Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 18 - Pure - full transcript

After an 18-year-old girl is kidnapped, psychic Sebastian Ballentine comes forward claiming to have information on the killings. Stabler refuses to believe that Ballentine is a real psychic, and is convinced that the hints he is dropping about the case indicate he is somehow involved.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses
are considered especially heinous.

In New York City,

the dedicated detectives who investigate
these vicious felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as The Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

I think I'm gonna throw up.

Chloe, calm down.

Your heel just caught
the hem, it'll be fine.

He's gonna be here
any second.

Everyone panics over
their first dance, sweetie.


Wipe your face.

Don't touch your dress.
A mascara stain would ruin it.

Oh, my God, it's him.
Get it!

Let the machine pick up.

- Mom!
- I mean it.

Don't move. / Hi, you've reached
the Sellers residence.

Tell us something good.

Your daughter is such
a hot piece of ass.

Best sex I ever had.

She's a screamer,
did you know that?

Made me crazy.

Especially when she
screamed "Mommy" while I...


Who is that?

How should I know?
It was a prank call.

If that's one of your
little friend's idea of a joke...

Maybe it's one of
Kaley's lame friends.

Where is your sister?

Ma, it was just
some random loser.

She should have
been home by now.

Why do you have to make
a big deal out of everything?

You need to finish my dress.



It's Mom.
Can you hear me?

Kaley can't come
to the phone.


She's tied up right now.

Law & Order SVU
6x18 Pure


Give me a status on the
Kaley Sellers abduction.

Talked to everyone
in her address book.

Nobody had plans
with her last night.

Tap's in place on their phone, but our
chatty rapist hasn't called back yet.

Well, maybe he
can't get through.

Mrs. Sellers has been calling
here every ten minutes.

- Who was the last person to see her?
- Clerk at the Federal Courthouse.

Kaley works as a bike messenger for
the illustrious law firm, Henshall & Langan.

They've got a big
criminal defense division.

Liv's down there now, trying to
sniff out a non-incarcerated client list.

Kaley's bike's also M.I.A.

The court documents were
stamped delivered at 4:52.

She disappeared
between there and home.

That's too much
ground to canvass.

We know any of her regular spots,
restaurants, shops?

Does she belong to a gym?

That was Liv.
Turn on the TV.

Law Offices Of Henshall & Langan
392 Park Avenue
Saturday, February 26

We should be holding this
press conference, not you.

This isn't about who
gets the most air time.

Do you have any news?

I'm sorry.

There is really no other option than
to appeal to the public for help.

I agree with you, but we need to control
which information gets released.

And you just told Mrs. Sellers
that you don't have any.

- And given the 48 hour statistic...
- Well, what's that?

It's the stat that he's confusing on
the abduction of much younger children.

- You think he's gonna kill her?
- We don't know that, Mrs. Sellers.

He's had her for at least 16 hours,
and you people haven't done anything.

- I wanna do this now.
- Right through here.

She's been working
to pay her own tuition.

She plans to go to NYU,
then law school.

Is the answering
machine tape available?

After conferring with the D.A.'s office,

we've decided not to
release that at this time.

Does Kaley have a history
of drug or alcohol abuse?

No, she's never
even taken a drink.

Detective? I'm Mindy Mayhern.
I'm the office manager here.

I need to talk to you.

She hasn't had a boyfriend
since high school.

Mrs. Sellers, do you have any words
to say to her abductors?


I will give you everything I own.


Just don't hurt her anymore.


Let her come home, please.

Kaley Sellers is
a beloved employee here.

She has a bright future, and we
consider her a member of our family.

Henshall & Langan is putting up
a $10,000 reward for any information...

- That's all we need.
- Leading to her whereabouts.

Calls can be directed
to the... SVU Tipline.

Here comes the crapstorm.

No one goes home.
Everybody's on overtime.

There's gonna be
a lot of leads to track down.

And mostly from
the fruitloop brigade.

Captain, it's the Ledger.
What do we tell 'em?

Pain in the ass press.
Put it through to my office.

We just fired one of
our other messengers

because we caught him
making stops at strip clubs.

Do you think he abducted Kaley?

No, but he's the reason we started
giving our messengers cell phones,

and they're all equipped
with GPS chips.

Hold on. You've know where she is all
this time and you haven't told anybody?

No, I didn't know she was
missing until this morning.

I immediately checked our tracker,

but her cell phone wasn't
turned on until a few minutes ago.

So where is she?

According to our mobile
locator, 8th Avenue.

Kaley's cell is number two.

Not only is it turned back on.

She's moving.

Subject is proceeding east
on 44th, between 7th and 8th.

We're right on her tail.

We're on the block.

Halfway down the block,
moving slowly.

She could be in a trunk,
in a back of a van.

Seriously doubt he's got
her sitting right beside him.

Just came to a dead stop.

Sir, we're gonna have to ask you to
empty the contents of your vehicle.

- From the cab?
- No, from the back.

What the hell for?

Guy tossed evidence
from a felony crime.

You picked up
the lucky bin.

Damn, I'm at
the end of my run.

I got... I got a full load in there.

He may have tossed
in a girl as well.

Hey, I just compress.

If she was alive when
she went in, she ain't no more.

They found the cell,
but no trace of Kaley.

Why did he turn it back
on before he tossed it?

Tech thinks garbage in the truck
pressed against the "send" button.

Phone automatically dialed
the last number called.

Mrs. Sellers.

Yeah, so our phone tap recorded
20 minutes of garbage truck noise.

You know, the trash in the same bag
might tell us where he dumped it.

Munch and Fin are
going through it now.

TARU is working on the phone,
but it's pretty mangled.

'Scuse me.
I'm sorry to interrupt.

I've seen the girl
you're looking for.


Just before the
press conference.

She was terrified.
A man had her by the hair.

I didn't get a real
good look at him,

but his eyes were very distinctive,
one brown, one blue.

- Okay, where was this?
- I had a vision.

Thank you very much
for coming in.

- Look, I know what you're thinking.
- Course you do, you're psychic.

- You believe I'm mentally ill.
- He's good.

Look, I have worked with many other police
departments on missing persons cases.

My name is Sebastian Ballentine.

The Sebastian Ballentine?

- You've heard of me?
- No.


Uh, Officer Baxter.

Would you please show
Mr. Ballentine out?

- This way, sir.
- Yeah, okay, uh,

Look. Here's my card.

- Call if you need me, okay?
- That's $3.95 a minute?

That's...very good.
It's... it's a local call.

Lab just called.

TARU found something
on Kaley's cell.

Technical Assistance Redponse Unit
One Police Plaza
Saturady, February 26

For a cheap phone,
it's got a lot of bells and whistles,

including a camera.

You got a picture?

Poor quality, low pixel count,
but a picture nonetheless.

When was it taken?

It's time and date coded.

7:25 a.m. this morning.

At least we know she
lived through the night.

I also have two older photos.

Okay, that was last week. Mrs. Sellers
said Kaley didn't have a boyfriend.

Take a look at the next shot.

I'd say he's much more
into her than she is into him.

Who is he?

Jake Ostrander.

Kaley's old high
school boyfriend.

When did they break up?

- Last summer.
- Were they still friendly?

No. She hated him.

Chloe, where's
your mom right now?

She's in Kaley's room.

Doing a... reading.

What kind of reading?

Yes. I'm sensing
her essence now.

She's very sweet.

And she's very kind hearted.

She's a Gemini, isn't she?


What are you doing here?

Hello, Elliot.

You know this guy?

Sebastian can see Kaley.
She's alive.

And you're gonna find her.

What's your angle,
you little vulture?

I'm just trying to help.

That woman is out
of her mind with worry,

she doesn't need your help!

I keep seeing a serial port
and a computer cord.

Does that mean
anything to you?

Maybe he met her
over the Internet.

Yes, I'm seeing that.

No, you're not. Computer Crimes
went over Kaley's computer.

There are no
suspicious e-mails.

She never visited a chatroom,
you pathetic fraud.

What about water?
I see her under flowing water.

But she's not wet.

Doesn't really make
sense, does it?

What? You didn't
see that coming?

No, but I do see an anger
management class in someone's future.

Hey, you think this is funny?


A girl's been raped and kidnapped,

and you're trying to make
a buck off her mother's misery?

Your temper has gotten
you into trouble, hasn't it?

I'm seeing citations.

Go home.

And don't come back here.

Believe me, I understand
your skepticism,

but I can help you.

You wanna help?
Stay the hell out of this.

You should call your wife
and kids, they're worried.

Mr. Ballentine hasn't
asked for a cent.

Mrs. Sellers, I know that you're
desperate to get your daughter back.

But you need to understand that there
are unscrupulous people out there.

That's not Sebastian.

Psychics come out of the woodwork
in high profile cases for exposure.

- It gets them business.
- But... but he had a vision.

And so did the 600 psychics who called
in tips on the Elizabeth Smart case.

Not to mention all the callers
who had dreams about it.

A psychic has
never solved a case.

But he told me things
he couldn't possibly know.

Like Kaley wanted to go to NYU.

You said that at the
press conference.

And he told me that she had
a scar from a childhood accident.

And she does, under her chin.

Almost everybody has a scar
from an accident from childhood.

Where's Mr. Ballentine?

You haven't chased
him away, have you?

Mrs. Sellers, I promise you that we will find
Kaley sooner by following tangible leads.

Like what?

Chloe, show your
mother the picture.

Jake Ostrander?

- When was this taken?
- A week ago on Kaley's phone.

Did she mention seeing him?


- Why did they break up?
- Because Kaley wouldn't put out.


Did Kaley tell you that?

No, I read it in her diary.

We didn't find a diary.

She tore it up
after she caught me.

Well, what else did
she say about Jake?

Was she scared of him?


She just wasn't ready to... do it.

Do you think it could have been Jake's
voice on that answering machine?

Sebastian asked me
if the letter J meant anything.

He must have meant Jake.

I talked to Jake Ostrander's father.

He said Jake's away
at college in Boston.

Yeah, but we know that
he came home last weekend.

The Dad confirmed that, but he said
he spent this weekend in Bean-Town.

I've got calls in to verify it.

Look at these names.
They can't all be suspects.

The bag the phone was
in tore apart in the truck.

I took names off every
loose piece of mail...

... and crud coated magazine trying
to nail down where it came from.

And this is the garbage route.

And this is where
the patrolmen found her bike.

An hour ago under
an overpass.

Five blocks west
from her cell phone.

Yeah, we're starting to
narrow down the search area.

Now what?

'Scuse me, 'scuse me.

Now, what part of stay out of
this don't you understand?

Look, I just, uh, I feel that
this is where I'm meant to be.

Then you are
the world's worst psychic.

The amazing Ballentine is back.

I was wondering if you'd collected any
evidence you'd like me to perform a reading on.

- No.
- Yes.

Detective Benson,
show him a room.


- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Mr. Ballentine.

Look, Captain, Captain.
He's completely snowed the mother.

I just want him to stop
bothering her and us again.

This isn't a babysitting service.

So we dump him in a room and
leave him there until he figures it out.

Tipline has received over 300 calls.
All our rooms are full.

So we stuff him in a urinal.

Sister Peg.

- What are you doing here?
- She saw the report on Kaley Sellers.

During my regular condom run,
I warned the working girls...

there was a man snatching
young women off the street.

And Bernadette here thinks
she may have run into him.

You're a prostitute.

Mr. Ballentine. Uh, why don't
you have a seat over here?

- Thank you.
- It was on a date.

John, my date, is totally
obsessed with this story.

Has me pretend to
be the missing kid.

Kaley. / Yeah.
He keeps calling me Kaley.

Acts out this whole
abduction fantasy.

He was just a little too into it,
if you catch my drift.

I think it's wonderful that
you two came forward.

And you're a Madam.

No, I'm a nun.

What are you?

- I'm a psychic.
- Officer Kivlahan.

Would you please find a room for our
visiting clairvoyant and make him comfortable?

I've got to get back to St. Anne's.
It's a full house at the shelter.

Someone can drive Bernadette home?

Of course. / Guys, Jake Ostrander's
roommate from BC called back.

Say he cut classes early Friday,
drove home to meet a girl.

- Kaley?
- Didn't have a name.

Just knew he was
going to "nail some skirt."

Said he crashed over at his
friend Michael's apartment.

Loft Of Michael Winnick
443 Broome Street
Saturday, February 26

Michael Winnick.
Open the door.

- Mikey's out of town.
- Step aside.

It's not Kaley.

Hey, how long has
Jake been here?

- Since Friday.
- Why are you looking for Kaley?

She was abducted and raped.
Do you know anything about that?

Just that she was asking for it.

What the hell does that mean?

Why don't you get
some clothes on?

Look, all I ever heard was
how she wanted it to be special.

She held out on me the whole year
we were dating. I never got the prize.

Looks to me like you
never stopped trying.

Can I show you something?


When I saw her at the library,
I snuck up on her,

and saw the site she was on.

And what was it?

She didn't have that
on her home computer.

Probably 'cause her
runt sister was too nosy.

Well, what was she buying?

I think it has to do with
what she was selling.

Her virginity?

I'm an 18 year old girl
struggling to make tuition.

The high bidder will win my virginity.

Rare opportunity.
Serious bidders only.

I don't care if she calls it
an auction or a yard sale.

It's prostitution.

Girl was desperate
to get into college.

Maybe she was selling
the only asset she had.

Yeah, who gets
to tell her mother?

Press is gonna have
a field day with this.

We know who won?

Well, it's a 10-day listing.
The bidding hasn't closed yet.

Bids are up to $8,000.

Are the bidders listed?

Yeah, all 500 of them.

A lot are from the same guy
who keeps getting outbid.


That's his BiddingRoom name,
but if I click "member profile",

I can read feedback from
people he's bought from.

They had to send their item to him.
They would know his name and address.

Apartment Of Haelan Beaumont
163 West 84th Street
Sunday, February 27

So tell us, Harlan. Why'd you pick
the screen name ConEsewer?

It's a play on words.

- Yeah, I got it, dork boy.
- Yeah, your taste is impeccable.

You buy all this crap
on BiddingRoom?

Each and every piece in here is
a certified rare collectible.

Yeah, I can't believe they
stopped making these babies.

You don't do that well with
the ladies, do you, Harlan?

- I do all right.
- Yeah, when you pay for it.

A girl's virginity would be
the ultimate collectible, wouldn't it?

In mint condition, yes.

Bet you're the type who has
to win every auction you're in.

You've got an
expensive habit here, pal.

How were you gonna
pay for the virgin?

I was gonna sell
off my Hummels.

She was way past your price range,

but you just had to have
her anyway, didn't you?

They found Kaley
in Hell's Kitchen.

Super went to check on the water
heater first thing this morning.

He might have
tainted the scene.

Put a greasy blanket on her.

How many ways
to get down there?

Just one. You have to
come down the front stoop,

enter the exterior basement door.

Door's been jimmied.

Ligature strangulation.

Rigor hasn't even set in yet.

She's only been dead
a couple hours.

No, no.

- What?
- That water pipe.

What about it?

Sebastian described this.

He said she'd be found under
flowing water, but she wouldn't be wet.

- Where is he?
- Who?

- Kivlahan.
- Detective?

That psychic nutcase from last night.
Where did you put him?

Interview room.

That was like eight hours ago.

He's been there all night.

- Damn it.
- What's the problem?

Where'd they move Ballentine to?

I haven't seen him, why?

I let that girl die.

Elliot. / She was still alive.
We had him before he killed her.

- Who?
- Ballentine.

It's Ballentine. I don't know how,
I don't know why, but he did it.

He gave you a business card.
Do you still have it?

I tossed it on your desk.

That Sebastian guy.
I thought he was the real deal.

Kivlahan, I'm in no mood for jokes.

No, he knew my mother's name,

and that she had passed, and
that she didn't get along with my wife.

If you fell for that guy's load of bull,
you're in the wrong line of work, pal.

Where the hell is it?

Try looking under your mouse pad.

- You're still here.
- Of course.

I feel like a bad
piece of furniture.

No matter where they move me,
I seem to be in the way.

You saying you've
been here all night?

You asked me to
wait for you, didn't you?

You never left this building?

Does astral projection count?

You knew that a computer
would be involved.

You knew she'd be found
under flowing water.

How'd you know that, huh?

I have a gift.

Sometimes it's more of a curse.

Your daughter is such
a hot piece of ass.

Best sex I ever had.

That's you.

Doesn't sound anything like me.

A crime lab is running that through
a filter and an audio scrubber.

They will get a voice I.D.


Ask 'em to put a rush on it.

You feeling cooperative?
Let me hook you up to a lie detector.

That'd be fantastic.

And if it said I was telling
the truth about being a psychic,

would you believe me then?

Okay, psychic.

What am I thinking?

- What do you want to know?
- You're the psychic.

What am I thinking?

Ne-Negative energy
blocks the channel.

I'm completely open.

I'm sensing trouble
with a family member.

A woman.

Is it your wife?

I don't discuss
my family at work.

I see the number three.


Oh, yes.

It's family again, sorry.

How the hell is he doing that?

Elliot has four kids.

Three pregnancies.
One was twins.

He's using a technique that psychics
have used for centuries, cold reading.

And what's that?

It's basically intuition
and common sense.

He starts with a very general statement
and then he looks for a reaction,

a nod of the head, an aha.

We give away volumes
with our faces.

Elliot tensed up the second
he mentioned family.

That was a "tell."

And then Sebastian followed up on that,
and he guessed the wife.

It's the most obvious.

Had he guessed
the wrong person,

he would have noticed a lowering
of the eyebrows, a tilt to the head...

Signs of doubt. / And then he
would have quickly switched to:

"Oh, I'm wrong, it's a child.
It's definitely a child."

People forget all the wrong guesses,
remember the one right answer.

But he did tell Mrs. Sellers

that Kaley was involved with somebody
beginning with the letter J, Jake.

Because they always start
with their best odds, the letter J or M.

Two most common first
names are John and Mary.

You want to expose him?

Then don't contribute
to the conversation at all.

Or better yet,

telegraph him false feedback.

See how psychic he is then.

I'm seeing a rift.

I'm sensing someone has
caused you a lot of pain.

It's a man.

It's... someone very
important in your life, but...

I don't see that
he's really been there for you.

Well, he's been busy at work.

I'm sorry, but I...

... see him with other women.

Oh, my God.

How do you know that?

It's your father, isn't it?


it's not my father.

Well, there is a-a problem
with your husband.

What about him?

You don't have one.

Well, that experiment
failed miserably.

I lifted Ballentine's prints off
the coffee cup like you asked me,

ran him through A-FIS.

He's not in the system.

Am I crazy, or is this
guy actually psychic?

No, he's been trained in FACS.

Facial Action Coding System.

What, he's gone
to psychic university?

Transferred from Klown Kollege?

There are 43 distinct
facial movements.

A psychologist named Paul Ekman
catalogued 3,000 possible combinations...

...making up the entire
spectrum of human emotion.

- Why?
- To see if someone's lying.

FACS breaks facial movement
down into action units.

AU-1 is raising
the frontalis par medialis.

That's not even English.

It's the inner eyebrow.
It's a sign of distress.

I didn't think I gave anything away.

FACS teaches you how to pick up on fleeting
microexpressions that most people don't even see.

Turns you into
a human lie detector.

It's being taught at the FBI and CIA.

So how'd this numb-nuts learn it?

The CD-Rom is
sold over the Internet.

I deserve an apology.

In writing.

You'll be receiving one in
the mail in six to eight weeks.

Can somebody help me?

You all right, Ma'am?

No, my husband's been
here since last night.

He called at 2:00 a.m.
and said he'd be home soon,

but we're still waiting.
I'm going out of my mind.

- What's your husband's name? -
Sebastian Ballentine.

You're free to go, Mr. Ballentine.

Are you sure?

Don't really feel like I've
convinced Detective Stabler yet.

I'd hate to leave him
with unresolved angst.

Your wife and baby are waiting.

No, they aren't.

Well, you finally missed one, Kreskin.
Mrs. Ballentine.

We were so worried.

What are you doing here, Carlene?
I told you I was working.

Oh, I'm sorry.

She vouched for your whereabouts
during Kaley's abduction.

- You can go.
- But I'm not ready to leave.

And why is that?

Because we haven't found a killer yet.
I promised her mother.

We've got people on it.

Listen, I'm certain that
he's gonna hit again.

- I think you need my help here.
- We need you at home.

Henry J. cried all night.

He can sense
when Daddy's not around.

I guess he inherits
that trait from his father.

I hope so.

Isn't he the spitting image?

Captain, we've got
a situation at St. Anne's.

Saint Anne's Homeless Shelter
330 Tenth Avenue
Sundaym February 27

Sister Peg's room is
right down here.

Well, when's the last time
anybody saw her?

Late last night. People started
to get concerned by dinner time.

She never leaves them
hanging at the soup kitchen.

Sister Maria came
in looking for her.

Found that.

Check out the logo.

- Henshall & Langan.
- Kaley Sellers' clothes.

That's a message
for us, screw you.

He dumped them here and
then he took Sister Peg?

While I wasted all my time
with that idiot, Sebastian.


Sebastian met her.

When? / Last night at
the Precinct, he talked to her.

She even mentioned St. Anne's.

But he was with us.
Why would he go after Sister Peg?

Kaley was selling her
virginity on the Internet.

Sister Peg's a nun.

In his sick mind,
that means she's a virgin.

Just like Kaley.

- Damn!
- Ballentine!

Back in your house, lady.
There's nothing to see.

Sister Peg!

- There's nobody here, Elliot.
- Well, he stashed her somewhere.

I think he's on his way
there right now.

And he's gonna come walking through
what you left of his door any second.

Better hope Novak can
bootstrap us a warrant.

Has he lost his mind?

You tell them to
get out of there. Now.

But you can get us
a search warrant, right?

- No.
- Let me call you back.

Casey, please.
This is Sister Peg.

He could be assaulting
her right now.

Do not make me
the bad guy on this.

I'm not the one who just violated
someone's constitutional rights.

This is Sister Peg.

She testified for you
on the Hector Ramirez case.

And I would do anything to help her,
but no judge in his right mind... gonna sign off on a search
warrant without probable cause.

Look, I was there when he met her.

Fireworks went off when
he found out that she was a nun.

Liv, he was in your
precinct the entire time.

Which means that he has
to be working with a partner.

They killed Kaley. The same thing
is gonna happen to Sister Peg.

Oh, so you're psychic now too.


I'll be right there.

Patrol just picked up the
Ballentines at an all night car wash,

hosing out the back of their van.

Is it okay with you if we
bring him in for questioning?

Now, you're gonna drop
the ESP crap right now.

Where is she?

Well, make up your mind.
Do you want me to use my gift or not?

You know how dumb it was to
go after someone I know personally?

How could I have gone
after her? I was here.

Okay, smart guy.

We know who your partner is.

He talks, he gets the deal.

I don't work with anyone.

My business is
very solitary, actually.

I'm a one-man show.

Carlene, you were helping
him tamper with evidence.

Well, how was
our van evidence?

You don't think it's a little strange

to go to the car wash
in the middle of the night?

Oh, no.

Henry J. threw up.

Daddy can't stand
that smell in the car.

We're looking for
a friend of his.

Can you tell us
who he's close to?

Henry J. and me are
everything to him.

If he's not with us,
he's working.

Does he have
a business partner?

Me again.

I mean, I don't have
any special abilities like him.

I just make the appointments,
take care of the books.

Whatever I can do to help.

They being cooperative?

No, and it's not looking good.

Sebastian is too sharp to slip,

and Carlene is almost
too dim to exist.

We found a witness.

Ballentines were at the car wash
at least a half an hour.

- Destroying evidence.
- We worked out a time line.

Good news is they had to go
straight there after they left the Precinct.

Meaning, he hasn't
seen Sister Peg yet.

Let's hope his partner is
waiting on him to get there.

How many patient rapists
do you know?

None. Luckily, I know
a judge with a drinking problem.

- Come again?
- I stopped by his favorite watering hole...

and I assured him that my search
warrant contained sufficient cause.

And he signed it
without reading it.

Now this gets you into
the van and the residence.


Hey, I fixed this,
you fix the door.

What door?

You find anything?

No sign of violence.
Place is immaculate.

A diary too much to ask for?

This guy didn't
leave a paper trail.

I haven't even found
an address book.

I've got one.

He keeps it electronically.

We're looking for the guy
he's working this with.

This is mostly women.

They all seem to cross-reference
with his appointment book.

Those are his marks,
I need his partner.

The names are
all set up as URLs.

What's that?

Let's click and find out.


- He's searching them all on Link-It.
- What's that, like Google?

This is a more sophisticated
search engine.

It pulls up public records.

Home addresses,
mortgages, driver's licenses...

Social security number,
court filings, criminal records.

Was his last search Kaley Sellers?

No. Olivia Benson.

You telling me one click and he knows
anybody's business? Even a cop's?

If he pays for it.

Search before hers...

- Elliot Stabler.
- Oh, he's going to kill Ballentine.

This program isn't registered
to a Sebastian Ballentine.

- Who's it registered to?
- Henry Palaver.

That's gotta be his mystery partner.

Give an address?

Yeah. In Canada.

RCMP tells me Henry Palaver was a guest of
Bordeaux Prison in Montreal from '92 to '97.

- Sexual assault.
- And abduction of a minor.

But no murder charge.
Henry doesn't kill his victims?

Not on this occasion,

but it's probably the only
reason he was caught.

Girl was 14,
memorized his plates.

14, another virgin.

So this Henry Palaver is
Sebastian's fellow virgin hunter?


They're the same person.

Son of a bitch.

We ran Sebastian's prints.
No criminal record.

AFIS doesn't include
Canadian prints.

Looks like the Palavers have only
been in the States for six months.

Living under the name Ballentine.
The wife took on an assumed identity.

She's got to know something.

- I don't understand.
- Well, it's simple math, Carlene.

Your tenth wedding anniversary is
coming up next month,

but your husband has only
been out of prison for eight years.

You had a jailhouse wedding,
so you had to know what he was in for.

Didn't that bother you?

You don't know him.

Henry's the smartest, sweetest,
most charming man I've ever met.

He was doing time
for sexual assault.

How did you two meet?

Through a pen pal program.

With inmates.

Can you imagine anyone
more in need of a friend?

Poor things are completely
cut off from society.

Yes. That's the point of
putting them behind bars.

You think that will
make them better?

Sweetie, did you think
that you could?


But you didn't make him good.

He made you bad.

That's a mean thing to say.

He's raping and killing virgins.
And you're helping him.


We found the search
for Kaley in your computer.

You printed out directions to
St. Anne's on MapQuest last night.

We found traces
of blood in your van.

It's over, Carlene.

I'd like to talk to Henry, please.

Why would you
go along with this?

I was afraid...

he'd leave me if I didn't.

I thought if I could just prove
to him how much I loved him,

he'd stop.

How many girls were there?


... twelve.

Who were they?

Usually hitchhikers.

Up in Canada.

They thought nothing of getting
into a van with a nice married couple.

Carlene, Sebastian was here
when Kaley was killed.

You did that.

I had to.

I couldn't let him
go back to jail.

Not when it was my fault.

How was it your fault?

Yeah, Henry.

How is it her fault?

I wouldn't have had to rape virgins
if she'd been one.


She completely deceived me.

She swore to me that she
was untouched when we met.

He wasn't allowed
to have conjugal visits.

So our honeymoon wasn't
'til two years after the wedding.

So you were unfaithful?


I was a virgin those
entire two years,

but not before.

I thought that would be enough.

I knew the second I tried to...

- consummate...
- You couldn't perform.


I could read her face like a book.
She was used goods.

What is it about
this virgin compulsion?

Afraid you're not gonna
measure up to other men?

No, no, no.

I'm more than adequate in bed.

But the expression on
a girl's face her first time is...


These girls weren't having sex,
they were being raped.

Their faces were palettes.

Shock, confusion, panic, fear.
And always...

just a soupcon of pain.

Why'd you come here?

You know, if you hadn't,
you might've gotten away with it.

Well, I had to...

... see what I had set into motion.

Your expressions were priceless.

This place was like a beehive
that I poked with a stick.

And also I just...

I like to help.

Tell me where Sister Peg is.

How would I know?

Henry was here with us
when she was abducted.

That means that you
had to have taken her.

- No.
- I know this wasn't your idea.

He told you exactly
what to do, didn't he?

I need to talk to Henry, please.

Where is she?

- I'd just like to see him.
- Did you hurt her?

- No!
- Carlene, where is she?

Sister Peg?

Sister Peg, hold on,
we're here. Sister Peg?

Sister Peg!

I see a gash
on the side of her head.

Her head's been split open.
I got a pulse, I got a pulse.

Sister Peg. Sister Peg!

Hey.Hey. It's okay. It's us.

You have to save the baby.

What baby?

A woman said somebody
left a baby in the van.

- Relax, the bus is coming.
- It was freezing.

He was in there all alone.
He was...

... naked and screaming.

I crawled in to get him,
and I looked back.

Last thing I saw was this woman
swinging a tire iron at me.

It's okay. She set you up.
It was her baby.

- No, no.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got her.

- We got her.
- The baby is fine.

- He was never in any danger.
- He was. He was.

On the drive here, she was...

she was yelling at him.

Said, uh, it was his fault his...
his... his daddy still needed to...

... cheat.

Said, uh,

she must have picked a bad baby.

Carlene, tell me
about your baby again.

- What about him?
- Six months ago in Montreal,

Dannette Lancour was eight
and a half months pregnant.

Someone cut the fetus out of her.

Now, six months,
that's how old Henry J. is.

- That's when you fled Canada.
- No, Henry Junior is ours.

We checked.

There are no birth records
for Henry Junior.

We can't find anyone who
remembers seeing you pregnant,

who thought you were pregnant.

Because you weren't.

I couldn't stand seeing Sebastian
with those other girls.

I did everything he asked.
It was never enough.

I thought if we could be a real
nuclear family that would fix everything.

But it didn't.

You can't have children
of your own.

Sebastian knew
I wasn't a virgin.

He couldn't touch me.

You've never had sex
with your own husband.


If I go to jail, will they let
Henry Junior come visit me?

He's going back
to his real father,

to the grieving husband
of the woman you butchered.

But I'm the only mother he knows.

You stupid, dizzy cow!

- I'm sorry, I love you.
- Let her go, Ballentine.

Are you happy now?

That's what I get for
associating with a filthy slut.

Let her go.

Take the whore away.

- Please don't say that.
- Get her out of here.

Henry, please...

You said if I did
all those things for you,

you'd never leave me.
You promised me.

I lied!

Well, this was fun.

Best sex I ever had.

You know, they're looking to extradite
your sorry ass back to Canada.

I'm gonna make damn
sure you stay right here.

I believe you really mean that.

I kinda grew on you, didn't I?