.

Boy, that was good. You sure
you don't want anything, Gordon?

Nope. You gonna spend a long time with us.

Might as well get a free
meal out of it, you know?

I'm not hungry.
God, that was good.

Could you explain one thing to
me? Why'd you leave California?

You're out of your mind.
No. Seriously.

Just give me an explanation I
can grasp. Why here, why now?

My aunt died.

Mr. Rickett,
you don't have an aunt.

Your father was
an only child,

and your mother had two
sisters, long deceased.

You've got wrong information.
That's your problem.

What's this?

Detective Tutuola.

What's up, Gordy?

All that talk
about telling the truth,

"I'm a genius. "
"Cops are punks. "

You're embarrassing
yourself, man.

You're lying your ass off,
and everybody knows it.

No, I'm not.

Talk to Sandra Brophy lately?

Remember? Your girlfriend
from California.

She told us
to tell you "Hello,"

then rip off your nuts
and feed them to you.

You're making friends all over
the country, aren't you, Gordy?

Whatever she told
you is a lie.

She told us you tried to
rape her 14-year-old daughter.

Then you ran away
like a little girl.

And the only reason
you're sitting here right now

is 'cause that kid's too
scared to talk to the cops.

The girl had
emotional problems.

The only problem that she
had was running into you.

We also heard that you got evicted
from your apartment down there.

A week and a half before
you attacked her kid.

Let's see, you murder Dana MacNamara
after your fiancée dumps you,

you murder Kerry Lynn
Palmer after you get fired.

Tell us about Nevada.
And Arizona.

Carson, Nevada.

Chloe Lynch, age 13.

Presumed dead.

Carson police
questioned you about it.

Tempe, Arizona.
Heather Morrison, 11.

Missing. Presumed dead.

You were questioned and
released for lack of evidence.

That's why you kept moving.
That's why you left California.

That's why you were
packing to leave New York.

You know, I've dreamed
about this day.

Seeing that look on your face
when I catch you in every lie,

in every mistake.

And you've already made
your biggest one.

Yeah? Yeah, you came back here.

You haven't forgotten me?

I haven't forgotten
you, either.

Where are you going?

To the crib.
See you in 30.

Let's get in there.


Rickett's sleeping.

And you're letting him?
About 10 minutes.

I'll wake him up. Let him sleep
some more. Wake him up again.

Just keep doing it
until the sun comes up.

Okay, I'll go in
when you wake him.


Why not?

Look I'm changing it up. Nothing
personal, just changing it up.

So you're gonna
do this by yourself?

What are you,
a one-man squad now?

Look, he called you
my babysitter.

So what?
So I want to use that.

I want him to think
that when I go in there,

I'm gonna throw him right
through that window again.

I know what I'm doing.


Wake up, Gordy. There's enough
time to sleep when you're dead.

You drink it. You look like
you could use it more than me.

I'm getting my second wind.
I feel pretty good.

Get this look, Elliot. It's
like I'm a cheating boyfriend.

Don't worry, baby,
I'll always love you.

You're funny.

Yeah you're hilarious
acting all betrayed.

We snowed you, Rickett.
Get over it.

You're a good actor.

Unless that wasn't acting.

You on the pipe
back in the day?

I think he's
mad at you, Fin.

Bet it was real tough growing up in
a studio apartment like cockroaches.

You should be
real proud of yourself.

This guy's good.
I know.

It's like he's turning
the tables or something.

Damn. He's like some reverse
psychology evil genius.

You're both pathetic.

Who's pathetic?

It's amazing how much you know
about being a bastard child.

That's personal experience,

I know who my daddy is.

I do, too.
But mine stuck around.

Not like your daddy.
What do you know about it?

Everybody knows everything about you, Gordon.

Because you told the shrink who
evaluated you before your trial

14 years ago.

Let's see now. Your father abandoned
you when you were 18 months old.

They make a big deal out of everything.

Six months later
your mother

gets pregnant again,
by another guy

who won't marry her,
your sister is born.

How is your sister, Gordon? Ask her.

Yeah, I did.

Must be a big kick
in the balls

to know your own blood
thinks you're guilty as sin.

No, Gordon doesn't care about
his sister. She ruined his life.

That's what
he told the shrink.

So now you got
two babies in the house.

Only, that's
too much work for Mommy,

so you're forced to grow up. No
more bottles. No more diapers.

Definitely no more crying.

Your mom would kick your ass
if you shed a tear, huh?

"That selfish bitch!

"She ruined my life because
she wouldn't take care of me. "

I'm not gonna talk
to you about my mother.

"My mama never loved me.
I had no childhood. "

I never said that
to the shrink.

No, that's what
the shrink said about you.

"Subject," that's you, "has
a childlike view of the world.

"Believes the world has conspired
to deny him success and happiness,

"in spite of his inflated
estimate of his own intelligence. "

She just called you
a moron, Gordon.

Do you think I care
what that bitch said?

Yeah, I do. Look at you. It's eating you up.

If that bitch were in this room
right now, you'd tear her apart.

If that bitch was in this room right now
and she were 11 years old, you'd kill her.

I don't need a PhD to know
what kind of person you are.

You're a loser. But you had a tough
childhood, that makes you special?

That makes you a victim?
You're nothing.

You contribute nothing.

The reason your life sucks is
because you've done nothing.

I've done nothing?

Are you counting the little children
that you've raped and murdered?

Is that what
you're saying to me?

You want to walk me through
that, you piece of garbage?

Tell me how good you are
at torturing children!

Tell me how strong you've gotta
be to kill a little girl, huh?

What's the problem? A grown woman
too much of a challenge for you?

I should do to you what you
do to those little girls.

I should put you in
pigtails, you little bitch.

Come on, you little bitch. I want
you to cry for me. Come on! Tell me!

Come on! Cry for me!

Get out.
Come on, man!

Come on! Come on, you little bitch!

Tell me about the little
girls, huh? Huh? Tough guy.

What the hell was that?

So Elliot screams at him for a couple
of hours, and what's the plan after that?

I don't know. That was the end of the plan.

Night again.

Looks like you and me are going
to say goodbye pretty soon.

Messed with my chair, huh?

Screwed with the lights,
cranked up the heat.

I miss anything?

Here, fix the chair
if you want.

The food.

Get you to eat or drink so you'd
have to ask to use the john.

We try to make you need something
from us. Food, sleep, whatever.

But you didn't
need anything.

You are your own man.

And you know
what else?

You're smarter.

At the end of the day, that's
the one thing I'm pretty sure of.

You don't know how much it
pains me to have to say that.

It's weird, because
back then, with Dana,

I thought I knew it all.

It didn't matter that we couldn't
find the place where you murdered her.

Didn't matter that we couldn't
prove how you dumped the body.

I knew you were guilty.

I thought that
was enough, but

we both know
how that turned out.

See, back then, I thought
you were a pedophile.

And pedophiles, you know, in their
own sick way, think they love children.

They build a relationship with them.

They believe that they have an
emotional connection to the child.

You know how you get
a pedophile to confess?

You offer them
the opportunity.

Some of them just feel so guilty about
it that they're dying to tell you.

But that's not you,
is it, Gordon?

I was all wrong.

You know, working in SVU, I learned
the difference between a pedophile

and a man
who rapes children.

You don't care about the
kids. You hate the kids.

It's not about attraction,
or power, or dominance.

It's about annihilation.

You defile and destroy her because
she has what you'll never have.




Is that why I do it?
That's part of it.

The other part, the part that I've been
trying to get at all night, is the rage.

You're very good
at hiding it.

It's unbelievable.

But I know it's there. I mean, I can see
it, even when you're sitting still like now.


you're kidding yourself if you
think you're controlling it.

It's controlling you.

Every lie you tell
to cover your inadequacies,

every perceived insult
you think you're getting,

just feeds it.

You're lecturing me
about rage?

Are you kidding?

I'm not.

What do you know about controlling anything?

I don't murder people.

Give it time.

You say you see something in me?
Well, I see something in you, too.

You think you control.

You can't.

You're controlled.

By your boss, by your job,
by your wife, your kids.

What would you be if all
those controls went away?

I'd be you.

Mr. Rickett,
you're free to go.

Look, I know we're
all disappointed

about this hump being
back on the streets again.

But we get past it and find the link
between Rickett and Kerry Lynn Palmer.

Or something that leads
us to where he killed her.

They never found that 14 years
ago. I doubt we'll find it now.

When I arrested Rickett
for Dana MacNamara's murder

he lawyered up

This time we've got 24
hours worth of interrogation.

I wanna go over everything
that came out of his mouth.

That's what we've
been doing, Elliot.

You know this crap about
the truth will set you free?

Every other word out of
Rickett's mouth was a fabrication.

No. Not everything.

The dude couldn't even
tell us about his job.

Kept saying he worked
with hazardous materials.

Okay. Let's start with that.

Why lie about something
that's insignificant?

Same reason he told his fiancée
that he was a med student.

Just to make himself
look better.

Okay, so let's call his work
and education exaggerations?

Vanity lies.

What else?

Everything that went down in California.

That's a guilt lie. He attacks
his girlfriend's daughter.

That's incriminating.

It's obvious
why he lied about that.

Claims he didn't have a car or access to one.

We can't prove it,
but we know it's false.

No other way to dump the body in the river.


He's lying about
having a girlfriend now.

You'd think that he'd want us to know that,

just to prove that he doesn't
need to have sex with little girls.

Did we get the LUDs
on his phone?

No, we're still waiting.

You think he would tell
a girlfriend about this?

Rickett does work alone,

but if he's hiding her, maybe he's afraid
she'll lead us in the right direction.

What about his aunt?

Doesn't have one.
So why lie about it?

To explain
the move from California?

A lot better ways to do that.

That means something.

If the phone dump gives us the
girlfriend, she maybe able to illuminate.

That's good work, Elliot.

Not good enough.

Linda Cusick?

Police. We'd like to talk to
you about your boyfriend, Gordon.

Oh, no.

God, you guys are brutes.

Yeah. Did Gordon warn
you we'd be coming around?

No, but he told me how you
framed him and everything.

How long have
you two been dating?

I don't remember, and anyways we broke
up weeks ago, so I can't help you.

Try again, sweetheart. You
call him twice a day, every day.

Hey, Linda.

You don't want to lie to us
anymore. I'm not in the mood.

We've been dating
two months.

Last Sunday night and Monday morning,
did you see him or speak to him?

Why not?

We don't spend
every second together.

You ever meet his aunt?

No. He doesn't have
any family. Does he?

Do you have a car?


Who needs a car in New
York? Your boyfriend did.

He ever borrow someone's?

Ask him.
I don't know, I swear.

I never saw him driving
if that makes you happy.

Linda, did he ever
make you dress up?

You know, play games where you're
supposed to be a little girl?

That should
set off some bells.

What is this? Aphrodite Salon. What is it?

I'm allowed to take stuff home
to test it out. I work there.

Two blocks from
Kerry Lynn Palmer's apartment.

I've never seen her.

Well, have you ever heard Linda's
boyfriend talking about a girl named Kerry?

Not that I can remember.

I know Gordon's a thug, but I
didn't think he was into little kids.

Why do you
call him a thug?

Because all Linda's
boyfriends are.

She picks up guys
in this neighborhood,

even after I told her
it's not a safe place.

My salon gets robbed,
my car gets stolen.

When did your car
get stolen?

Couple weeks ago.
Did you report it?

Cops said it was probably
just kids, joyriding.

Took it to Staten Island
and torched it.

Staten Island. Where Dana's body was found.

Fire burned
hot and long.

Definitely used an accelerant,

which means any and all trace
evidence was probably gone.

Now, there's a lot of crap to sift through
in this lot, but we'll look at everything.

So other than dumping Dana
MacNamara's body here 14 years ago,

what is his connection
to Staten Island?

Never made one.

So Dana was found less
than a mile from here.

Kerry Lynn was dumped
in the Hudson,

and then he drove all the
way out here to dump the car.

Why is he
so comfortable here?

He knows this place.

Look at that.

Nursing home.
Remember what Rickett said?

He'd never put his aunt
in one of those dumps.

He doesn't have
an aunt.

They're not really
blood relatives.

Mrs. Larson grew up with Gordon's mother
back in Illinois. Is he in trouble?

You could say that.

I just want to know in case he shows
up. I can't have my patients in danger.

Why does Mr. Rickett come
here anymore? His aunt died.

No, she didn't.

She's been paralyzed for
20 years, but for her age,

Mrs. Larson's
healthy as a horse.

Well, I'm certainly a
popular girl these days.

You getting a lot of visitors, Mrs. Larson?

Especially since
Gordon's back from India.

He was a Doctor
Without Borders, you know.

Does he come
and visit you a lot?

He's my lifeline.

Now that he's back, he's
taken care of all my finances.

Pays all my hospital bills.

What else does Gordon do
for you, Mrs. Larson?

Well, there's the gardening, of
course. And general maintenance.

And he said that he just
bought some new storm windows.

For your house?

He's been taking care of it
until I move back in.

Where's your house?

Car doesn't look like it's seen the
road since Dana MacNamara's murder.

What do you wanna bet that CSU
could find her DNA in there?

It's freezing in here.

No heat.

He's taking care of
this place for her?

More like selling everything
that's not nailed down.

Final notice,
collection agencies.

These are all months old.
He's robbing her blind.

I'm surprised he didn't just
sell the house out from under her.

He didn't sell the house because
he needed a place to work.

He's paying
the electrical bill.

Hey, Mrs. Larson's been in
a wheelchair for 20 years.

No way she'd ever
make it down there.

It's like a bunker down here.

Nobody would
ever hear a sound.

I got blood.

Kerry Lynn Palmer was wearing
those the day she went missing.

Please, I want my mom.

Please, I want my mom!

Shut up!

Police. Get your hands up.

Get them up now. Rickett,
get away from the girl!

Gordon, there's no way out
of this. Let go of the girl.

Please, he's hurting me! Ow!

Rickett, let her go
or I'll kill you.

You're gonna have to shoot me.

I swear to God, I'll kill you.

That's what you wanted
all these years, isn't it?

Go ahead.


It's over.

Gordon Rickett, you're under arrest
for the murder of Kerry Lynn Palmer

and for kidnapping. You have
the right to remain silent.

If you give up that right,
anything you say

can and will be used against
you in a court of law.

You have the right to an attorney.
If you can't afford one...

We got there just in time.
Rickett didn't rape her.

CSU found two types of
blood in the basement.

One is recent, and the
other is likely years old.

Did you think
I froze?

Is that why
you fired first?

I fired first because
you would've killed him.

He deserves to die.

Maybe he does.

But he wanted you
to kill him.

He wanted you to always
remember that you took his life,

not 'cause you had to,
but because you were angry.

You wanna get something to eat? Come on.

I'm just gonna go home.